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Chapter 55 – Crew Cut

A man was squatting in front of Xu Zeming.  He had craggy eyebrows and narrow eyes.

 He spotted a crew cut and his sleeves were rolled up to the shoulders to reveal a tattoo of Shura.

Crew Cut withdrew his hand that was gripping Xu Zemings arm and glanced at Wen Ruan with interest.  He swept the tip of his tongue over the corner of his lower lip and stood up to face her with a teasing smile in his eyes.


Crew Cut pinched Wen Ruans phone hard with his thumb and index finger and tugged it.  His tone carried a hint of sleaziness.

“Miss, since you want to stand up for your brother, you cant treat us in such a perfunctory manner.”

Wen Ruan showed a slight frown and held on to her phone tightly.

Although the man could not pull or move the phone, he still refused to let go.  Instead, he looked at Wen Ruan with a slight smile and it seemed like he was not prepared to back down.

Wen Ruan tsked softly in her heart, looked down at her phone, and then looked over at Xu Zeming who had fallen and was being held down on the ground.

Forget it…….

Since its going to be troublesome, so be it.  As everything progressed to this stage, she will help until the very end.

Initially, she wanted the night bar to come forward and deal with this matter but it seemed that would not work, so she had to settle it herself.

Therefore, she laughed then pressed the button to turn off the phone and asked.

“So what do you want before youre willing to release him”

“What do I want”

Crew Cut seemed to have heard something funny.  He laughed slyly and turned around to look at the group of brothers behind him.

“What do all of you say  What do we want before well let him go”

When the people behind him heard this, they jeered as they watched the fun, and at the same time, they started to tease.

“Youre the one who said this.  We have never bullied young ladies before.”

“Why dont you have a few drinks with us”

“Since youre Xu Zemings sister, why are you standing at the door  Come in and join us.”

As the group of people spoke, they reached out their hands to pull Xu Zemings head towards them and plastered their faces next to his.

“Look at us Sister, were good friends of your brother.”

Xu Zeming gritted his teeth and forcefully turned his head away.  In a low voice, he spat out a word.


As soon as the word slipped out, a hard slap landed on Xu Zemings face and his whole head was thrown to the side due to the force.

“What kind of behavior are you showing when youre given face   Did yourfather treat you too well just now so you cant see clearly “


Wen Ruan cut him off sharply.  She raised her head and met Crew Cuts eyes squarely without dodging.

“I have to take him away today.”

Crew Cut laughed and rubbed his neck.


Speaking up to this point, he paused and pointed his chin towards the wine glasses that were stacked up on a table not far away.

“Sure, its not that Im not giving you face.  You can take him away after you have finished a bottle.”

Wen Ruan glanced at the bottle on the table.

It was hard liquor of nearly fifty percent alcohol content.

To down the whole bottle, it will surely lead to stomach bleeding even if one doesnt get drunk.

She raised her eyes to look at Crew Cut in front of her and her eyes curved slightly into crescents.

“Playing alone is not fun.  Since you want to play with me, why not the both of us have a competition”

Crew Cut looked at Wen Ruan with interest, rubbed his chin, and nodded with a smile.  Then he returned to the sofa, sat down, and raised his finger to point at the glasses.

Immediately, someone attentively filled up the two glasses with alcohol.

Wen Ruan walked to the table and glanced at the glasses on the table.

……How can this man be so easygoing

At this moment, Crew Cut placed his hand over the glasses and said.  “Dont be anxious.”

He raised his chin to the side.  “Come and help Xu Zemings sister add something more.”

Immediately someone stepped forward with a snicker on his face.  After unwrapping a packet of powder, he emptied the contents into Wen Ruans glass.

Crew Cut gestured to her with a smile.

“Okay, lets drink up.”

Wen Ruan narrowed her eyes, picked up the glass of alcohol to look at it for a while, and then said in a low voice.

“This is the first time Ive seen my drink being spiked so brazenly and openly in front of me.”

