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Chapter 87 – Healthy Diet

“Miss, who are you looking for”

As soon as the elevator door opened, Wen Ruan was approached by an office assistant.

Wen Ruan stopped, took off her sunglasses, crossed her arms, and tapped the floor rhythmically with her toes.  She asked in an impatient tone.

“Where is Fu Mingheng  Im looking for him.”

Wen Ruan and Fu Zhihuan had gotten their marriage certificate before the New Year.

Initially, they had planned to pick an auspicious day to hold the wedding but the New Year holidays were approaching and every year around this time would be the peak period for the frequency of cases.  Moreover, before the New Year arrived, all cases had to be sorted out and summarized regardless of whether it was in the procuratorate or the law firm.  It would be an extremely hectic time.

Therefore, the wedding was postponed until after the New Year and it dragged on until the beginning of summer.

After learning a lesson during the preparation of the engagement banquet, Wen Ruan decided that she would rather die than allow Fu Mingheng be involved in designing the wedding venue.

However, no matter how meticulous they were, an omission still occurred.  When the couple came back from work and contacted the planning department to check on the progress, then only did they find out..…….


Wen, Mr.

Fu Mingheng had given a lot of valuable opinions on the arrangement of your wedding venue and directly participated in the designing of the venue hoping to make you satisfied.”


Who needs his valuable opinion!

As a person who possesses a challenging spirit, Fu Minghen is never one who gives up easily.

It was mainly because he felt he had lost face in the previous engagement banquet, therefore, he felt the need to show his planning ability this time.

Wen Ruan initially harbored some hope.

However, when she entered the venue and saw one side of the hall covered with photos of herself and Fu Zhihuan, she almost stopped breathing.

So, she had come to look for Fu Mingheng to settle with him.

The little assistant seemed to be frightened by Wen Ruans fierce and aggressive appearance.  She swallowed hard and then said softly.

“The Chairman is still in a meeting.  Does Miss want to wait for him in the lounge”

“Sure.”  Wen Ruan tapped the sunglasses with her index finger then turned to enter the lounge next to her very naturally and said.

“After the meeting is over, get Fu Mingheng to head over here to see me.”


The door was shut.

The group of employees at the back who were working seriously and ignorant of what was happening suddenly came to their senses and gathered around for a discussion.

“Who is that”

“Dont know but looking at her dressing, you can tell she is rich at a glance.”

“Wow!  Is she Chairman Fus ex-girlfriend or something like that”

“Im not sure.  This is the first time I see someone call Chairman Fus name like that.  I always thought our Chairman Fu is fierce.”


“Chairman Fu, Ive already arranged the contracts and documents in order and placed them here.  Today at 3.30 in the afternoon, theres a product seminar that youre required to attend and at 8.00 in the evening, you have to attend the Hundred-Day Banquet* of Chairman Chens eldest grandson.  Ive prepared a gift for you and Ive drawn up in advance a list of potential business allies attending this banquet who will be helpful to us.”

(Hundred-Day Banquet is a celebration feast held on the 100th day of a newborn babys life.)

Jiang Qingxu bent down to gently place the documents in her hands on the corner of the desk and then she straightened up.  Her voice was calm and no fluctuations could be detected in her tone.

She swept a glance at Fu Minghengs collar and then lifted her eyebrows without saying anything.

Fu Mingheng rubbed his temples, leaned his head on the office chair, and closed his eyes tiredly.  Then he waved his hand and said.

“I know.  You can go out.”

Jiang Qingxu lowered her eyes and responded with an acknowledgment.  Then when she was about to leave, she was stopped.

Fu Mingheng straightened up, picked up a document, and said casually.

“Wait, Secretary Jiang, help me to get a cup of coffee.”

Jiang Qingxu is Fu Minghengs secretary.

Fu Mingheng can be considered a workaholic.  He spends most of his time in the companys office and at night, he usually sleeps in the offices attached bedroom.

Therefore, he places very high demands on the employees.  In the early years, the secretaries that worked for him could hardly manage to stay for more than two months.

Until Jiang Qingxu appeared.  She became the only secretary who worked for a year and a half and has yet to be fired.

Just as Fu Mingheng had finished reading a few lines, Jiang Qingxu pushed the door open to enter and carefully placed the cup of coffee on the table.

Fu Mingheng lifted the cup and took a sip.

The degree of sweetness was mild and within the range of his taste.

He lifted his eyebrows slightly and put down the coffee cup.  When he looked up, he realized that Jiang Qingxu has yet to leave, so he asked.  “Is there anything else”

“Yes, Mr.

Fu.”  Jiang Qingxu nodded and then turned to the door and gestured.  “Come in.”

Immediately following that, someone walked in pushing a small clothes rack with a row of neckties and suits neatly hung on it.  At first glance, the suits seemed to be of the same color tone but on a closer look, the patterns and styles were different.

Jiang Qingxu turned sideways to show Fu Mingheng the clothes on the rack and said softly.


Fu, I made inquiries in advance about the venue design of the banquet and these suits will match better with the tone of the decoration and atmosphere of the venue.  Moreover, Mrs.

