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Chapter 59 – Home Alone (1)

When Wen Ruan touched Fu Zhihuans arm, she realized that his body was terribly hot and he seemed to be running a high fever.

And at this time, his clothes were mostly wet and stuck to his skin.

He gritted his teeth, took a deep breath, and straightened up with difficulty.   While leaning sluggishly against the wall beside him, he pressed a hand to his forehead.

He closed his eyes and breathed heavily to adjust his breathing and his voice was a little hoarse.

“Im fine.”

Wen Ruan was anxious and scolded.

“Fine  Youre running a high fever and still say youre fine  While having a fever, you still came to the night bar”

The corner of his lips twitched and he turned his head around with a smile.  As he looked at her with gentleness in his eyes, he said in a lowered tone as if he was whispering into her ears and it held a hint of bewitchment.

“Because I knew you were there.”


She choked, turned her head away, and refused to look at him.

A long time later, she lowered her eyes with her eyelashes trembling slightly and sighing helplessly, she pulled out her phone from her pocket with resignation.

“Wait, let me see if I can get my dad to send a driver over…….”

But before she could start dialing, Fu Zhihuan reached out his hand to press lightly on her phone.

“Thats not necessary.”

Wen Ruan pulled her hand back and raised her voice.

“Why not  If youre not in such a bad state, I wouldnt want to bother my dad.”

Fu Zhihuan burst into laughter and forced himself to stand up but he still staggered forward unsteadily.

She quickly held up her hands to support him.

“What are you doing”

Fu Zhihuan adjusted his focus, pulled out his phone from his pocket, and sent out a message as he gave her a firm reply.

“Calling for a car.”

“Its impossible to get one at this time…….”

*Honk, honk*

Before Wen Ruan could finish speaking, the sounds of a car horn floated over interrupting her.

A black car with a gleaming body was parked at the entrance of the passageway.

The car window rolled down slowly and the man in the drivers seat poked out his head and called out respectfully.


Fu, Im here!”


Wen Ruan was stunned and it was a long time before she came back to her senses.  She turned her head around and asked angrily.

“You were actually driven over by a chauffeur!”

He nodded.

Wen Ruan:  “Then why did you pretend to take cover from the rain with me  And you stood in the blowing cold winds for almost half an hour!”

He laughed, placed a hand on the wall to support himself, and straightened up with difficulty.  He lowered his eyes and looked gently at her.

“I was afraid you wont leave with me…….and I just wanted to stay a bit longer with you.”

Her anger was suddenly extinguished at this moment and the remaining was some unreasonable anger she harbored.  However, she did not know whether she was angry with him or with herself.

The man was obviously in a bad state and he could still joke about himself.

At this moment, the chauffeur had gotten out of the car and hurried over with an umbrella.


Fu, let me help you into the car…….”

“Let her get into the car first.”

Fu Zhihuan lifted his head, glanced at the small black umbrella, and pointed his chin in Wen Ruans direction.

The chauffeur nodded immediately.

“Miss Wen, please come with me first.”

Initially, Wen Ruan wanted to persuade Fu Zhihuan to get in the car first but looking at him, she knew that he would not listen to her.

She sighed and then walked under the umbrella.

Fu Zhihuan leaned against the wall.  When he saw that Wen Ruan was finally being escorted to the car, only then did he look away and the smile on his lips gradually faded.

A strong feeling of dizziness surged up and it felt like thousands of needles were piercing into his temples and every part of his skull was aching dully.

He coughed heavily and leaned forward due to a sudden feeling of weakness.

He raised a hand to support his burning forehead and the scene in front of him started to blur.  The tinnitus sounds became louder and louder and the surrounding sounds of the rain became hazy…….

Then finally he heard an anxious shout……..


Fu!  Are you alright!”


When Fu Zhihuan was helped into the car, his eyes were closed and the cold sweat on his forehead had slipped down to his chin and neck.

It appeared that he was falling into unconsciousness.

When Wen Ruan discovered Fu Zhihuan was having a high fever just now, she did not expect his physical condition to be on the verge of collapse.  In just a blink of an eye, his condition had deteriorated from bad to worse.

The chauffeur got back into the drivers seat, started the car engine, and turned his head to look behind him.

“Miss Wen, should I send you back first”

She frowned and looked at Fu Zhihuans condition.

“No, send him back to the Fus residence first.”

The chauffeur nodded.

The rain continuously hit on the windows and as rainwater battered against the glass, the scenery outside the window became distorted.

Wen Ruan started to ask.  “Has he been having a fever tonight”

The chauffeur was silent for a while before he nodded.


“What happened”  Wen Ruan frowned.

Fu Zhihuans health has always been very good and only two days had passed but why did he suddenly develop a fever

The chauffeur sighed and explained.

“After Second Young Master returned home, Master was very angry.  Master made a huge fuss and Second Young Master was punished according to the familys rules.   I dont know much about it but I heard it was not only that…….the Second Young Master knelt in front of the door of Old Master Fus study all night, so Second Young Masters condition was not good these few days.”


Suddenly Wen Ruan recalled that up to now, it has only been four days since Fu Zhihuan was discharged from the hospital to recuperate at home.

The old injuries caused by the previous car accident should not have healed yet but since he did not mention it at all, therefore, it did not seem to be a serious problem.

Together with the punishment of the familys rules and the kneeling all night long, even if his body is made of iron, he still would not be able to stand such stimulation.

