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Chapter 9 – Supermarket

“Good suggestion.”

Wen Ruan took a deep breath.  She pressed a hand to her chest, squeezed out a tight smile then gritted her teeth and asked.

“Why do you think Im not wearing my pajamas”

Fu Zhihuan lowered his eyes to look at the innocent-looking Earl sitting beside him and came to a realization.

He turned around and bent over to pick up the car key on the coffee table.  Then he raised his hand to fasten the collar he had just unbuttoned and said softly.

“Do you need help to get you anything  Im going out to buy a litter for Earl.”

Wen Ruan was stunned and then immediately responded.

“Then you can help me to bring back a set of pajamas.”

Speaking of this, she paused then frowned and thought about it.

“Oh right, the pajamas should be the color of cherry blossom pink……the one that looks like white with a tinge of pink……slightly pink but not too pink.”


After opening the door, Fu Zhihuan paused then turned around and listened to Wen Ruan blabber a bunch of descriptions.  His temples started to throb and his head was filled with the wordpink.

The initial patience began to gradually turn into impatience.

Wen Ruan who was muttering to herself suddenly thought of something and she clapped her hands.

“Thats right, I know the fabric for choosing the pajamas.  I want the kind of……..”

“Five minutes.”  He interrupted.


“Ill wait five minutes for you to get dressed.  You can go out to buy it yourself.”

As he spoke, he lowered his head to glance at his watch and said slowly.

“Otherwise, you can choose to wear that set of pajamas for the night.”

Wen Ruan:  “……”

Ruthless man!


As she stood in front of the bedding section of the supermarket, Wen Ruan stared at the row of pajamas sealed in bags with slight confusion.

She picked up one of them tentatively and looked at the price…….

41.7 yuan

At a glance, this kind of product looks very much like disposable pajamas.

Is there really no problem

Wen Ruan took a deep breath.

Based on her memory after visiting the mall in the morning, if one takes the elevator here to the third floor, there should be a MANITO specialty store.

But if she does that, Fu Zhihuan would definitely find out that she is pretending to be poor.

She gritted her teeth.

No matter what, she has to endure a week.  Anyway, it is only for a night, so it shouldnt be a problem.  She will just secretly replace it tomorrow.

So Wen Ruan shut her eyes and threw the pajamas into the shopping cart.

This can be considered a sacrifice for love!

She was so moved by herself that she became muddleheaded.  Pushing the shopping cart she turned around and was prepared to make her way to the cashier to meet up with Fu Zhihuan.

But after taking a few steps, the shopping cart crashed and it came to a stop.

She frowned and realized that her shopping cart was blocked by another shopping cart in front and the wheels of both carts were jammed together.

She patiently stepped back, turned the shopping cart slightly to the left, and was about to leave and move to the other side of the aisle.

However, the shopping cart in front of her seemed to be deliberately blocking her way and it suddenly appeared n front of her once again.


The two shopping carts collided and the contents inside shook.

Wen Ruan realized that the person in front of her did it on purpose, so she raised her head slightly in anger and saw a man with yellow hair standing in front of her.

That Yellow Hair had rolled up his sleeves up to his shoulders to reveal his large arms and he wore ear studs on his earlobes.

At this moment, he was squinting his eyes slightly and the corners of his lips were lifted.  The expression on his face seemed to arrogantly display the words ~I am a bastard.

Before Wen Ruan could speak, the Yellow Hair lifted his chin at her and his tone sounded a little improper.

“Little Miss, this is the first time I see you here.”

Such an old-fashion introduction!

In addition, the Yellow Hair in front of her seemed very young and looked just like a kid.  It seemed like he had just turned twenty at the most but insisted on acting mature with childishness written all over his body.

She suppressed the impatience in her tone.

“Please give way.”

Yellow Hair smiled.  Not only did he not give way, he even pushed his shopping cart nearer and raised his eyebrows as he spoke.

“Why so bad-tempered  Leave your contact information.”

She still seemed to be in a pretty good mood.

“Sorry, its not very convenient.”

Wen Ruan was not interested to spend more time talking with this kind of boy who still had the smell of milk on him.

After she had adjusted the direction of the shopping cart and was about to leave, she was blocked the third time by that Yellow Hair using his shopping cart.

“Why is it inconvenient  Give me face, Little Miss……Big Brother is very familiar over here.  In the future, we can come out and play together.

Big Brother

She narrowed her eyes and no matter how she looked at him, he seemed to have just graduated from high school.  Her anger started to rise higher and higher.

She suppressed her emotions.

She did not want to get angry here as people were moving back and forth around the place.

Wen Ruan raised her eyes to give Yellow Hair a deep look and then let out a laugh.  She raised her hand to pick up a box of condoms from the shelf at the side and threw it into the shopping cart.

“Its normal that you havent seen me before.  Its because I just arrived here today and Im staying in my boyfriends house for the night.”

She placed her hands on the shopping cart then lifted her eyebrows and started to laugh.

“Its alright if you want my contact but my mobile phone is with my boyfriend and he is right in front.  If you really want it, shall I take you to look for him”

The Yellow Hair was stunned and touched his head but he did not believe her.

“Youre bluffing.”

“Wen Ruan……”

At this moment, a male voice suddenly rang out a short distance away.  It was like soaking in the clear cold spring in the moonlight and it made ones body tremble involuntarily.

Standing not far away, Fu Zhihuan was looking over in this direction.

