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Chapter 76 – Zhang Hongrui (2)

Early the next morning, news came from the police station.

Zhang Hongrui did not die in the resuscitation room.  Perhaps it was a miracle.  After working throughout the night, the doctors successfully pulled him back from the Gates of Hell.

However, this miracle was an irony to him.

It was more like retribution.

After having undergone treatment for such a long time, Zhang Hongruis body was deteriorating without any signs of improvement.  But after pleading guilty, it was like the last radiance before the sun sets* and he was given a few more days to live.

(Last radiance before the sun sets means a short period of improvement in spirits before ones imminent death, especially for terminally ill patients.)

With the support of various parties, specialists in brain cancer from various regions in the country and abroad were quickly transferred over to treat Zhang Hongrui to ensure that he could remain alive until the court hearing.

Unexpectedly, the words that Fu Zhihuan spoke at that time indeed came true.

Perhaps, chemotherapy was more tormenting for him as compared to dying happily and swiftly.

Perhaps, Zhang Hongrui had done many sinful things in his life so when he reached his later years, he was betrayed and alienated by his relatives.  Even his only son did not stand on his side and agreed to cooperate with the police.

The police followed this clue and made a breakthrough.  They dug out relevant information on the organization that made huge profits on abductions, seized the entire den in one swoop, and rescued many children.

Those children were about the same age as Fu Yuqing.

20 years later, justice was done.

The second day after Zhang Hongrui pleaded guilty, the Fu Family visited Fu Yuqings grave.

Wen Ruan also went along with them.

She stopped and looked at the black and white photo embedded on the tombstone.

The girl in the photo looked pure and simple with curved eyebrows.  The corners of her lips were curled up and her bright eyes were clear of impurities.

The Fu couple stood at the side with their heads turned away and were unable to stop sobbing as they hugged each other.

Fu Minghengs eyes were also slightly red but he held back without saying a word.

Only Fu Zhihuan looked the calmest.  He squatted to put down the bunch of cherry blossoms in his hand and rested his arms on his knees as he looked deeply at the girl in the photo.  A long time later, he stood up and bowed deeply.

Wen Ruan bowed together with Fu Zhihuan.

Suddenly a gust of wind blew through the forest bringing a gush of fresh air and the sounds of rustling leaves were heard.

She did not know whether it was just an illusion, but Wen Ruan seemed to feel that Fu Yuqings smiling face in the photo on the tombstone had turned clearer and more lively.

Fu Zhihuan turned around and shut his eyes.  Then in a low and hoarse voice, he said.  “Lets go.”

Wen Ruan nodded and walked beside him.  Just as she took a few steps, she caught a glimpse of a tear slipping down from Fu Zhihuans angular jaw and dripping to the ground.

Finally, he emerged from the abyss that had imprisoned him.


Ever since Fu Zhihuan and Wen Ruan had gotten together, the Fu Family seemed to be afraid that Wen Ruan, their precious daughter-in-law, would run away.  As a result, they would invite her to the house every two to three days.

They would give various reasons such as celebrating theOne-week anniversary of Fu Zhihuans return home orThree-months ceremony for the little bird living in the house.

Wen Ruan mulled over this matter.  Some time ago, she and Fu Zhihuan had created a ruckus over the cancellation of their marriage agreement and now she is running to his house.  The more she mulled over this, the more embarrassed she felt.

So she thought of ways to reject them.

In the end, the parents of the two families seemed to be in cahoots over the matter.  That very night, Wen Fengchen gave the servants a holiday to return to their families in their hometown.  With his arms folded, he said slowly.

“No one is going to cook in the house, so you can go to your boyfriends house to eat.”


And so in this way, Wen Ruan had to eat and spend the next three days with the Fu Family.

Then she found out that in some families, the dining table is used for eating but in some other families, the dining table is used for fighting battles.

For example today…….

“I heard from the Jiang City Procuratorate that they planned to transfer you to Tong City Procuratorate but you rejected them.”

As Fu Changming picked up some fish meat with a pair of chopsticks and placed it into Wen Ruans bowl, he said in a cold tone.

“Everyone wishes to stay where their home is but youre the only one who wants to run away.”

Fu Zhihuan replied calmly.

“There are many suitable candidates for this transfer this time so, I shouldnt be the only choice for them.  Furthermore, the sudden transfer will disrupt my work and it doesnt give me any benefits.”

“You!  Do you know how much effort I made before the Procuratorate agreed to release and transfer you to Tong City”

Fu Changming was angered by Fu Zhihuans words.

“What benefits are you referring to  To work in the same place as your home wont make you lose a strand of hair!  If it wasnt because your mother wants to take care of you, I wouldnt want to worry about you!”

