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Chapter 8 – Flower of the High Mountains

Fu Zhihuans temples started to throb with waves of pain.  He closed his eyes and reached out his hand to pinch the space between his brows.  After taking a deep breath, he said in a low voice.

“Do you see the water heater above the shower”

“Yes, I see it.”

“Press the button on the water heater.”

“Ai, let me look for it…….Um, its turned on!”

“Theres a control panel outside the bathroom on the left wall.”

When Wen Ruan opened the panel according to Fu Zhihuans instructions, a password prompt popped up on the screen.  She was silent for a while and then asked.

“Why do you still need to enter a password when you take a bath in your house”

Fu Zhihuan replied calmly.  “The password is 4 zeros.  You should be able to use the heater after the password is entered.”

After entering the password, a row of smart buttons popped up on the screen and all the smart functions for hot and warm water became visible.  They were easy to understand and naturally, Wen Ruan could read.

“I know now.”

Fu Zhihuan let out anUm and when he was about to hang up, he suddenly heard Wen Ruans anxious voice from the other end of the phone.

“Wait, wait…..wait a minute!”

“What else”

“That…….whats your wifi password”  After she finished speaking, she quickly added.  “Dont worry, Ill pay half the internet fees.”

He was silent for a while.

“My name in full.”

The call lasted for about five to six minutes and standing at the side, He Ziqin gradually could not hold on to her smile anymore.  She lowered her head to look at her toes and felt that while standing in this place, her whole body seemed to feel ill at ease.

It seems that the woman on the other end of the phone is living in Fu Zhihuans house.

However, He Ziqin had made inquiries and found out he did not have a girlfriend yet.

And that womans voice sounded strangely familiar but no matter how He Ziqin could not recall and could not match it with anyone in her memory.

Perhaps she had remembered wrongly

Finally, Fu Zhihuan hung up the call and glanced at He Ziqin.  His tone sounded slightly cold.

“Whats the matter”

When she heard him speaking to her, He Ziqin subconsciously straightened up her back and smiled again.

“Just now……”

*Buzz, buzz……*

Fu Zhihuans mobile phone vibrated again and he pulled out the phone from his pocket once more.

He lowered his eyes to look……

Its that Missy again!

“What is it again……..”

“Your Earl urinated on my bed!”

On the other side of the phone, Wen Ruans voice sounded as though she was on the verge of a breakdown.

“My newly purchased pajamas!…….”

He felt his head hurt even more.  He hissed slightly then closed his eyes for three seconds before he slowly opened them.

“Wait, Ill be back in a while.”

After hanging up the call, only then did he remember someone was still standing in front of him.

He kept the phone back in his pocket and then asked.

“What do you want to say”

She was thrown into a chaotic mess by Wen Ruans two phone calls and He Ziqin could only adjust her mood after much difficulty.  When she heard Fu Zhihuans question, her mind was blank.

A long time later, she asked dryly.

“Is that person just now Mr.

Fus relative”


Fu Zhihuan replied very quickly but He Ziqin felt like she had instantly fallen into an ice cellar.

“Then……is that Mr.

Fus girlfriend”

He paused for a second and then denied it in the same tone as before.


After he finished speaking, he frowned and his tone sounded a little impatient.

“Anything else”

His words made He Ziqins dangling heart relax and she felt the temperature of her palm gradually returning.

“Actually, I just want to explain to Mr.

Fu.  I didnt know the details of the lawyer who handled the other partys case back then.  Its just because I have a deep impression of that case and wanted to find a topic to talk about, so I casually mentioned it.”


Fu is a prosecutor and has always been fair in dealing with matters.  I also understand that Mr.

Fu dislikes this kind of irresponsible evaluation, so I hope you wont take this to heart.  If this is considered a mistake then Its certainly mine.”

Her articulation was very good and her speech was also very appropriate.  At this moment, she has an apologetic expression which makes people unable to put too much blame on her.

Fu Zhihuan threw a superficial glance at the person in front of him and nodded.


After this single response, he did not say more.  He moved forward and brushed past He Ziqin but just as he was about to leave, he paused and shifted his gaze sideways slightly to look at her.

“Anything else to say”

She instantly felt an emptiness in her heart but still smiled and said.  “No.”

After receiving her reply, Fu Zhihuan withdrew his gaze and walked toward the room without looking back.

After he left, He Ziqin raised her hand and touched her face which had turned a little numb due to excessive tension.

While in university, Fu Zhihuan had always been known as a flower of the high mountains*.

(Flower of high mountains refers to wildflowers that grow on high mountains.  This kind of beautiful flower is usually found in the high mountains and is literally out of reach.  Therefore, this is a description of beautiful people who are aloof, unattainable, and untouchable.)

No matter whether it was a warm confession hung on the confession wall or someone who used the roundabout way to request his contact information, he never responded.

He Ziqin is an arrogant woman but to be worthy of him, she kept close to his field of industry and the city he works in.  Over the years, some of her friends had secretly or overtly recommended many men to her but none caught her eye.

Because she only wanted the best.


Only when Wen Ruan was about to apply shower gel on herself in the bathroom that she realized she did not bring in her pajamas with her.  So she put on the bathrobe and wanted to bring in the pajamas before taking a bath.

Unexpectedly, as soon as she returned to the room, she came upon the scene of the crime…….

Earl was lying comfortably on her bed and its whole body was nestled in her plush pajamas.  Then very brazenly, it urinated…….

Wen Ruan was so shocked by the scene that she froze for three seconds before she started to scream and complain to Fu Zhihuan.

At this moment, the human and the cat were both glaring at each other without wavering and neither party was willing to give in.

Their battle had ensued for nearly half an hour.

