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All kinds of sounds entered his ears from all directions.

Su Jingxing subconsciously released his divine consciousness to scan his surroundings.

He realized that there was no living creature within a thousand meters of him, but beyond that, humans, members of the Battle race, demons, Winged Ones…

The various races were engaged in a chaotic battle.

Many of them were extremely powerful.

When his divine consciousness swept past, it instinctively avoided them.

A huge battle

Have Battle race and the demons launched an attack

Su Jingxing suddenly came to his senses.

He quickly took out a set of spare clothes from his soul space and put them on.

Then, he got up and flew into the air.


At this moment, a figure pounced over at lightning speed.

A cold and unconcealed killing intent locked onto Su Jingxing.

“Here to kill me”

Su Jingxing growled and circulated the power of his spiritual martial body to punch at the figure that was pouncing over.


A thunderous explosion erupted in the air.

Everywhere the fist energy passed, space shattered inch by inch.

The materialized fist imprint directly struck a four-meter-tall demon with a pair of sharp horns on its head and black gas surrounding its body.

With a strange thud, the demons body cracked, and its huge body retreated uncontrollably.

In midair, a large cloud of blood mist erupted.

Finally, it crashed to the ground with a loud crash, creating a huge pit.


An excited shout sounded.

“You defeated the Demon King with a single punch.

As expected of an Overlord of the human race!”

Boom boom boom!

A violent explosion came from all directions.

“Lets go!”

A roar in the Battle races language spread in all directions.

On the battlefield, the Battle race, the demons, and the devils retreated without stopping.

In the air, as far as Su Jingxing could see, there were many casualties among the teams of the Battle race, the demons, and the devils.

Earlier, when he scanned with his divine consciousness, he extracted a large wave of cards.

Function Cards were bound to be extracted on the battlefield.


With the sound of rushing wind, Pan Funan arrived beside Su Jingxing.

“Congratulations on becoming an Overlord, Brother Kong! Ill have to address you as Overlord Kong from now on!”

“Haha, not bad.

Ill have to address you as Overlord Kong from now on.” Fang Polu flew over and said happily.

“Brother Pan, Team Leader Fang.” Su Jingxing nodded at the two of them and smiled.

“Theres no need for that.

I was just lucky.

I almost died just now.”

“Speaking of which, I have to hand it to you, Brother Kong.”

Pan Funan sighed.

“When you asked for me to stand guard Id thought that it was an ordinary comprehension.

I never thought that Brother Kong was making a breakthrough, and it was to transcend the Overlord tribulation! An Overlord tribulation! Its something I think of even in my dreams, but Brother Kong broke through just like that and even succeeded in the end!”

“So, youre envious, are you” teased Fang Polu.

“…If it were you, wouldnt you be envious” Pan Funan glanced at him irritably.

“Hahaha!” Fang Polu laughed out loud.

Yes, everyone was envious.

Although the Overlord realm of spiritual martial arts corresponded to the Grotto-Heaven realm of divine martial arts, its actual combat strength was much stronger.

Even Fang Polu, a peak Grotto-Heaven cultivator, did not dare to claim that he could defeat Su Jingxing.

A spiritual martial arts Overlord was just that domineering.

Swoosh! Swoosh!

The sound of rushing wind sounded again.

A few figures flew towards Su Jingxing from afar.

Fang Polu introduced them to Su Jingxing.

“Brother Kong, this is the Chief of our alliance, Yang Qingxuan.”

Fang Polu pointed at a middle-aged man with a medium build and an elegant temperament, but his eyes were so deep that they seemed to contain thousands of spinning stars.

“Greetings, Chief.”

Su Jingxing cupped his hands at the Chief of the Void Resistance Alliance, whom he had seen from afar in the base.

“Congratulations, Overlord Kong.” Yang Qingxuan smiled and nodded.

“Ive always heard that the human race has Overlords, but Ive never seen one.

Today, my wish has finally come true.”

“Its not just you.

Ive never seen one either.” A man with sharper ears and a human appearance echoed with a smile.

“Ive been to hundreds of worlds and seen many spiritual martial artists.

This is the first time Im seeing an Overlord.”

“This is our Deputy Chief, the leader of the Spirit race, Lei Zhen,” Fang Polu introduced at the right time.

“Greetings, Deputy Chief Lei.” Su Jingxing nodded at him.

The leader of the Spirit race, a sixth-realm Spirit King, was comparable to Yang Qingxuan, who was in the Meditation realm.

He could not be underestimated.


“Haha, with the birth of a human Overlord, the success rate of us destroying the Void has increased again.”

A woman and a winged old man congratulated and laughed respectively.

“This is the leader of the Heavenly race, Jiang Yun.

This is the leader of the Winged Ones, Feng Yan.”

Fang Polu introduced them to Su Jingxing.

“Greetings.” Su Jingxing nodded at the two of them.

Then, he looked at Yang Qingxuan and asked, “Chief Yang, arent we going to take the opportunity to chase and hunt them down for a while”

The Battle race, the demons, and the devils had retreated in a hurry and did not run far.

If they gave chase and killed a group of them, they would definitely be able to inflict heavy losses.

“No need for that.”

Yang Qingxuan shook his head.

“Our goal is to destroy the Void, never to fight the Battle race and the demons to the end.

Its enough to force them back.

Although we can kill many if we give chase, we will also suffer casualties.

In the end, the gains wont make up for the losses.

“Most importantly, after killing this batch, the Battle race and the devils will continue to come from other worlds to quickly replenish their numbers,” Lei Zhen added.

“More will come” Su Jingxing was surprised.

“Why is the mastermind of the Void World doing this”

“I dont know.” Lei Zhen shook his head.

Yang Qingxuan replied in the silence, “It should be related to the annexation of the Void World.

If more high-level creatures descend on Kuntian, it will affect the speed of the annexation.”


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