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Chapter 65 – Banquet (2)

Fu Zhihuans voice was very low and a little husky.

At this moment, the sense of coercion from his whole body made the woman who acted arrogantly just now become mute and she retreated a step back.

Perhaps it was due to embarrassment, the woman sneered then turned her gaze on Wen Ruan and vented her anger on her.

“This is truly unforeseeable, Ruan Ruan.  Just after breaking off the marriage contract with Second Young Master Fu, youve brought someone else here.  Are you not afraid that you will anger Uncle and Auntie”

Wen Ruan was silent for a while and then raised her head to look at Fu Zhihuan.  After thinking about it carefully, she nodded and said seriously.

“Thats right, did you hear that  Ive already broken off the marriage contract.”


Fu Zhihuan was silent for a while then pursed his lips and his eyes darkened.  He turned his head around to look at the other woman and his eyes had turned even colder and sharper.

“Shut up.”

Who told you to remind Wen Ruan about the marriage cancellation

“Where did this man come from”

“Why do I feel that Ive never seen this face in Tong City before”

“Looks like he is not someone that should be casually provoked and since he is protecting Wen Ruan like this……”

“I was wondering why she broke off with Second Young Master Fu, so it turned out that she is in an ambiguous relationship with another man.  Say, if the Fu Family finds out about this, will they be furious”

The people around did not want to cause trouble and retreated in unison to form a circle but it did not prevent them from whispering into each others ears to discuss the topic fiercely.

“Who do you think this person is  Is he not afraid to get into trouble with the Fu Family”

Before the sentence was finished, Fu Minghengs clear voice sounded in the distance.

“Ah Lu!”

Fu Mingheng, who was still holding a glass that was half-filled with wine in his hand, frowned as he looked over.  When he noticed the people had formed a circle, he quickened his footsteps and walked over to them.

“Whats the matter  Old Master An was just asking about you but in a blink of an eye…….”

He was still talking but when he turned his head, he saw Wen Ruan beside him.

Wen Ruan was yawning while watching the show but now when she met Fu Minghengs gaze, she gestured a victory sign in greeting.

Fu Mingheng lifted his eyebrows slightly and finally understood.  There was some mockery in his tone as he said.

“It turned out that Miss Wen is here.  No wonder you disappeared in a flash.”

Fu Zhihuian glanced at him from the corner of his eye and asked in a soft voice.

“Are you about to get back your sports car”


Fu Mingheng suddenly became quiet.

Today he had talked about the sad loss of his precious sports car with Fu Zhihuan all morning.  Just as he had emerged from his sorrow, he was pulled back into the abyss.

The people around looked at the two people in front of them and they were all dumbstruck for a moment.

The Fu Family is the most famous in Tong City and people who want to curry their favor are countless.  Even the host of todays banquet gives face to the Fu Family, so no one is not aware of Fu Minghengs identity.

And after listening to the conversation between the two people, it seems that the person whom they were gossiping about just now should be Second Young Master Fu……Fu Lu, right

With this thought, everyones heart began to drum.

Just now they were whispering and discussing Second Young Masters affairs and most probably he had heard that.  In case the family retaliates by settling scores……..

Thinking about this, even melon seeds had turned tasteless.

But those present still held onto the last shreds of hope for a final struggle.

……No, thats definitely wrong.

Second Young Master Fu and Wen Ruan are at odds with each other, so why is he still protecting her so intimately and standing up for her

Then Fu Mingheng started to laugh and he raised his head to say to the people around him.

“I forgot to introduce…….this is my younger brother, Fu Zhihuan.  Although he changed his name a long time ago, I still cant get used to it, so I just call him Ah Lu.”

After speaking, he added cheerfully.  “What were all of you talking about just now”


The people around him could not even force out a smile and could only hear their hearts shattering.

The woman who took the lead to show arrogance just now had a death-pale complexion and remained silent throughout the whole process as she had lost the confidence she previously showed when she was making a fuss.

Especially when one recalled the demeaning words spoken to Wen Ruan just now, it was as funny as a jumping clown.

When Fu Mingheng saw the dejected faces of the people around him, he felt a little confused and looked at Wen Ruan.

“Whats wrong”

Wen Ruan very calmly analyzed.

“Thats very normal because we were not chatting but quarreling.”

“Quarreling”  He suspected he had heard wrongly.

She nodded seriously and immediately told on someone.

“Yes and Fu Zhihuan almost got into a fight.”


Fu Mingheng was silent for a while then turned to look at Fu Zhihuan beside him and gave him a look that saidyoure indeed capable.

No wonder this group of people looked so mournful and could not even smile.

When Fu Zhihuan heard Wen Ruan telling on him, he raised his hand to pinch the spot between his eyebrows.  He could not help but laugh helplessly and looked at her.

“No conscience…….the reason I fought was clearly that I stood up for you.”

She turned her head around and snorted softly and arrogantly.

“Who told you to stand up for me”

As she was speaking, she lifted her hand to point at the woman wearing the fur shawl and said in a loud and clear voice.

“Look, everyone already knew that we have broken up.  Therefore, anyone can help me and I dont need you to stand up for me.”

Finally, she lifted her chin and threw a question at the Fur Shawl.

“Do you agree”



At this moment, not only did Fur Shawl feel her heart had turned into ash, she even felt her breathing had suddenly stopped.

In the current situation, who is unaware that Second Young Master is protecting Wen Ruan

And there is a high probability that the rumor about Fu Lu is true……..that is he doesnt want to break off the marriage contract with her.

The words she spoke to him just now were involuntarily giving him a chance to find fault with her.  Just now she had prayed repeatedly in her heart that Fu Lu would quickly forget about this matter but unexpectedly, Wen Ruan reminded him.

True enough, a womans heart is the most venomous!

