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Chapter 70 – Bichon Frise

The slap seemed to clear the surging madness that had filled up Jin Chenhes mind.

His head swung fiercely to the left due to the force and his right cheek turned slightly red.  Just now he was still shouting hoarsely but now he could not utter a single word.

The police seized the opportunity to quickly pull him away and press his hands on the chair.


Jin, we understand your sorrow but without any evidence, you cant suspect Mr.


Jin Chenhe found this sentence to be inexplicably familiar.

When Fu Zhihuan found him back then, he had said the same words to Fu Zhihuan with a condescending smile.

Perhaps it is retribution.

He was like a deflated balloon and the light in his eyes instantly went out.  He drooped his head in frustration and his body bent over on the bench.  His eyes had turned even redder and big droplets of tears fell drop by drop.

Wen Ruan pursed her lips and tugged Fu Zhihuans sleeve.

“Are you okay”

“Mm……..”  Fu Zhihuan laughed and then asked.  “Why are you here  Didnt I tell you to wait in the car”

She puffed up her chest, lifted her head, and with her hands on her hips, she said righteously.

“I was worried about you.  What if youre bullied”


Jin, weve found the footage of your daughters last appearance on the surveillance camera!”

Right at this moment, two policemen rushed in panting breathlessly.

“The footage showed that on the afternoon of the day before yesterday your daughter was taken away by a middle-aged woman who appears to be in her forties.”

“After checking with the database, this middle-aged woman is also a wanted criminal in other cities.  She is a habitual offender in child abduction.  We, the police, will do our best……..”

Following that, Jin Chenhe was no longer interested to listen anymore to what the police said.

When he was young, he was once a lawless hooligan, so of course, he knew about all those shady dealings.

Even if the woman is found, it will only be at the lowest level of the organization…… which is pointless.

And since two days had already passed…….it is unknown which city his daughter had been sent to.

The possibility of finding a child after being abducted by human traffickers is extremely slim.

Initially, he had been struggling internally and refused to believe his daughter was abducted by human traffickers.  He wanted to keep a trace of hope in his heart.  He felt that it might be done by Fu Zhihuan as a form of revenge and as long as Fu Zhihuan is investigated, his daughter might be found.

But now that the surveillance has been discovered, the remaining hope in his heart was crushed.

Upon hearing those words, Jin Chenhes fingernails jabbed into the flesh of his palms and his whole body shook violently.  Then he stood up with gritted teeth and wobbled with every step he took.

Just after taking two steps forward, he could no longer continue to walk.  He stood on the spot, and a roar rose from his throat.  Suddenly he collapsed on the ground and clutching his chest he cried bitterly without a care for his dignity.

The police rushed to help him and the scene turned into a chaotic mess.

However, Fu Zhihuan seemed extraordinarily calm and looked at the chaotic scene before him without the slightest waver in his eyes.

It was like there was a line dividing the whole scene into two parts.  One part was thunderous while the other part was suppressed in frost.

He withdrew his gaze, turned around, and said in a soft voice.  “Lets go.”


Inside the car.

By this time, the sky had turned completely dark.  The street lights had long lighted up and the lights shone on the roadside.  There were very few pedestrians and it made the night scene especially cold and lonely.

From the beginning to the end, Fu Zhihuan did not mention anything regarding the police station and did not seem to be any different from normal.

However, Wen Ruan could feel a violent storm was about to erupt over the calmness and serenity.

Holding back like this is problematic.

She frowned and thought for a while then decided to persuade Fu Zhihuan to release the bottled-up feelings in his heart to ease the suffocation.

So she took a deep breath and turned her head around.

“Fu Zhihuan……..”

As soon as his name was called out, Fu Zhihuan started to speak at the same time.  It was as if they had a tacit understanding.

“Show me your hand……”

Wen Ruan was stunned for a moment.  Although she did not understand his intention, she still obediently held up her hand in front of him.

“Whats the matter”

With lowered eyes, he held Wen Ruans slender wrist and gently pulled it towards him.  Then he studied her palm very seriously.

