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Chapter 66 – Banquet (3)

An Xuyin was suddenly pushed forward by Mr.

An.  She seemed to be at a loss as she looked around hesitantly and did not even know where to put her hands.


An frowned and let out a cough.  His tone carried a hint of anger but he still held back and said in a loving voice.

“Xiao Yin, why are you standing there  Say hello to them.”

As he spoke, he lifted his head and then explained with a smile.

“I hope the both of you dont mind, she is normally very quiet.”

Wen Ruan was silent for a while.

Why is it only two of them again

Im obviously standing together in the same row with the two young masters!

Finally, due to Mr.

An secretly urging her, An Xuyin took a deep breath and held out her hand to Fu Mingheng.  She nodded and said softly.


Fu Mingheng shook her hand politely and courteously introduced himself with two sentences.

After doing that, she retreated a step back as if she was prepared to stand next to her father again.

Frowning, Mr.

An placed his hand on An Xuyins back with a smile and pushed her forward again.

“Child, you still havent greeted Second Young Master Fu yet.  Where are your manners”

Wen Ruan narrowed her eyes,

She folded her arms and turned sideways to look at Mr.

An carefully.

However, it could be due to coincidence or guilty conscience, so when Mr.

An pushed An Xuyin forward with a fake smile, he subconsciously glanced in Wen Ruans direction.

As soon as their eyes met, he immediately averted his gaze and pretended nothing happened.

…….Now she finally knows who Mr.

An is targeting.

The Wen Family does not have a deep friendship with the An Family and on the surface, it can only be considered as they do not have any contradictions.  However, as businessmen, it is common for them to turn hostile at any time due to struggles for resources.

As the eldest son of the Fu Family, Fu Mingheng has been in the business arena for many years and has long been very sensitive to twists and turns, so it would not be easy for Mr.

An to form a relationship with him.

However, Fu Zhihuan is different.  He has no interest in the business arena and is still working in the Procuratorate.  To these capitalists, the best choice is those who do not harbor intentions.

Therefore, it was not surprising that many people in Tong City reacted excitedly when they heard the news of the Wen and Fu Families breaking off the marriage arrangement.

For the An Family to put so much thought into hosting this banquet, one can easily guess that he also harbored the same thought of getting lucky.

Wen Ruan gritted her teeth.


Super angry! !

His ex-fiancee is still here and although the matter is still not clear, is it really true that girls with delicate minds are unable to detect all these twists and turns!

With this thought, Wen Ruan turned her head around to glare at Fu Zhihuan quietly.

Why is this male vixen so popular!

But she did not expect Fu Zhihuan also turned his head and it so happens that he had also noticed her subtle actions.

He pursed his lower lip and his eyes wavered slightly but did not say anything.

On the other hand, An Xuyin was in a difficult situation.  She bit her lower lip, took a deep breath, and stepped forward with a hand outstretched.

“Hello, Second Young Master Fu.”

After thinking about it, she added.  “Thanks for your help just now.”

When he heard, Fu Zhihuan lifted his eyes and looked at An Xuyin.  After looking at her quietly for a while, his eyes fell on her outstretched hand.

A moment later, the corners of his lips twitched, and he let out a laugh as he raised his arms slightly.


The glass of red wine sitting close to the edge of the table was knocked down by the movement when he lifted his hand.  Half a glass of wine was spilled on Fu Zhihuans right arm and the wine spread down to the cuff.

Fu Zhihuan glanced at his hand and did not seem to be flustered at all.  Instead, he calmly raised his eyes then waved his hand, and said lightly.

“Lets forget about shaking hands.”

Upon hearing this, An Xuyin who had held up her hand for a long time lowered her eyes then slowly withdrew her hand in embarrassment and took a step back.

“Its fine.”

“Oh, yes……”

At this moment, Fu Zhihuan seemed to have remembered something.  He pulled out a tissue and while he was slowly wiping the wine on his arm, he said slowly.

“You shouldnt have thanked me just now.”


“I didnt help you……..she was the one who helped you.”

Fu Zhihuan glanced in Wen Ruans direction and then suddenly burst into a laugh and said lightly.

“You dont have to thank me.  Rewards cant be accepted without merits.”

Since it was said in such a way, even if Mr.

An did not witness the incident earlier on, he could still understand the little ruse between Wen Ruan and Fu Zhihuan.

The expression on Mr.

Ans face was a little stiff.  He turned his head with a slight frown and seemed to be a little dissatisfied as he swept a sharp glance over Wen Ruans face.

He laughed dryly and then changed the topic.

“The banquet is about to start, Ill take my daughter to get prepared first and well talk again after everything is completed.”

After speaking, he turned around and led An Xuyin away.

Fu Mingheng is a man with extensive experience.  He has been watching quietly by the side for a while and could guess Mr.

Ans intention.  He laughed and jabbed Fu Zhihuan with his elbow.

“I didnt expect that so many good things would happen not long after you return home.”

Fu Zhihuan narrowed his eyes and threw him a cold glance.

Wen Ruan sneered beside him and commented.  “Indeed.”

Fu Mingheng felt he had riled someone with his remarks.

He immediately straightened up, rubbed his nose then pretended nothing had happened and muttered.

“Hey, I see President Wang.  Ill go over to say hello first and will come back to you later.”

As he spoke, he hurried into the distance.

This time, only Wen Ruan and Fu Zhihuan were left.

