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Chapter 57 – Caught In The Rain

The emotions that Wen Ruan had been holding back for a long time finally broke out at this moment.  It was like all the sorrow that she had tried hard to endure by pretending to be calm for the past few days was emptied all at once.

With eyes that had turned red, she looked at Fu Zhihuan in front of her.  Her emotions were a complicated mess but she still insisted on pretending to be decisive and indifferent.

She took a deep breath and reached out her hand to fiercely brushed off the crystal droplets at the corner of her eyes.  Then in a cold voice, she spilled out the words that she had rehearsed countless times in her heart.

“Dont follow me.”

After speaking, she inhaled deeply then turned around and walk forward decisively.

It was only after leaving the bar when the chilly evening wind blew against her neck that the burning anger throughout her whole body was slightly suppressed.

While rubbing her hands together, she looked left and right at the street in front of her and decided to flag down a taxi after getting out to the main road.

Night had fallen.

The further she walked, the flow of people became lesser.

Her unstable emotions just now had gradually calmed down at this moment.

However, after she had calmed down, the discomfort in her heart became greater.  After the anger had dissipated, the sourish feeling of sadness in her heart surged up once again and her nose started to feel sour.

Just now her words had been very harsh.

And they did not leave any room for retreat.

The blowing wind became stronger and stronger.

Today when she came out, she only put on a short dress and high-heeled shoes.   She did not know whether it was because she was affected by her emotions and felt a chill spread throughout her body.

She involuntarily folded her arms and sniffled.

Forget it, shes not going to think anymore.

So what if she lost one Fu Zhihuan  She can secretly spend her money to raise handsome little boys and every month she can change a new one.  Anyway, she had already canceled the marriage and now her single life is bright and dazzling!

Wen Ruan felt a little better after making up all these fantasies for herself.

With this thought, she lifted her head arrogantly and looked like she had seen through the red dust* and at the same time, she quickened her pace.

(Seeing through the red dust means to see through the essence of the world after suffering setbacks in life due to repeated encounters with obstacles and difficulties and in the process experiencing happiness, desires, frustrations, etc.  As a result, a person will severe all feelings related to the seven emotions and six desires.)

But after taking a few steps, she suddenly stopped in front of an electricity pole not far away.

She remained quiet for three seconds and then suddenly squatted down.

She still feels very sad.

It is all Fu Zhihuans fault.  Just when she had finally given up, he ran up to her and dallied with her again.

Sure enough, he is a sinister vixen!

Wen Ruan took a deep breath and strongly resisted the urge to cry inside her heart.  She patted her cheek and then stood up straight again.


As soon as she stood up, she sneezed very loudly.

She rubbed her nose and before her actions stopped, she felt a warmth surround her body.

She was momentarily stunned and looked down……..

It was a black coat…….in mens style.

She could feel a person standing behind her.  Although that person did not say a word, she could still feel the shadow enveloping her.

Wen Ruan took a deep breath and turned her head around.

Fu Zhihuan was standing behind her and when he saw her turning around to look back at him, he gently withdrew his hands, put them in his pockets, and retreated a step.

Wen Ruan:  “Didnt I tell you not to follow me”

Fu Zhihau nodded and lied without any change to his expression.

“Uh, I was just passing by.”


Wen Ruans teeth itched with anger but she did not know why the moment she saw Fu Zhihuan, most of her grievances and discomfort in her head had disappeared.

She pulled off the coat and fiercely threw it back on his chest.

“Thank you, but I dont need it.”

After speaking, she turned around angrily and carried on walking.

However, the sounds of footsteps that had never faded continued to follow behind her.

Finally, after walking halfway through the street, Wen Ruan could no longer stand it.

“Arent you passing by  Should I let you go ahead first”

He thought for a while and refused.  “No need.”

No need

Wen Ruan choked with anger.

Why didnt she realize before that this person is so unreasonable

“Why not”

“Because I lied when I told you I was passing by.”  Fu Zhihuan was very calm.  “I was following you.”

Still so righteous!

Wen Ruan was so angry that she laughed.  With her hands on her hips, she raised her voice and repeated eloquently.


Fu, do you need me to repeat what I said just now  The both of us……”

“I understand.”

“Since you understand, why are you still like this”


Fu Zhihuan interrupted.  He lifted his eyes and under his long eyelashes, his calm and deep eyes were emotionless.

“Thats why Im pestering you and clinging shamelessly…….to pursue you.”

At this moment, all the sounds of the wind quietened down and even the leaves that were rustling just now have now become silent.

Wen Ruan sniffled and asked.  “What if I refuse”

“There will still be countless times.”  Fu Zhihuan laughed.  “I have thick skin.”

Wen Ruan gritted her teeth and her tone still sounded a little angry.

“Then you can continue to have thick skin!”

However, he did not seem to be annoyed at all.  He nodded and said with a low laugh.



Wen Ruan did not say another word and just gave him a deep look.  Then she crossed her arms, turned around, and continued walking towards the main road.

The sounds of footsteps continued to follow behind her.

The scene seemed a bit familiar.

It was like the day when she first arrived in Jiang City.  She was dragging her suitcase and walking down the street as she followed Fu Zhihuan.

But now, it had turned into another scene.


The winds that had died down just now started to blow again.

The force was even more ferocious than before as though it was accentuating the sad atmosphere at this moment.



its so cold!

The atmosphere is overly exaggerated!

Wen Ruans face was distorted by the strong winds.  The weather in Tong City changes with urgency and it seemed like tomorrow the city will be experiencing the initial change of season.

She closed her eyes, paused her steps, and reached out her hand to press on the twitching spot between her eyebrows.  Then she turned her head around to look at the man behind her aggressively.

