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Chapter 69 – Dinner Date

“Illegitimate child”

Upon hearing this, Wen Ruans hand shook and the shrimp that she had scooped out of the pot slipped back into the soup.

“Are you saying that Xu Zeming is an illegitimate child”

Presently, Wen Ruan and Fu Zhihuan were in another hotpot restaurant nearby because they had to reschedule their reservation in the previous restaurant.  In addition, Xu Zeming was still there and it would be awkward for them to continue dining there.

Fu Zhihuan looked quite calm as he used a slotted spoon to scoop out the shrimp that had fallen into the pot and placed it in her bowl.

“A few years back, Fu Mingheng invested in that night bar but it was not made public.  A fight broke out in the bar several nights ago which involved knives, so the police came to check several times and Fu Mingheng received some news.”

“That day, Xu Zeming was picked up by the Assistant to the Chairman of Yihua Enterprise.  After Fu Mingheng asked around, he found out that the boy is the illegitimate child of the Chairman.  The boy has been staying in Long City all the while until recently when he was brought back here.  He is only nineteen.”

Wen Ruan absent-mindedly poked at the food in her bowl with a pair of chopsticks.

“Even if he is an illegitimate child, how can the Xu Family allow their son to be bullied outside like this”

He looked up at her but in the end, he did not say anything.

Aside from his status as an illegitimate child, the police also found out that although Xu Zeming is only 19 years old, he has a history of being involved in several fights and cases of causing intentional harm when he was in Long City.

But because of his young age and family background, the cases were settled after paying some compensation.

This kind of person does not look like an easy target for others to bully.

Most probably, he deliberately planned to seek Wen Ruans sympathy by pretending to be a pig to eat a tiger.

However, Fu Zhihuan did not want Wen Ruan to know.

He did not want to see her in sadness when she finds out that others had taken advantage of her kindness.

So Fu Zhihuan only just reminded her.

“In the future, try not to have any dealings with Xu Zeming.  He is not as simple-minded as he looks.”

In fact, Wen Ruan could feel that something was amiss but in front of Fu Zhihuan, she acted tough and arrogant.

“Why should I listen to you  Are you my boyfriend”

Fu Zhihuan pondered for a while and then laughed.  “Thats possible.”


Upon hearing this, Wen Ruan who was picking up a beef slice with the chopsticks lifted her head and with a red face, she raised her voice a little higher.

“What do you mean bythats possible  Just now I havent agreed to let you be my boyfriend, okay”

As soon as she finished speaking, she stuffed the beef slice into her mouth angrily.

Hot ! !

It was so hot that she whimpered and quickly put down her chopsticks.  Feeling it was inappropriate to spit it out directly, she quickly picked up the glass of sour plum drink at the side and gulped down nearly half a glass.

The coolness surged up and gradually suppressed the scorching heat she felt.

She put down the glass and leaned back on the sofa with an expression that showedIm finally saved.

But before she could even relax for a few seconds, as soon as she raised her eyes, she met Fu Zhihuans eyes.  He was looking at her with his hand propping up his chin and there was a faint smile in his eyes.

…….How come he is always able to catch her whenever she is in an embarrassing situation

She felt even angrier.

“Why are you looking at me  Its all your fault for talking to me, otherwise, I wouldnt……..”

Without speaking, Fu Zhihuan sighed and then pulled out a tissue from the side.  He stood up and raised his hand to gently wipe off the sauce that had accidentally stuck to the corner of her mouth.

Then he said with some helplessness in his tone.  “You……”

Wen Ruan was momentarily stunned and raised her head.

Fu Zhihuans hand was still held up to the side of her face and the soft and gentle brushing of the tissue paper at the corner of her mouth brought an inexplicable numbness to her heart.

The very ambiguous action made her mind react a bit slower for a while and she felt the surrounding noises seemed to be growing louder and louder as a stream of heat rushed to the top of her head.

“Miss, Ill refill this sour plum drink for you.”

When the waiter noticed that Wen Ruans glass was only half-full, he walked over and started to fill up the glass.

This sentence pulled Wen Ruans mind back to the present and she immediately drew away.  She drilled herself into the corner of the sofa that was diagonally opposite Fu Zhihuan and at the same time, she was hugging her sauce bowl and was filled with caution.

“What are you doing  I havent made up with you yet.  Today, you missed your appointment and were late as well and……..

 Anyway, you have committed a lot of offenses!  I havent forgiven you yet!”

Fu Zhihuan withdrew his hand and looked at the little rabbit that was huddled in the corner with bristled hair.  He rubbed his brow bone and could only smile helplessly.

