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Chapter 83 – High School (2)

“Just this miserable amount”

The leader was a senior sister whose hair hung loosely on her back with wavy curls and had a hair band tied to her wrist.  Her school uniform was drawn over with an exaggerated painting and two words were arrogantly written with a marker pen that readBad Temper.


Wen Ruan touched her chin.

A very typical Society Sister!

(Society Sister is a term that describes a typical female bully who is aggressive, arrogant, crude, favors weird hairstyles and dresses, and is knowledgeable about the outside world.  These Society Sisters are mostly found in schools and they usually bully timid schoolmates.)

The Society Sister glanced at Zhou Yao whose eyes were already red and snorted in disdain.  Then she stepped forward and gave Zhou Yaos face a few crisp slaps with the stack of money she was holding in her hand.

“So shabby!  These few bills can only send away beggars.”


At this moment, a very loud sound of a camera click was heard.

The flashlight shone brilliantly for a moment which startled the group of people and made them squint.

The Society Sister frowned and her anger suddenly surged.

“Who is it!”

Wen Ruan was sitting on top of a table that was placed against the wall and had found a good angle to take pictures and videos.  Her legs were swaying and the expression on her face was very calm.

It looked as if she was recording a fight between cats and dogs and at the same time, she also threw out a few instructions.

“Right, right…….just like this…….look at the camera!”

“Come on, show a smile!”

Following that, there was another click and the flash shone directly into the eyes of the people and they hurriedly raised their hands to block the light.

Wen Ruan looked at the few photos she had taken just now but seemed to be very dissatisfied and sighed.

“These look really ugly.”

The Society Sister instantly erupted with anger.  She swung her sleeves, arrogantly swept up the back of her school uniform, and started to swear.  Then she walked toward Wen Ruan angrily and raised her hand.


Wen Ruan did not even lift her eyes.  With one hand holding her phone, she glanced through the photos she had just taken and used her other hand to firmly grab hold of Society Sisters wrist just as the slap was about to land on her face.

“You!  Let go!”  The Society Sister struggled and when she realized that Wen Ruan did not intend to let go, her face turned ashen.

Finally, Wen Ruan put down her phone and tilted her head to look at the Society Sister.  Then she loosened her hand, pressed a hand on the Society Sisters shoulder, and pushed her away.

The Society Sister lost her balance, staggered backward, and was quickly supported by her little sisters.

“Zhou Yao.”  Wen Ruan raised her head and lifted her chin towards Zhou Yao who was standing in the distance.  “Come over here.”

“Do you know each other”  The furious Society Sister asked.  “Who is your backer  Do you know the relationship I have with our schools Kang Qizi”

Wen Ruan was a little unfamiliar with this name.  “Kang Qizi”

“Thats the Boss!  The Boss of our school!”  Society Sister pushed out her chest, raised her head, and said proudly.  “You even dare to stand up for others when youre unaware of this!”


It was indeed the blind spot of Wen Ruans knowledge.

She was wondering why the school has this kind of strange nameKang Qizi since it would not give anyone extra points in the college entrance exam.

Sure enough, the ideas of rebellious and hot-blooded teenagers during the time in middle and high school are more unconstrained.

For example, at this moment, they were laughing so much that they doubled over and looked at Wen Ruan like they were looking at a cat or dog.

“You can still act so arrogantly without a backer.  You should come down quickly to apologize to us and delete those photos.  Then maybe well treat you better.”

The burst of laughter was chaotic and in the small and cramped space, it made one feel stuffy and irritated.

The boy in the corner frowned and slowly opened his eyes.

A hint of impatience and anger flashed in his dark and emotionless eyes.  He lowered his arms that were resting on his knees, pressed his hands on the ground, and made a move to get up.

But at this particular moment…….

“Thats not true.”  Wen Ruan interrupted.  She thought about it seriously and then added.  “I have a backer.”


Wen Ruan pointed in a certain direction and then said solemnly.

“That…….the library that the school built a few years ago.”  She patted her chest.  “It was donated by my dad.”

Actually, the school was Mr.

Wen Fengchens alma mater, so a few years ago, he donated the building to repay his alma mater.

Therefore, she has the backing of Wen Fengchen as his daughter.


A very unexpected answer.

The boys eyes gradually calmed down and his hands relaxed as if he had given up his plan to meddle in the situation.

The fire in the little sisters suddenly seemed to have fizzled out.  They looked at each other and then asked tentatively.

“Is your name Wen Ruan

Wen Ruan:  “Yes.”


The rich second generation!

It was long heard that among the group of freshmen in the school, there is a girl named Wen Ruan who is from a wealthy family.  Her father is famous and had donated a building to the school.


Wen Fengchen can be regarded as a well-known entrepreneur in the whole country.  This kind of rich man is not like any other ordinary rich man.  Just thinking about this, without a doubt, he is not someone one can afford to offend.

People like this are equivalent to RMB players in a game.

Regardless of who Kang Qizi is, he can only be regarded as hergrandson in front of her.

The Society Sister was a little aggrieved.  She swore below her breath and was prepared to lead her gang away.

Just as when they were about to walk out through the door, Wen Ruan lifted her leg to gently place it against the door frame to block their exit.



Wen Ruan glanced in the direction of Zhou Yao then smiled and squinted her eyes.

“Are you not going to apologize  At the same time, return the money you extorted from her.”

“Dont you think youre a bit nosy”

Society Sister was initially very angry because she had to submit to Wen Ruan and now that she was asked to apologize to Zhou Yao.

How could she tolerate this grievance

“Its alright if you dont want to apologize and I wont force you.”

