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Chapter 71 – Success

Upon hearing the words, Fu Zhihuan was stunned and straightened up with his arms still around Wen Ruans shoulders.

After a while, his brows relaxed, the corners of his lips curved and he asked with a laugh.

“Is this supposed to be a reply”

Wen Ruan tilted her head slightly with her cheeks flushed red.  She bit her lower lip and muttered.

“Why are you so dumb  Do you want a little lady like me to speak so directly”

Speaking up to this point, she pursed her lips and inhaled lightly.

“Since your attitude when apologizing is very good, I will reluctantly…….um.”

Before she could finish speaking, she felt the arms around her tightened and her whole body was pulled forward.

Subconsciously, she lifted her hands and placed them on Fu Zhihuans chest while her pupils shrank.

The next second, Fu Zhihuan held up his hand to hold the back of her head and then lowered his head to kiss her.

A feeling of warmth……..and passion.

A fiery breath lingered between the two people.  In the narrow space of the car, the dim lights added ambiguity to everything.

Silence descended all around them.  Wen Ruan could only hear the endless sound of heartbeats and they were plucking at her heartstrings.

Perhaps she was still in a daze, therefore, she panted breathlessly.

She subconsciously pushed Fu Zhihuan away then turned her head to the side and coughed several times.

Fu Zhihuan lifted his eyes.  At this moment, his dark eyes seemed to be glowing with fine gentle lights and the slightly raised peach blossom eyes were filled with seduction.

Wen Ruans heart pounded and the corners of her lips relaxed.  She subconsciously lifted her hand to touch her lips but suddenly she seemed to have a thought.  She put down her hand, shrank back, and blushed with shame.

“What are you doing  I didnt agree to let you kiss me!  And why did you suddenly attack  I…….Im not prepared yet.”

Her whole body stiffened and she could feel her face heating up.  At this moment, she was like a bunny with fur that had turned into bristles.  Her whole body had turned stiff to put on an act of false bravado while she searched for an excuse.

Fu Zhihuan lifted his brows, smiled, and coughed a few times.  His shoulders trembled slightly and his chest also rose slightly.

“Its me who is in the wrong.”

He paused for a while then lifted his eyebrows and leaned down.  He deliberately lowered his voice and called out softly.


When she heard him calling her like this, Wen Ruans eyes shifted and her heart turned into a puddle.  But she still insisted on speaking stubbornly.

“What…….Whats the matter”

Fu Zhihuan dragged on the words and his voice sounded a little husky.

“Do you agree to let me teach you how to kiss”

Wen Ruan froze for a moment and then lowered her eyes.  She subconsciously pressed a hand on her chest and could very clearly feel her heartbeats.

The question asked was ambiguous and gentle and even the air had become warm.

Suddenly, she began to regret the words she said just now.

…….How can she say that she agrees

However, Fu Zhihuan seemed to be able to see through her thoughts at a glance.  He laughed softly and suddenly reached out his hand to clasp her small chin and lifted it slightly.

Just as Wen Ruan came back to her senses, Fu Zhihuan leaned down and stopped two centimeters away from her.  It was as if he was teasing a small animal as he said with a smile in his eyes.

“Be obedient and close your eyes.”

Wen Ruans eyes flickered and her breathing became a little rapid.

At such a distance, she could even see Fu Zhihuans thick eyelashes very clearly and his pair of usually indifferent eyes under the eyelashes.  However, at this moment, his eyes seemed to show love and passion.

Lowering her eyes, the eyelashes fluttered twice, and then she slowly closed her eyes.

The next second, Fu Zhihuans lips covered hers and the tip of his tongue prodded her lips.

The surrounding airflow kept rising as if thousands of small fireflies were converging and wrapped in gentle whispers as they spread out like fireworks beside her ears.

It was like everything was gradually swallowed by the light.

And only the both of them were left.

A long time later, Fu Zhihuan finally stopped but he did not release Wen Ruan immediately.  He just rested his head against her forehead and said in a soft husky voice.

