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“However, the Battle race and the demons attacked our alliance for no reason at this time.

They joined forces with the Void Beasts, the Void World monsters, and the giant insects and devils to attack our bases dispersed in various areas from time to time.

“Ah, why” Feng Fa was shocked.

“Why are they doing this Taking advantage of the situation But theres no need.

And the devils…”

The devils were also standing against the Void Resistance Alliance.

No wonder Pan Funan revealed killing intent when he saw Feng Fa and the other Heart Moon Foxes.

So this is the reason.

“Im not sure.”

Pan Funan replied in a low voice, “No one knows why the Battle race and the demons are doing this.

On the other hand, other than those who escaped, the rest of the devils have all joined the teams of the Battle race and the demons.”

“So, apart from thinking of a way to destroy the Void World, you guys also have to face the attacks of the Battle race, the demons, and the devils” Su Jingxings eyes flickered.

“Yes, these disgusting things ambush the base from time to time.”

Killing intent appeared in Pan Funans eyes.

“We also captured a few members of the Battle Race and the devils to interrogate them for the reason, but we were told that it was under the orders of their respective emperors that they attacked.”

“Devil Emperor Demon Emperor Seventh-realm experts” Su Jingxing was surprised.

“Theyre actually in the Kuntian World”

“No.” Pan Funan shook his head.

“The true bodies of the Devil Emperor, Battle Emperor, and Demon Emperor are not in Kuntian.

Instead, a few clones have descended.

If their true bodies were here, our alliance would have been eliminated long ago.

The strongest existence in Kuntian is only in the sixth-realm, the Meditation realm.”

“Our Chief and Deputy Chiefs of the Void Resistance Alliance are all in the sixth-realm, Venerables in the Meditation realm.

“The leaders of the Battle race, the demons, and the devils in Kuntian are also in the sixth-realm.”

“I see.” Su Jingxing was enlightened.

This was easy to understand.

Sixth-realm vs sixth-realm, only then could a balance be reached.

If one side was stronger, the balance would quickly be upset.

Of course, compared to the attacks by the Battle race and the demons, Su Jingxing was more curious about why they were doing this.

What benefits will destroying the Void Resistance Alliance bring them

Taking advantage of the situation

This excuse is extraordinarily lousy.

“Could it be…”

Suddenly, Su Jingxing thought of a possibility and asked in shock, “Brother Pan, do you think the Battle race and the demons attacked you because theyve sought refuge with the Void World”

“What do you mean” Feng Fa was puzzled.

“Sought refuge with the Void World Is the Void World sentient”

“Im not sure if the Void World is sentient, but after the Void World annexed Kuntian, the Battle Race, the demons, and the devils attacked the Void Resistance Alliance for no reason at this time.

There must be a secret!”

Su Jingxing said softly, “The biggest possibility is that they have submitted to the Void World.

The Battle Emperor, the Demon Emperor, and the Devil Emperor have been bribed by the Void World or the powerful existence behind the scenes! The goal of their attack is to prevent the Void Resistance Alliance from really destroying this Void World!”


Feng Fa was dumbfounded.

The other Heart Moon Foxes were also shocked and in disbelief.

Was this deduction possible


The possibility was too high!

Otherwise, there was no way to explain the motives of the Battle race, the demons, and the devils.

The Void Resistance Alliance was the joint effort of the four major races on the Kuntian.

It was almost impossible for the Battle race or demons alone to wipe them out.

However, not only did they attack, they even joined forces.

There must be a reason behind this.

And this reason was related to the Void World!

There was no way to find out if the Void World was sentient.

It would be even better if there was.

This deduction would be completely correct.

If not, the probability of a powerful existence being present behind the scenes in the Void World was very high.

In short, Su Jingxings guess was quite credible.

Pan Funan smiled.

“Brother Kong, youre amazing.

Thats right, weve also guessed this possibility you mentioned, but theres never been any concrete evidence.”

Pan Funan said in a low voice, “We havent captured a single king of the Battle Race, the demons, and the devils yet.

We dont know where the clones of the Battle Emperor, the Demon Emperor, and the Devil Emperor are either.

If we can capture one of them, we might be able to force out some information.”

“Then we have to hurry.” Su Jingxing frowned.

“Kuntian doesnt have much time left.

We cant catch them in the last year and force the truth out of them only in the final year, right”

“Were working hard.”

Pan Funan nodded.