Chen established a clothing boutique recently and the neckties I chose are all designed by her boutique.”


Fu Mingheng did not expect Jiang Qingxu would be so well prepared.  He put down the pen in his hand, looked carefully at the person in front of him, and fell into silence.

Then he nodded.  “You can decide.”

As soon as the pen was placed on the table, it rolled over and fell straight to the floor.

Jiang Qingxu bent down to pick up the pen then placed it on the table and gave him a nod before turning around to leave.

“Sister Qingxu, did the Chairman say anything”

The little assistant who recently joined the office immediately stuck out her head.

“Dont worry, he didnt say anything.  Today, you can go off work as usual.”

Jiang Qingxu smiled.

“Oh yes, you and Xiao Zhao contact the department to pick a new desk for the Chairman.  Chose the ones that have pen slots at the edges and send the selected pictures and materials to my mailbox by this evening.”


The little assistants eyes curved into crescents and nodded obediently.  Then she seemed to have thought of something and said.

“Oh right, a woman came to look for Chairman Fu just now and I took her to the private lounge.”

Speaking up to this point, she looked around and lowered her voice.

“Sister Qingxu, do you think that lady is Chairman Fus girlfriend or something like that”


Jiang Qingxu was momentarily stunned and then immediately calmed down again and said in a soft voice.

“Dont simply guess, Ill take a look.”


“Please come in.”

When Jiang Qingxu knocked on the door of the private lounge, Wen Ruan was lying lazily on the sofa playing with her mobile phone and her fair and slender legs were resting lightly on the edge of the coffee table.

She raised her eyes to look at Jiang Qingxu, her eyebrows curved and she instantly smiled.

“Eh, why is it you  Wheres your boss”

When Jiang Qingxu saw it was Wen Ruan, she smiled helplessly.

“It turned out to be Miss Wen.”

In fact, Wen Ruan had a good impression of Jiang Qingxu.

Before this, when her engagement banquet was almost ruined by Fu Mingheng, it was this secretary who helped turn the situation around.  She immediately contacted a well-known foreign wedding studio and helped the couple to jump the queue with the studio.

Although the two women had only met a few times, they took a liking to each other.

Jiang Qingxu asked.  “I heard that Miss Wen has just returned to Tong City.  Are you here to visit Chairman Fu”

“Visit him”  Wen Ruan said.  “I was just picking out a wedding ring nearby and suddenly felt like coming over to greet your Boss and wish him good health.”

Jiang Qingxu thought to herself.

This tone doesnt sound like she is here to offer blessings!

“But pushing ones secretary out to block the muzzle is not good.”

Wen Ruan straightened up, threw the phone aside, propped up her chin, and said with a slight smile.

“Although I like you very much, I still have to give your Boss trouble today.  He must give me an explanation as to who permitted him to turn my wedding venue into a Teletubbies Jolly Banquet.”


Jiang Qingxu was silent for a moment and understood in her heart what had happened.  Just as she was about to speak, the door of the private lounge was pushed open again.

Fu Mingheng walked in with a stiff face and glanced at his secretary.  It seemed he did not want to lose face in front of his subordinates, so he let out a cough and signaled to Jiang Qingxu with his eyes.

Jiang Qingxu thought for a moment then nodded and said.

“Ill go and prepare some refreshments and snacks for Miss Wen.”

Wen Ruan lifted her head and said.

“Then I want matcha biscuits and cola with ice.”

At the end of the sentence, she repeated.  “…….With ice!”

After Jiang Qingxu had left, Fu Mingheng put away the cold expression that he had been showing all the while.  He rubbed his hair as he sat down helplessly on the sofa and tried to change the subject.

“Ah Lu didnt come”

“Dont change the subject.  You know the reason why Im here.”

He refused to give up.

“Oh right, Ive prepared a wedding gift for the both of you.”

“Dont change the subject.  Im here to discuss the wedding venue with you.”

Fu Mingheng was silent for a while then pretended to be calm and said casually.

“I havent seen you chatting in the group recently.  Did you quarrel with Ah Lu”


After he spoke those words, WenRuan suddenly became quiet and did not speak again.

Fu Mingheng naturally understood that it must be due to what he said and so he immediately seized the opportunity to shift the topic to Fu Zhihuan.

“Tell me about the matter, Eldest Brother will support you.”

“Its nothing.”

Wen Ruan replied in a sullen voice and then with a gloomy face, she muttered a series of words without the slightest fluctuation.

“Except that after we returned to Tong City, during several dinners we attended these few days, the others drank alcohol while I could only drink milk and it was warm milk!”

“Suddenly, I was prohibited from eating spicy food and drinking spicy soup and the fridge at home was cleared of all the coke and ice cream.  In addition to that, I was not allowed to wear high heels and was urged to go to bed by 10 oclock, and every day, those weird and sleep-inducing music would be played.  Other than that, there is basically no conflict between us.”

Fu Mingheng was silent for a while.


Looks like the conflict between the both of you is indeed not minor!

While thinking about this matter, Wen Ruan felt a little aggrieved.

