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Chapter 81 – It Has Always Been You

When it was late autumn, Wen Ruan and Fu Zhihuan returned to Tong City to attend  Zhang Hongruis court trial.

The matter worth mentioning was that the police conducted an in-depth investigation on Zhang Hongrui and as a result, the criminal gangs that were hidden in Tong City were dug out and taken down in one swoop.

Fortunately, the abducted children who were kept in numerous dens were rescued.

And among the rescued children, one of them was Jin Chenhes daughter.

After Jin Chenhe heard the news in the detention center, he burst into tears, and with red and swollen eyes, he bowed to the police in gratitude.

Actually, fate would never forgive any sinner.

Twenty years ago, although Jin Chenhe knew about the matter, he did not make a police report because of his selfish interests and assisted in the development of the criminal gangs.  And twenty years later, his daughter disappeared because of the gangs dealings.

In the end, he made up his mind to surrender to pay for his sins.

And due to the information and clues he provided, his daughter was fortunately rescued.

Perhaps this is the cause and effect that old people often talk about.

The court date finally arrived.

As Zhang Hongrui could not attend court due to his special circumstances, the court made an exception and completed the trial according to the procedures in the absence of the defendant.

The death penalty was handed down without any objection.

Although Zhang Hongruis days were numbered, the verdict was still decided and handed down by the court.  The matter of him dying of illness in the hospital bed and dying without being charged were two completely different issues.

People who broke the law must be executed.

It was justification for all the victims.

After the trial was over, everyone around Fu Zhihuan left one after the other but he did not move.

He rested his arms on his knees with his hands clasped together supporting his forehead.

A few strands of soft black hair fell over his face making it difficult to see his expression but his Adams apple could be seen rolling slowly as if he was suppressing his emotions.

Wen Ruan looked at him with distress.  With some hesitation, she remained silent for a long time and sat quietly beside him.

She just sat there with him.

The result should be something to be happy about and it calls for a celebration.

He could finally get rid of his paranoia completely after being encumbered for so many years.

The criminal who murdered Fu Yuqing was given the death penalty.

The criminal gangs that destroyed countless families were also arrested and crushed by the police.

All the criminals received their punishment.

Including Fu Zhihuan himself.

It was very difficult to adapt and extricate himself.

Fu Zhihuan had told himself countless times in the past that perhaps he would not suffer so much when Fu Yuqings murderer is finally caught.

But now, it was very clear.

The feeling of pain he felt did not come from the hatred for the murderer but the love for his kin.

So Fu Zhihuan would never forget those feelings of pain.

Because it was proof of Fu Yuqings existence.

“I dont know how to console you but if youre sad……..”  Wen Ruan turned her head slightly to the side, placed her hand on the back of his hand gently, and gave his hand a tight squeeze.  Then she said slowly.  “Would you like a hug”

Fu Zhihuan did not speak.  After a moment of silence, he straightened up without saying a word and gathered her tightly into his arms.

He closed his eyes slowly and could feel Wen Ruan patting his back soothingly to ease his pain.

Fu Zhihuan lifted his eyes and said with a light smile.  “Are you coaxing a child”

She did not loosen her hand, instead, she hugged him even tighter.  After thinking for a while, she said softly.  “Even adults need to be coaxed.”

He humphed and said lightly.  “Dont worry, Im fine.”

“What do you mean byfine”  Wen Ruan puffed out her cheeks and pretended to put on a fierce look.

“In the future, youre not allowed to only tell me about happy things but also the unhappy ones!  If in the future, you refuse to tell me anything and try to put on a brave front, then I wont tell you about my unhappiness and pretend to be happy too!  Do you understand”


Upon hearing this string of tongue twisters, Fu Zhihuan could not help but laugh.  He lowered his eyes and was unable to say a word.

After staying silent for a while, his arms that were wrapped around Wen Ruans shoulders gradually tightened and he lowered his head to say in a husky voice.


Many things have changed a long time ago.

At this moment in time, the barren life of the past that seemed to be waiting a long time for the arrival of spring rain had finally met with success.

In that originally barren land, thousands of flowers started to bloom.

Fu Zhihuan knew.

He will never be alone again.

The two people walked out of the court side by side but before they could walk down the steps, there was a sudden outburst of noise in the originally quiet surroundings.