A while later, he asked in a soft voice.  “Does your hand still hurt”

Just now that slap had landed very heavily and the crisp sound could be heard very clearly in the corridor.

As expected, Wen Ruans palm was still a little red.

In the car, only the light above their heads was turned on and the dim yellow light shone on Fu Zhihuans face making the tough outline very distinct.

The light seemed to carry warmth and together with the words that Fu Zhihuan said just now, it caused Wen Ruans heart to heat up.

She lowered her eyes and was silent for a long time.  Then she could not help but ask.  “Just now you looked unhappy……..was it because of this”

Fu Zhihuan smiled and dragged his words.

“A kid was afraid that I would be wronged and in the end, she suffered.  Is it possible not to feel heartache”

This mans mouth is becoming more and more unruly!

However, it felt like a kitten is scratching her heart with a feather and every scratch is precise!

She immediately pulled out her hand from his grasp and clenched it subconsciously.  Then she coughed, turned away, and said.

“It doesnt hurt at all.”

The corners of Fu Zhihuans lips curved but did not expose her.  After starting the car, he turned the steering wheel very skilfully to send Wen Ruan home.

By this time, they had already missed the fireworks show.

And coupled with the sudden change of events, theirdate had to be terminated ahead of schedule.

As the police station was not far from Wen Ruans house, so after passing a few streets, they arrived at their destination.

Fu Zhihuan stopped the car and with his hands resting on the steering wheel, he said.

“I wont bother Uncle and Auntie today.  Just send them greetings on my behalf.”

She nodded, placed her hand on the door handle, and was about to get out of the car.  But just as she pulled the door handle, she stopped and then leaned back into the seat.

Fu Zhihuan lifted his eyebrows.  “Are you not getting down”

Wen Ruan nodded and replied softly.

“Its because I have this feeling that youre in a bad mood since leaving the police station.”

Speaking up to this point, she took a deep breath.  She was clearly concerned about him but insisted on being stubborn and fabricated an excuse.

“Since you accompanied me today, Ill stay with you for a while longer albeit a little reluctant.”

Such a poor excuse!

However, Fu Zhihuan did not point it out to her.  He just stared quietly at her side profile with a gaze full of tenderness that was never revealed before.

“Are you worried about me”

“Or else  Or do you think Im sitting here to cultivate to become immortal”

He just smiled.  A long time later, he lifted his head and leaned back to rest his head on the car seat.  He closed his eyes and pondered for a long time before he said softly.

“I dont feel sorry for Jin Chenhe.”

He, Fu Zhihuan, is not a saint.

He understood very well the pain and mental breakdown that Jin Chenhe is currently going through.

Ever since Fu Yuqing disappeared, everyone in the Fu Family began to live with this kind of pain for more than 20 years.

Until now, there is still no way to escape.

Only that……..

Fu Zhihuan opened his eyes and said slowly.  “The child is innocent……”

That little girl is only four years old…….

She is about the same age as Fu Yuqing back then.  She should be admiring the flowers, the dew drops, the moon, and all the beautiful things in life while growing up under the loving care of her family.

And live a happy and healthy life…….

Although he hates Jin Chenhe, he would never use the tragedy of a four-year-old girl as a weapon to retaliate and ridicule.  He still has a bottom line.

The oppressive atmosphere was like an invisible spider web that was endlessly entangling him.

Wen Ruan could feel Fu Zhihuans strange mood.  She let out a cough and then raised her tone joyfully as if trying to cheer him up.

“Oh yes, I remember that Ive prepared a gift for you!  Wait for me!”

After speaking, she pushed the door open and got out of the car.

Fu Zhihuan looked at Wen Ruans back view and laughed dully.  Then he leaned his head against the seat and closed his eyes again.

The interior of the car suddenly fell into silence and there was no one else but him.  The feeling of emptiness seeped into his heart and even the warmth of the light above his head seemed a little cold at this moment.

A lot of things can change over time.

For example, when he saw Jin Chenhe break down and cry, Fu Zhihuan realized that at that moment, all the things he was obsessed with in the past finally came to an end.

Everyone is moving forward.

And for the past 20 years, the only person who refused to move forward was only himself.

