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Chapter 63 – A Tool

After expressing his opinion, Fu Mingheng picked up most of the barbecued meats and slipped back to his room.

Wen Ruan sat on the sofa for a long time and then suddenly seemed to remember something.  So she pulled out her phone and topped up the charges for it.

After a short wait, a notification popped up and prompted that the top-up was successful and the account was credited.

Two warm reminders from the operator popped up first and then became quiet once again.  Then the screen gradually started to turn black.

After a long wait, Wen Ruan began to lose patience.

She lowered her eyes which showed a little disappointment.

Perhaps, she made a wrong guess

However, when she was about to put down the phone, she suddenly heard a text message prompt and the phone vibrated.


Message from:  Fu Zhihuan.

Immediately after that, the prompt sounds and vibrations continued until her palms started to feel a little hot.

The little red dot that showed the number of unread text messages jumped from the original single digit to double digits until it went up to 99.

Almost two-thirds of the messages came from that familiar name.

She felt her eyes turning hot without any reason.  After taking a deep breath, she still could not hide the slight trembling in her breathing as she reached out to open the unread messages from Fu Zhihuan.

In the beginning, the contents of the messages that enquired about her whereabouts could be regarded as calm and then followed by messages that anxiously tested her mood until in the end, the messages all turned into chaotic explanations.

Just like a worried child that fears a loss and wants to hold on to the people he loves.

Clumsy but sincere.

Although not every message was long, it could be seen that all of them were sincere without the slightest trace of being perfunctory.

She rubbed her nose and chuckled but could not suppress the feeling of sourness that rose from the tip of her nose to her eyes.

Why is this guy so stubborn

And so naïve

She took a deep breath then stood up and after glancing at the closed door upstairs, she walked up.

When she pushed the door open, Fu Zhihuan seemed to have fallen asleep.

She slowly walked to his bed, turned off the lamp that was still brightly lit, and quietly looked down at his sleeping face.

His eyes were tightly closed and his brows were still slightly knotted together.  Even if he did not open his eyes, the tiredness in his brows was still visible.

Wen Ruan sighed.

Forget it, its just softening her heart for the last time…….it shouldnt be a big deal, right

She bent down and said softly.

“Well, seeing that you had performed exceptionally well these few days, Ill reluctantly agree to give you a chance to pursue me.”

Then she added righteously.  “But it will be the last chance!”

After saying such a long string of words, she suddenly felt foolish.

 She straightened up, puffed up her cheeks, and comforted herself in her heart………

Anyway, Fu Zhihuan is asleep now and cant hear her!

With this thought, she finally felt relieved then patted her chest and turned around to leave.

At this moment, the person who was supposed to be asleep on the bed suddenly opened his eyes and lifted a hand to grab her wrist.

Wen Ruan was stunned, subconsciously turned her head back, and met Fu Zhihuans eyes.

Her figure was very clearly reflected in those dark pupils of his and at this moment, everything around had turned blurry except for him.

Perhaps it was because her mind was still in a daze, so neither of them spoke for the moment.

After about five seconds of silence, Fu Zhihuan spoke up.

The corners of his lips pulled up and although he looked sickly, he seemed to have an air of a ruffian when he smiled.  There was only seriousness and no hint of ridicule in his pair of peach blossom eyes.

He said.  “Thank you, I got it.”

She was stunned momentarily and then immediately understood his meaning.

She felt so embarrassed that she pulled back her arm instantly, bit her lower lip, and blushed all of a sudden.  Then feeling flustered, she picked up the pillow beside him and smacked him with it.

“Youre pretending to be asleep again!  Pretending to be asleep again!”

Fu Zhihuan caught the pillow as he laughed lightly with his eyebrows raised.  His chest was heaving as he said.  “No, I was sleeping very lightly.”

Wen Ruan:  “But I spoke very softly!”

Fu Zhihuan touched his nose and glanced at her.  After thinking for a while, he gave a serious analysis.

“Its indeed true you spoke very softly but the smell of cumin and chili powder on your body is very stimulating.”


Does this person know how to speak

She was so angry that she almost pulled him out of bed to wrestle with him.  She gritted her teeth and said.  “I declare that you have lost your last chance!”

Sure enough, this man is not worthy of her soft-heartedness!

He will never give her love and warmth!

And will only push her into early menopause!


It was already midnight when Wen Ruan arrived home from Fu Zhihuans house.

However, she did not understand why when she usually returns home a little late, Wen Fengchen and Xie Ai, the two elders would question her earnestly about her days activities, and at the same time, they would also open WeChat to check the places she had visited for the day.

However, tonight the two elders seemed like they were possessed.  Not only did they not ask any questions, but they also looked grief-stricken.

“Why did you come back so early”

“Why are you in such a hurry to come home”

“Are you sure you dont want to go out for a little while longer”

With a puzzled expression, Wen Ruan looked at the clock that showed it was approaching midnight.

Did their brains suffer from a short circuit

But this question was answered very quickly.

Because after taking her bath, when Wen Ruan came down quietly in her pajamas to get some snacks to munch on while watching the dramas, she overheard her precious father talking on the phone in the living room.

“Ai, yes, yes, Ruan Ruan is back.”

“I thought she was going to spend the night in your house tonight.  Ai, why did that child, Mingheng go home  It wasted all your effort leaving the house to give those two kids some space.”