Immediately, a small group of reporters appeared out of nowhere, rushed forward, and surrounded Fu Zhihuan with their cameras……..

“Youre the elder brother of the victim of this case, is that right  What made you so persistent for the last 20 years and refused to give up this case”

“We heard that as early as ten years ago, the police had investigated one of the people involved in the case.  Can you tell us why wasnt the suspect arrested at that time”

“This case was solved because one of the suspects surrendered himself.  Then does this mean that the police departments ability in handling the case had declined”

For cases like these that can cause social sensations, reporters tend to receive tip-offs immediately.

Fu Zhihuan seemed to know about this long ago and the expression on his face was very calm.  He just glanced at Wen Ruan beside him from the corner of his eye and motioned for her to leave first.

The group of reporters was difficult to deal with and he did not want Wen Ruan to face any embarrassing questions.


Fu, can you briefly tell us about your mental journey through the past 20 years  We are all very concerned about your views and inner feelings on this case.”

Although the questions were not directed at Wen Ruan, for some reason, every sentence seemed to turn on the sense surround mode making her mind tense and dizzy.

She gritted her teeth but did not follow Fu Zhihuans instruction to leave alone.  Instead, she stepped forward then grabbed his sleeve and pulled him away from the crowd to leave.

The reporters swarmed up and stretched out their arms to block them.  One of them even held up his hand in front of Wen Ruan anxiously.

She raised her eyebrows slightly, grabbed the reporters hand then twisted it with a flip of her hand and said in a tone that sounded a little cold.

“Is there no end to this  Youre so capable of speaking such beautiful words but if you truly care about others, you wont rub salt on their wounds just for the sake of getting headlines.”

Speaking up to this point, she paused and raised her index finger to point at a few people beside her.  Then she started to count.

“One, two, three…….yes, the three of you.  As reporters, do you know that you dont have the right to request people to cooperate with your interviews  And you actually reached out your hand to pull peoples sleeves to stop them.  Are you trying to stir up trouble  The court is right in front of you, are you so eager to sit in the defendants chair to drink tea  There are surveillance cameras at the entrance of the Procuratorate.  I advise you to be a little more sensible in the future or youll be arrested sooner or later and sent for ideology education.”

The series of words were spoken extremely smoothly and the noisy crowd suddenly became quiet.

Wen Ruan twitched her lips, then snorted softly and dragged Fu Zhihuan forward.

They walked through the clamorous crowd and gradually left the center of the noise.

Fu Zhihuan looked down at Wen Ruans hand that was holding his hand and a slight smile formed on the corners of his lips.  He sighed.


A big man like him was dragged away by a little girl who was a lot shorter than him.

However, the little girl was still covered with thorns all over.  Although small and delicate, she still stood in front of him to shield him with her teeth and claws bared.

When the voices of the reporters gradually disappeared behind them, only then did Wen Ruan feel relieved and withdrew the fierce expression on her face.

She seemed to think of something and smiled with her eyes curved.

“I suddenly remembered that when I was filing Lu Kechens case, some people appeared at the police station to block me and wanted to interview me.”

And that time it was Fu Zhihuan who held her hand, protected her and led her away from that clamorous crowd that seemed to swallow people.

Now, she did the same too.

Fu Zhihuan raised his peach blossom eyes slightly with a frown and a hint of a smile flashed in his eyes.

“With you protecting me like this, wont I lose face as your boyfriend”

She paused for a while and thought over his question carefully.  Then she turned her head and spoke word by word in a serious tone as she corrected him.

“Thats not right.  No matter how powerful a person is, he cant handle everything alone.”

“And Im your girlfriend.”  Wen Ruan said very seriously.  “Of course, Ill always be by your side.”

Fu Zhihuan also stopped.  He lowered his eyes and his dark pupils seemed to glow with gentleness and some flickers of lights.

A long time later, he lifted the corners of his lips and said with a smile.  “Right.”

From now on…….

They will always be together……..


In a blink of an eye, it was Christmas.

During this period, Wen Ruan was very busy with work and after much difficulty, she managed to settle all her work before the festival.  Just when she was prepared to spend this memorable day with Fu Zhihuan as theirfirst Christmas after the two of them got together, Qin Sushan called her on the phone.

Qin Sushan cried hoarsely on the other end of the line.