Of course, Fu Zhihuan could see through Wen Ruans little trick.  As he rubbed his temple lightly with his index finger, he laughed helplessly and sighed.

Forget it, as long as the little girl is happy, he doesnt mind being used as a gunner by her.

After stirring up such a huge problem, Fur Shawl realized it was difficult for her to retreat.  So after hesitating for a long time, she took a few steps forward and whispered like a mosquito with her head lowered.

“Sorry, Second Young Master Fu, I was in the wrong just now.  I shouldnt have been so worked up.”

Fu Zhihuan raised his eyelashes.  His eyes were as black as ink and there were no visible emotions.  He just snorted softly, turned his body sideways slightly, and said with some indifference in his voice.

“Im not angry.”

The woman sighed in relief.  “Then……”

Before she could finish the sentence, the person in front of her added.

“However, youve made my little girl unhappy.”

The woman froze.

“Therefore, you dont have to apologize to me.”

He pointed his thumb at Wen Ruan who was standing behind him and grinned as he said.  “Apologize to her.”

There was silence all around.

If it was said that Fu Zhihuans attitude just now was not direct enough then this time, he was clearly showing that he was supporting Wen Ruan.

It looked like all the 43 versions of gossip about the love-hate relationship between the two people were not true except for the version about Fu Zhihuan pursuing Wen Ruan.

The deadlock lasted for a very long time.

Fur Shawls family background is not weak and it can be said that she is the most sought-after young lady following Wen Ruan.

Usually, when the both of them meet and talk, there would be a smell of gunpowder and both of them could not even be considered plastic flower sisters.

It was easy for her to apologize to Fu Zhihuan but to apologize to Wen Ruan whom she had never been on good terms since they were children, she could not get over that hurdle in her heart.

Fu Mingheng who was watching the show from the side became very excited.

It is the first time he is seeing his younger brother being so protective of a girl and it is extremely touching!

While he was quietly doing a live broadcast of the current scene to the small group of his family on WeChat, he drank red wine like he was drinking beverages and also requested someone passing by to refill his glass.

Finally, after half a minute of silence, the woman gritted her teeth, took a deep breath, and walked to Wen Ruan with her head lowered.


Wen Ruan did not show a big reaction and only just answered indifferently with anOh.

Then she seemed to have thought of something and reached out her hand to pull An Xuyin who was beside her and raised her chin.

“Wait a moment, you still have to apologize to her.”

It was obvious An Xuying felt a little panicky.  Her eyes shifted around and she did not know where to look.

Fur Shawls face was red and clenching her fists, she took several deep breaths repeatedly.  Then she seemed to be gritting her teeth as she said word by word.

“Okay…….Miss An, I am sorry.”

After speaking, she did not even want to listen to the reply and turned around to walk away in her high heels.


Upon seeing that the woman had left, Wen Ruan released her hand that was holding An Xuyins shoulder.

She looked up at Fu Zhihuan and after thinking for a while, she said.  “Thank you.”

In the end, she raised her index finger and added plausibly.

“Although you do seem to have helped me, it doesnt mean that I have forgiven you.  We, Scorpios, are very vengeful!”

No matter what, one cant afford to lose momentum!


After listening to her words, Fu Zhihuan lowered his eyes and thought for a moment.  Then he chuckled and said softly.

“Mm, then should I try harder the next time”


Fu Minghen who had all the while been doing a live broadcast with his parents, finally could not stand the unbridled behavior of the two people.  They seemed to be ambiguous but were actually excessively showing off and abusing dogs.

He turned off the phone and coughed.

“Ah Lu, you have to go with me to meet Mr.



and Mrs.

Fu Changming did not attend the banquet today, so the two of them as sons had to at least go through the motions of exchanging pleasantries with the host.

As soon as he finished speaking, a burst of hearty laughter was heard not far away.

“Mingheng, long time no see!”

An Xuyins father, Mr.

An, and his wife were walking slowly towards them.

He paused, raised his eyes, and threw An Xuyin a look that was a little threatening and filled with coldness.

An Xuyin trembled but she still moved over obediently without a word and stopped to stand behind Mr.



An put away the satisfaction in his eyes and then looked at the people around with a smile.

“I heard that my daughter had caused some trouble, so I came over to have a look, and unexpectedly, youve witnessed some embarrassment.  Miss Wen, thank you for speaking up on behalf of Xiao Yin just now.  This child had just returned and her personality is rather restrained.”

When An Xuyin heard this, her eyelashes trembled slightly.

Wen Ruan laughed and turned on her social mode once again.

“Its okay.”

Fu Mingheng smiled politely.  “Thats fine.”

Then he turned aside to introduce Fu Zhihuan.


An, this is my younger brother, Fu Zhihuan.  He was in Jiang City for several years and only came back recently.”

Fu Zhihuan lifted his eyes then bowed, and held out his hand with just the right attitude.


Wen Ruan glanced at the person out of the corner of her eyes.

He is indeed able to handle any situation with ease!

At least, he is one of the very few people who does not need to say much but just by standing there, he could make others feel different with the temperament from his eyes.


An shook Fu Zhihuans hand with a smile then turned his head and glanced at An Xuyin beside him.  Although there was a smile on his face, his tone seemed to be a little unhappy and cold.

“Xiao Yin, come over to greet the two gentlemen and introduce yourself.”

Two gentlemen

Wen Ruan suddenly felt that something was wrong.

She did a mental count.

Including herself, there should be three people!

With Wen Ruans keen intuition and Mr.

Ans expression, it looked like he was looking at his future son-in-law and she was acutely aware that something was amiss.

It turned out that other than trying to place An Xuyin into the limelight with this birthday banquet, the more important point was……..

The An Family harbored the thought of setting up a marriage arrangement with the Fu Family.


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