Fu Zhihuan nodded and said seriously.

“Thanks for your concern.  Ill come back frequently to see my mother.”

Seeing the situation, Wen Ruan bit nervously on her chopsticks and her eyes shifted back and forth between the two peoples faces.

Here we go again!  The must-have event –The Meal Battle!

However, Mother Fu did not look at the pair of father and son at all.  She casually picked up some food and gave it to Wen Ruan.

“Ruan Ruan, try this.”


Suddenly, Fu Changming slapped the table then stood up and said in a loud voice.

“Look at you!  Come upstairs to the study!  I must give you a proper lesson today!

*Cough, cough*

Wen Ruan was startled by the sudden outburst and shook all over.  The mouthful of food that she was about to swallow got stuck in her throat and she choked.

When she coughed, the pair of father and son became distracted and focused their attention on her.

The tense situation was instantly shattered and the expression on Fu Changmings face immediately changed.  He worriedly turned to Wen Ruan and said in a gentle voice.

“Aiya, Ruan Ruan, whats the matter”

Wen Ruan could not reply to Mr.

Fu Changmings question temporarily.  The food that she had just eaten was a little spicy and at this moment, the spiciness was surging up her throat causing itchiness and discomfort and she was coughing breathlessly.

Mother Fu was helping to pat her back and scolded him in a loud voice.

“Its all your fault!  Your loud voice scared her!  A fishbone must have accidentally got stuck in her throat!”

“A fishbone got stuck”  Father Fu stood up in a panic and said in a hurry.  “This is not a small matter!  Ill call the family doctor!”

At this moment, Fu Zhihuan, who had gotten up and gone to the kitchen when Wen Ruan started to choke, had returned.

Holding a glass of warm water with one hand, he placed the other hand on Wen Ruans shoulder and held the glass in front of her to slowly feed her.

After drinking a mouthful of warm water, Wen Ruans throat was rinsed and she could finally breathe a lot easier.

Fu Zhihuan lifted his eye and said softly.

“Dad, theres no need to call the doctor.”

Wen Ruan, who had regained her composure, wiped the tears from the corners of her eyes and said.

“Um, I didnt……..”

However, Fu Changming who was still angry at Fu Zhihuan shouted and reprimanded him.

“Why dont you call the doctor  Getting a fishbone stuck in the throat is no small matter.  How can I have a son like you who doesnt have any concern for his fiancée!”


Fu Zhihuan was silent for a while and then said slowly.

“You are indeed right but we are eating boneless fish fillets today and the dish is prepared with the boneless Longli Fish.”

Wen Ruan nodded quietly and said in a soft voice.

“Uncle, Im fine…….”

This has become a little embarrassing.

Fu Changming pretended to be calm and coughed.  Then he pulled out the chair and sat down again as though nothing happened and picked up some fish for Wen Ruan again.

“Come, eat this.”

After Fu Zhihuan made sure Wen Ruan was breathing normally, he returned to his seat.  Just as he held up his chopsticks to pick up some boiled fish on the plate, he was slapped away by his father.

“Still eating  Theres only this little fish, dont you know how to take care of Ruan Ruan”

Fu Changming finally found a reason to bring up the matter again.  He took a deep breath and said slowly.

“Why do I have a son like you who is so inconsiderate!”

Fu Zhihuan and Wen Ruan fell into silence as the both of them stared at the plate that was full of fish.


After dinner, Fu Zhihuan was called away by Fu Changming for a discussion.

Wen Ruan went for a walk around the mansion after dinner and then slipped back to Fu Zhihuans room and flopped on the bed.

The leisurely life of continuous eating and sleeping was simply too pleasant.

She turned over, stretched her waist then swept her eyes around Fu Zhihuans room and her gaze stopped on a thick photo album on top of the bookcase.

Wen Ruan stared at the photo album for a while and then got up from the bed abruptly.  She quietly moved a chair over and surreptitiously took down the album.

Judging from the thickness of the album, it should contain a lot of Fu Zhihuans photos as a child.

In Wen Ruans mind, her parents generation tends to treasure humiliating childhood pictures of their children.

Therefore, Fu Zhihuan must also have some of those photos too!

She took a deep breath, placed her hand on the cover, and frantically brainwashed herself…….

This should not be considered her curiosity.  In case Fu Zhihuan abandons her one day, these scandalous photos could be used as weapons to retaliate against him!


So its not that she wants to look at them!

Its just to get hold of Fu Zhihuans weakness!

With this kind of thought, Wen Ruan opened the album with a little anticipation.

The first picture that she saw was a photo of a baby sitting on the sofa biting a pacifier in his mouth while looking into the camera blankly.  His eyes were round and bright, not as mean and cold as he is now, and he had some baby fat on his face that makes one wants to pinch him.