Fu Zhihuan stopped and looked at her calmly.

Without showing any expression, she suddenly walked up close to Fu Zhihuan and stretched out her hand to snatch the coat that was draped over his arm to put it on herself.

It gave her some warmth…….she is finally saved!

After the series of smooth movements, she turned around contentedly and continued to walk forward.

Fu Zhihuan could not help but smile.

Wen Ruan caught a glimpse of Fu Zhihuans slightly raised lips from the corner of her eye and hastily lifted her head to say sharply.

“I didnt forgive you!”


Fu Zhihuan did not find fault with her.  Instead, he nodded and continued to go along with her words.  With a bit of hoarseness in his low and magnetic tone, he said.

“Ill strive to do better next time.”


She almost forgot……..this man is best at tricks!

In this world, he is simply the best at seduction!

She retreated a few steps to keep a safe distance from Fu Zhihuan and tried to be immune to his vixen-like attacks.

“Im not ready to give you another opportunity.”

Fu Zhihuan:  “Then Ill find ways to create opportunities.”

Feeling angry, she pursed her lips and without a word, she turned around to leave as she pulled her clothes tightly around her body.   Then she took out her phone and tried to call a taxi.

It was late now and it was not easy to hail a taxi in the area.  The circle on the screen kept turning for a long time and it seemed no one was picking up the request.

Such bad luck!

Wen Ruan sighed and then before she could move forward, suddenly she heard the dull roar of thunder in the sky.


A drop of rain fell on her face.

Slightly stunned, she reached out to touch the drop of rain that had landed on her cheek.

Such an unfortunate coincidence

After being pissed off the whole night……….now its raining as well

She swept a glance around the place and realized that most of the premises on this commercial street were without canopies.  There was only a passageway located about 200 meters in the distance where she could take cover from the rain.

Rain showers always come without warnings.  Just now it was only a few tiny droplets of rain but in a blink of an eye, it began to pour and bean-sized raindrops instantly plummeted.

She must keep herself dry.

One can be caught in the rain but the makeup on ones face cant be ruined and the hair cant be allowed to get wet.

Almost subconsciously, Wen Ruan unfolded Fu Zhihuans coat to cover her head and was ready to run to the passageway to take cover.

But before she started to move, she was acutely aware that she seemed to have forgotten something.

She turned her head around.

Sure enough, Fu Zhihuan was still following behind her and by this time, his shoulders and hair had already gotten very wet.  If was someone else, he should be looking very awkward but there was only a sense of deliberate temptation showing on his face.

Blue-face calamity!*

(Blue-face calamity is used to describe ones male confidante who is very likely to accidentally become ones lover.)

Who is concerned about him!

Wen Ruan snorted softly and turned her head around but just after walking a few steps forward, she stopped abruptly.  Then she gritted her teeth, turned around fiercely, and walked back to Fu Zhihuan.

She tore off the coat and then stood on tiptoes to plonk the coat heavily on his head.

“Im returning it to you!  I dont want your lousy coat!”

After she finished speaking, she was ready to leave in a huff.

But her wrist was caught and she was tugged backward.

She turned her head around.

“What are you doing  Do you believe that Ill tell your parents about you playing tricks……”

Before she could finish all her words, she was pulled back by Fu Zhihuan, then the lights in front of her dimmed and the coat was gently draped on her head.

He lifted his hand to push her shoulders lightly so that she moved towards him, and then he leaned over to help block most of the rain for her.

“Special situation.”

His voice sounded calm and emotionless just like a gentleman that did not harbor any other thoughts.

“Ill send you over there.”

Wen Ruan felt her heart skip a beat.  For a moment, she seemed to have returned to the mood of the deer on their first meeting.

In her head, there seemed to be a broadcast shouting out:-……..Favorable impression – 5!  Revenge – 3!


In the passageway.

Wen Ruan rubbed her arms, let out a light sneeze, and was a little worried as she looked at the rain.

The taxi software was still spinning a few times with the wordsDelivering Order but no one picked up the request.

Since it was raining heavily, it would even be more difficult to hail a taxi.

She was a little frustrated.

When she was in college, she should not have skipped taking her drivers license test just because she was lazy and did not want to get up early in the morning.

Fu Zhihuans clothes and hair were soaked with the rain.  The hair on his forehead had been swept back by him and only a few stray wet strands were resting on his forehead.  It made his angular face more prominent and together with his eyebrows, he looked a little like a ruffian.

He grabbed the coat and twisted it to wring out the water.

His wet shirt was stuck to his abdomen and it outlined his strong waist.

Subconsciously, Wen Ruan sneaked a peek at him from the corner of her eyes and then raised her eyes guiltily to withdraw her gaze.

As a result, the moment she lifted her eyes, she happened to meet Fu Zhihuans eyes that were resting on her.

Their gaze collided.

F**k, this is so embarrassing!

Wen Ruan let out a cough, turned her head away, and randomly asked a question to try to ease the embarrassing situation.

“It was only just a little while, how did you get this wet”

He looked at her in silence.

However, it was during these few seconds of silence that Wen Ruan suddenly realized something was amiss with her words.

Stiffening her neck, she said in anger.  “Why did you suddenly stop talking and become so quiet  What I meant is that youre wet with the rain!  Dont always think about that aspect!”

Fu Zhihuan was silent again for a long time.

“……No, I was just thinking about how to explain it to you.  It was because I didnt dodge when the water poured down from the eaves just now…….so I was drenched……..  As for the aspect you mentioned, I havent thought about it yet.”

Wen Ruan:  “……”

Fu Zhihuan:  “Thank you for the reminder.”

Wen Ruan:  …….Dont thank me at this time!……Ill feel even more embarrassed!………


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