The waiter who had finished filling up the glass of sour plum looked at this scene awkwardly.  He anxiously withdrew the beverage jug and left hurriedly.

Although the waiter was busy serving the other tables, he would occasionally turn to look at their table uneasily.  It seemed like he was worried that the two customers would start a fight in the restaurant.

The continuous rain outside the window finally stopped and the dark clouds dispersed to let the sunlight through the clouds.

“The rain has stopped.”

Fu Zhihuan suddenly said out of the blue.

The next moment, Wen Ruan subconsciously replied.  “Whats the matter”

Fu Zhihuan:  “There will be a fireworks show in the city center tonight.”

She understood his meaning but was still stubborn.

“Who wants to watch the fireworks show with you”

Having said this, she paused and added quickly.

“If you really dont have anyone to accompany you and if you cry and beg me to go with you, perhaps I might agree.”

Fu Zhihuan said with a soft laugh.

“Mm, Im begging you……..”

Wen Ruan stiffened.

Why is this person so lacking in backbone

At this moment, the waiter who left just now came back to their table and was holding a plate that was covered with a lid.

Wen Ruan was stunned for a moment and then lifted her head.

“Isnt all our food already served”

The waiter put down the plate with a smile and lifted the lid.

“We are sending you this dish on behalf of this gentleman.”

Wen Ruan looked down and fell silent.

Lying quietly on the plate was a stalk of rose.

To create the atmosphere, some dry ice was placed beside it and white mist was drifting from the dry ice.

After putting down the plate, the waiter straightened up with a smile on his face and after clearing his throat, he started an impassioned speech.

“Both of you are truly talented and beautiful, an extremely good match made in heaven.  It is indeed an enviable fate to become a couple among so many people!”

Wen Ruan was stunned.  “Wait, wait, we are……..”

“I understand!  Its normal for a couple to quarrel but I believe that nothing can prevail above love!  In our hotpot restaurant, we sincerely hope that every customer can feel warmth and happiness.  It is our job to make our customers feel happy.”

Wen Ruan tried to interrupt.

“I understand but……”

“We have also prepared acouple souvenir for both of you!”

As the waiter spoke, he waved his hand, and immediately a young lady in uniform brought over two teddy bears.

“This is our gift to you and we hope your relationship will become even sweeter in the future!”

Wen Ruan looked blankly at the two teddy bears of different colors that did not look cute and even look a little rustic.  Suddenly, a thought came to mind.

But Fu Zhihuan seemed very interested.  He reached out his hand to pick up the blue one to study it and then said with his eyes curved.

“Doesnt this look cute”

The waiter immediately puffed up his chest and raised his head.

“Thank you for the compliment.  Its our duty to make customers happy!”

After speaking, he was filled with satisfaction as he turned to leave and pushed the dining cart away.

Fu Zhihuan handed the teddy bear to Wen Ruan with the corners of his lips curved slightly.

“Take them as they are the sincerity of others.”

Wen Ruan glared at him.  “Who is a couple with you!”

“I was about to mention this……..”  Fu Zhihuan touched his forehead with the pink bear.  There was a smile in his tone as he said nonchalantly.  “Since everyone thinks we are a good match, why not give them face”

Her mind instantly exploded like fireworks.

Although it sounded like he had spoken casually, the long drag in his voice threw Wen Ruans heart into a mess.

She bit her lower lip and tilted her head.

“What nonsense are you spouting”

The little girls facial features were exquisite.  At this moment, her bright eyes seemed to be glowing and the side of her face that was illuminated under the light seemed to be very gentle while the cheeks were slightly flushed.  However, she stubbornly refused to admit defeat.

Fu Zhihuan propped up his chin while his index finger tapped on the table and there was a smile in his eyes.

“Im confessing to you.  Isnt this the way to pursue someone”

Her heart felt like it would jump out of her chest at any moment and even the noise of the crowd around her was suppressed.

Perhaps it was because the hotpot was still emitting heat, Wen Ruans palms were sweating a little as she said softly.

“This…….it takes a long time to pursue someone but you only pursued me for less than a week.  How can it be so easy”

It had taken her several months to pursue him and she had to stay in his house all the time.  She even had to pretend to be poor for half a month and did not get to buy any bags.

Although her heart was already soft and messy, she was still trying to be strong at this moment.


Fu Zhihuan just listened to her quietly with eyes that were full of tenderness.  He nodded then thought for a while and said very seriously.

“I can still live for many more years.  No matter how long, this life should be enough.”


Wen Ruan felt that she could no longer hold on.

No matter how tough and strong was her little mouth, at this moment, it collapsed into rubble like a city wall.