“He doesnt love me anymore!  I want to break up with him, wu, wu, wu!  Wen Ruan, come out for a drink!”

Fu Zhihuan had to work overtime tonight and would not be back until after 9.00 pm.

Looking at the situation, Wen Ruan felt that if Qin Sushan is allowed to carry on with her wilfulness, it might actually lead to death.

So she decided to go to the bar to pick up Qin Sushan and sent her home.  If there is enough time, she might be able to make it back home by 9.30 pm and give Fu Zhihuan a surprise.

As soon as she entered the bar, she saw Qin Sushan holding a bottle and burping.

Qin Sushan saw Wen Ruan the moment she lifted her head and then pounced on Wen Ruan with a face full of snot and tears.

“I want to break up with Qin Ziran, wu, wu, wu……..”

Wen Ruan steadied Qin Sushan on her feet and said calmly.

“Dont worry, tell me about the situation first and Ill analyze it.”

Qin Sushan took a deep breath.

“You know the both of us are the working class and have to work from 5 to 9, so he suggested that in the future, the housework would be divided between us.  I will take odd days and he will take even days.”

Wen Ruan nodded.  “Thats very good.”

“Fart, what is so good!”  Qin Sushan choked and added.  “In a year, the odd numbers are more than even numbers by seven days!  How can that be!  When I questioned him, he actually told me that theres no difference!  Seven days!  Why do I have to do seven days more than him”

Wen Ruan:  “……”

I shouldnt have come to meddle in your troubles!

When Qin Sushan saw the expression on Wen Ruans face, she put a hand on her chest and sighed.

“I know you wont be able to understand me but housework is the most serious problem in a couples life.  Take for example, if one day you and Fu Zhihuan go home and both of you are tired, who will do the housework”

“Housemaid.”  Wen Ruan blurted out.  “Aunt Wang does a good job in cleaning and she comes every day and also helps to feed the cat!”

Qin Sushan was silent for a while and decided to change her way of thinking.

“Alright, lets change it to another way.  For example, when you and Fu Zhihuan return to his house during the Chinese New Year and after a long days journey, you feel so tired that you dont have the energy to help with the housework.  At this time, your future mother-in-law will have a bad impression of you…….”

“That wont happen, right”

Wen Ruan thought for a while and then interrupted.

“In the Fu Family, Aunt Wang cooks, Aunt Chen washes dishes, Aunt Zhang and Uncle Zhang clean the house and Housekeeper Zhou oversees all household matters while Xiao Li is the driver.  So I just have to lie on the sofa and chat with Fu Zhihuans mother!”

“……”  Qin Sushan fell into silence.

Sure enough, household chores are something that the rich dont have to worry about!

And after chatting with Wen Ruan, her mood did not improve at all, instead, she became even more bitter.

Why is she not someone wealthy!

So she simply gave up on Wen Ruan and felt sorry for herself.

After two bottles of wine, Qin Sushan was so drunk that she could not even sit up straight but she still hugged the table and cried bitterly.

“Why do I have to do seven days more  Can it be that the relationship between us  is not worth seven days”

Wen Ruan had a headache.  She wanted to contact Qin Ziran but remembered that both of them were quarreling, so she had to call Fu Zhihuan for help.

When he received the call, Fu Zhihuan had just gotten off work, so he turned around and came over.

Upon arrival, he discovered that Wen Ruan was being pestered by a hip-hop guy with dreadlocks who was asking for her contact information.  That guy was grinning as he said.

“Sister, youre so young, you must have just started college, right”

Wen Ruan refused to give out her contact information.  But then, of course, no one could resist such sweet words that complimented one on being young.

When she was about to express her heartfelt thanks for the compliment to the little brother, she suddenly heard a lazy male voice from behind her that sounded somewhat condescending……..

“Darling, its time to go home.  After playing outside for so long, our kid must be missing you.”

This kind of tone is indeed asking for a spanking…….

Who else can it be other than Fu Zhihuan

When the little brother with dreadlocks heard this, he lifted his head and met Fu Zhihuans threatening and oppressive gaze.  Instantly, he became a coward and left in haste.

Wen Ruan turned her head around and gritted her teeth.  “Fu Zhihuan!”

He laughed then straightened up from the table he was leaning against and walked to her.

