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Chapter 72 – The Truth

Changyang Street was jammed with traffic.

Fu Zhihuan was not anxious to enter and with eyes that were lowered, he leaned against the car door with a cigarette pinched between his fingertips.  The red burning tip lit up the waves in his calm eyes.

He lifted his head to look at the cafés signage in front of him and then raised his wrist to glance at his watch.  After snuffing out the cigarette butt, he threw it into the trash bin beside him.

The cars glass window rolled down and Wen Ruan leaned out of the car to look at him silently.  Then she cheered him up.

“Are you in a better mood now  If you still feel uneasy, just think about it.  Perhaps, you will know the truth about what happened that year………”

Fu Zhihuan glanced at her and the corners of his lips curved up.

“No, I wasnt thinking about that.”

Wen Ruan did not expect Fu Zhihuan would give her this answer and was stunned.

“Ai  Then what were you thinking”

Fu Zhihuan laughed then leaned down to give her a light flick on her forehead with his index finger.  Then with a smile, he said.

“Yesterday I promised to go on a date with you but now it seems it has to be postponed to another day.  Im just thinking whether the little girl will be angry with me.”

Wen Ruan shrank back slightly and rubbed her forehead.  She understood in her heart that he was looking for an excuse so that she would not be worried, so she went along with him without pointing it out.

“Im not so petty and vengeful!”

The corners of his lips relaxed.  He straightened up and then reached out his hand to rub Wen Ruans head.

“Its time.  I have to go in now.”

The environment of the café is very elegant but perhaps today is a working day and the street is not crowded with people, so there are very few customers at this moment.

With a glance, Fu zhihuan could instantly spot Zhou Ruqing sitting at the corner.

He did not go over immediately and just looked calmly in her direction.  Although there was no visible expression on his face, the fingers on his right hand quietly curled up and tightened into a fist.

His Adams apple rolled slowly and his eyes darkened.

It was like there was not only one person sitting there alone.

But also the truth that caused him misery for more than 20 years.

However, at this moment, a hand suddenly and quietly grabbed hold of his fingers.  His clenched fingers were then separated one by one and his hand was held.

Fu Zhihuan was startled and turned to look at the person beside him.

Wen Ruan smiled slightly.  “Ill go with you.”

He has been alone for 20 years.

But from now on, he will no longer be alone again.


Zhou Ruqing was in a very bad state.

In just a few days, her white hair had increased so much that it was visible to the naked eye and at this moment, her eyes were still swollen.  She looked haggard and dispirited and her voice had turned raspy due to crying continuously for days.

“After meeting you that day I went home and queried my husband but he refused to say anything at that time.  It was not until a few days ago after my daughters disappearance that he told me the truth under my endless pressure.”

“Ive been thinking these few days.  Is it because the adult had sinned back then and now the retribution had fallen on the child”

When Zhou Ruqing spoke up to this point, her voice choked up again, and she turned her head aside as her tears fell uncontrollably.  After pulling out a few pieces of tissue paper, she wiped the corners of her eyes and adjusted her emotions before clearing her throat.

“I know how painful it is to lose a loved one, so I have to tell Mr.

Fu about this matter.  It can be regarded as accumulating virtue for the child and hope that she can be found sooner or………will suffer less.”

Fu Zhihuan did not speak the whole time while leaning back in his chair.  The expression on his face looked calm but he seemed to be restraining himself and his emotions were not visible.

Wen Ruan sighed and pushed the glass of water towards Zhou Ruqing.

“Why dont you drink some water first”

Zhou Ruqing bowed her head and thanked her.

 She reached out to pick up the glass of water and before she could lift the glass, she heard a hoarse male voice behind her……..

“Qing Qing.”

It was not known when Jin Chenhe had come in.  At this moment, half of his body was exposed from behind the screen and he had a tired look.

Zhou Ruqing was stunned for a moment and immediately stood up with eyes that were full of incredulity.

“Why are you here”

Jin Chenhe did not reply and just licked his lips as he looked in Fu Zhihuans direction.

With a calm expression, Fu Zhihuan lifted his eyes but his gaze did not waver at all.  He was still sitting in his original posture with one hand resting on the table and his index finger tapping on the table rhythmically.

Jin Chenhe withdrew his gaze and then laughed self-deprecatingly as if mocking himself.  He walked to Zhou Ruqings side, pressed a hand on her shoulder and they sat down together.

“Last night, you were hiding and talking softly in the toilet and then you went out early this morning.  We have been husband and wife for so many years, of course, I can guess what you were up to.”

She choked and turned her head away as tears glistened in her eyes.  Although she tried to pretend nothing happened, the tears still fell drop by drop.

Jin Chenhe looked tenderly at the woman beside him then straightened up and looked into Fu Zhihuans eyes.


Fu, you have been right all this time.  That case has something to do with me and my involvement cant be disregarded.”

Back then, Jin Chenhe was an idle loafer and his family made arrangements for him to work in that amusement park.  He was responsible for driving the garbage trucks that the cleaners had filled with trash bins to the designated locations according to the time schedules.

The work was tiring and troublesome and the money earned was not much.

Then one day, someone suddenly approached Jin Chenhe.