“Are you done with your selection yet”

“Yes, Im done!”

She shouted towards the other side then withdrew her gaze and looked at the Yellow Hair in front of her with a smile.  Then she pretended to urge him to follow her.

“Lets go.  Shall we go over together and ask for his opinion”

After Yellow Hair glanced over at Fu Zhihuan, he retreated a few steps.

Although they were standing far apart, he could see with just a glance that Fu Zhihuan was a head taller than himself.  In addition, Fu Zhihuan seemed to look cold and stern and not someone that should be provoked.

His expression stiffened and he pushed away Wen Ruans cart.  Then pushing his shopping cart, he quickly slipped away to the other end of the aisle.

Such a coward!

Wen Ruan glanced at the hastily departing back view of Yellow Hair and chuckled lightly.  Then she pushed the shopping cart towards Fu Zhihuan.

He noticed that Yellow Hair just now and as he walked side by side with Wen Ruan towards the cashiers counter, he asked.

“That person just now…….”

“He asked for directions.”  She did not want to say more.

There were not many people queueing at the cashiers counter as it was already quite late.

Most of the staff working overtime were middle-aged women and perhaps they were tired after working the whole day, so they were a little impatient.

When it was their turn to check out, the cashier looked up at them and asked.

“Pay together”

Fu Zhihuan who was standing in front did not refute.  “Um…….”

Then he moved over to Wen Ruans shopping cart and began to pick up her things…….

Pajamas, shower gel, toilet paper, potato chips, cola, condoms……



His hand that was holding the box of condoms paused.  He did not immediately place it on the counter but instead, he narrowed his eyes and turned his head slowly to give Wen Ruan a questioning look.

Wen Ruan had totally forgotten about it after blasting off that Yellow Hair.  At this moment, upon seeing Fu Zhihuan picking up the thing from the shopping cart, she felt abuzz in her head and blushed instantly.

At this moment, her mind suddenly became blank except for one word……


“People are standing in line behind, do you still want this”

Perhaps the cashier auntie was stressed after a long day at work so when she saw both of them were not nimble in picking up the thing, she suddenly became angry.

“Why do you still feel shy when buying this when both of you are already adults  Hand it over!”

While speaking, she did not give them a chance to argue and took the box of condoms from Fu Zhihuans hand.  After swiftly scanning the barcode she put it inside the bag.


Fu Zhihuans eyelids twitched.  Without saying a word, he took out his mobile phone and scanned the payment code.

All along the way back, it was very quiet.

Wen Ruan was sitting in the front passenger seat.  Although the air conditioner in the car was turned on, she still felt suffocated like she was having a heatstroke.

The important point is that Fu Zhihuan who was sitting next to her did not ask her anything which made her feel embarrassed and in despair.

It was like the calm before the storm.

He cant be thinking that she is plotting to do something and then later when they reach home, he wont drive her out, right

The car stopped downstairs of the apartment.

Wen Ruan took a deep breath then sat up immediately and unfastened the seat belt.  She was ready to open the door and slip away quickly.

However, when she touched the door handle, she found that the car door was locked.

Fu Zhihuan unfastened the seat belt but was not in a hurry to get out of the car.  He raised his hand to tap his index finger on the steering wheel rhythmically and said softly.

“Dont forget to take your things with you.”

Wen Ruans back stiffened.

Fu Zhihuans words sounded like a reminder but to Wen Ruan, the words seemed like the police interrogating a prisoner and it made her uneasy.

It can be said that some things cannot be avoided.

She took a deep breath and explained.  “That Yellow Hair just now……”


“He pestered me for my contact and I felt annoyed, so I picked up the box of condoms and pretended to have a boyfriend.”

Speaking up to this point, Wen Ruan raised her hand and said righteously.

“I am absolutely not plotting anything against you.”

He looked at the serious expression on her face and a low laugh rose from his throat.  Then he reached out his hand to press the button to unlock the door and pulled open the car door.  His tone sounded like he was smiling.

“Get out of the car, child.”

In the end, his tone turned slightly flat but the low voice had risen a little.

“Do you think I will be afraid of you plotting against me”

Her heart felt like it was being scratched by a cat.

After a whole day of adapting herself, Wen Ruan finally gathered some immunity to the large hormone-producer in front of her but in the end, she was once again thrown into a mess by his low-pitch remark.

…….She should really plot against him!


After changing the litter, Earls mood obviously became more pleasant.

After Wen Ruan had taken a shower, she stretched her waist and was prepared to return to her room to sleep.

But as soon as she entered the room, a strong smell rushed toward her.  She looked at the bed and realized that it was something she had forgotten about.

The pajamas were bought.

But the smell of Earl was still on the bedsheets!

Wen Ruan took a deep breath then turned around and walked to Fu Zhihuans room wearing her slippers.  She raised her hand and knocked on the door.

There was no response from inside the room for a long time.  Wen Ruan waited and was about to lose her patience when the door handle suddenly turned and the door was pulled open from the inside.

Fu Zhihuan was wearing a bathrobe with the belt loosely tied and the collar was slightly opened and water droplets could be seen running down sexily along the v-shaped muscles of his sturdy abdomen.

It seemed he was halfway through his shower when Wen Ruan knocked on his door and there were even water droplets clinging to his hair.

He hung the bath towel on his neck and his tone sounded a little impatient.

“Whats the matter”


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