“Whats the matter”

“When did I have a child”  Wen Ruan was so angry.  “I sound so old!”

Fu Zhihuan replied lightly.  “Earl.”


“Last night when you were playing with Earl, you said –Mummy loves you.   So why are you denying it today”

Wen Ruan was speechless but still refused to admit defeat and threw a small temper.

“But you still cant…….”

“Um, its my fault.”  Fu Zhihuan smiled as he bent down and pinched her face.  His tone was light and seemed to be coaxing her.

“But there are always people who covet our little Wen Ruan.  As a boyfriend, cant I feel a little jealous


This trick again!

Using such sweet words to make her unable to blame him!

Her temper subsided instantly.  She snorted proudly and then helped Qin Sushan to the car.

Qin Sushan murmured as if she was waking up from a deep sleep and opened her eyes into slits.  Perhaps she did not look carefully and the next moment, she cried out.

“Why do I have seven days more!

Wen Ruan jumped with fright and patted her chest.

She felt that she was about to have post-traumatic stress over the wordseven.

Although the process was not quite smooth, Qin Sushan was finally put into the car and sent back home.

On the way there, Wen Ruan explained to Fu Zhihuan briefly about Qin Sushans situation and raised her concerns.

“Do you think we will quarrel in the future over our refusal to do housework”

Fu Zhihuan was silent for a while then slowly said.   “Wen Ruan, last week when you wanted to do housework on a whim, you broke one of my jade carvings.”

“Then the week before last, you broke a vase.”

“Last month you watered the flowers on the balcony and none of the plants survived.”

Speaking of this, Fu Zhihuan laughed and asked slowly.  “Do you think Ill still let you do housework”

Wen Ruan:  “…….Your memory is indeed good.”

As soon as the car stopped under Qin Sushans apartment, they saw Qin Ziran wearing a coat waiting anxiously at the door.

Upon seeing Fu Zhihuans car, he rushed over, opened the door, and lifted Qin Sushan out with a distressed expression.

“Its alright, baby, lets go home.”

Qin Sushan was shaken awake.  The moment she opened her eyes and saw Qin Ziran, she sniffled then cried and repeated that sentence.

“Why do I have seven days more ”

Qin Ziran agreed.  “Alright, its all my fault.  Ill do the odd days in the future!”

The two of them tugged back and forth and eventually went upstairs.

Wen Ruan leaned against the window, glanced at them, and then sighed.

“Their relationship is so good.”

Fu Zhihuan pondered for a while and asked a question that was bothering him.

“Why do they insist on taking up odd and even days according to the calendar and not take turns every alternate day”


As expected of a man who is good at logical analysis!


Initially, Wen Ruan had planned to prepare a candlelight dinner at home and after Fu Zhihuan returns home, they could have a very romantic Christmas.

But after settling the Qin Sushans matter, it was almost 10 oclock when they reached home.

After eating something hastily and washing up, it was almost time for bed.

Wen Ruan felt a little gloomy as she huddled up on the sofa and changed the TV channel with disinterest.

When one is in a bad mood, even the TV commercials aired are a lot more!

Fu Zhihuan stepped out of the shower and wiped his damp hair with a bath towel.

He lowered his eyes and saw the depressed look on Wen Ruans face.  He laughed, sat down beside her, and deliberately said in a slow voice to coax her.

“Why are you feeling unhappy”

Wen Ruan turned sideways and rested her head on his shoulder.

“Initially, I wanted to prepare a Christmas surprise for you.”

Fu Zhihuan smiled and pinched the tip of her nose.  “Its okay, theres still next year.”

“But its different!”  Wen Ruan felt a little aggrieved.  “This year is the first time you and I are spending Christmas together and next year will not be the first time.”

Speaking of this, she suddenly had an inspiration, straightened up, and placed a hand on Fu Zhihuans shoulder.

“Or else we can break up tonight and immediately get back again tomorrow.  We can pretend that we were not together at Christmas this year so that it will be our first time next year!


A proposal that is very much Wen Ruans style!

Amused by her suggestion, he laughed and shook his head helplessly.  Then he grabbed her wrist, pulled her into his arms, and said with a smile.

“Proposal rejected.”

Actually, Wen Ruan was just speaking casually but still insisted on questioning him.


He leaned close to her ear and said in a voice that sounded ambiguous and gentle.