“The problem is that after a few years of conflict, the Battle race, the demons, and the devils have become more and more cunning.

We never had a chance to capture their kings.”

Su Jingxing fell silent.

There was indeed no hurry in this matter.

They are clearly avoiding you, so what can you do even if you are anxious

After some thought, Su Jingxing changed the topic and asked, “Brother Pan, how long is the adjustment period after the Void World merges with the world”

“Its hard to say.

There have been 100,000 years and a million years.”

Pan Funan pondered for a moment and said, “According to what I know, the shortest period of adaptation for those annexed worlds is 15 years, and the longest is 1.3 million years.

For the Kuntian World, the adaptation period is 18 years.”

Thats good!

Su Jingxing relaxed slightly.

It had only been tens of thousands of years since Earth Star was invaded by the Void World.

In any case, it was no more than 100,000 years.

Currently, it was still in the adapting stage.

There was still enough time to think of a solution before it was annexed by the Void World.

This was considered a blessing in…


A crisp sound suddenly sounded in his mind.

Not Su Jingxings main body, but his Essence Soul on Earth Star.

At this moment, his Primordial Spirit divine consciousness suddenly heard a sound like the world was shattering.

The world has broken

The world has cracked

Su Jingxing had a bad feeling as it swept through and struck his mind.

Something is wrong! Something big is happening!

Earth Star.

Su Jingxings Essence Soul… no, Primordial Spirit opened its eyes immediately and looked at the dark area through the Yu Nations Void World territory.

In his vision, the area in the darkness was still calm.

From time to time, it would fluctuate as usual.

Nothing happened

The Primordial Spirit frowned.

It released its divine consciousness to infiltrate into the dark area to sense for movement.

There was a threat, but this threat had existed in the past and had little to do with the sound of the world shattering earlier.

The abnormality of the latter was definitely not ordinary.

There was no problem with the dark area.

Su Jingxings Primordial Spirit immediately left the Void World and descended to the real world.

It released its divine consciousness to sense the entire country.

Inch by inch, it quickly scanned and covered the entire Yu Nation.

In the end, nothing abnormal was found either!

Did I hear wrongly

Was that sound an illusion

Su Jingxing was bewildered.

The bad feeling in his heart grew stronger and stronger.

This was not an illusion.

Something is wrong, something is definitely wrong!


In the sky north of Green Cloud Mountain, the void suddenly distorted and a crack appeared.

Hu hu hu!

Terrifying astral winds that filled the sky swept out from the crack and filled the sky and ground.

A huge, spectacular, but ancient and dilapidated city slowly emerged from the void through the crack.

Su Jingxings Primordial Spirit sensed it and immediately turned illusory, shuttling through space.

Swoosh! Swoosh!

In less than ten breaths, Su Jingxings Primordial Spirit descended north of Green Cloud Mountain and looked at the ancient city that had emerged from the void.


Saber beam bloomed and descended from the sky.

The Wandering Dragon Saber left the Void World and landed beside the Primordial Spirit.

Its cold killing intent locked onto the city.

“Wait, wait!”

Exclamations sounded.

Two figures, one tall and one short, flew out from the dilapidated city and approached Su Jingxing.

“Martial Sage Kong, wait.

We met last time.

Do you still remember Were from White Emperor City.

This city is the White Emperor City!”

Two figures, one tall and one short, hurriedly flew in front of Su Jingxings Primordial Spirit and shouted nervously.

Su Jingxings Primordial Spirit frowned.

“I know you, but why did you move the city out for no reason Was the commotion just now caused by you people”

“Commotion Martial Sage Kong, are you referring to the sound of the world shattering earlier” asked the tall old man quickly.

“If Martial Sage Kong is referring to that strange sound, it wasnt caused by us.

We dont have the ability either.”

The short old man continued, “In fact, we moved White Emperor City to the present world because of that strange sound.

That sound just now was caused by the Void World.”

“Martial Sage Kong, this is serious.

For some reason, the Void World suddenly broke through the border membrane of Earth Star!”

“Earth Star border membrane” Su Jingxings Essence Soul gritted its teeth.

“The Earth Star border membrane and the Void Worlds border membrane are two different things”

“Of course not!”

The tall old man shouted, “Before this, the two border membranes were fused to maintain the balance.

But now, the balance has been upset.

The Earth Star Worlds border membrane has shattered, but the Void Worlds border membrane is still there.

If we let the Void Worlds border membrane continue to fuse, Earth Star will be…”



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