Wen Ruan folded her arms and lifted her eyes to look at Fu Zhihuan coldly.  Then she turned her head away with a lighthumph and turned around to stomp away angrily with a glass of wine in her hand.

He laughed helplessly and followed behind her.

“Why are you angry”

Wen Ruan did not look back and her voice sounded a little angry.

“Im not angry!  And youre not allowed to follow me!”

As expected of a womanizing little demon!   So many people were arranging marriages for him before the banquet even started!

And in front of her too!

No matter how one looks at it, its all that male vixens fault!

He laughed.  “Didnt I help you just now”

After walking a few steps, she paused when she heard those words and then turned around with her arms akimbo.

“You have the face to say that!  It was obviously me who stood up bravely for justice but in the end, that young miss only shook hands with you!”

Fu Zhihuan stood still and looked at Wen Ruan in front of him who was fuming with anger.  Feeling relieved, his lips started to curl up slightly and there was a smile in his eyes.

It turned out she is jealous!

He said lightly.  “I didnt shake her hand.”

Wen Ruan was furious.

“Liar!  I saw that you were preparing to shake hands with her!  It was because the red wine spilled onto your clothes that you stopped!”

Fu Zhihuan said with a laugh.  “That was done on purpose.”

Wen Ruan immediately stopped talking.

After it was pointed out, she recalled the somewhat unnatural movement when Fu Zhihuan raised his arm.

With this thought, Wen Ruan who was still feeling unhappy just now suddenly felt her anger dissipate.

She lowered her head and after holding back for a long time, she finally uttered an awkwardOh.

Fu Zhihuan leaned down and raised his hand to flick her forehead with his index finger.

“But since you mentioned it, why dont you tell me the reason that boy asked for your WeChat when I was obviously the one who had helped him”

……This man!

He turned the tables on me!

Wen Ruan immediately jumped back a step and clutching her forehead, she spouted a double-standard remark righteously.

“Why are you so petty!  Never expect any benefits from helping others!”

He smiled and did not refute her.

“Mm, youre right.”

When the two of them made such a ruckus, it attracted the attention of the people in the hall.  All of them turned their heads to look in their direction and paid close attention and sneakily observed them.

After all, this is the most-watched coupled in Tong City recently.

Wen Ruan noticed everyones gaze so she coughed and put down the hand that was covering her forehead.  Then she turned around and said.

“Im leaving first.”

Fu Zhihuan lowered his eyes and his gaze fell on the delicate bones of Wen Ruans back.  His brows knotted up slightly while his throat constricted slightly and there was unhappiness in his eyes.

As soon as he came near her, he had already noticed the evening gown that Wen Ruan was wearing today.

The tube-top backless long gauze gown complemented her already beautiful figure and became more attractive especially when she was walking.  Every step she took made her look more outstanding.

It was a sight that drew attention.

It was as if a small fire suddenly ignited from the bottom of his heart and it made him feel even more irritable.

Fu Zhihuans eyes darkened.  Suddenly he reached out his hand and held Wen Ruans shoulder.

“What are you……..”

Before Wen Ruan could finish the sentence, she felt her body sink, and unexpectedly, a jacket was draped on her shoulders.

She was stunned for a moment.  Then she turned around to look at Fu Zhihuan who was standing behind her with a calm expression and she gritted her teeth.

“What are you doing”

Fu Zhihuan was very calm.  “This looks nice.”

Looks nice

The color of the jacket did not match the color of her gown at all and looked more like a pot of stew.

Wen Ruan was very angry and reached out her hand to pull off the jacket.

“Do you see anyone wear a jacket over a gown”

Fu Zhihuan frowned slightly then reached out to hold her wrist and said in a serious tone.

“The air conditioning is very low.”

Wen Ruan:  “But Im not cold.”

Fu Zhihuan corrected her.  “Youre cold.”


Is there such a thing as forcing someone to feel cold

Wen Ruan was immediately stunned by Fu Zhihuans assertive tone and it took her a while to react.  After thinking about it carefully, she looked down at her evening dress and suddenly became enlightened.

She took a step forward to move closer to him, raised her head, and lifted her index finger to poke his chest lightly with a smile.

“Ai, youre not jealous, are you”

Fu Zhihuan looked down at the person in front of him and his eyes darkened but did not say a word.

Wen Ruan felt she had won this match.

She could guess that Fu Zhihuan would pretend to be calm the next second and then make excuses to cover up with a clumsy and panicked look.

Then she will continue to chase victory and will definitely witness this mans embarrassment!

However, Fu Zhihuan laughed and after thinking about it carefully, he did not release his hold on Wen Ruans wrist.  Instead, he said seriously and slowly.

“You can say that……..I am indeed jealous.”

“….….”  She was dumbfounded.

Why doesnt this man play according to the rules of the game

Before Fu Zhihuans face could turn red, Wen Ruan suddenly blushed and raised her voice.

“Why are you like this!  Youre not supposed to admit it!”

Admitting it makes me extremely shy!

Fu Zhihuan:  “But Im telling the truth.”


Wen Ruan realized that whenever she provokes this male vixen, she will always be the one who becomes cowardly in the end.

He pursed his lower lip, released his hold on her wrist, and then leaned down to slowly pull up and adjusted the jacket for her.  Then he said in a soft voice.

“I like you, so I said it directly…….theres nothing to hide.”

Having said this, he paused and then lifted his eyes.  Following that his eyes curved with a fox-like smile in his eyes.

“Otherwise, when will I be successful in pursuing my little girl”


Why is this man such a vixen


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