“Because I cant bear the separation.”

Wen Ruan was slightly startled.

At this moment, he was staring at her with an extremely gentle gaze and his usually calm eyes were full of affection.  Although it was just a simple sentence, Wen Ruans heart started to pound.


It seems that as long as she is with Fu Zhihuan, even if there are no activities for this Christmas, it will still be fine.

“Oh, yes…….”  Wen Ruan seemed to suddenly remember something, propped herself up with a hand on Fu Zhihuans chest, and got off the sofa.  “Ive prepared a present for you.”

As she spoke, she pattered into the bedroom in her slippers and took out a gift box.  After the box was opened, there was a custom-made tie lying inside.

Wen Ruan said with disappointment.  “I planned to give you this during dinner.”

Then very quickly she had a thought and suggested with great interest.

“Why dont you change into a white shirt and Ill help you to try it on


Fu Zhihuan laughed, got up obediently, and went back into the bedroom to change into a white shirt.  Then he came back, sat down in front of Wen Ruan, and reminded her.

“If you cant do it, you mustnt get angry.”

“How is that possible!”  Wen Ruan defended her dignity.  “My learning ability is very strong!”

Although she said that, she still felt a little guilty.

She had never worn a tie in her life before.

Wen Ruan tried to recall what she had learned on the internet yesterday.  For convenience, she simply straddled Fu Zhihuan, put the tie around his neck, and then…….

How should this be tied

This way…….or that way

Can it be tied like a scarf

She spent 5 minutes tying it, loosening it, and tying it again and loosening it again.

Her fingers would inadvertently brush over Fu Zhihuans neck.  Sometimes she would gently touch his Adams apple like a feather falling gently and softly on his neck.

Fu Zhihuans eyes darkened slightly.  His Adams apple rolled slowly, his eyebrows knotted up and his dark eyes were like a deep sea with huge waves that were restrained as if his emotions were suppressed.

“I admit defeat.”

Finally, after ten minutes of torturing herself, Wen Ruan loosened the tie, rubbed her sore hands, and said in a slightly disappointed voice.

“Youll have to do it yourself.”

After speaking, she was prepared to get off Fu Zhihuan.

However, at this moment, a hand suddenly clasped Wen Ruans back then she was pulled to the front of his body and with a swift flip, she was pressed down on the sofa.

A black shadow instantly covered her and the tie in Wen Ruans hand slipped from her fingers to the ground.

The light fell on Fu Zhihuans face which made the outline of his features more even distinct.

A pair of peach blossom eyes that exuded seductiveness, the long eyelashes were like feathers and every strand was clearly visible.  The pupils were dark and deep but seemed to be smiling.

Fu Zhihuan leaned down and pressed close to her ear.  His voice was husky and low with a hint of bewitchment.

“Wen Ruan.”

“What, whats wrong”

“Can I continue”

The time seemed to overlap at this moment.

Wen Ruan suddenly remembered that the first time she saw Fu Zhihuan, it was not in a very beautiful environment with the densely packed station and the raucous crowd.

Following the flow of people coming and going, she noticed Fu Zhihuan at a glance.

Handsome bright face and a cold voice.

People would often feel more or less regretful over the decisions they made.

However, she never regretted that moment when her heart was touched.

Wen Ruan chuckled softly.  She raised her hands, hook them around his neck, closed her eyes, and kissed him on his lips.

How to describe this kind of feeling

It is like a wind blowing across the mountains, waking up the wildfire in the mountains.

But Im willing to merge with this fire, just so I can embrace you.

A long time later, Wen Ruan stopped and gently pressed her forehead against Fu Zhihuans forehead.  Then she opened her eyes and looked seriously into his eyes.

Then she said with a smile.  “Um, yes……..”


Every one of us will have a past.

In a barren field, the wild grasses and vines grow freely.  The black clouds sweep over the wilderness accompanied by the muffled sounds of thunder and lightning that split the night.

But there will always be a little ray of light.

As you walk forward following this ray of light, you can stretch out your hand to push open a world that is full of spring flowers in bloom.

The returning cranes embrace the spring, the sparrow brings dreams.

Standing at the end of the light source will still be you.

It has always been you…….


~~~ End ~~~

**The main story ends here but there are 11 more chapters written as Side Stories which will be posted after this chapter.


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