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Liu Yan did not care about the mockery of the members of other teams.

Murong Xue was immediately angered when she saw this.

“Those people have the nerve to bully one of us.

Theyre even feeling smug now”

“Dont tell me they think they can succeed just because four teams are fighting against us What a joke!”

Murong Xue immediately cursed.

Liu Yan was already used to Murong Xues personality.

Xu Han, however, was stunned when he saw Murong Xues reaction.

He had seen Murong Xue as a goddess, but he did not expect her personality to be so hot-tempered.

Murong Xue noticed the shock in Xu Hans eyes.

She immediately glanced at him and said, “What, do you have a problem”

“No, absolutely no.”

Xu Han waved his hand and took two steps back.

He looked like he was afraid of Murong Xue, which was quite funny.

Liu Yan glanced at the chat again.

There was no meaningful information on it, so he did not look at it anymore.

It was full of the chat content of the four other teams.

The members of the Land of Origin team were not on the chat.

It was the order from Liu Yan.

To prevent their operation from being leaked, Liu Yan had instructed his team that no one could say anything on the chat before the operation was over.

They wanted to make sure they could carry out the operation smoothly.

In the territory of the European Federation team, Captain Hans Wilson looked at the chat screen.

There was no useful information, so he did not look at it anymore.

However, he was a little puzzled.

The Land of Origin team had been shouting on the chat.

They hoped the two alliances would not unite against them.

But after the two alliances were formed, no one from the Land of Origin team spoke again.

Especially the captain of the Land of Origin team did not show up, which puzzled Hans Wilson.

However, Hans Wilson did not overthink it.

After all, it was four teams against the Land of Origin team.

Even if the Land of Origin team was stronger, it would be useless.

How could one team be a match for the four teams

The situation in the temporary camps of the other teams was similar.

The members of the four teams all felt that allying with the other team was a better choice.

The two alliances would not fight for the time being.

They would wait until they had dealt with the Land of Origin team.

For now, there was naturally no danger.

The four teams only arranged for guards to stand guard.

The others took a break.

After all, they had to go and eliminate the Land of Origin team together the next day.

Late at night, almost all the members of the four teams were more relaxed and took a break.

The Land of Origin team was more careful.

Under the arrangement of Luo Qingcheng, many members were taking turns to guard the campfire in all directions to ensure that nothing went wrong.

In the temporary camp, members of the Land of Origin team surrounded the campfire.

Every one of them was a little worried.

Although after the analysis just now, everyone felt that there was a good chance for this operation.

Liu Yan, Alan Smith, and Xu Han were all top geniuses of the two great academies, and their strength was over the top.

Murong Xue and Chu Longs strengths were not weak either.

They were both geniuses.

The sharp knife team formed by these few people had tremendous strength.

Logically speaking, this operation has a high chance of success.

However, the Pan-ocean Community team was still unknown to everyone, so their strength was not clear.

The outcome of this operation was still unknown.

Even if the operation was successful, the outcome was not certain.

The situation would become more complicated, and no one knew how the outcome would be.

“I also dont know if Captain Liu Yan will succeed in this operation.”

“It shouldnt be a problem.

They are so powerful.

Its nighttime, and they are in the wood element territory now.

It should be very convenient for them to deal with the members of the Pan-ocean Community team.”

“But the five of them had to face dozens of people, especially that powerful guardian beast.

No one knows what the outcome will be.”

“We can only pray that they succeed.

We cant change anything anyway.

Lets quietly wait for the outcome.”

“Its been a while.

I guess Liu Yan and the others are about to take action.”

“Why dont we check the reactions of the other teams in the public chat”

“Theres no need for that.

Captain Liu Yan also said that we could not send any message.”

At this moment, Luo Qingcheng also came here.

When she saw the worried people, she said, “Everyone, please believe in Liu Yan and the others.

They will definitely succeed.

What we can do now is that other than the people on guard, the rest of us should quickly go and have a good rest.

When they succeed, there will be a battle waiting for us tomorrow.

We must have a good rest.”

When the team members heard this, they all felt it was reasonable.

No matter how worried they were now, no matter how they discussed, they could not bring any help to Liu Yan and the others.

Instead of worrying, they might as well believe in Liu Yan and the others.

They should also rest well to maintain good condition and sufficient combat strength for tomorrow.

Following that, most of the Land of Origin team members also went to rest.

At the same time, the sharp knife team formed by Liu Yans squad of five had already begun their operation.

It was pretty late, and only the Pan-ocean Community team members were still on the chat server.

Most of them were probably resting.

Liu Yan and the others were also preparing to move.

They left the fire element territory, then rushed over to the wood element territory.

The wood element territory was right next to the fire element territory.

It was not too far away.

Liu Yan and the others moved quickly.

In less than ten minutes, they arrived at the large entrance of the wood element territory and were ready to go.

Liu Yan looked at the entrance of the territory and said, “You have to be careful.

After entering the territory, be careful and dont get carry away with battle.”

The few of them nodded and understood the contents of this operation.

The most crucial thing in this operation was to find the guardian beast of the wood element territory.

As long as they could injure the guardian beast of the wood element territory, they would be able to win.

If they could not do so, they could also scatter the members of the wood element territory.

Besides, they could injure their team members and reduce their combat strength.

At the same time, they could also achieve their goal.

Liu Yan and the others were ready.

They immediately entered the wood element territory.

However, just as they stepped into the wood element territory, the voice of the Will of Tower suddenly sounded.

“Warning! Five people from the fire element territory have entered the wood element territory, automatically entering the declaration of war State!”

“The Land of Origin team and Alliance Number 2 have entered the declaration of war state.

Under the declaration of the war state, allied members can temporarily enter the wood element territory to provide support and assistance.”

“The outcome of this declaration of war will be determined by the state of both sides guardian beasts!”

The voice of the Will of Tower resounded throughout the world.

Liu Yan and the others heard it clearly.

The Land of Origin team members in the fire element territory also heard it.

All the members of the other four teams also heard it clearly!


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