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Chapter 60 – Home Alone (2)

Wen Ruan turned on the lights in the room.

The dim yellow light gave the whole house a soft and warm feeling.

Fu Zhihuan was lying on the bed in his messy clothes.  Even with his eyes closed, the tiredness between his slightly knotted eyebrows was very clear, his thin lips were pursed tightly and he seemed to be having a restless sleep.

Wen Ruan sighed, walked over to him, and leaned down to test the temperature of his forehead with the palm of her hand.

So hot!

His thin shirt was already soaked due to the high fever.  There was still a layer of sweat droplets on his forehead and his soft black hair had become slightly damp.

The fever should not be allowed to persist, so she must look for medicine to lower it.

Wen Ruan turned around with a frown and went downstairs.  First, she went into the kitchen to pour a glass of warm water and then looked around the unfamiliar house.

Where is the fever medicine kept

Or should she go out and buy

She decided to go out but when she lifted her head, a piece of paper with the handwritten wordsMedicine Compartment appeared in front of her eyes.

The two words in strong brushstrokes were written on a piece of A4-sized paper that was pasted on the cabinet door above her head.  A small arrow was also drawn to indicate the direction and the wordOPEN was written below the arrow.

After a moment of silence, she reached out to open the cabinet.

Sure enough, the medicine box was sitting inside and as soon as she opened the box, a strip of fever medicine was neatly placed on top.


Why does it feel a bit weird

Does the Fu Family have the habit of marking where the medicine box is kept

But Wen Ruan did have time to think too much due to the urgent situation and went upstairs with the glass of warm water and fever medicine.  Then she helped Fu Zhihuan to sit up and fed him.

After much difficulty, he finally swallowed the medicine and his eyelashes fluttered.  Then he furrowed his brows but still could not muster the strength to open his eyes.

Wen Ruan sighed and then realized that the back of his shirt was completely soaked through.

He was caught in the rain just now and his whole body was still wet.  If he is left in this wet state, not only will the fever not subside but tomorrow it might even worsen.

Therefore, he needs a change of clothes.

While thinking about this, Wen Ruans movements were already a step ahead of her thoughts.  She reached out her hand to his collar and very smoothly undid the button………

Wait a minute!

Suddenly a chord pulled taut in her mind and she instantly withdrew her hand.


Without being aware, she almost stripped the clothes off Fu Zhihuan.

Wen Ruan bit her lower lip and her face turned red.  She stared at the button on Fu Zhihuans collar that she had undone then quietly reached out to re-button it back for him and pretended nothing had happened.

…….Forget it.

Just let him fall sick.

Although he is unconscious now if tomorrow morning he finds out that she was the one who helped him change his clothes, he will surely tease her again!

*Cough, cough*

At this moment, Fu Zhihuan let out two coughs with his brows knotted up and even his chest was shaking slightly.

The coughing sounds made her heart tremble.

The original thought ofleaving him to his demise quietly retreated to the back of her mind.

After hesitating again and again, she reached out her hand to poke Fu Zhihuans arm and whispered in his ear.

“Hey, are you awake  Is it convenient to wake up first so you can change your clothes”

The reply she received was the sound of heavy breathing.

She refused to give up.

“Hey, you have to rely on yourself!  Youre already an adult, so you must rely on yourself to change clothes!”

There was only silence.

Losing her patience, Wen Ruan gritted her teeth, increased her strength, and pushed him again.

“A big man like you wants a girl to help you change clothes!  Dont you feel shy  If youre not shy, I am!  And were still in a cold war!”

Not only did Fu Zhihuan not wake up, he even turned over.

Wen Ruan was in despair.

She gritted her teeth and felt so angry that she stood up from the chair and walked towards the door.

“Given an inch wants a foot!  Who cares about you!  Ill just let you have a high fever tomorrow!”

After saying that, she slammed the door shut.

The curtains in the room were blown by the gust of wind and flew up in the air and then gradually settled down after a few seconds.

The room fell into a dead silence again.


A long time later, the door of the room was pushed open again.

Wen Ruan had a defeated expression as she stood outside the door to look into the room.

Fu Zhihuan was still lying on the bed in the same position as before and was unaware of what happened just now.  If there was any difference, it was probably that his brows were wrinkled up even more tightly and his expression seemed more tired.

Wen Ruan walked into the room, went up to the bed, and stopped beside it.  With folded arms, she looked at him with lowered eyes while tapping the floor with her toes.

Really, why is he still not awake even after this

He cant have gone into shock, right

“Hey, Fu Zhihuan!”  Wen Ruan shouted.

No response.


She gritted her teeth and leaned down to undo his button again.  She undid the buttons one by one with movements that showed some anger and could not stop scolding him.

“Look at you…….Ive known you for so long but I havent seen you take your health seriously.”

“Look at how many times Ive taken care of you!  A big man like you wants a little lady to take care of you, dont you feel ashamed!”

“Can you please give due respect to the wordscold war andquarrel!  Im feeling angry with you but I still have to help you change your clothes!  I can even make it into the ranking list of people who moved the world!”

However, Wen Ruan stopped abruptly halfway through when four to five buttons were undone.

Further down would be Fu Zhihuans sturdy waist.

It was inevitable for her fingertips and the sides of her hand to rub against his chest.  Perhaps it was due to psychological misconception but the parts of his skin that she touched would give rise to a hot and dry feeling which made her throat a little itchy.

Wen Ruan took a deep breath.

Its fine!

Both of them are adults, so they shouldnt feel so shy, and isnt it only just changing clothes  Its only a matter that will only take half a minute.  She is not some delicate little lady so the matter should be solved easily!

So with this self-encouragement, Wen Ruans index finger touched the button again.


Ah, ah, ah, ah…….No!