“Wen Ruan, now I remember that I still owe you something.”

Her chest was still heaving slightly.  She lifted her eyes and because her breathing had not steadied yet, her eyes were still moist at this moment and she could only feel the numbness on her lips.

Then she placed the back of her hand to her lips.  For some unknown reason, when she looked at Fu Zhihuans smiling eyes, she shifted her eyes shyly and asked in a soft voice.

“What do you owe me”

“An engagement banquet.”


Wen Ruan lingered at the door for a long time.  After checking her appearance on the phone several times to make sure that she looked the same as when she went out, she took a deep breath and entered the house.

As soon as she walked in, Mr.

Wen Fengchen and Ms.

Xie Ai, who were both sitting on the sofa, turned their heads in unison instantly and stared at her without blinking.

However, It was not only the two of them.  The moment Wen Ruan walked through the door, all the servants who were busy working just now stopped whatever they were doing and turned their heads simultaneously to stare at her.


Wen Ruan hesitated and then slowly swept her eyes over the surrounding.

Feeling creepy with so many pairs of eyes staring at her, she let out a few strong coughs and then bent down to change her shoes into slippers before walking in.

When the servants heard, they immediately withdrew their stares and pretended nothing had happened as they continued with their work.

However, Wen Fengchen and Xie Ai obviously did not plan to let their daughter off so easily.

“The car that was parked outside just now…….that was Xiao Lus car, right”

“I saw you hurrying home just now and then hurried out again with something.  Was it a gift for him”

Wen Ruan who had not completely recovered from the ambiguous atmosphere just now, immediately became hesitant when queried by her parents.

“No……no, it was not…….”

Wen Fengchen and Xie Ai exchanged glances and saw the same answer in each other eyes.

They could no longer restrain the smiles on their faces.

“I noticed the two of you were in the car for a long time, was it……..”

As soon as the car was mentioned, Wen Ruans ears turned slightly red, and she gritted her teeth.  Before Wen Fengchen could finish asking the question, she blurted out.

“No!  We didnt do anything!”

After finished speaking, she stomped up the stairs angrily with a red face.

The two elders watched in silence as Wen Ruan left.  It was until they heard the loud slam of the door closing that they immediately sat up with enthusiasm and Wen Fengchen quickly pulled out his mobile phone to send a message to Fu Changming.

[Wen Fengchen]:  In-laws!  Success!”


As soon as Fu Zhihuan reached home, he realized the atmosphere at home did not seem right.

At this moment, his parents were sitting at the coffee table with both their hands folded on their knees and showing a very dignified and serious posture.

Fu Mingheng was also sitting on the sofa but it looked as though he was devoid of bones while his toes were tapping rhythmically on the floor.  He was showing a lazy and sloppy posture.

And Mr.

Fu Changming shot a cold look over as a warning.

Upon seeing this, Fu Mingheng immediately coughed, sat upright, and followed his parents sitting posture.

Fu Zhihuan glanced at them and seemed calm.

He lowered his eyes without showing any superfluous expression and just changed his shoes.  He entered very naturally and along the way, he loosened a few buttons on his collar and cuffs.

Fu Mingheng did not maintain his posture for long and subconsciously leaned back on the sofa.

He glanced at Fu Zhihuan then slowly picked up the glass of water on the table and complained teasingly.

“You got away easily today and left us to take care of the An Family.  As soon as you left, everyone in that family turned on me.”

Fu Zhihuan let out a soft laugh and casually joked.

“Isnt that pretty good  A talented man and a beauty……..an ideal couple.”

Fu Mingheng choked on a mouthful of water in his throat and coughed several times.

Before he could speak, he caught sight of Father Fus warning gaze out of the corner of his eye.

He pursed his lips and fell silent.

Fu Changming let out a heavy cough and dragged on the words as he asked.

