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Chapter 2421 Klein Zyrus\'s Despair

Davis\'s heart couldn\'t help but quiver in heaviness.

However, as he kept imagining, he felt that image disappearing from his memory.

… Fallen Heaven… remind me again...

Davis quickly came out of his reverie.

Although he appeared collected, his voice was grim.

His eyes gleamed before his expression became blank, wondering what he had been thinking.

Instantly, he remembered how he was going to ask Fallen Heaven about the fallacy he had found and couldn\'t help but ask again.

However, there was no response.

Come on, Fallen Heaven.

Don\'t make me use my precious chances...

Even if you use it, it\'s wasteful.

You\'ll come to understand eventually.

And now you\'re like those old foggies, acting silent and mysterious...

Davis\'s lips twitched before he shook his head.

Fallen Heaven had become untalkative these years.

If he had to put his finger on it, it would be when it started to undergo some changes, like being able to use karmic and life energy.

He felt that the more he was increasing his cultivation, the more it was becoming silent.

\'Is it because of karmic burden\' Davis\'s thoughts couldn\'t help but wonder, wondering if Fallen Heaven acted to his benefit and kept the interaction at a minimal level to protect him.

Nonetheless, he still couldn\'t understand on what basis the Heavenly Laws operated, making him frown.

\'Hmm… thinking about this is useless.

I can\'t comprehend Wind Laws to Level Seven Abstruse Intent in two days… but this is a good place to undergo my immortal tribulation.\'

Davis looked around and thought that no one could interrupt his immortal tribulation.

However, the secret realm might kill him, so he stood up from the empty, barren surface and approached the Void Dust Tree\'s spirit.

Big tree girl, if you\'re okay with it, I can-

Who\'s big… She instantly reacted as she flinched, I\'ll only become an adult after I enter the Immortal Stage...

Is that so… Davis blinked at her emboldened figure, Then I\'ll call you little tree girl.

The tree spirit nodded, but her eyes couldn\'t help narrow, Mhm That doesn\'t feel right.

Call me by my name.

It\'s Stella Voidfield.

\'Voidfield…\' Davis blinked.

Was that her family name, or had she named herself

Shaking his head as he knew nothing, he opened his mouth, Alright, Stella.

I\'ll hasten your growth in exchange for something.

What do you think

Stella Voidfield jumped from the branch, nearing him as her eyes glowed, What do you want

Well, I\'ll undergo my heavenly tribulation here, but in exchange, I want you to send me out as soon as I step into the Immortal Stage.

That\'s all Stella Voidfield blinked before she raised her hands, I mean, I can easily throw you out.

I have thrown out many people into the ninth layer of space to their deaths, but none to save them.

Are you sure you want to only ask that

Then what can you provide me Davis raised his brows, causing Stella Voidfield to blink again.

I… She was at a loss for words, appearing to not know what to say.

Quickly, she began tearing up as her starry violet eyes shook.

Davis\'s expression fell.

He felt that it was overbearing for him to be negotiating with a hundred thousand-year-old tree with an innocent mentality.

In actuality, she did say that she hadn\'t reached adulthood yet, so she could be said to be a teenager.

With that settled, he quickly changed his thought process.

Just send me out far away from this secret realm without anyone noticing.

That would do.

Ah~ Really Although it would take some more energy, I can do that!~

Stella Voidfield became visibly excited.

Davis also smiled at having reached an agreement.

He couldn\'t help but take out a white jade disc.

It had intricate carvings made out of soul force.

However, this soul force felt intimate and made out of the intent to protect.

It was none other than the Protective Spirit Formation that Myria created solely for him for his immortal tribulation, a one-time-use formation disc that would break after usage.

Apparently, Myria had secretly given it to Evelynn before they made it out of the Grand Beginnings Continent.

However, Evelynn had been keeping it a secret from him.

But in reality, Evelynn hadn\'t been keeping this a secret exactly because this formation disc required someone intimate to share the karmic burden and hence, needed to stay in that person\'s possession for a significant portion of time as it created a karmic connection.

In other words, without him, Nadia, or Eldia coming to know of it, most of his women collectively decided to share his karmic burden.

Although it was only a small portion of his karmic burden, it was still a significant portion for them, even when divided into many portions.


Davis took a deep breath, feeling all their affectionate thoughts poured into this formation disc for him.

He had gotten this just before leaving to assassinate Klein Zyrus.

They had done it without even consulting him.

Although he was angered when he came to know about it, he was also moved beyond compare that they would go that far for him.

\'You all…\'

Taking some time to think about each of their faces and lovely quirks, he couldn\'t help but chuckle.

It was especially Evelynn who would suffer the most from this endeavor.

After all, once he used this formation disc, then his karmic burden would be shared a bit with them and Evelynn, making it difficult for her already botched tribulation to become stronger than she could handle.

But fortunately, Mira\'s Emperor-Tier blood should come in use to increase Evelynn\'s prowess.

Even if it couldn\'t, he inwardly swore to do something about it and set up the formation disc before long but noticed that Klein Zyrus had woken up again.

Let\'s go plunder Klein Zyrus down to his underwear now to see if he\'s hiding anything and while we\'re at it, also soulscour him...


Davis spoke loudly, causing Klein Zyrus to react like a spring and instantly shoot into the distance, his expression appearing to be completely terrified.

However, a wave of darkness appeared to engulf him again, causing his expression to change.

Noo!!! Please let me go…! I will not pursue this matter! Please…!

Davis became dumbfounded but still, with a press of his palm towards the surface, he locked down Klein Zyrus in a dark coffin and affixed him to the surface, disallowing him to move again.

No… no…! I can\'t die…! My future is limitless! Mo Tian… no…! D-Dead End… whoever it is, please… I swear I won\'t let out a single word of this day…!

Klein Zyrus cried out, his Will having collapsed in front of the freak show that Davis displayed earlier.

Taking on multiple Heavenly Wind Tribulations with just a hand If he told anyone what he had seen, they would just laugh off, insulting that he was using this as a form of coping for his defeat, framing him to be deluded.

In fact, he could see his rivals in the Zyrus Family doing this to oust his rise.

Moreover, he became aware that even with a full-fledged Ghastly Cloud Physique, he wouldn\'t be able to beat this monster.

But that awareness was the downfall of his Will, and the fall gave him a heart demon that he couldn\'t remove unless he made some effort in the outlook of his life or defeat the monster, both of which were impossible to accomplish because a person couldn\'t change their minds easily.

The higher they stood, the more complicated would be their catastrophic fall.

But now, the only wish Klein Zyrus possessed was to escape as far as possible, just far away from this monster, no matter where it could be.

Davis arrived before Klein Zyrus and saw his miserable figure.

His face was full of snot and tears, making one wonder how such a being could be of any harm.

Yet, the one-meter-tall purplish red karmic sin said otherwise.

The karmic sin that Klein Zyrus possessed was third-tier karmic sin, making him truly astonished.

After all, even the bandits and the other targets, even the vile individuals he had seen, didn\'t have that kind of karmic sin.

Don\'t move, and don\'t resist.

Davis lowered his hand as he clenched Klein Zyrus\' head, causing the latter to freeze.

It was not only because he was fearful but also because the slave seal in his soul completely restricted his movements, disallowing him to move.

Only his Will could battle now, but even that was defeated into a sorry state.

He was absolutely defenseless, his mind reeling in disbelief.

Was he going to die Or even worse… turn retarded like had done unto many people, leaving them unable to attest against the atrocities he had committed before killing them off through another method

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