Perhaps, it is time to learn to forget the past like everyone else.

Fu Zhihuan laughed softly but it did not reach his heart, instead, it held a bitter coldness.

Everything should end here……..

Including Fu Yuqing…….

And at this particular moment, a crisp female voice sounded.

“Im back!”

The next second, Wen Ruan got into the car breathlessly and her chest was heaving slightly.

But before her breathing became steady, she held up the box in front of Fu Zhihuan.

“Here, this is for you.”

He was stunned momentarily.  Then he smiled, took the box, and slowly unwrapped it.

“Why are you in such a hurry………”

However, he stopped talking abruptly when his gaze fell on the content inside the box.

Tao Xun……..

Its almost the same as the previous one.

He lifted his eyes to give Wen Ruan a deep look and his Adams apple rolled slowly but he did not say a word.

“Earl broke that Tao Xun earlier on.  I think it must be very important to you, so I asked someone to make one according to the pattern.  It cant be exactly the same, Im sorry.”

Fu Zhihuan lowered his eyes.  A long time later, he said slowly.

“Theres no need to apologize because I should have put that Tao Xun away a long time ago.”


“Why must it be put away”  Wen Ruan rubbed her nose and then started to laugh softly.

“To live your life well doesnt mean you have to forget about the past.”

The car window was not fully rolled up and a gust of wind blew in.

A faint light flashed in Fu Zhihuans eyes.  He lifted his head to look at Wen Ruan and his eyes were full of astonishment.

Everyone persuaded him to forget the past.

But only Wen Ruan told him he can keep it in mind.

“Its just like being a lawyer.  No matter how difficult a case is, a lawyer will never give up on his client.  If any of my family members are hurt, I will surely find the real murderer and bring him to justice.  Isnt this normal”

Wen Ruan paused for a while when she spoke up to this point.  She took a deep breath, reached out her hand, and placed it gently on the back of Fu Zhihuans hand.

“In the future, I can help you if you feel tired.  I am a lawyer as well, so I will definitely make the criminal cry in the courtroom and confess to his crime!”


It started to rain again.

The dim light seemed to warm up the atmosphere once more, dispelling the cold and dampness of the rainy season.

~ Dont carry on, its fruitless.

~ You have to learn to forget the past before you can truly walk out of it and live your life.

Fu Zhihuan had heard too many such words.

Wen Ruan is the only one who said to him……….we can do this together.

Fu Zhihuan lowered his eyes and was silent for a long time.

It was only half a minute later that he slowly raised his eyes.  Under the eyelashes, his eyes that were always sharp seemed to have all the edges and corners smoothened and turned gentle.

“Wen Ruan.”

“Whats the matter”

“Can I hug you”

Wen Run was stunned.

How can you ask a girl so bluntly for a hug!

She will feel extremely shy!


She blushed and subconsciously wanted to refuse angrily but when she looked up and met his eyes, her heart softened.

Forget it…….he is so miserable tonight.

So Wen Ruan whispered.  “Alright, just for a little while.”

As soon as she finished speaking, a hot palm grabbed the nape of her neck, and the next second, she was pulled fiercely into his arms.

Fu Zhihuan hugged her tightly and buried his head in her shoulder.  His arms were tightly wrapped around her shoulders on her back.

“Wen Ruan.”


“Im very greedy.”

She was stunned for a moment.  “What do you mean”

Fu Zhihuans voice sounded in her ears and his hot breath blew on her earlobe.  His voice was soft and a little husky.

“I like you.  I want you to stay beside me.”

Wen Ruan lowered her eyes and her long eyelashes trembled slightly.  She clenched her fists subconsciously and her voice quivered a little.

“Confessing twice a day is a foul move.”

Fu Zhihuan just smiled.

“Theres going to be a third time soon.”

“But I told my good friend that if I forgive you easily, Ill be a little dog.”

Just as she finished the sentence, she suddenly fell into silence.  Then with her head lowered slightly, she muttered in a very, very soft voice.

“Then can I be a Bichon Frise  I like Bichon Frise the most.”

She doesnt want to be stubborn any longer.


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