“I wont dispute with you over the An Familys meeting today.  However, you have to tell your family what is going on with you and that little girl from the Wen Family.  I remember you had insisted on breaking off the marriage.”

Mother Fu was very cooperative and nodded in agreement.

The two elders were clearly full of curiosity at this moment but they had to pretend to be calm.

Fu Zhihuan smiled and was not in a hurry to speak.  He was smiling as he unfasten the last button on his cuff and said lightly.

“Dad, Mom, you may have to change your impression of Wen Ruan.”



Fu Zhihuan lifted his head and there was a smile in his voice.

“For example, its notthat little girl from the Wen Family but your daughter-in-law.”


The atmosphere froze instantly.

Among the three people on the sofa, only Fu Mingheng who was unaware of the news exclaimed in surprise while the Fu couple looked rather calm.

The expression on the two elders was the same as before without any fluctuations and they just nodded and replied simply with anOh.

After Fu Zhihuan told them the news, he did not say much and turned around to walk out of the living room.

However, as soon as Fu Zhihuan had left, the couple sitting on the sofa, who looked very calm and composed all the while, exploded instantly.

“Hurry up, call the Wen Family!”

“Hello  Aiya, our son just admitted it!  These two youngsters…….right, right…….Ive to order a new set of engagement rings for them quickly.  The previous set no longer has any surprising effect!”

“Ai, what does your Wen Ruan normally like  Do you want me to visit her in the next two days  Its difficult to predict the thoughts of youngsters nowadays.  They must get married as soon as possible.  Ill look through the almanac……..  Oh right, do you you think the wedding should be held in Tong City or Jiang City  I think…….”


Just as the Fu couple was talking happily on the phone, a deliberate cough sounded in front of them.

When they lifted their heads, they saw Fu Zhihuan leaning lazily against the wall in the corner of the living room.  He was holding a glass of water in his hand and looking steadily at them.  Then he said. I just poured a glass of water.”


This is truly embarrassing!


After Wen Ruan had taken a bath, her burning heart seemed to calm down slightly.

After putting on a mask, she laid down on the bed and played with her phone.  With her calves hooked up, she swayed her legs back and forth rhythmically and was thinking about how to organize her words to inform Qin Sushan that she had failed to survive a week and turned into a dog.

Then an email reminder popped up.

It was from her work mailbox.

~  Hello Miss Wen, my name is Zhou Ruqing.  Perhaps you dont remember me but Im the wife of Jin Chenhe, the man who had a conflict with Mr.

Fu earlier on.

Im very sorry to bother you but if it is convenient, can you please contact me  My phone number is 137XXXXXXX.

Wen Ruan was startled.  She quickly got up from the bed and dialed the phone number given in the email.

The phone was connected after a few rings.


The female voice on the other end of the line sounded a little husky.

Wen Ruan:  “Hello, Miss Zhou, Im Wen Ruan.”

The person on the other end of the phone was silent for a long time.  However, Wen Ruan could still hear the persons deep breathing very clearly.  After a long while, the person started to speak in a slightly trembling voice.

“Hello, Im sorry to bother you.  Originally, I wanted to contact Mr.

Fu but I dont have his contact number.  Then I remembered you look familiar and recalled that you were the lawyer I saw on the news before.  Thats why I took the liberty to contact you via your work mailbox that was made public.”

“Its fine.”

Wen Ruan asked calmly.

“Miss Zhou, the reason you contacted me……..is it because you want me to pass a message to Mr.


“Can we meet up to talk about this”  Zhou Ruqing hesitated for a long time and seemed to be struggling before she continued.  “Tomorrow…… at the café on Changyang Street.”

Wen Ruan was silent for a while and then said slowly.

“I dont have the right to decide but I will inform Fu Zhihuan to let him make the decision.  However, I hope you can tell me first……..why do you want to meet him”

Both parties fell into a long silence again.

After a long time had passed, Zhou Rouqing laughed but it sounded very bitter and she seemed to be crying.

“Jin Chenhe told me about something.”


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