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Just as he was about to take action, Su Jingxing suddenly came to his senses and shook his head as he retreated.

Absorbing unknown energy was no problem.

However, the subconscious in the depths of his heart told him that the impact of consuming these energies was huge.

It would have a very serious impact on him.

But Su Jingxing couldnt put his finger on what they would be.

The heavenly secrets of the Kuntian World were in chaos.

It was impossible to deduce using heavenly secret arts.

However, Su Jingxings subconscious was extremely strong.

The more he sensed it, the more he knew he couldnt feed on the energy.

In short, this terrifying giant insect was useful to Su Jingxing, very, very useful at it.

However, he couldnt kill it.

He had to keep it alive.

Capture it

Su Jingxing forced himself to calm down and think of a solution.

Although this terrifying giant insect was huge, it did not pose much of a threat to Su Jingxing.

The real threat came from the other giant insects around it.

If there was to move the insect away, he could just deal with the other giant insects.

The problem was, how could he move this terrifying insect that was ten thousand meters long away

Even if the other party lay on the ground motionless and did not resist at all, allowing Su Jingxing to move it, he would not be able to do so.

It wasnt that Su Jingxing had no strength to lift it, but that he couldnt bring it out of the underground space.

The passageway he came down through was too small to accommodate this terrifying giant insect.

Even the soul space and the bone bracelet space could not accommodate such a huge creature.

He couldnt possibly destroy all the layers above this underground space and expose the entire underground space to the sky, could he

That wasnt impossible.

With Su Jingxings current strength, it would only take him a little more time to destroy this thousand-meter deep layer.

However, if he really did that, it would definitely attract the attention of the Battle race and the demons.

The other giant insects in the underground space would not let Su Jingxing take action either.

Therefore, he had to think of other ways to capture the terrifying giant insect.

Use cards

Far away on Earth Star, Su Jingxings Primordial Spirit was searching for Function Cards that could be used in his soul space.

Scapegoat Card, Illusion Card, Nightmare Card, Invisibility Card…

They were all cards that could be of great use, but in the current situation, they were useless.

Mm, wait.

Suddenly, Su Jingxings eyes lit up.

He took out a special card from a pile of newly extracted cards.

Sky Imprisonment Card!

The name was very domineering, imprisoning the entire sky.

He only learned of the ability of this Sky Imprisonment Card after holding and reading the information.

Although its ability was not as exaggerated as imprisoning an entire sky, it did have the ability to imprison and came with its own domain space.

It could be said that this was a special Domain Card.

It possessed a domain space with a huge range.

This space could also imprison other lifeforms.

Humans, the Battle race, demons, devils…

As long as one was not in the fifth-realm and possessed the power of the Law of Space or was able to crush space, this Sky Imprisonment Card could imprison them!

Does the terrifying giant insect have this ability

Su Jingxing held the Sky Imprisonment Card and looked at the terrifying giant insect and the various giant insects around it with bright eyes.

In the next moment, his figure flashed and disappeared.

When he reappeared, he was above the terrifying giant insect and he executed his divine power, Command The Winds and Fire.

Hu! Hu! Hu!

Boom! Boom! Boom!

The astral winds and flames born from the True Fire of the Void instantly surrounded the terrifying giant insect and burned fiercely, sweeping out crazily.



Roars and snarls immediately detonated in the underground space.

The giant insects roared and shuttled through the ground and in midair.

They either dodged, searched, or even destroyed the astral winds and flames.

The result was obvious.

As long as Su Jingxing did not retract his divine power, the winds and flames would continue to exist.

Without the corresponding restraining method, they would not disappear.

Not only were the giant insects attempts ineffective, they even implicated themselves.

[Card 36]

[Card 29]

The extraction notifications flashed past.

Su Jingxing took out an Invisibility Card, unlocked it, and applied it to his body.

In a flash, he landed on the surface of the terrifying insect and sensed this strange insect that was extremely smelly but also made one want to eat it.

His divine consciousness scanned the insects body inch by inch, but he did not sense any spatial fluctuations.

Immediately, he unlocked the Sky Imprisonment Card and used it on the terrifying giant insect.


A wisp of golden light instantly broke through the assembly of other energies.

The gathering of light was like a gauze robe that covered the terrifying giant insect in less than two seconds.

Then, this huge insect that was more than ten thousand meters long was pulled into the Sky Imprisonment Card with a whoosh in Su Jingxings vision.

After absorbing the giant insect, the glowing card quickly dimmed and fell from the air.


Su Jingxing naturally wouldnt let the card fall into the pile of insects.

He had long prepared to grab it from a distance and put it into his soul space.

In the next moment, the divine power, Command The Winds and Fire, was boosted.

It was pushed to the maximum and swept through the surroundings madly crazily.

The giant insects that were blocking and defending crazily in every corner pounced at him.

The function of the Invisibility Card seemed to have disappeared at this moment.

These giant insects seemed to have an eye that could break through illusions as they swarmed towards Su Jingxing and surrounded him.


Su Jingxing released his Overlords suppression and wrapped it around his body as he charged towards the dome.

Amidst the loud bang, a huge hole was forcefully created, and the hole extended towards the surface, forming a passageway.

Boom boom boom!

Earth and rocks shattered and the ground cracked.

Su Jingxing forcefully opened up a passageway from the bottom up.

Below, the giant insects were hot on his heels, roaring non-stop and chasing after Su Jingxing with all kinds of attacks.

All the way up.

Accompanied by a loud bang, the ground shook.


With a loud bang, Su Jingxing returned to the surface.

He rushed out of the ground and soared into the sky, disappearing into the dense thunderclouds.


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