Aw, so cute!

After flipping a few pages, the pictures showed Fu Zhihuan in kindergarten.

Although he was still a little boy at that time, his present temperament could vaguely be seen.  He stood alone in front of a group of children with his eyelids drooped and showed a dead-fish look which made him seem like a small adult.

Aw, so cool!

She instantly forgot her purpose and grabbed her phone to crazily record the heartwarming photos.  She was so affected by the cuteness that she teared up.

How can anyone be so handsome from the time he was a child

Then turning a few more pages, it showed Fu Zhihuan in junior high school.

The photos during that age were similar to his current appearance.  Most of the time, he wore a simple white school uniform with fine black hair, and slightly raised eyes and his gaze looking into the camera was somewhat cold and indifferent.

Just like the school grass in all the school rumors……..noble and arrogant.

Upon seeing this, Wen Ruan raised her chest with a slightly proud feeling.

Ai, she is basking in the youth of so many people!

Then her eyes moved down a little and she was suddenly stunned.

It was a photo of Fu Zhihuan in his school uniform but this time, there was another person beside him.

Fu Zhihuan was leaning against the railing.  A girl with long and straight black hair was hugging him around the waist with her face pressed close to his while she showed a victory sign to the camera.

The background was the blue sky with white clouds.  The whole scene was full of youthfulness.

Wen Ruan stared blankly.

After turning the pages for so long, it was the only photo showing two people.

This girl must be very special to Fu Zhihuan, right

She suddenly did not feel like continuing and her eyes drooped.  She suddenly wondered why she was so happy just now.

Its correct…….people like Fu Zhihuan who was liked by many people would have ex-girlfriends or first loves…….thats normal, right

At this moment, the handle of the door was pressed down and the door was pushed open.

Wen Ruans back stiffened and then she immediately reacted.  She hurriedly closed the photo album, hugged it in her arms, and then threw herself on the bed to pretend she was asleep.

It might be because she moved too fast, she accidentally knocked her head on the bedside table.



However, to pretend that nothing happened, she bit her lower lip and remained silent as she lay quietly on the bed as if she was fast asleep.


Fu Zhihuan leaned against the door and raised his eyebrows with interest.

When he came in, he had seen the whole process that Wen Ruan tried to hide.

He raised his head, looked at the top of the bookcase, and noticed the empty space at a glance.

He pinched his brow bone and chuckled helplessly.

It turned out to be this……..

Wen Ruan did not know that she was seen through and was still holding her breath as she tried her best to pretend to be asleep.

Fu Zhihuan laughed and walked over to the bed.  He leaned over to look at her and for some reason, he felt like teasing her.

In a low voice that had a little sexy hoarseness, he said in her ear.


Her back turned numb and she felt her ears softening but she still bit her lip tightly.

Why is this man doing this

Stinky rogue!

Chuckling in a low voice, Fu Zhihuan pressed his hands down beside Wen Ruan for support and leaned down.  He deliberately dragged on every word he spoke and they sounded ambiguous and affectionate.

His voice seemed to carry a hint of a smile and sounded like he was teasing a little animal.

“Let me see what the little child of my family had stolen again and feels embarrassed to let this brother know.”

Wen Ruan blushed.

He knows!

And he is playing with me!

She opened her eyes in shame and annoyance, turned over, and shoved the photo album in her hands onto Fu Zhihuans chest.

“Take this back!  Petty devil!”

Fu Zhihuan held onto her wrist and said with a smile.

“Why are you angry  Brother didnt say he wont let you see.”

Wen Ruan turned her head away angrily.

“I dont want to see the photo of you with other little sisters!”

“Other little sisters”

He raised his eyebrows.  “You wronged me again”


She was so angry that she snatched the album back.  After turning to the page, she held it in front of him and glared at him.

“Look!  The evidence is here!  And you still wont admit it!”

Fu Zhihuan looked down at the photo, paused for a moment, and then suddenly laughed aloud.

“Why dont you take a closer look  Perhaps you might know this person.”


She was stunned for a moment then grabbed the album over to study it carefully.

The person indeed looked a bit familiar.

And perhaps just now she had only glanced at it casually and felt depressed so did not take a serious look.

Now looking at that girl, she looks a little……..sturdy  And that head of long straight black hair, no matter how…….it looks unnatural and…….the shoulders are a bit wide………

Wait, wait!

Wen Ruan seemed to have noticed something.

Fu Zhihuan nonchalantly announced the correct answer.

“Have you looked at it carefully  Its Fu Mingheng.”

Wen Ruan was shocked.


The Boss in womens clothing!


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