“We are honest in our dealings.”

Crew Cut patted his thigh with a smile and said slowly.

“Look, your brother seduced my girlfriend, so how can he be let off so easily”

When he was saying this, he swept his eyes over Wen Ruans whole body with deliberation and then said with emphasis.

“However, its fine if you want to replace him.  We will definitely be more interested in a young lady.”

Xu Zemings eyes were red with fury but he was held down tightly to the ground by several people.  Blue veins were bulging on his neck but he was gagged and could not speak.

Wen Ruan glanced at him then raised her index finger to tap the wall of the glass lightly.  A long time later, she sighed helplessly.

She looked up, lifted her eyebrows slightly, and then with a neat swing of the glass, all the contents in the glass were splashed on the Crew Cuts face.

She leaned down to place the empty glass heavily on the table, raised her head, and smiled with eyes that were curved into crescents.

“Ive given you face.”

Then the next second, she simply pivoted on a leg and raised the other leg to kick on the shoulder of a boy who was pressing down on Xu Zeming.

The boy fell back in pain and his whole body fell on the sofa then bounced up again.

The people who were sitting around in various lazy poses suddenly shot up upon seeing this scene.  They rolled up their sleeves, gave a few twists to their necks, and arrogantly showed their readiness to fight.


At this moment, a loud thump sounded on the table.

At some unknown time, Crew Cut had pulled out a small short and sharp knife, unsheathed it, and slapped it heavily on the table.

Wen Ruan turned around to look at him.

“Its okay if you refuse to drink.”

Crew Cut laughed coldly.

“Ever since your brother came to this street, he has been giving us trouble.  Originally, if he had left his little finger with us today, this matter would be considered settled.  However, since you are so adamant to stand up for him, then we wont show any tender feelings for the fairer sex……..”

After he finished speaking, he lifted his chin and asked.  “Are you going to stand in for him”

The atmosphere suddenly dropped to freezing point and silence descended.

Right at this moment, there was a sudden knock on the door.

It was like chiseling a crack on ice.

*Knock, knock*

Two more heavy knocks again.

Finally, the person who knocked pulled the door open.

Crew Cut said in a tone that sounded a little impatient.

“Who is so ignorant……..”

Before he could finish speaking, all the words became stuck in his throat.

The lighting in the private room was dim except for the bright lights in the corridor outside.

The light shone on the intruder and it made his face look more angular.  Every strand of his long eyelashes was distinct and the lowered eyelashes gave him an undisciplined look.  However, the frostiness in his dark pupils gave others a chilly sensation.

“Who are you”

Fu Zhihuan pursed his lips and spat out two words in reply emotionlessly.

“Make way.”

When Wen Ruan heard the voice, her back stiffened subconsciously.

The footsteps came near to her and stopped less than half a meter behind her.

Then the cold familiar voice floated over and a hint of gentleness could still be detected.

“Wen Ruan, lets go…….”

From the moment Fu Zhihuan walked in, Crew Cut could not sit still.

The persons aura seemed to be out of tune with the surroundings and hostility could be seen between his eyebrows as if he came intending to create trouble.

As the leader of the group, how can he hold on to his face if his prey is allowed to be taken away

So Crew Cut straightened up and knocked twice on the table.

“Whats this  Do you want to replace her”

Fu Zhihuan:  “For what purpose”

Crew Cut leaned back against the sofa while flipping the small knife in his hand.

“Its like this…….I originally wanted her to leave a little finger behind but if you want so much to be a hero and save the beauty then you can stand in for her.”

What f**king words!

Most of the boys have watched too many action movies and dont have steady jobs.  They imitated gangsters, prowled on the streets, and harassed businesses to collect protection fees.  After learning a few words, they pretended to have connections with the underworld to scare the people.

Wen Ruan became angry, took two steps forward, and was about to speak up when she heard Fu Zhihuan laugh softly behind her and said.