Now that he was drenched with the rain and was blown by the cold night winds for such a long time, it could be deduced that his old illness had relapsed.

As she sulked, she pulled out pieces of tissues to help him wipe off the sweat on his forehead.

Why does this man never take his own body seriously

And why is Old Master Fu like this!  Doesnt he feel heartache for his grandson

I feel so angry!  Next year, Im not giving him a parrot as a birthday present again!

As the chauffeur drove the car, he quietly glanced into the rearview mirror to observe the situation in the back seat.

Finally, when the car stopped at a traffic light, he took the opportunity to pull out his phone to sneakily send a text message to Fu Changming like a thief.

~ Master, I have good news and bad news on my side.

The other side replied very quickly.

[Fu Changming]:  Report.

[Chauffeur Li]:  The bad news is that Second Young Master is having a high fever and seems to be in a bad state.

[Chauffeur Li]:  The good news is that Miss Wen is in the car sending the Second Young Master home and she looks very worried.

Fu Zhihuan had just gotten a little better tonight.  After finding out that Wen

Ruan was at the bar, he rushed out into the night with just a coat after calling for the chauffeur.

So Fu Changming contacted the chauffeur immediately and instructed him to keep an eye on his son.  The chauffeur was instructed to report back to him if anything happens.

At the same time, he could also monitor the progress of the two childrens relationship.

After receiving the news, Fu Changming paced back and forth in the living room while he carefully mulled over the matter.

“Why are you walking around the living room in the middle of the night”

Fu Changming rubbed his chin and said thoughtfully.

“Do you think this Wen Ruan is still angry with the kid in our family”

Mother Fu, who was nibbling on melon seeds, said angrily.

“Of course!  Do you think we women are so easy to coax  You men are so oblivious from morning till night and so irritating, so how can forgiveness be given just like that”


After Mr.

Fu Changming was scolded by his wife who seized the chance to reprimand him, he rubbed his nose guiltily.

“Im not talking about this with you.  What I mean is that why dont we create an opportunity for him and Ruan Ruan”


The car arrived at the door of the Fus residence.

However, the Jingan Mansion which was originally brightly lit was pitch black at this moment and not even a light was turned on inside the house.

The chauffeur coughed dryly and turned his head around.

“Sorry, Miss Wen, please wait for me here.  Ill send the Second Young Master in first.”

Wen Ruan frowned.

“Where is your housekeeper”

Chauffeur:  “Master and Madam had gone to Old Master Fus residence today and Eldest Master is working overtime in the company.  The servants have been given a short vacation, so no one should be in Jingan Mansion tonight.”

No one

Wen Ruan glanced at Fu Zhihuan who was unconscious with a high fever.

Then does this mean he has to stay at home alone for the whole night

Wen Ruan sighed when she saw the chauffeur helping Fu Zhihuan get off the car with difficulty while holding the umbrella that swayed back and forth.  She got out of the car and reached out her hand to take over the umbrella.

“Forget it, Ill send the both of you inside.”

When they went into Jingan Mansion, she found the situation was exactly as what the chauffeur had told her.

The entire mansion was quiet without any lights turned on and the huge house seemed empty.

After helping Fu Zhihuan to settle down, Wen Ruan turned around and asked.

“Are you sure there are no servants in the mansion”

The chauffeur nodded vigorously with a guilty conscience.

“Thats right!  Its a rare holiday for us, so Ill definitely be going home too!  After Ive sent you back, Ill be going home to see my parents.”

Upon hearing this, Wen Ruan was stunned for a moment and then looked down at Fu Zhihuan.

Then does this mean he will be left alone here while running a high fever  This is a bit cruel, right

“Arent Mr.

Fu and the rest of the family coming home”

“Master and Madam are at Old Master Fus residence and most probably they are asleep now, so they shouldnt be coming back.”

Wen Ruan looked at Fu Zhihuan lying on the bed.

At this moment, his black hair was in a mess and the scattered strands of hair stuck to his forehead were a little wet while the light that fell on his cheek made the bones even more prominent.

……..Leaving him alone like this without anyone to take care of him seems a little cruel…….

His illness will surely get worse and worse without anyone to take care of him while burning with fever all night.

Thinking up to this point, Wen Ruan stepped forward and started to speak.

But at the moment when she was about to speak, she suddenly stopped…….

No way!

Had she forgotten this man lied to her  Now she still wants to stay and take care of him  Such a great shame!

Then Wen Ruan put on a look of indifference and nodded nonchalantly.

“Oh, then lets go.”

The chauffeur hesitated but did not say a word.  As he led Wen Ruan out, he tried to probe.

“Miss Wen, you and Second Young Master……”

“Theres nothing between us”  Wen Ruan interrupted.


The chauffeur shook his head and mourned in his heart.

It looks like the marriage of their Second Young Master has turned completely cold.

The two people opened the door of Jingan Mansion and walked towards the direction where the car was parked.

No one spoke and only the sounds of their synchronized footsteps could be heard.

Suddenly, the footsteps stopped abruptly.

The chauffeur was stunned momentarily and turned his head around.

“Miss Wen……..”

Wen Ruan stood on the spot without speaking and her head was lowered making it difficult for others to read the expression on her face.  After a long time, she bit her lower lip and turned around.

“Forget it, I wont be going home tonight.”

Chauffeur:  “Huh……”

She gritted her teeth and said angrily.

“Im afraid your Second Young Master will die alone from the fever tonight!”

The Fu couple hiding in the mansion next door:  Their plan worked!


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