“Would you like to make some extra money  Its very simple.  Every time you transport the trash bins, go to the gate in the East District to take a look.  If you see a trash bin there, just help to put it into the garbage truck and transport it out together with the rest of the trash bins.”

As soon as Jin Chenhe heard, he knew it was nothing good.

But on second thought, he was just a garbage transporter.  If something does happen, he can just say that he did not know anything and would not be held responsible.

Moreover, he could earn a lot of money, and no matter how one looked at it, it was an easy life.

At that time, Jin Chenhe was a well-known hooligan who was not interested in working.  He would go around blackmailing and extorting the shopowners.  The wilder he got, the more powerful he felt and since he had low morals, he immediately agreed.

At that time, he only thought it might be something similar to drugs, for example, stuff that could not be traded legally.

It was until one day after he had transported the trash bins numerous times that he started to wonder about the contents inside the bins.

So driven by curiosity, after putting the bin in the designated place, he quietly lifted the lid of the trash bin to take a peek.

With just one look, he was so frightened that his whole body was covered in a layer of cold sweat.

Inside the bin was a little girl who was barely clothed and covered in blood with bruises and scars all over her body.  She seemed to have stopped breathing and was just simply stuffed into the smelly trash bin.  Even a hooligan like Jin Chenhe was horrified.

His heart instantly thumped like a drum and his hands shook.  He quickly closed the lid of the trash bin and staggered a few steps back.  Then he slowly started to think back……..

Can it be that the things he had been transporting all these while have always been children

His heart was still pounding madly.  It was difficult for him to calm down immediately so he squatted at the side to chain smoke and then slowly regained his rationality.

No………he cant call the police.

The group of people was obviously a gang he could not afford to offend.  If he reported this matter, without a doubt, he would be thrown into jail and there would also be a possibility that those people would take revenge on him.

With this thought, Jin Chenhe came to a decision.  He lifted his head, glanced at the trash bin, and stood up with gritted teeth.  Then he turned around and left the scene as if nothing had happened.

Later, he was released by the police after being questioned.

From then on, Jin Chenhe became more and more wayward.  In the end, he simply refused to work.  He dragged a group of friends along with him and frequently got into fights.  He felt that it was the demeanor that a person who traverses the rivers and lakes should have.

And the guilt he felt upon seeing the corpse in the trash bin gradually faded away.  He even felt that having done such a thing for others was anhonor of the highest ranking.

Later, he even used this matter to boast.

Until one day, he met Fu Zhihuan.

Although at that time, Fu Zhihuan looked like a high school student, his cold emotionless eyes that were like a lone wolf seeking its prey made Jin Chenhe feel terrified for the first time and made him unable to sleep that night.

It was from then on that Jin Chenhe suddenly discovered…….that he was so despicable at one time.

Later Jin Chenhe got married.

His wife is a gentle and virtuous woman, a kind-hearted lady who treats others warmly.

Under the influence of his wife, his life started to get back on track and he had a beloved daughter.

That incident 20 years ago seemed to have dissipated like a cloud of smoke.

Until the day his daughter disappeared.

Jin Chenhes voice became shakier and shakier.

“Actually, even if Qing Qing didnt look for you today, I would still have come to look for Mr.

Fu to tell of what happened back then.”

“As soon as I close my eyes these days, I see my child lying in the trash bin covered in blood.  Now only do I know that the wordretribution is true………”

On the surface, Fu Zhihuan looked as though he was still feeling the same as normal.

However, his hand that was resting on the table had already clenched into a fist at some point and the veins on the back of his hand had risen to the surface.

Fu Zhihuan clenched his teeth until his temples started to ache.  His eyes were slightly red and he seemed to be trying his best to restrain himself.  A while later, he closed his eyes in pain and said in a low and hoarse voice.

“Back then, when did you place the trash bin in that place”

Jin Chenhe remembered the time very clearly.

“Two oclock in the afternoon.”

Upon hearing the sentence, Fu Zhihuan‘s red eyes flew open instantly.

He stood up abruptly and the chair behind him that was knocked, fell to the ground with a loud bang.  Everyone around turned to look over in confusion.

Fu Zhihuan grasped Jin Chenhes collar tightly then lifted him and pulled him up in front of him.

Fu Zhihuan lowered his head and made no effort to conceal the hostility that exuded from his body.  The terrifying aura made the waiters at the side who wanted to come forward to stop them halt in their steps.

Wen Ruan was shocked and shot up involuntarily.  She wanted to persuade them but when she saw the expression on Fu Zhihuans face, she paused.

Fu Zhihuan was like an angry lion at this moment.  The bulging veins on his neck were distinct and his dark eyes were like ice shards, full of frostiness.

“In the autopsy report, Fu Yuqing died within the 12 hours before the body was found.”

Jin Chenhe was like an unfeeling puppet and let Fu Zhihuan vent.

But when he heard this sentence, his pupils suddenly shrank.

Wen Ruan understood the meaning of Fu Zhihuans words.

It meant that.…….

When Jin Chenhe saw Fu Yuqing, she was still alive.

In other words…….

If Jin Chenhe had called the police, Fu Yuqing would not have died.


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