What madness is this

She was stunned momentarily, then turned her head around to glare at Fu Zhihuan who was standing behind her.

Why are you giving in to the words of this group of people so willingly

Their eyes met but she could not detect the slightest chill in those smiling eyes of his.

He lightly withdrew his gaze then took a step forward and leaned over to squat at the table.  After placing his hand on the table, he lifted his chin towards Crew Cut.

“Sure, Ill replace her.”

Crew Cut was shocked.

He did not expect the man in front of him who looked likeI am the number one in the world to give such a response.

Usually, people would either be screaming or crying and begging for mercy or they would shut their mouths like clams and endure being beaten half to death.

It was the first time that someone agreed so calmly.

He was so calm that it seemed like he was only giving up a strand of hair and not a little finger.

Fu Zhihuan did not panic but Crew Cut panicked.

This group of people may look fierce and arrogant, but in actual fact, they only collect protection fees, beat up people, and smash the shops of those who refused to pay up.  Their most serious threat is perhaps to use a stick to bash someones head during a confrontation.

They must really be mentally prepared if they want to cut off a little finger.

Crew Cut gritted his teeth and swept a glance at the brothers standing around him from the corners of his eyes.  Then he held up the handle of the knife and aimed it at Fu Zhihuans hand.

No matter what he cant lose face.

Anyway, seeing a little blood is no big deal to them and eventually, they still have to do it at least once.

With this thought, he summoned his courage and was ready to stab down with the knife.

“Fu Zhihuan!”  Wen Ruan became anxious and stepped forward to stop him.

But before she could get any closer, she heard a crisp sound.

Fu Zhihuan held Crew Cuts wrist in a firm grip while his half-narrowed eyes were emitting coldness.

The next second, Fu Zhihuan grabbed the other hand of Crew Cut and pressed it on the table with the palm facing down.  Then his hand which was gripping Crew Cuts hand holding the knife gave a tug and the tip of the knife was aimed at Crew Cuts hand that was resting on the table.  Then the knife plunged straight down without a pause.

Before the tip of the knife could hit the target, Crew Cut started to scream with all his might.

The brothers who were watching the fun just now instantly jumped up from the sofa.

After that incomparably clear sound, Fu Zhihuan raised his head to calmly look at Crew Cut in front of him who was so scared that he was tearing up.  Fu Zhihuan snorted lightly and then moved his hand away.

The tip of the knife did not pierce the back of Crew Cuts hand.

Instead, the tip had passed through the gap between the fingers with great precision and was deeply embedded into the table without even a scratch on the skin.

Wen Ruan breathed a sigh of relief.

As expected and as always, this man does not follow the script wherever he goes.

Fu Zhihuan straightened up, adjusted his cuffs, and said in a low tone.

“In your twenties”

“Exactly twenty.”

Crew Cuts voice had turned hoarse and he still had not gathered himself together after that scare just now.  However, he knew not to provoke the man standing in front of him.

“Youre still young, so dont watch movies to learn all those improper and devious stuff.  Thats not the right path to tread.”

Fu Zhihuan glanced at the knife standing upright on the table.

“A waiter had already called the police.  Since you carried a knife, you will be detained for a few days.”

After sitting for a while, Crew Cut regained his senses and suddenly felt regretful.

Although this man did not seem easy to mess with, there is no way he would admit it in this room full of people

So he slapped the table and pretended.

“F**k, youre not giving me any face!  This street is under my control!  Do you believe that……..”

“Before offending someone and coming to a decision, you should ask around and check the other persons background first.”

Fu Zhihuan lifted his hand and gestured for him to stop speaking.  Then he pointed at Wen Ruan next to him and added.

“You control this street  But her family can buy ten streets like this.”

Wen Ruan was caught off guard when she was mentioned but after thinking for a while, she corrected with some hesitation.

“……But I feel it shouldnt be only ten…….”


Fu Zhihuan was silent for a while.

Its just to give an example……..not for you to show off ! ! !


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