Wen Ruan laughed and put down her leg.  Then she slowly raised her phone and clicked on the play button.

“But Ill upload these videos and photos to the forum.  By that time, more people will come forward to persuade you to apologize.”

After half a minute of confrontation, Society Sister gritted her teeth, turned around, and took a deep breath.  She suppressed her emotions and said stiffly.

“Im sorry.”

Then leading her girls, she left hastily.

Wen Ruan watched as the group of people left.  Then with a swing of her legs, she jumped off the table and patted her skirt.

Zhou Yaos voice was a little choked up.  “Thank you.”

Wen Ruan glanced at her then held up her phone and threw it over to Zhou Yao.

“Send a copy of these videos and photos to yourself.  Its up to you on how youre going to deal with them in the future.”

Zhou Yao was stunned for a moment and then looked down at Wen Ruans phone.  She said a little timidly.

“They have all apologized, so…….”

“Apologizing is the most basic thing one can do.”  Wen Ruan said lightly.

Zhou Yao was a little stunned.

“I wont force you but you must learn to protect yourself.”

Wen Ruan could not help but laugh helplessly.  She lifted her index finger and poked Zhou Yaos forehead lightly.

“You can think of many ways to deal with those people but giving in shouldnt be one of them.”

It was only when the two people had left and closed the door that the backstage became quiet once again.

The boy reached up his hand to pull off his hood, leaned his head against the wall, and slowly closed his eyes.

A long time later, he lifted his arm and rested it on his forehead.  His temples suddenly throbbed as if he was trying to suppress his emotions.

His phone flashed and he turned his head sideways to glance at it.

[Fu Mingheng]:  Ah Lu, the police are investigating Jin Chenhe.  If there are any clues, they will definitely inform us.  Be at ease and play well.

Fu Lu picked up the phone but was not in a hurry to reply and only held it in his hand.  His eyes were devoid of light and he seemed to be lost in thoughts.

A long time later, he replied indifferently with a word.  “Okay.”

At this moment, loud voices sounded again from the door and then someone pushed open the door.  Then the person shouted.  “My ancestor!  Why are you hiding here alone to cool off  This is too inappropriate, right”

The leader of the basketball team came in, grabbed Fu Lus arm, and pulled him up.

“If you still dont go back, the teacher in charge will certainly rip me apart.”

When Fu Lu was dragged forward, he put away his phone and answered in a perfunctory manner.

“Okay, okay.”

“But let me tell you, the little sisters in this school are very beautiful.”

The leader rubbed his chin and then laughed.

“Just now, I saw a little girl with a high ponytail.  Such a petite one and she looks so soft not to mention well-behaved.”

Fu Lu laughed and calmly replied.  “Really”

She does look very well-behaved.

Its only that with just a little poke, she will bare her small fangs.


The King of Glory suffered defeats the whole afternoon and Wen Ruan was full of anger.

She did not know why her luck was so bad today.  The qualifying matches were lost repeatedly and her teammates made her so angry that her blood pressure kept shooting up.

After playing the game, she felt annoyed and grumpy, so she planned to go out to buy a popsicle and Coke.

Coincidentally, it was also the basketball games halftime.

The snack counter was crowded at this moment and it was unavoidable to overhear conversations……..

“Do you think that power forward will still be playing in the second half”

“I hope he will continue playing.  That brother is truly good.  Honestly, I thought the rumor was an exaggeration at first but now I realized that it was not an exaggeration.  That kind of rumor simply doesnt match up to even the tiniest bit of that brothers good looks!”

As Wen Ruan was tearing off the wrappers of the popsicle, she felt the people were over exaggerating.

Since she was a child, the total number of handsome people she has seen could stand in rows, and sometimes in the company, she could occasionally meet a few popular stars who came to negotiate contracts.

Therefore, Wen Ruan never had any interest in this kind of campus male gods during her student days.

Anyway, most of them were just little boys who still had the smell of breast milk on them.

With this thought, she stretched her waist and slowly walked back to the classroom while sucking the popsicle in her mouth.

The weather was very hot and the popsicle had melted slightly with some stuck to her fingertips giving her a feeling of stickiness.

She sighed and looked around for a sink to wash her hands.

She stood next to the sink and as soon as she turned on the faucet, someone suddenly came near her.

That person was a lot taller than her and when he came to stand beside her, she could feel his shadow shrouding her, blocking most of the sunlight.


So tall

The little dwarf Wen Ruan quietly turned her head to glance at the side.

The boy next to her was wearing a jersey and had a towel casually draped over his head which covered most of his side profile.  At this moment he was wiping the sweat from his head and then he turned on the faucet to rinse his hands.

Wen Ruan did not dare to look at his face too brazenly or else it would make her seem very unrestrained.

But for some unknown reason, it was the first time she had seen a boy who could look so nice in a jersey.  The outline of the strong and hard muscles on his body did not look too crude but extraordinarily powerful.

Wen Ruan snorted and made a simple guess that he was just a cool guy.

However, the most important thing to her at this time was to rush back to the classroom to play King of Glory.

Then just as she turned around to leave, she suddenly heard a loud noise behind her.

Wen Ruan was shocked and turned her head back to look.

The cool guy wearing the jersey had clenched his fist and slammed it on the wall.  His knuckles were slightly red and because the force was too great, the bruises on his hand were very clear.

At this moment, he was holding his phone and seemed to be emotionally fired up because of the contents on it and his whole body was shrouded in anger.

Although they were quite far apart, Wen Ruan could still feel his dejection.


A cool guy with depressing thoughts


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