“This matter almost succeeded and the childs mother even picked out a new set of engagement rings for them just now.”


Wen Ruan recalled the abnormally empty Fu Mansion today and the very conspicuous note with the wordsMedicine Compartment when she searched for the medicine in the house.  Suddenly, she felt that all those weird happenings were answered.


She had been tricked again!

She sneered as she pulled out a can of milk from the fridge and walked to stand behind Mr.

Wen Fengchen with her arms crossed.

Xie Ai who was sitting on the sofa saw Wen Ruan as soon as she lifted her head.

She hurriedly coughed then winked at Wen Fengchen who was talking on the phone and tried her best to hint.

However, Father Wen who had his back facing Wen Ruan did not seem to notice and was even discussing intensely with Fu Changming how to bring the young couple together for the second time.

“Do you have any more ideas  Otherwise, can you make your Ah Lu stay sick for a few more days”

“……Its indeed not benevolent to do that.  Or else, how about getting your Ah Lu and our Ruan Ruan to dress in couple outfits at tomorrows banquet  Its said that people who wear the same style of clothes tend to pay more attention to each other!”

“Oh, it seems formal attire doesnt come in couple outfits.  The mens styles are usually the same……..otherwise, why not get them custom-made”

Father Wen kept on talking until Wen Ruan pulled off the tab on the milk can very loudly.


A crisp sound rang out and Wen Fengchen who was deeply concentrating on the teleconversation finally realized something was amiss.

He turned his head around slowly and met the smiling eyes of Wen Ruan.

Wen Ruan let out a laugh and then lifted her head to down the whole can of milk.  She finished the can of milk in a very direct and smooth manner and then slam the can heavily on the coffee table.

A bang sounded and even the milk can had become deformed.

She smiled at her beloved father very tenderly and said very politely.

“Dad, goodnight……I wish you a happy life and may you stay cheerful every day.”

After speaking, she went upstairs without looking back.

Wen Fengchen was silent for a long time.  Then he took a deep breath and said to Mr.

Fu Changming on the other end of the line.

“I think your son may not have any more hope.”

“ “

Pity the hearts of parents in the world*.

(Pity the hearts of parents in the world means that children will never understand or appreciate their parents painstaking efforts and usually misunderstand their parents intentions.)


Although she slept quite late the night before, Wen Ruan still woke up early the next day with great perseverance.

Moreover, not only did she get up early in the morning but also made a series of WeChat calls to harass Qin Sushan.  She also made a video call to Qin Sushan and even performed a minor fashion show for her…….

Wen Ruan pulled out all the formal dresses from the closet and tried on every one of them patiently and even forced Qin Sushan to give her opinion.

Qin Sushan yawned with sleepy eyes.

“Miss Wen, isnt it just a normal family banquet  I didnt see you take this kind of event so seriously before.  Why are you making such a big fuss today”

Wen Ruans homecoming this time coincidentally also happens to be the 20th birthday of An Xuyin, the Eldest Miss of the An Family.

The Ans has always been ostentatious and this Eldest Misss life has been a bumpy ride.  It can be considered she has a background that is comparable to a heroine of a contemporary novel.

Because when An Xuyin was a child, she was carried away from the hospital by mistake.  It was until a year ago that she was finally found, so the An Family would definitely take this opportunity to hold a grand event to accumulate enough face for their daughter who was finally found.

Wen Ruan took a deep breath.

“Youre not aware of this.  In the past few days after my return, Ive already heard 43 versions of gossip about me and Fu Zhihuan.”

Qin Sushan:  “For example”

Wen Ruan:  “For example, they said that Fu Zhihuan has aBright Moonlight who looks thirty percent like me.  In the beginning, it was because my face reminded Fu Zhihuan of his first love so he used me as a stand-in.  But now the Bright Moonlight* has returned and because of his first love, Fu Zhihuan broke up with me…….”

(Bright Moonlight refers to an extraordinary beauty and the most perfect lover but is illusory and unobtainable.)

Qin Sushan did not respond for a while and then gave a serious comment.

“Thats right, it does sound like what usually happens in the wealthy families.”


Wen Ruan was silent for a moment and then inhaled deeply.

“In short, there will be countless people keeping their eyes on me, so of course, I cant be as lackadaisical as before!”

Qin Sushan felt it made sense.

So she quickly threw herself into helpingher sister to regain her position.  Very seriously and rigorously, she helped Wen Ruan choose an evening gown for tonights banquet, and finally, they settled on a tube-top backless long dress.

Wen Ruan has lovely shoulders and wearing such a tube-top backless dress will emphasize the curve of her neck making it look more perfect and eye-catching.  It is not something deliberately exaggerated but she seems to exude an attractive sexiness in that dress.

Qin Sushan was filled with satisfaction and at the same time, she posted her over-the-top praise without any hesitation.

“Oh, youre so beautiful!  I declare that you are definitely the MVP of the game today.  When youre surrounded by the crowd, dont forget your best friend who had gotten up early in the morning and worked hard to help you choose your dress…….”

Wen Ruan said very sincerely.  “Thank you.”

The call ended abruptly.

Qin Sushan fell into contemplation as she looked blankly at the phone screen.

The essence of a best friend is to be used as a tool…….and this sentence indeed rings true!


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