Although Fu Zhihuan had started to guide her on eating a healthy diet long ago, these days it was overly harsh.

She misses Coke very much!

Misses ice cream very much!

As well as the roadside spicy soup and stinky tofu!

Speaking of this, the couple had a minor conflict over a takoyaki (Japanese snack of octopus ball) while they were looking at the wedding rings today.  So Wen Ruan simply decided to look for Fu Mingheng to settle the wedding venue problem and at the same time, sneak into his company to enjoy some refreshments.

To cover up the wedding venue problem, Fu Mingheng went along with Wen Ruans words and said.

“Thats right, Ah Lu is too much and too harsh.  Dont worry, Eldest Brother will stand up for you.  Just tell the assistant whatever you want to eat and Ill get them to prepare now!”

Wen Ruan did not show any courtesy and gave an order directly and smoothly with ease.

“Takoyaki, BBQ meat skewers, braised chicken feet, and a double scoop of ice cream.  I also want a cup of milk tea with fifty percent sugar and an extra topping of coconut.  Its better if I can have one more portion of fried chicken.  I only want the wings and they should be coated with sweet and spicy sauce.”

Just as she finished speaking, Jiang Qingxu entered with the matcha biscuits and Coke.

Wen Ruan was very happy as she picked up the small biscuit and held up the Coke.  Just as she was about to start eating and drinking happily, she suddenly heard a cold voice coming from the door that carried a trace of warning.

“Wen Ruan……..”


Wen Ruan paused and the smile on her face froze.  When she turned her head around stiffly, she met those dark pupils with just a glance.

Fu Zhihuan was leaning against the door frame.  He lifted his eyes, threw a lazy look at her then raised his chin and said in a low voice.

“Be good, put those things down.”

“Ill just drink a little bit!”  Wen Ruan choked a little.  “I havent had an ice-cold coke for three days.  Dont you know this is torturous in summer”

Fu Zhihuan seemed to sigh.  He walked over to Wen Ruan, squatted down, and stretched out his hand to take the cup of Coke out of her hand.

When he felt the icy temperature of the drink, his brows knotted slightly but very quickly, he regained his composure.

He said.  “Be obedient.  You can drink it another time.”

“Ive been drinking milk for many days.”  Feeling aggrieved, Wen Ruan placed her forehead on his shoulder and acted like a spoiled child.  “Why dont you let me drink”

“Arent you feeling unwell recently”

“Its not very uncomfortable.  Its just because the season is changing and that long train journey from Jiang City to here, so I feel a little tired and uncomfortable.  Its normal to feel nauseous and sleepy.  Isnt this normal in summer”

“Thats right!”  Fu Mingheng looked like he was supporting Wen Ruan.

“Isnt this normal  Ah Lu, I think youre just too nervous.  Its good enough to control her diet but you cant be too harsh…….”

Before he could finish speaking, he saw Fu Zhihuan lift his head lazily with narrowed eyes.

The threat was evident.

“Sorry to interrupt.”

Jiang Qingxu who had been listening for a while suddenly came to a realization.  She took a few steps forward in Wen Ruans direction and asked softly.

“Miss Wen, may I ask you……..that……is it normal recently”

As a woman, Wen Ruan was stunned for a moment and then understood whatthat meant.

She counted with her fingers.

She did not pay much attention because she was busy with work recently.

And……it doesnt seem normal ! !

Wen Ruan stood up and glanced at the coke beside her.  She swallowed and then glanced at Fu Zhihuan with eyes that flashed slightly.

“So your guess is……..”

“You dont even remember your timing.”  Fu Zhihuan stood up with a smile and stretched out his hand to tap lightly on her forehead.  However, there was no reproach in his tone.

“If I dont control you, how can I feel rest assured”

Wen Ruan lowered her eyes and said softly.  “Sorry.”

Although the two people did not quarrel these few days, their moods were still affected by this matter.

In fact, when they first came back to Tong City two days ago, Fu Zhihuan noticed Wen Ruans abnormality.

But he had also considered that it might be due to the change of seasons and the long train journey they took coupled with the recent heavy workload.  Therefore, he planned to observe her for another two more days before taking her for a checkup.

The original plan was to take her to the hospital for a checkup today.

As Fu Mingheng watched the back view of the couple leaving hand in hand and having reached a consensus, he looked at Jiang Qingxu in confusion.

“So…….what does that mean”

Jiang Qingxu:  “……”

Youre indeed a straight guy.

It was 6 p.m.

A message appeared in the family chat group.

[Fu Zhihuan]:  Wen Ruan is pregnant.

The message directly caused the two pairs of parents in the group, who were always discussing the 8 oclock city news and sending emojis to each other, to stop all their boring evening chatter.

By the time Fu Mingheng saw the message on the phone after the meeting, the two pairs of parents in the chat group had already started to discuss the thought-stimulating question of which university the child should attend in the future.

Fu Mingheng was silent for a while and felt that it was too early to discuss the issue of which university the child should attend but should worry about something closer at hand.

For example…….

The Hundred-Day Banquet after the child is born seems to be a good opportunity for him to show off his planning ability.

This time, he will definitely not make them disappointed!


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