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Chapter 79 – Engagement Banquet (1)

Qin Ziran felt a little foolish.

He was about to shake Wen Ruans hand warmly to express his gratitude but after hearing Fu Zhihuans cold voice, his hand stopped abruptly in mid-air.

Whats going on

Why does he feel that Fu Zhihuan is looking at him with hostility in his eyes

Can it be that Fu Zhihuan found out that he and Qin Sushan had only given one gift instead of two

“Ai, youre here”

However, Wen Ruan did not seem to notice anything.  After she heard Fu Zhihuans voice, she turned slightly and looked in his direction.

Immediately, the corner of her lips twitched and she walked over to him.  She pulled his sleeve and said in an excited tone.

“Let me introduce to you, this is……”

“I know him.”

Fu Zhihuan interrupted.  He lifted his eyes to stare at Qin Ziran in front of him and said in a flat tone.

“This is Mr.

Qin Ziran, Simons class teacher, your university senior, and the Club President at your university.”

Wen Ruan was startled.

Whats going on  Why is your memory so good

As soon as Fu Zhihuan walked toward him, Qin Ziran quietly withdrew his hand and placed it behind him while a layer of cold sweat surfaced on his back.

…….Why is he looking at me so fiercely like Im about to steal his girlfriend

The tense atmosphere lasted for a few seconds before Fu Zhihuans lips relaxed.  He held out his hand and slowly spat out four words.

“Nice to meet you.”

Although they were only four simple words, Fu Zhihuans voice seemed to be lowered deliberately and a faint threat could be detected in his tone.


This time, even Wen Ruan who was standing at the side noticed something was amiss.

She looked at Fu Zhihuan.  Although the corners of his lips were curled into a smile, the two wordssuper fierce were written in his eyes.  Then she turned to look at Qin Ziran at the side who was pretending to be calm with a daunting look on his face but the wordssave me were written on his face.

Whats the matter with these two men

Wen Ruan rubbed her chin and thought carefully……..


Can it be that Fu Zhihuan misunderstood something

And just at this moment, Qin Sushan walked out of the toilet in hersky-high heels and complained.

“Wen Ruan, do you know how much sacrifice I made as your best friend  These are the f**king thinnest heels that Ive ever worn in my life!”

As soon as she finished speaking, she lifted her head and immediately noticed the weird atmosphere between the two men.

She could immediately sense something was going on.  So she quietly tugged Wen Ruans sleeve and whispered in her ear.

“Whats the matter with your boyfriend and my boyfriend  Do they know each other  Why do I feel like a fight is about to start”

Wen Ruan frowned and her expression was a little complicated.

“No, it could be jealousy.”


Qin Sushans tone rose sharply.  “F**k, it cant be because of me, right”


Wen Ruan gave her a questioning look.

However, Qin Sushan did not understand Wen Ruans look and touched her chin as she said worriedly.

“How can this be  If its like this, isnt Fu Zhihuan lacking in morality”

Wen Ruan felt a little tired.  “……Ease off, okay”

Initially, the action of the two women whispering to each other was already very obvious but with Qin Sushans sudden cry of surprise, naturally, the two men present could hear them very clearly.

The person who was lacking in morality paused for a moment then turned his head around stiffly to glance at Qin Sushan and then shift his questioning eyes to Wen Ruan.

Feeling a little embarrassed, Wen Ruan retreated a step.

Qin Ziran placed a hand on his forehead.  His heart which was intimidated by Fu Zhihuan had yet to calm down and the next moment, he was again threatened by Qin Sushan.

However, after the issue was pointed out, he finally understood…….

This Second Young Master Fu thought that he, Qin Ziran, wanted to steal his girlfriend!

Qin Ziran inhaled deeply and then pulled Qin Sushan over to his side and smiled politely.


Fu, allow me to introduce……..this is my girlfriend.”

Fu Zhihuan turned his head and a question mark slowly appeared on his face.