First, she sat down in a chair and calmly searched onwhat should one do if a cat urinated.  After trying the first method listed on the educational and information list, she was scratched and left with two bloody marks.

Then she searched for another method……

‘Ten tips on how to win a fight with cats.

And at this moment, Earl probed around for a while then sniffed the crime scene and changed his position on the bed.  After that, it brazenly and directly…….

Urinated again.


She strode over with big steps then picked up the cat by its nape and threw it beside the litter box.

“Go in!  Im going to educate you on your bad habit on behalf of your master today!  A qualified cat must learn to use a litter box!”

Earl turned its head around and sniffed the litter box behind it.  Then it sat down on the spot and used its paw to scratch its head.  After that, it stood up and walked slowly towards Wen Ruans room.  It jumped up onto the bed skilfully and nestled in the bed.

She was so angry and felt like she was about to have a heart attack.

She had never expected that she who has always been fearless all her life would actually be defeated by a cat!

After staring at the cat for a long time, she suddenly heard the sound of a key turning from the door.

Fu Zhihuan should have returned.

When Wen Ran saw the arrival of her savior, she raised her chin triumphantly at Earl and said.  “Youre done for!  I will get your master here to hold court immediately!”

Earl licked its paws leisurely and glanced over at Wen Ruan before it closed its eyes as if it was about to take a nap.

…….Am I being mocked by a cat

It was the first time in her life that Wen Ruan had encountered such a powerful and natural enemy.

She simply decided to give up on criticizing and educating the cat and went directly to the living room.  She had prepared in advance the words she wanted to complain to Fu Zhihuan.

When Fu Zhihuan opened the door and came in, he could see Wen Ruan standing in the middle of the living room with a glance.

She was wearing a bathrobe.  Although the collar was properly wrapped around her and the belt was tightly fastened, he could still vaguely see her delicate clavicle.

A few strands of hair had fallen on the front of her shoulders with slight moisture clinging to her hair.  Her small clean face looked fair and beautiful under the lights.

Her eyebrows were knitted into a frown and her eyes revealed slight anger.  At this moment, she met Fu Zhihuans eyes and after clearing her throat, she said.


Fu, your familys Earl urinated on my bed twice!”

When she was speaking, she also raised her hand specifically to gesture and emphasize.

“Two –  times ! ! “

Fu Zhihuan looked away and stretched out his hand to unbutton the collar of his shirt then pulled off his tie and put it aside.

“Is there a problem with the body”


For a moment, she did not understand the meaning of Fu Zhihuans words.  After thinking about it, she replied.  “Theres no major problem with me……its just the bed…….”

He raised his eyes to look at her.  “Im asking about Earl.”

Earl is a domestic cat that has been trained to use the litter box since it was a kitten.  However, today it behaved abnormally which made him worried and he wondered whether it had encountered a problem with its health or it had experienced emotional discomfort.

Wen Ruan choked.

Suddenly she realized why the cat appeared so confident.

Fu Zhihuan rushed back in a hurry.  Was it because he was worried about Earls health

She had mistakenly felt touched by Fu Zhihuans gentle consideration a while ago and even waited for his return to support her!

This man is a dog!

(When a man is called a dog, it means that the person has low morals and is detestable.)

As he was speaking, Earl had already come out of Wen Ruans room.  Upon seeing its owner, it immediately went up to Fu Zhihuan on its short legs and rubbed its head against his trousers, and acted like a spoiled baby.

Fu Zhihuan knelt to check on Earls situation and then stood up to look at Earls food box.

The cat food was all eaten and looking at its mental state, it seemed there was nothing wrong with it.

He looked at the litter box and recalled that a few days ago, the hourly maid had mentioned that it was time to change the litter and he had bought a bag of new litter to replace it.

He seemed to have thought of something and then leaned down to place Earl into the litter box.

As soon as it entered the box, it jumped out immediately.

He finally understood.  “You dont like this litter, is that right”

Earl nodded then laid down beside Fu Zhihuan and purred.

He sighed and reached out his hand to scratch its chin to comfort it.

“Sorry, I didnt pay attention these few days.”

Earl rubbed its head on Fu Zhihuans palm and its soft limp body looked very adorable.

With her arms folded over her chest, Wen Ruan was standing one meter away from the two of them.  Her eyelids were lowered and an aura was emitting all over her body that said ~Im going to kill this dog and his cat tonight.

Fu Zhihuan could sense it and turned around to look at her.

She was so furious that she bit her lower lip.  She put down her arms and walked to the both of them with big strides.  Then she squatted and reached out her hand to rub Earls head.

“Since you dont like the litter, why didnt you pee on your masters bed”

“Anyway, he has a good temper and wont be angry with you…….”

“……He also speaks up for you.”

“……And doesnt even blame you.”

Earl started to purr with her touch then raised its head to gently lick Wen Ruans fingertips as itmeowed softly.

Her anger instantly subsided.

Sure enough, it was useless to stay angry with a kitten that was only a few months old.

“Alright, Ill forgive you.”

“Youre much more adorable than your master.  At least you know to coax me.”

Fu Zhihuan raised his eyes to look at the Missy who was lecturing the cat but in fact, she was indirectly hinting at him.

The bathrobe was a bit large and when Wen Ruan was standing, the robe was still tightly wrapped around her but when she squatted abruptly the collar folded slightly and turned outward.

Her delicate collarbone became even clearer.  With a casual glance, one could see the fairness of her beautiful neckline all the way down.

Feeling a little dryness in his throat, Fu Zhihuan turned his head away and put down Earl.  Then he suddenly stood up and walked towards the living room.

After taking a few steps, he suddenly stopped to turn his head around and said in a low voice.

“Wen Ruan……”

“What”  Her tone sounded unpleasant.

“Put on your pajamas.”


Thats indeed a good suggestion!


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