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Chapter 68 – Alliance

It was afternoon and the weather had turned cloudy.

After a few muffled sounds of thunder, it started to drizzle.

Fu Zhihuan still had not arrived.

The An Family had bought a piece of land on Long An Street and this time the family had sent the invitation to the Fu Family in the name of business collaboration.

However when it comes to business, decisions cannot be made based on temperament, so it is only normal for the Fu Family to accept.

Wen Ruan was watching the rain while leaning on the windowsill.  Suddenly she felt a little upset without any reason.

Rainy days always put people in a bad mood.

Out of sight, out of mind.

She simply turned around to nestle in the chair and stared blankly at the ceiling above her head.

Although she knew Fu Zhihuan might be facing difficulties, almost everyone knew of the An Familys little schemes.

As soon as she thought that he might be forcefully tied up with An Xuyin during the lunch appointment, Wen Ruan felt uneasy.


Originally, she had planned to give Fu Zhihuan a gift today as a surprise.

She wont give it to him this week!

The phone she placed on the table started to vibrate.  Wen Ruan quickly straightened up and grabbed the phone in front of her.  After taking a glance at the screen, the surge of energy she felt just now instantly disappeared.

[Xie Yanchi]:  Hi!

Wen Ruan was not interested.

[Wen Ruan]:  Hi…..your fart!

[Xie Yanchi]:  Dont be like this…….it seems youre very unhappy, do you want your cousin brother to show benevolence and take you out for a hotpot meal  Theres nothing that cant be solved after eating hotpot and Ive prepared a surprise gift for you.

Wen Ruan thought about it.

Thats true.  She had been staying at home for so many days and was bored silly.  Going out to eat hotpot and shopping would also make her think less about Fu Zhihuan.

[Wen Ruan]:  Okay, are you coming to fetch me

[Xie Yanchi]:  Thats not possible.  Im having a chat with my brothers outside now.  Can you wait for me at Xuchengji Hotpot later

After thinking for a while, Wen Ruan suddenly became spirited.

[Wen Ruan]:  Eating hotpot with you alone is boring.

[Xie Yanchi]: 

[Wen Ruan]:  Call your brothers over too.  Its my treat.

After finishing that sentence, she threw the phone aside and stood up with the support of the chairs armrest.  Then she grabbed the makeup in front of her and put a moisturizing mask on her face.

Xie Yanchis words reminded her.

Not only does she want to eat hotpot, but she also wants to post selfies!

It will be best to take pictures with Xie Yanchis brothers one by one and then send them to the circle of friends that Fu Zhihuan can see!

Tit for tat!


The rain became heavier.

Wen Ruan propped up her chin expressionlessly and looked at the heavy rain outside the window.  Then she lowered her eyes to glance at the two messages that Xie Yanchi had just sent over.

[Xie Yanchi]:  I cant come.  Maybe you wont believe me, but I met my first love.

[Xie Yanchi]:  Love is hard to find.  Bye-bye.

Wen Ruan nearly blacklisted him.

Does he think she will believe such a mentally retarded reason that he gave

She and Xie Yanchi grew up together and she had never seen this young master, who behaves like a ruffian every day, harbor genuine feelings for a girl.

So where did this first love come from

She snorted coldly and with pursed lips, she tapped the wine glass in front of her with her index finger.

Sure enough, men are nothing good!

The din in the restaurant surrounded her but only the atmosphere at her table was extremely quiet and depressing.

The loneliness of eating hotpot by herself was too great and in addition, the waiters kept giving her curious looks.  Finally, her irritation was pushed to the peak.

She stood up abruptly, picked up her bag at the side, and walked out of the restaurant in her high heels.  When she reached the door, she rummaged through the umbrella area to look for the umbrella she left there.

Where is it

Wen Ruans mood suddenly plummeted to the extreme.

When one is unlucky, even drinking cold water would result in numbness to their teeth.  An umbrella that she left here would even be stolen by some morally depraved people.

As she stared at the pouring rain outside, she took a deep breath and decided to go back inside the hotpot restaurant to borrow an umbrella from the staff.

“Do you want me to send you”

At this moment, an umbrella was raised above her head and a young but familiar voice rang in her ears.

She was momentarily stunned and when she turned around to look in the direction of the voice, she was slightly startled.


………Xu Zeming.

He was wearing a black coat with a band-aid plastered on his browbone.  He is obviously a young man but has a mature look that does not match his age.

Upon seeing that Wen Ruan recognized him, his lips curved into a smile.

“I thought you wouldnt be able to recognize me anymore.  I didnt expect you would still remember me.”

As he spoke, the umbrella was raised over her head again.

“Are you going home  Shall I send you back”

Wen Ruan frowned and turned her head away without saying a word.

After returning home that day, Wen Ruan received many messages from Xu Zeming.  Some of them were invitations to go out and some were vague confessions.

At this moment, with just a glance she could see the intention in Xu Zemings eyes.

Wen Ruan lowered her eyes and looked at the pouring rain outside.  Then with a smile, she moved away from his umbrella and said in a polite and distant tone.

“Thats not necessary…….Ill take a taxi.”

After all, she does not like Xu Zeming.

Everything that happened on that day was just because she wanted to repay the kindness he showed with a packet of tissue paper.  It was just a matter of standing up for him with a few words so it was not necessary to get entangled with him.

There was no need to have too much contact with him or give him any hope.  It was not good for everyone.

The light in Xu Zemings eyes dimmed.  Then he stubbornly raised the umbrella over her again and after thinking for a long time, he said softly.


