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Chapter 54 – An Encounter With Xu Zeming

To this group of people who spend every day in the neon light night bar, the man seemed like a new guest at the bar.

Strong brow bones, piercing narrow long eyes, and a jawline that was sharp and angular.

With the ability to calm a situation, subdue the crowd of people into silence, and subconsciously draw attention to his figure.

An outstanding figure…….a cool guy that exudes an aura that saysI can.

Everyones gaze was drawn towards him but no one spoke.

Only a few people heard the words Fu Zhihuan said to Wen Ruan just now.

However, the people who heard did not understand the meaning.

Because no one has ever seen the mysterious Second Young Master Fu.

And everyone had the impression that the relationship between the two people was incompatible and for the both of them to appear in the same place was impossible.

And presently, the only person not looking at Fu Zhihuan…….was Wen Ruan.

She lowered her eyes with her back still facing him while her dark eyes lacked warmth.

“This little brother……..”

A girl with wavy hair sitting next to Wen Ruan started to speak in her especially uplifted sweet social voice.

“You are acquainted with Wen Ruan  Would you like to join us”

Fu Zhihuan laughed softly, lifted his eyes, and rested his gaze on Wen Ruans side face.

“Im pursuing her.”

Immediately, an uproar erupted.

Wen Ruan pursed her lower lip and remained silent.

A while later, she lifted her eyes and reached out to pick up the glass of water on the table then turned around to look at Fu Zhihuan in front of her.

The next second, she raised her hand and neatly splashed all the water in the glass onto Fu Zhihuan.

The shouts stopped abruptly.

And the surroundings became weirdly quiet.

When Fu Zhihuan saw Wen Ruan turn around, he already knew what her next action would be.

He did not dodge but stood still calmly without blinking and his eyes did not even waver.

The droplets of water dripped down from his hair.  It was obviously a very embarrassing sight but because it was Fu Zhihuans face, it showed an air of restraint.

Wen Ruan sneered and put down the glass.

“Second Young Master Fu, have you had enough fun”

As soon as the words slipped out, the pupils of the group of people shrank.

Second Young Master Fu

The person in front of them is Second Young Master Fu  Is he the one who disdains Wen Ruan so much that he instructed his family to break off the marriage agreement

Why does it feel completely different from the rumored script

Just as when everyone thought that Fu Zhihuan would erupt with anger, they saw him look down at Wen Ruan calmly and said in a slightly low and husky tone.

“Is your mood better now”

Wen Ruan did not pay any attention to him and just bent down to pick up her bag from the sofa.  After taking a few steps forward, she found Fu Zhihuan blocking her way.

Her voice sounded cold.  “Move aside.”

Fu Zhihuan did not move.

She lifted her head with eyes that had turned slightly red and emphasized each word.

“Move – aside.”

Her red eyes pierced into Fu Zhihuans eyes and he felt an inexplicable pain in his heart.

He pursed his thin lips and was silent for a moment but in the end, he still turned sideways to make way for her.

Wen Ruan did not stop and just brushed past him to walk toward the restroom.

Everyone was dumbfounded.

What kind of plot is this

The domineering president chasing his little runaway wife

Other than feeling shocked, some of the people present felt a sense of sourness creeping into their hearts and a feeling of discomfort spreading throughout their bodies.

This group of people and Wen Ruan could only be considered ordinary friends.  Although they may seem affectionate, there is no lack of comparison behind their backs.

At the time when Wen Ruans marriage was just confirmed, many people became jealous of her.

Later when the news of the breakup was spread, their feelings of jealousy finally settled down, and of course, they could not refrain from adding fuel to the fire to add to the chaos.

The reason they invited Wen Ruan out today was to listen to gossip and have some fun, and at the same time, they wanted to dampen her prestige.

However, they did not expect to fail in their bid to dampen her prestige and instead swallowed a whole stomachful of sourness.

Fu Zhihuan looked in the direction Wen Ruan left then turned around and was prepared to follow up.

At this moment, a soft female voice called out……..


It was the girl with wavy hair who was sitting beside Wen Ruan just now.

“Ruan Ruan seems to be very angry now, so why dont Second Young Master Fu leave her alone for a while”

Fu Zhihuan turned his head around to look at her calmly without saying a word.

The Big Wave continued.

“Ruan Ruans character is like this……very straightforward, so dont take it to heart.  Perhaps its because she was dumped……..”


Fu Zhihuan repeated the word slowly, narrowed his eyes, and asked with a slight laugh.

“Listening to all of you, it seems that I came back to Tong City to break off the marriage…….  How come Im not aware of it”

Big Wave waved her hands awkwardly.

“Second Young Master Fu, it was just casual talk……”

“I came back to Tong City to propose to her.”

Fu Zhihuan interrupted in a low voice and his tone seemed to carry a warning.

“Did you hear me  Next time, spread the news according to my words.”

After speaking, he turned around without giving anyone a chance to react and walked in Wen Ruans direction.


When Fu Zhihuan returned to the Fu Family, his health was already in a terrible state.

The injuries from the car accident had not healed completely and he suffered a relapse due to the incident caused by Peng Mengyin.  After being on the drip for a whole night, he had to rush to Tong City overnight.

After landing, the originally low fever started to rise again and he also had to endure more than half an hour of family punishment.

No matter how good ones health is, it is difficult to hold on.

To take care of his mothers emotions, he ate breakfast but after that, he could not endure it any longer.

When he finally woke up, it was almost night.

As soon as Fu Zhihuan woke up he received news of the breakup.

It gave him a bad feeling.

It was like his temples were the main focal point with all the nerves in his head being torn apart in all directions, pulling at his entire chest cavity which caused an aching pain.