As she rubbed the side of the glass with her fingers, out of the corner of her eye she could still see the little pink bear leaning on the side.

A heart that had softened into a mess.

She took a deep breath.

Or else, just agree..…..

At this moment, Fu Zhihuans phone that was lying on the table suddenly vibrated and he picked it up……..

“Mm, yes, I am………”

It was unknown what the person said on the other end of the line but Wen Ruan saw Fu Zhihuans brows knotted up slightly.

“Okay, I understand.  Ill go over now.”

Upon seeing the solemn expression on Fu Zhihuans face after hanging up the phone, Wen Ruan asked.

“What happened”


Fu Zhihuan closed his eyes and raised his hand to rub his temple.

“I wont be able to watch the fireworks show with you tonight.”

“Jin Chenhes daughter is missing.  I have to go to the police station now.”


“Sorry, Mr.

Fu…….we know that we shouldnt call you without any evidence.  But the childs father was very emotional and in addition, our investigation showed that you did have a conflict with him not long ago.  Thats why we had to call you in for questioning.”

After the policeman had finished the report, he stretched out his hand apologetically and said.

“Thank you for your cooperation.  You can leave now.”

Fu Zhihuan nodded and shook the policemans hand.  Then he turned around and left the interrogation room.

Jin Chenhes daughter went missing two days ago.

The husband and wife had searched everywhere these days but found nothing.  Due to worrying and being unable to sleep for days, they were almost on the verge of collapse.

After making a police report, Jin Chenhe had been very emotional and seemed to be emotionally unstable.

He made a scene at the police station and insisted that Fu Zhihuan had sent someone to kidnap his daughter.

No matter how the police explained that they could not arrest someone without evidence, Jin Chenhe became irrational and threw out a sentence.

“The reason must be because you dont dare to offend the Fu Family, so you dont dare to arrest him!”

And Jin Chenhes wife was almost on the verge of a mental collapse.  Not only did she not have the heart to persuade her husband, but she also stayed in the police station all day with her face awash with tears and refused to return home no matter how much they persuaded her.

In desperation and to stabilize Jin Chenhes emotional state, the police had to call up Fu Zhihuan to cooperate with the polices investigation.

In actual fact, everyone knew that the place where Jin Chenhes daughter went missing was originally a chaotic place where human traffickers were aplenty.  There was a high probability that the child was abducted.

It was only just that Jin Chenhe refused to believe it and still harbored some hope.

But nowadays, only a small number of children could be found once they are abducted and sold.

Comforting oneself with the thought that the person who kidnapped the child is someone one knows would be better…….at least the hope of finding the child is greater.

When Fu Zhihuan pushed open the door of the interrogation room, Jin Chenhe was sitting on the bench at the side.  His back was hunched up like a shrimp and he was rubbing his red eyes with his thumb.  When he saw someone come out of the room, he lifted his bloodshot eyes and stared fiercely.

Fu Zhihuan glanced at him.  His throat rolled slowly but he did not say a word and was about to turn away to leave.

Suddenly, Jin Chenhe stood up and rushed toward Fu Zhihuan in a few steps.  He grabbed Fu Zhihuan by the collar like a mad tiger and then swung his fist towards Fu Zhihuans face.


Fu Zhihuan lifted his hand and firmly wrapped his palm over Jin Chenhes fist.  His dark pupils were so calm that there were no emotions.


Jin, dont go overboard.”

“Who the f**k is going overboard!”

Jin Chenhes mind was overwhelmed by the pain of losing his daughter.  He shoved Fu Zhihuan away and roared in a hoarse voice.

“I met you on the first f**king night and then the next day my daughter was gone!  How can there be such a coincidence!”

“You can come at me if you want to do anything!  If you want revenge, come at me!  Why did you take it out on my daughter  Shes only 4 years old!”

As Jin Chenhe spoke, he stumbled and raised his hands again as he charged toward Fu Zhihuan like a madman.

When the police heard the commotion, they rushed forward to stop him but they were still a step too late as Jin Chenhe had already rushed up to Fu Zhihuan.  He grabbed Fu Zhihuans collar with both hands and refused to let go.

Fu Zhihuan just lowered his eyes.  There was no superfluous expression on his face nor was there any light in his eyes.  It was like Jin Chenhes agitation was nothing to him and his whole body exuded calmness.


Jin, if you continue to be like this, we are going to take strong measures.”  The police said sharply.

At this moment, the loud clacks of high-heels sounded and then stopped beside the group of people.


A slap landed on Jin Chenhes cheek sharply.

Wen Ruan said in a cold voice.  “Are you f**king done  Im going to say this only once…….take your hands away.”


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