Qin Ziran continued to explain.  “Just now I invited Miss Wen for a meal because she helped to create opportunities for me to chase my girlfriend.”

Speaking up to this point, he raised his hand as if he was taking an oath and said a string of impassioned words.

“My heart belongs to my girlfriend!”

Perhaps it was to show that he really did not have any wayward thoughts, Qin Ziran said the words extremely loudly, and even faint echoes could be heard.

When Qin Sushan heard the words, she was not touched but after thinking for a while, she suddenly understood.

“So just now the both of you………was it all because of me”

Qin Ziran:  “……Talk less……”

However, the one who felt the most embarrassed was clearly Fu Zhihuan.

He was silent for a while then coughed lightly and raised his hand unnaturally to adjust his collar.  He pretended to be calm and steady and spat out the wordOh.


Wen Ruan could no longer restrain herself and rocked back and forth in laughter.  Then she rubbed the corners of her eyes and straightened up her sore waist.

“I say, why are you so jealous”

Fu Zhihuan glanced at her and denied it without any change to his expression.


Wen Ruan jabbed his waist with her elbow.

“Are you denying it  Then why were you so fierce to him just now”

This question stunned Fu Zhihuan.  He thought for a while and then simply made up a random reason and blamed everything on Zhao Zichen.

“No, I heard from Zhao Zichen that the both of them only gave one gift instead of two, so I came over to find out.”

As soon as the words were spoken, the other three people fell silent in unison.

Fu Zhihuan raised his head blankly and noticed the expression of the two people in front of him who were blinking at each other.  He suddenly understood……..

…….They were actually deceived by him!

Wen Ruan narrowed her eyes.  “Is this true”

Qin Sushan coughed, raised a finger, and said eloquently.

“We are all one family, so it shouldnt be any different.  Look, we are both boyfriend and girlfriend, so why separate us so distinctively

“Fart!  Which couple immediately pulled me into a discussion group on the day they got together and forced me to send over a gift of money and also insisted that I sent two!”

Wen Ruan placed her hands on her waist.

“Then someone found an excuse and said that everyone is considered an independent individual while still dating, so the congratulatory red envelope must be given out in a pair.  Now you actually combined two gifts into one!  Dont even think about it!  Pay up!”

Qin Sushan felt her heart start to ache and she turned her eyes to Fu Zhihuan to seek help.

However, Fu Zhihuan nodded and agreed with Wen Ruan.

“Indeed, it should be two gifts.”


I admit defeat!  These two stingy rich people have now actually gotten together!


Half an hour before the engagement banquet was about to start, Xie Yanchi finally arrived.

It is said that the western suit is a magical thing.

Wearing it, the young man Zhao Zichen looks even more cheerful and lively.  On someone cold and aloof like Fu Zhihuan, it makes him look even colder and more unapproachable.

But when Xie Yanchi wears it, it made every strand of his hair seem a bit cynical.

When Wen Ruan and Fu Zhihuan found him, he was standing lazily and leaning against the table surrounded by a bevy of beautiful young ladies.  All of them were talking to him in high spirits.

Xie Yanchi looked rather patient with the corners of his lips curved up slightly while showing a casual smile.  From time to time, he would say something and the people beside him would blush.

*Cough, cough*

Wen Ruan stood a few meters away and lifted her hand to her mouth to cough loudly several times as a warning.

Xie Yanchi raised his head when he heard the sounds and the smile on his lips deepened and his light-colored pupils seemed to sparkle with fine lights.

He straightened up and said slowly.  “Ive to stop here, my little ancestor is here.”  As he spoke, he walked in Wen Ruans direction.

“Our grandfathers chess partners daughters husbands colleague arrived half an hour ago.  And you as my elder cousin brother only arrived now”

While tapping impatiently on the floor with her toes, she raised her index finger and stated.

“And the instant you arrived, the first thing you did was to hook up with the beautiful young ladies  Such bad behavior is absolutely not allowed at my engagement banquet.”