Wen Ruan subconsciously responded.  “Huh

Xu Zeming said.  “It doesnt matter if you reject me……..to pursue you is a decision I made.”

His eyes looked clear and bright but for some unknown reason, she always felt some unspeakable violation.


Suddenly, a low male voice sounded near them and the tone carried a hint of displeasure.

“Move your umbrella.”

Wen Ruan turned her head around.

Fu Zhihuan was standing half a meter away and was looking at them with his brows covered in coldness.  His dark eyes were full of frostiness as his gaze fell on Xu Zeming in front of him and his whole body seemed to be full of hostility.

Wen Ruan was stunned.

Why is Fu Zhihuan here

At this moment, the phone in her bag started to vibrate again.

[Xie Yanchi]:  Surprised


Is this the surprise gift he was talking about

Wen Ruan was enlightened with wisdom.

It turned out that the two men have long reached an alliance and worked together to deceive her.

Is this done so that she and Fu Zhihuan can meet

Xu Zeming expressionlessly pulled off his jacket and his voice was cold.

“Second Young Master Fu, I remember I said that we will be competing fairly, right”

Second Young Master Fu

Wen Ruan was a little surprised.

How did Xu Zeming know Fu Zhihuans identity  Obviously, no one mentioned it to him at that time.

But Fu Zhihuan did not seem surprised at all and when he looked at Xu Zeming, his eyes did not waver and he was surprisingly calm.

A long time later, Fu Zhihuan laughed softly, took a few steps forward, and stopped in front of Xu Zeming to look down at him.

The difference between their heights was about half a head but the eyes that glared at each other were extremely sharp.

“Did I promise”

In Fu Zhihuans casual tone, there was some inexplicable coercion.

“Just because you said well have a fair competition, so you assume I should compete fairly with you  Do I look like Im such a reasonable person”

Xu Zeming pursed his lips tightly and did not say a word.  He just raised his head to glare back at Fu Zhihuan and it seemed he had no intention of giving up.

After a long time had passed, he lowered his voice and said in a volume that only the two of them could hear.

“Fu Lu, Im not as easy to mess with as you think.”

The emotion in Fu Zhihuans eyes did not change at all.  Instead, he laughed and only responded with anOh.

Wen Ruan frowned and was about to step forward to separate the both of them.

But at this moment, the phone vibrated again.

[Xie Yanchi]:  Ai, ai, ai…….dont interfere.  It will be hard to witness this kind of big scene in the future.

[Xie Yanchi]:  I didnt expect that with your violent temper, there would be a day when two people will start a fight over you.  Im videotaping this historic scene.

Wen Ruan had a question mark above her head.

[Wen Ruan]:  So it turned out that as a co-author youre watching secretly at the side

[Xie Yanchi]:  If not  I am a qualified executor.  Ive already guessed that Fu Zhihuan would be late, so I especially arranged for your umbrella to be taken away.

[Xie Yanchi]:  But I cant tell you which car Im in, otherwise the date will become a threesome and Second Young Master Fu will surely deduct my reward.


So you are that morally depraved thief

It doesnt matter if you had stolen my umbrella but as a co-author, you actually took money from Fu Zhihuan

And right at this moment, Fu Zhihuan turned around to Wen Ruan.  He lifted his hand to hug her around the shoulders and pulled her towards him.

His palms were hot and strong and he emanated an indescribable overbearing dominance.


Wen Ruan was unprepared for this sudden movement and stumbled unsteadily on her feet.  Her whole body fell softly into his arms and he hugged her as they moved forward a few steps.

She turned her head subconsciously with the thought that it was only polite to say goodbye to Xu Zeming.  But just as she tilted her head to the side, Fu Zhihuan held the back of her head to stop her.

“Dont look at him.”

His tone sounded a little unhappy, his thin lips were tightly pursed and his long and narrow eyes were filled with displeasure.

Just like a King of Vinegar*!

(Vinegar is often used to describe the feeling of jealousy.)

Wen Ruan reached out her hand to push him away and gritted her teeth.

“Why do you care  And who wants to leave with you  And didnt you go out with the Ans today…….”

“Mm, I ran away.”

Fu Zhihuan did not lower his head and said calmly.

“Its because I promised yesterday that Ill be coming to see you today.”

However, it was not easy to run away from such a serious appointment even if one wishes to.

Fu Zhihuan was afraid that an accident might happen, so he spent a lot of money on Young Master Xie.  In case he could not slip out, he had asked Young Master Xie to accompany Wen Ruan the whole afternoon to keep her happy.

Wen Ruan was startled then stopped walking and corrected him in a soft voice.

“Thats not right.  Yesterday, you promised to come to my house but I never said that I want you to come and see you.”

Fu Zhihuan looked down at her and thought for a while.  Then in a serious tone, he said.  “Since the purpose is achieved, the process doesnt matter.”

She bit her lower lip then let out a humph and twisted her head away.

This man is always spouting a whole bunch of flashy and flowery statements!

And she is so lacking in backbone that she accepts everything!

Xu Zeming looked at their backs as the two of them left and his eyes sank little by little.  He did not say anything and just closed the umbrella he was holding.  Then the umbrella was casually thrown aside on the potholes which resulted in a wave of mud splashes.

“Ah Ze, who did you meet”

A woman wearing a micro-mini skirt topped with a T-shirt that revealed her belly button sauntered out of the hotpot restaurant.  She leaned on Xu Zemings arm and asked coquettishly.

“What took you so long”

Xu Zeming:  “I didnt meet anyone.  Lets go in.”


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