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The two-headed giants huge body fell backward and crashed heavily onto a mountain.

Half of the mountain collapsed, stirring up countless specks of dust.


Feng Fa stared fixedly at the fallen two-headed giant and subconsciously swallowed his saliva.


The figure that flew out from the two-headed giants chest stopped in the air and looked at Su Jingxing, Feng Fa, and the others.

The next moment——


In a flash, it flew across the dark sky and arrived in front of Su Jingxing, Feng Fa, and company.


The person was dressed in a tight battle robe.

He had a slender figure and slightly curled long hair that hung behind him.

He had handsome features, cold eyes, and a sharp aura.

As soon as he appeared, he scanned Feng Fa and the other Heart Moon Foxes with killing intent in his eyes.


Sensing the killing intent, Su Jingxing took a few steps forward and released his spiritual essence.

He said softly, “Im Kong Xuan, from the human race on Earth Star.

Ive accidentally entered this world along with these Heart Moon Foxes.

If we have been a disruption, we can leave immediately.”

The person did not say anything.

He only shifted his gaze to Su Jingxing and stared at him.

He said in surprise, “…Spiritual martial artist You are a human spiritual martial artist.

Why are you mixing with the devils”

As he spoke, the killing intent on his body disappeared.

Sensing this, Su Jingxing heaved a sigh of relief and chuckled.

“Its a long story.

I wonder…”

“Pan Funan, from Chongshan City of the Kuntian World.”

The person introduced himself with a friendly expression and a spiritual essence halo glowing around his body.

Thats right, this man named Pan Funan was also a spiritual martial artist!

Moreover, judging from the feedback from his divine consciousness, the other party was also in the Dharma Characteristic realm like Su Jingxing.

Su Jingxing had stepped forward earlier because he had discovered the fluctuations of spiritual essence on the other party.

Other than the Overlord Card owner whom he had caught a glimpse of when he fell into the passageway, the domineering corpse that crossed the void.

Pan Funan was the first other spiritual martial artist Su Jingxing had met.

Even though this spiritual martial artist was stepping on a divine weapon, a sharp sword and seemed to be very outstanding in the way of the sword, there was no doubt about his identity as a spiritual martial artist.

Su Jingxing came forward to prevent a fight between the two sides.

At the same time, he wanted to see if he could build a relationship with the other party and figure out what had happened in this world.

The outcome was satisfactory.

After Su Jingxing revealed his identity, Pan Funan showed goodwill.

The goodwill for another spiritual martial artist.

“We were originally in the Glazed Illusory Sea, but for some reason, countless puppets appeared…”

Su Jingxing quickly recounted their earlier encounters.

Of course, he directly skipped the matter about the Mirage Flower and the Azure Dragon Treasure Box.

Finally, he asked, “Brother Pan, did something major happen in the Kuntian World that affected the Void World By the way, the Void World is…”

“We know about the Void World.

Brother Kong, theres no need to introduce it to me.”

Pan Funan interrupted with a sigh.

“In fact, its because of the Void World that the Kuntian World is about to be finished.”

“What do you mean” Su Jingxing was curious.

“This is not the place to talk.” Pan Funan looked around and said, “Come with me, Brother Kong.

Lets go to the base and talk in detail.”


Su Jingxing nodded.

Just as he was about to follow, he thought of something and stopped Pan Funan, who was about to leave.

He pointed at Feng Fa and the other Heart Moon Foxes and said softly, “By the way, Brother Pan, can my Heart Moon Fox friends come with us”

“Heart Moon Foxes of the Seven Luminaries Planet, Feng Fa greets the spiritual martial artist.”

On behalf of all the Heart Moon Foxes, Feng Fa bowed to Pan Funan.

“Although we are a devil race, the Heart Moon Foxes have always been close to the human race.

The descendants of our race have had unions with the human race for more than 10,000 years.

Half-devils have been born all over the major star fields such as the North Star Region, the Zhou Heaven Region, the Central Emperor Region, and so on.

“Ive heard of you guys.”

Pan Funans expression softened.

He glanced at all the Heart Moon Foxes and said softly, “You can follow us as one of the human allies, but its best to restrain your devilish energy.

Not everyone in the base knows the origin of the Heart Moon Foxes.”

“Thank you.”

Feng Fa bowed and thanked Su Jingxing gratefully.

Then, he instructed the other Heart Moon Foxes to restrain their devilish energy.

Only then did the group follow Pan Funan into the air.

Along the way, they say cracked ground, rivers that were dried up, and mountains that had collapsed.

From time to time, Void Beasts would appear and Void World monsters would jump out from the ground.

Su Jingxings Dharma Characteristic Eyes swept below.

The more he looked, the more surprised he became.

However, Pan Funan was leading the way and had no intention of speaking, so Su Jingxing could only endure it.

This flight lasted seven to eight hours.

Dark clouds swept through the sky above, and thunder rumbled.

Pan Funan led Su Jingxing, Feng Fa, and the others to an upside-down mountain peak.

It was a mountain peak that was a thousand meters tall and occupied an incomparably large area.

The peak was facing down, about a hundred meters above the ground.

The foot of the mountain disappeared into the void, emitting a faint purple glow.

The entire mountain hung magically upside down in the air, and a golden barrier of light surrounded it.

The golden light was like the sun, illuminating the ground below and dispersing the various auras.

When Su Jingxing, Feng Fa, and the others arrived at the edge of the mountain peak, they were stopped by two figures.

Pan Funan went forward to communicate.

Moments later, he called for Su Jingxing, Feng Fa, and the others to continue following him into the inverted mountain.

The moment they stepped through the light barrier, they magically turned upside down as well.

There was no discomfort during the process.

“Brother Pan, this base is rather magical,” Su Jingxing couldnt help but comment.

“It is, but it wont be able to hold on for long.” Pan Funan sighed.

“The Void World has already completely annexed Kuntian.

It wont be more than ten years before its destroyed.

In ten years at most, the entire Kuntian World will disappear, let alone this base.”


Su Jingxing was a little confused and asked in surprise, “Brother Pan, youre saying that the Void World has swallowed the world youre in”

Feng Fa was also shocked.

“Dont the Void World only fuse with various planets and worlds How could…”

“That is just the beginning.”

After entering the base, Pan Funan no longer hid anything.

As he slowly walked on the wide mountain path, he explained softly, “At the very beginning, the Void World fusing with the various worlds indeed wont cause a commotion, but after the adaptation period, the Void World will begin to annex the fused worlds, putting an entire world into the Void World and turning it into a part of it!


Feng Fa and all the Heart Moon Foxes were speechless.

Everyone was dumbfounded.

The Void World would annex the fused worlds

If this news was true, wouldnt it be a startling earthquake

A shocking matter that shook the entire universe!




“…Brother Pan, are you sure youre not joking”

After a while, Su Jingxing barely calmed himself down and said dryly, “The Void World will annex its fused worlds Is this true”

“Brother Kong, didnt you see everything on the way here”


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