She straightened up as fast as a carp, turned her body around in a swish, and stood with her back facing Fu Zhihuan.  At the same time, she lifted her hand to hold it against her pounding chest.

Cant do it!

Im a delicate little lady!

And shy!

Wen Ruan wanted to give up halfway and flee immediately but the sick man behind her seemed to be tying down her ankles making her unable to move.

After adjusting her emotions for about half a minute, Wen Ruan took a deep breath and decided to use the trick ofout of sight, out of mind.

As long as she closes her eyes and pretends that nothing is happening!

Comforting herself in this way, she turned around again and placed her index finger on his button with her eyes closed.

One button done.

Then further down a little……..look for the next button.

Got it!  Another one done!  Very easy!

Then further down.

Further down.


Suddenly, a hand grabbed Wen Ruans wrist and the fiery temperature of that hand on her skin was very distinct.

Before she could open her eyes, she heard a low and hoarse chuckle.  Although the voice sounded tired, there was still a strong trace of playfulness.

“Kid, dont go any further.”


Wen Ruans eyes flew open instantly and met Fu Zhihuans smiling eyes.

Upon looking down, she found that her fingertips were only a short distance away from the danger zone.

She blushed and immediately pulled her hand away.  Then after stepping back a meter away, she turned around smoothly.

“Fu Zhihuan!  Were you pretending to be asleep just now!”

Fu Zhihuan stretched out his hand to prop himself up and then rested his arms on his knees.  After taking a glance at his shirt, then only did he realize what Wen Ruan was doing just now.

He rubbed his temples and explained.  “No, I just woke up.”

Clenching her fists tightly, Wen Ruan did not look back and could not help but feel angry.

“Just woke up  Just now I punched, kicked, scolded you, and even almost strangled you but you didnt wake up.  Now you tell me you just woke up  How did you wake up so coincidentally”

The little girl was so frightened that she panicked and felt so shy and annoyed just like a little anxious rabbit.

The corners of Fu Zhihuas lips twitched slightly and before he could speak, his throat and eyes started to feel itchy and numb.  Subconsciously, he placed a fist to his lips and coughed heavily then breathed in deeply.

“Mm, its a coincidence.”

“Or else, I can pretend to be asleep so you can continue.”

“Continue, my foot!”  Wen Ruan almost fainted due to anger.  From the closet, she pulled out a set of clothes and threw them over.

“Get changed!”

Fu Zhihuan laughed dully.  “Okay.”

When she heard the sound of clothes rustling behind her, it felt like a feather was scratching her heart.

Coupled with the embarrassing incident just now, she felt the room was like a big stove and she was being grilled making her feel hot all over.

She took a deep breath and walked towards the door without looking back.

“Since youre awake, I will go back first.”

“Wen Ruan…….”

At this moment, Fu Zhihuan suddenly called out to her.

Wen Ruan paused, turned her head to the side slightly, and said angrily.

“What do you want”

Fu Zhihuan replied in a soft voice.  “Can you do me a favor”


By the time Wen Ruan came back upstairs with the medicine box, Fu Zhihuan had already changed his clothes.  He was leaning against the headboard with his eyes tightly closed as if he was adjusting his mental state.

“Hey!  She put the medicine box to the side.  “Ive brought the box up.”

Upon hearing her voice, Fu Zhihuan opened his eyes and the red veins in his eyes were very obvious.  He looked very tired but he still smiled at Wen Ruan.

“Thank you.”

After replying, he sat up straight, and then without saying a word, he lifted his hand to undo the button on his collar.

“Wait, wait, wait a minute!”

Wen Ruan immediately shouted for him to stop.

“Fu Zhihuan, if you do this again, Ill call the police!  Just now I only wanted to help you change your clothes.  Can you please not do this again!”

Why does she feel that throughout this night, she had a hard time with the buttons

Fu Zhihuan was stunned for a moment and then laughed softly.  He shook his head helplessly and turned his body around with his back facing Wen Ruan.

“Hand me the medicine box…….you can go out first.”

Then he added another sentence.  “But can you not leave”

She did not speak.  After handing over the medicine box, she turned around to leave.

But as she was going out, she could not help but glance behind her from the corner of her eyes.

At this moment, Fu Zhihuan had already loosened his shirt.  His exposed back was almost completely covered with gauze and ointment and in places where there was no gauze plastered, there were some glaring bruises that looked like new injuries.

He lowered his head to pick up some things from the medicine box and then lifted his head.  He flipped his hand back to tear off the plasters and frowning, he let out a soft sound.


Wen Ruan recalled what the chauffeur told her.

The old injuries from the car accident were only a few days old but they were far from healed and those bruises were probably wounds left after being punished according to the familys rules.

With these kinds of injuries, no wonder he was burning with a fever tonight.

But since he has woken up, she shouldnt meddle in his affairs.

With this thought, she pressed down on the door handle and opened the door.

Fu Zhihuan did not look back.

But he could hear very clearly the sound of the door being pulled open and then closed.

He lowered his eyes, twitched the corners of his lips, and smiled wryly.

The little girl did not reply just now and most probably she was not willing to wait.  Tonight she was angered so she will definitely go back home.

But the dressings on the old wounds had not been changed for several days and they had started to become inflamed after being exposed to the rain.

When Fu Zhihuan woke up just now, it was all due to the unbearable pain from the inflamed wounds.  If the wounds were not dealt with tonight, he probably would not be able to sleep the whole night.

He closed his eyes, lowered his head, and reached out his hand to tear off the rest of the gauze.

Right at this moment, suddenly a slightly cold hand gently pressed on his arm and then he heard Wen Ruan pretending to speak in an indifferent voice.

“Forget it……..Ill help you.”


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