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“Bloody hell!”

Su Zimo widened his intoxicated eyes and looked at the few Shangguan clansmen who were rushing over.

He deliberately shouted, “Why Is the Shangguan family so overbearing Has the stargazing platform become part of the Shangguan family”

The others naturally watched the show.

However, Heaven Immortal Cold Light and the other two of Astral Sect frowned slightly.

Heaven Immortal Cold Light coughed gently.

Although the Shangguan clan was one of the major clans of Solar Luna County, they could not chase people away from the stargazing platform casually under his watch.

The few Shangguan clansmen had ugly expressions and could neither advance nor retreat.

“Thats enough,”

Right then, a cold voice sounded.

Shangguan Qian was walking over and waved casually.

“You guys can disperse.

Prepare for the trial.”

When the Shangguan clansmen heard that, they glared at Su Zimo before leaving.

Shangguan Qian glanced at Su Zimo indifferently and stood not far away from him.

There were already more than a hundred people on the stargazing platform.

Heaven Immortal Cold Light channeled his spirit consciousness and conjured a Dharmic art.

A spirit light surged from his fingertip and entered the stargazing platform.

The trial had begun!

The many cultivators on the stargazing platform channeled their blood qi hurriedly and released their spirit consciousnesses.

They looked up at the starry skies, wanting to establish a connection with the stars in the firmament and activate the starlight.

Su Zimo was the only one trying his best to calm his blood qi and focus like an old monk in meditation, afraid that he would cause too much of a stir.

Since he wanted to enter Astral Sect and lay dormant, he could not be too high-profile.

If the stargazing platform was truly related to his bloodline, the moment he activated his Green Lotus bloodline, it would definitely cause a violent reaction from the stargazing platform!

If he were to condense a starlight beam that was 70 or 80 feet tall at that time, he would become everyones focus.

Therefore, even when the Shangguan clansmen were channeling their blood qi with all their might, Su Zimo was still nonchalant and seemed like he could fall asleep at any moment with hazy eyes.

On the other side, Shangguan Qian did not disappoint either.

The range of the starlight beam she condensed was even larger than Zuo Zhuxuans.

By the fifth breath, it had already broken through a height of 40 feet!

If nothing went wrong, she would be able to reach 50 feet or even higher!

“Not bad, not bad,”

Heaven Immortal Cold Light smiled and nodded slightly.

“We have two people with 50 feet starlight beams this time round.

Theyre quite the rare geniuses.”

“Unfortunately, they wont belong to Astral Sect at the end of the day,”

The old man at the side sighed gently.

The three of them knew that the reason why geniuses of the five major family clans of Solar Luna County joined Astral Sect was because of the illusory legend of the past.

One day, these geniuses would leave again.

At the end of the day, Astral Sect was only a black-grade sect.

If these geniuses wanted greater accomplishments, they would definitely have to attempt to join an earth-grade sect.

In the blink of an eye, it was the eighth breath.

The starlight beam around Shangguan Qian had already broken through to a height of 50 feet!

Although Shangguan Qian could not break through to 60 feet in the remaining two breaths, she could still climb a little more.

Almost everyones eyes were fixed on Shangguan Qian.

Nobody noticed that Su Zimo, who was not far away from her, was frowning in deep thought.

Su Zimo controlled himself well and no starlight appeared in his body.

However, seeing that there were only two breaths left and the trial was about to end, he was carefully trying to circulate a trace of his bloodline.

Right then, a warning flashed in Su Zimos mind.

From the corner of his eye, he caught sight of a gigantic beam of light charging towards him.

Shangguan Qian!

Although she did not say anything earlier on, she was still extremely disgusted when she saw an ugly burly man reeking of alcohol enter the midst of the Shangguan clansmen.

Seeing that the trial was about to end, Shangguan Qian was prepared to teach this drunkard a lesson!

Her method was simple as well.

In fact, she did not even have to do it personally.

In Shangguan Qians eyes, this drunkard was covered in dust and reeked of alcohol.

If she were to hit him, she would be dirtying herself.

The starlight beam around Shangguan Qian had a larger radius and could accommodate two people.

As long as she came to the drunkards side, the 50 feet tall starlight beam that she condensed through the stargazing platform would be enough to send him flying with ease!

Letting this drunkard fall from the stargazing platform could be considered as a lesson for him.

Of course, Su Zimo did not know what Shangguan Qian was thinking.

However, he naturally did not want to be sent flying when he saw someone charging over.

After all, he had yet to pass the trial.

Instinctively, Su Zimo stabilized himself and his legs seemed to have taken root, locking onto the stargazing platform!

Shangguan Qians starlight beam collided with Su Zimos Green Lotus True Body but he did not budge.

Su Zimos figure gradually fused into the starlight beam.

Initially, Su Zimo tried his best to control his Green Lotus bloodline so that it would not leak out at all.

But now, the starlight beam enveloped the Green Lotus True Body and starlight filled his body.

The starlight inevitably came into contact with the Green Lotus bloodline as well.

Although the starlight beam was condensed by Shangguan Qian, it was also formed because the stargazing platform was connected to the firmaments.

Now that the starlight sensed the Green Lotus bloodline, it was equivalent to the stargazing platform sensing it as well.

In that instant, the entire world shook and the weather changed!

Immediately after, a bedazzling starlight beam burst forth from Su Zimos body.

The radius of the starlight beam was so large that it even enveloped the entire stargazing platform!

Initially, there were more than a hundred Shangguan clansmen standing on the stargazing platform.

Right then, the hundred-odd Shangguan clansmen were swept down from the stargazing platform by the starlight beam that burst forth from Su Zimos body!

Even Shangguan Qian could not avoid it.

She did not know what happened at all and merely felt herself colliding against the drunkard.

Thereafter, an incomparably terrifying power seemed to burst forth from the drunkards body and sent her flying!

She wanted to open her eyes and look, but her vision was shrouded by a blinding light.

It was white and she could not see anything.

The starlight was way too strong!

She was not the only one—many cultivators watching from the front gate were blinded.

Everyone either closed their eyes or lowered their heads to avoid it.

The crowd exclaimed.

Some of the cultivators who were slower to dodge were blinded by the powerful starlight that burst forth from the stargazing platform and tears streamed down their faces!

Not to mention the Black Immortals and Earth Immortals present…

Even the three Heaven Immortal experts of Astral Sect who were hosting the entrance trial were shocked.

They glanced sideways and narrowed their eyes instinctively.

Even they were blinded momentarily by that terrifying light.

The three Heaven Immortal experts hurriedly channeled their spirit consciousnesses and circulated Essence Qi to protect their eyes.

Without hesitation, Heaven Immortal Cold Light condensed a visual technique and secret skill.

He tried his best to open his eyes and look towards the stargazing platform.


That single glance caused his expression to change and he nearly fell from midair!

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