Fu Zhihuan had never felt so fearful.

It was as if everything had become insignificant.

Except…….for the need to see Wen Ruan.

However, he did not go.

Because Old Master Fu had arrived.

The nameFu Lu was given to him by both his grandparents.

Since a child, he was calledAh Lu until he became an adult and it was not just merely a name.

After his grandmother passed away, he changed his name to Fu Zhihuan.

Old Master Fu had been brooding over this matter.  Although he was worried about his grandson, he still could not forgive Fu Zhihuan for changing the name that the older generation had given him.

Fu Zhihuan also understood that an explanation had to be given for his action.

So when his physical condition had just improved, he knelt at the door of Old Master Fus bedroom the whole night until he became exhausted.

There seemed to be a dull pain between the gaps of every bone in his body and the fire in his chest became fiercer as it burned.  His whole body felt like it was about to melt into the bedboard.

He had to take responsibility for the choices he made over the years and shoulder the burden.

Fu Zhihuan has always done a good job to accomplish whatever he wanted to do with indifference and without interference.

But now, he had suddenly turned selfish.

He really wanted to see Wen Ruan.


Wen Ruan did not want to see Fu Zhihuan.

For two and a half days, he had not sent her a single message…….but now he suddenly appeared in the bar to chat and laugh so openly.

Initially, Wen Ruan was still holding on to the hope thatmaybe he really had something to do and was a little hopeful for a turn of events.

But as soon as she saw Fu Zhihuan, that little hope seemed to have shattered in an instant.

It is particularly a painful feeling for one to admit that the person one likes is actually far less concerned about oneself than one had thought.

Wen Ruan took a deep breath, turned on the tap, and rinsed her fingers.

The icy cold water made her calm down a little.

Wen Ruan took a deep breath, turned off the tap, and was prepared to blow dry her hands.

However, she found that the dryer was faulty and there was no air coming out of it.

…….When one is unfortunate, everything turns disastrous…….

She lowered her eyes and just as she was about to shake off the water droplets from her hands, a pack of tissue suddenly appeared in front of her.

She raised her head in astonishment……

It was a young man in his early twenties.

Single eyelids, handsome eyebrows, neat short black hair with a youthful look.

She was stunned for a moment and then took over the pack of tissue.

“Thank you……”

The young man did not speak and just nodded in acknowledgment.  Then he turned around and left.

She lowered her eyes and pulled out a piece of tissue to dry the water droplets on her fingers.

Forget it.

Dont think of Fu Zhihuan anymore.  Anyway, there are so many people in the world, there will always be someone more suitable than him.

She turned around to walk out of the restroom and was about to inform her friends before leaving.

However, when she was walking past a private room, she heard a loudbang from inside the room as if something had fallen.

Subconsciously she turned her head……

The people sitting inside the private room were all young boys and girls.  At a glance, they were most probably students who had just started college, dressed in flashy clothes and had exaggerated tattoos all over their bodies.

It could be seen that the tattoo artists skills were not very good and lacked aesthetic feeling.

Wen Ruan turned her gaze away and was ready to continue walking forward.

“You seduced my girlfriend and picked up the trash I dumped”

“F**k, I dont like the look of you!”

“Didnt you do a thorough check on me  Mind the way you look at me and take care of your eyes!  Do you admit you owe me”

Upon hearing this, Wen Ruan frowned and turned her head around again.

Then with a glance, she saw a boy that was kicked to the ground…….a boy that she had not noticed initially as her view was blocked by another person in the room.

The boy on the ground raised his head and used his hand to wipe off the nosebleed resulting from the strike without making a sound.

…….Isnt that boy the one who handed her the pack of tissue just now

Wen Ruan closed her eyes and sighed.  Then she raised her eyes, turned around, and walked to the door of the private room.

“Excuse me…….”

She raised her hand to lightly knock on the door frame and pointed her chin in the direction of the boy who handed her a pack of tissue earlier on.

“Thats my brother, Ive come to take him home, can you let him go”

In actual fact, some waiters had already noticed the movements in the room but they all knew it was impossible to interfere when youngsters get into a fight.

Moreover, the few boys who were beating up others often walk on this street like gangsters, and offending such people meant causing trouble for themselves.

However, without showing any fear Wen Ruan disrupted the situation so very lightly and her eyes looked bright and sharp.

Everyone inside the room fell into silence.

The leaders of the youngsters exchanged looks and then started to curl up with laughter.

While others whistled and jeered…….

“Xu Zeming, your sister is quite courageous.”

“I didnt expect your sister to be so pretty.  If youve told us earlier, we wouldnt have beaten you up.”

Xu Zeming

It should be the boys name.

Wen Ruan glanced at the few sloppy boys beside her and felt that if she wanted to take Xu Zeming away by herself today, it would not be easy.

She sighed and then pulled out her mobile phone to call the bar manager.

As long as she can cause less trouble for herself and solve this with a little effort.

She made a call…….

‘…….Your phone is in arrears……..



Only then did Wen Ruan realize that the mobile phone number she had been using for contacts seemed to be in arrears for the last two days.

Nowadays, phones have dual SIM cards.

One card is the permanent mobile number she usually uses and the other card is a data card that she changes from time to time.

These days she had been using the data card to surf the internet and spent all her time at home.  Occasionally, she would call Qin Sushan through Wechat with the data card.

Wait a minute…….

Can it be that……..all the messages sent to her by Fu Zhihuan were blocked

The boy inside the private room whistled and said.  “Miss, do you still want to take Xu Zeming away with you”

Without lifting her head, she said.  “Wait, allow me to top up my phone first.”

“   Can you please show us a little respect!”


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