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Two hours later, Zhao Nan drove the car into Victoria City.

Without any hesitation, Fang Heng asked Zhao Nan to drive the private car to the vampires building in the center of Victoria City.

In front of them, a tall black building appeared in sight.

“Are we really going in” Zhao Nan was a little nervous.

She confirmed with Fang Heng next to her, “This is the vampires headquarters in Victoria City.”

“Yes, we are going to the vampires headquarters.”

Zhao Nan turned her head and looked carefully at Fang Heng.


She didnt say anything more.

Under the protection of the bats, she drove the car into the campus and stopped below the black building.

Fang Heng asked, “Do you want to come with me”

Zhao Nan looked out of the window at the black building and shook her head, “I dont think its necessary, right”

Sandy waved excitedly from the back seat and volunteered, “Ill go! Ill go! Ill go with you!”

Zhao Nan stayed in the car and watched Fang Heng get out.

“Are you really not coming Dont say that I didnt warn you.

Its very dangerous to stay here.”

“Its still safer than staying with you!” Zhao Nan silently said in her heart.

Then with a calm expression, she rejected him, “No, thank you.”

“Alright, stay here for the time being.

Ill be back soon.”

Watching Fang Heng bring Sandy and the group of vampires into the black building, Zhao Nan heaved a heavy sigh of relief.



Zhao Nan felt that she had experienced a great battle.

Feeling exhausted, she simply leaned on the steering wheel.

It had only been a few hours since she met Fang Heng.

She felt that too many things had happened in the past few hours.

She needed some time to take a breather.

Many of her friends on survival radio and her phone had sent messages asking about the previous situation.

[Sister Nan, are you alright Where are you now]

[Breaking news! Did you know about the fire at the art gallery The Headmaster of the art gallery was found dead! He was actually a member of the Holy Court.

That place was actually the Holy Courts stronghold.

I really did not expect that.]

[Nan Nan, Ive asked around for you.

No one around me has heard of a person like Fang Shuo.

From the information you gave me, you said that he is a vampire.

I personally think that it might be a fake name.]

[Hurry up and go offline.

Theres a business deal, a big deal.]

[Ah Nan, my friend asked me to ask you, whats going on with that Fang Shuo When you see this message, hurry up and go offline.]

Zhao Nan turned off her survival radio and was a little angry.

Whats going on with Fang Shuo Whats going on with the art gallery

Ask her

How would she know!

Other than Fang Shuos identity as a vampire, Zhao Nan knew almost nothing about this mysterious person!

What should she do

Zhao Nan picked up her phone and was a little hesitant.

Should she tell her friend that Fang Shuo had come to Victoria City overnight

“Chi Chi Chi…”

Suddenly, the sound of a large number of wings rubbing against each other could be heard.

Zhao Nan was shocked.

She stuck her head out of the car window and looked at the sky where the sound was coming from.

A swarm of black bats emerged from the black building and spread to the entire city.


Are they crazy…

How long has it been since vampires had such a large-scale invasion

Ever since the masked man arrived

Was it all because of him

Something big was about to happen.

Zhao Nan had a premonition and could not help but put down her phone.

She had decided.

She would play dead.

She did not know anything about todays incident.

In the distance, Fang Heng stood on top of a black tall building and looked down at the entire city.

Under his command, countless bats were mobilized tonight to search the entire Victoria City!

Victoria City belonged to the vampires, the Alta clan.

There were no Marquis of the vampires in the border cities.

Accompanied by the member of the Alta Clan, Venerate, Fang Heng could easily control all the vampires in the city with just a simple display of his holy weapon.

Other than searching the entire city, the focus of the search was on the few special anomaly locations that Venerate had found.

They had to thoroughly explore and find traces of the Holy Court!

To the vampires living in Victoria City, tonight was something out of the norm.

For a time, the entire city fell into extreme chaos!

Victoria City.

The Holy Court branchs underground prayer hall.

The regional bishop, Chen Li, had gathered all the high-ranking officials of the Holy Court here.

Other than the members of the Holy See, the leaders of the three major player guilds, including the Pious Guild, had quickly arrived to participate in this emergency gathering.

Just over ten minutes ago, the players from the three major guilds were still asleep.

They were suddenly woken up by the commotion and heard the news of the vampires riot.

For a moment, they were dumbfounded and hurriedly went online.

The expressions of the three major guild presidents were grave.

They had spent a lot of effort infiltrating the Holy Sees inner circle.

They had always been careful as if they were treading on thin ice.

For several years, Victoria City had been safe and stable.

They had always maintained a state of peace with the vampires.

They really did not understand.

They did not understand why the vampires had suddenly exploded tonight.

Moreover, they had not received any relevant news from the players who were within the vampire group in advance!

This attack was too sudden and abrupt.

The three presidents had not figured out the situation yet.

They could only watch the performance of more than ten NPCs of the Holy Court with dumbfounded faces.

“Bishop, a few important branches of the alchemy magic array are being attacked by the vampires.

Our people can hold them off for a while, but this will cause the branches to be exposed to the vampires.”

“The vampires seem to have a purpose for coming here.

Our two branches have been searched by a large number of vampires.”

“Bishop, we cant delay any longer.

If this continues, the vampires might discover our arrangement in advance.”

“Once the vampires learn of our plan and the magic array is destroyed, we will need a few more years to set up and rebuild it.”

“Sir! If they continue to destroy it, the vampires will also discover our tracks!”

The regional bishop, Chen Li, had a serious expression.

Victoria City was a small city on the outskirts.

The vampires did not pay much attention to it.

The Holy Court had established a branch in Victoria City for more than ten years.

In the past ten years, Chen Li had worked hard to set up a trap in Victoria City.

Using the city as the base structure and relying on the twelve points as the branch nodes, a giant-sized magic array that could kill vampires was constructed.

Currently, the seal was only two-thirds completed.

Originally, there was still a year to complete it.

Chen Lis original plan was that once the alchemy magic array was completed, they would rely on the entire array to deal a severe blow to the vampires!

By that time, not only would they be able to destroy the entire city of vampires, but they would also be able to firmly occupy Victoria City and defeat the reinforcements of the vampires, making the vampires pay the price of a few Marquises!

But now…

He had to face the great rebellion of the vampires tonight.

It was meaningless to think about whether the other party had come prepared or not.

He had no way out.

If he continued to let the vampires continue, not only would the magic array that he had painstakingly planned for more than ten years be destroyed, even the branch that they had built in the city for so many years would be completely exposed to the vampires.


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