Xie Yanchi hissed softly and pinched his brow bones.

“To tell the truth, this time is due to special circumstances.”

“What kind of special circumstances”

Xie Yanchis eyelids fluttered.  “I met my first love.”

Wen Ruan found this reason to be very familiar.

“How many times have you given this nonsensical excuse”

He rubbed his neck and said slowly.  “No, I didnt lie to you this time.  And you should know that first love holds a special meaning for men.”

“Okay, Ill take it as first love.”  Wen Ruan took a deep breath and puff up her cheeks.  “But is it more important than your sisters engagement banquet”

“How can you think in this way”  Xie Yanchis tone sounded a little shocked.  “Do you think youre more important than my first love”

Wen Ruan beamed a perfect smile.

“Youre finished!  Im going to tell my uncle that when you told him you were going shopping with me a few days ago, you actually snuck away secretly to gather with your friends to play Fight The Landlord!”

Then she added.  “…….And as a result, you lost a car!…….”

“Why are you such a difficult person to deceive”

Xie Yanchi did not explain and just smiled as he patted the back of his head.  He looked up at Fu Zhihuan who was standing beside Wen Ruan and said.

“Ai, no matter how, it is still considered as I had once contributed and helped with the relationship between the both of you, so why dont you help me with a few words”

Fu Zhihuan did not agree with Xie Yanchi and just raised his eyebrows and replied slowly.

“I cant help.”

“Why not”

Fu Zhihuan laughed, placed his arm around Wen Ruans shoulder, and dragged on the words.

“I cant………she is my first love.”


“And you should also know…….”  Fu Zhihuans voice was clear and sleek as he repeated Xie Yanchis words.  “A mans first love holds a special meaning for him.”


Actually, Xie Yanchi felt bored and that was why he wanted to tease this villainous couple.

But he did not even get any advantage out of them and instead was fed a mouthful of dog food.

After tussling with him for a long time, Wen Ruan finally remembered the main purpose.

“Ai, dont think that you dont need to give a red envelope just because were relatives.  I just counted the gifts and discovered that only you didnt give!”

When the topic changed to money, Xie Yanchi narrowed his eyes.

“Why are you so angry  Isnt it just a gift of money…….”

Upon hearing this, Wen Ruan thought he was going to give it to her and her eyes lit up instantly, ready to take advantage of the situation to get back all the money that Xie Yanchi had extorted from her.

However, Xie Yanchi seemed to be able to see through her intentions.  He shrugged and dragged the end of the sentence.

“I definitely cant give it to you……..”


“Its fine if you scold me.  Anyway, I dont want face.”  Xie Yanchi rolled his eyes and said slowly.

“Are you thinking of getting money from me  No way!”

…….Almost forgot…….this Xie Yanchi is actually the big boss in this group of stingy people!


Just when Wen Ruan was choking in anger and was about to turn and leave, she suddenly heard Xie Yanchi say lightly.

“I left you a small gift in your mailbox.”

Wen Ruan immediately regained vitality and her eyes lit up.

“What gift”

He raised his chin and said with a smile.

“Take a look and youll know.”

Although Xie Yanchi would usually misbehave, the things he gives out would never disappoint anyone.

Wen Ruans phone was kept backstage and after hearing his words, her interest was immediately stimulated and she walked away in her high heels.

Fu Zhihuan smiled helplessly, turned around, and was about to follow her when he heard Xie Yanchi suddenly call out slowly behind him…….

“Dont leave yet.”

Fu Zhihuan turned his head around.

At this moment, the smile between Xie Yanchis brows and eyes had already diminished a little.  Although there was still a bit of a smile lingering, the relaxed expression just now had disappeared.

He tilted his head, raised a finger to lightly flick on the wine glass beside him, and every spoken word was slightly dragged.

“To me, Wen Ruan is not any different from my biological sister.”


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