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Chapter 53 – Prophecy


Fu Changming was reviewing documents when he received a phone call.

It was from his future in-laws……Mr.

Wen Fengchen.

“Sorry, Old Fu, Ive thought about it again and again but I still dont think that your Fu Lu and our Wen Ruan are suitable.”

Frowning slightly, Fu Changming stood up and said earnestly.  “Old Wen, lets reconsider this matter…..…”

Before he could finish speaking, he heard Wen Fengchen coughed on the other end of the line and said straight to the point.

“Wen Ruan has a simple personality and is not crafty nor calculative.  She is kind, has empathy for others, is optimistic about facing life, and is a very lovable girl.  Therefore, she is more suitable to get along with people who are honest and dont keep secrets in their hearts.  As such, she may not be compatible with your Fu Lus personality.  Therefore, lets find a time to dissolve this marriage arrangement.”

……..What kind of a joke is this

Fu Changming felt something was wrong.

Why does he feel that when Wen Fengchen made the phone call today, Wen Fengchen who usually speaks in a very precise manner sounded like he was reading from a script and the words he used were just like a little girls

And who would make such a phone call to brag about his daughter and also go in a roundabout way to praise her

But before Fu Changming could respond, the call ended.

And before he could figure out what was going on, he received a text message from Xie Ai.

[Xie Ai]:  My Wen Ruan and your Fu Lu got into a minor quarrel just like the kind of quarrel between a young couple.  At home, she cried and pestered her father to pretend to break off the marriage.  Those words just now were scripted by Wen Ruan and she made her father call you and read them out under her supervision.

[Xie Ai]:  Im sending you this text message but you mustnt let anyone know I did this.  Later you should speak to your Fu Lu.  They are good children and they shouldnt miss out on each other.

Fu Changming was silent for a while and then stretched out his hand to rub his forehead helplessly.

That means Wen Fengchen had recited from the script but why does it sound so familiar

Looking at it, it indeed seemed like the style of the little girl, Wen Ruan.

He shook his head with a smile, then put down the phone and picked up the pen to continue reviewing the documents.  However, after writing a few words, he paused and put the pen down again.

He clasped his ten fingers into a fist and rested his arms on the desk thoughtfully.

This is indeed something good!

Ever since his youngest daughter passed away, Fu Zhihuan seemed to have wrapped himself in a thick cocoon and was indifferent and alienated from everyone.

Although he looks like a normal person, there is nothing that can make him waver.

Fu Changming could still remember when Fu Zhihuan was in junior high school and the servant in the house knocked against a piece of glass and broke it.

When Fu Minghengs knee was hit by the smashed glass, everyone gathered around in a panic and a furor ensued.  While some people hurriedly helped him up, others quickly cleaned up the place and the family doctor was summoned to check on his injury.

It was until the furor had died down and everyone had left that they discovered Fu Zhihuans right forearm had been cut by the glass at some point leaving a long deep gash.

However, he did not utter a word and it was until someone pointed it out to him that Fu Zhihuan lowered his eyes to look at his wound.  He laughed softly and said in a light tone.

“Sorry, I didnt notice.”

It was only at that time that Fu Changming discovered Fu Zhihuan was not only indifferent to the people around him…….but was also indifferent to himself.

It seemed he was not concerned about the wound on his body or the pain and had stripped away all his emotions.  Although others praised him for being calm and steady, he was more like a machine running on a set program.

It was only then that Fu Changming discovered Fu Zhihuan might have serious psychological problems.

However all these years, nothing seemed to have changed.

He even directly left the family and there was no news from him for several years.

But now Wen Ruan had pulled him out of the thick cocoon with an added tinge of fireworks and he had even gradually become more like a normal person.

This is good.

Mother Fu knocked on the door, came in with a cup of tea and after placing it next to Fu Changming, she sighed.

“Its not like you dont know Ah Lus character, why did you throw such a huge temper just now”

Fu Changming did not speak immediately and after taking a sip from the teacup, he said.

“Find a time to tell that kid……..the Wen Family had canceled the marriage.”

“Ah”  When Mother Fu heard this, she frowned.  “Why dont we find a time to talk this over with the Wen Family  The two children……”

“Dont speak anymore.  Just let that kid have a taste of hardship.”

Fu Changming laughed and put down the teacup.

“Before this, he made the little girl suffer some grievances, so its time for him to suffer to understand the feeling.”


Wen Ruan:  “The script I wrote was not bad, right”

She was particularly satisfied with the script she wrote just now for Wen Fengchen to recite.

First of all, she resolutely stated her position and affirmed herself to highlight her incomparably impressive and positive image then only did she criticize and lecture Fu Zhihuan.

In just a few sentences, she clarified the reasons for the cancellation and also briefly expressed her grievances and sadness.  It was very worthy of thought and reflection.

Qin Sushan was silent for a while.

“I dont really want to burst your self-confidence but I think those words were written by a whiny little girl.”

Wen Ruan smiled.

“I know youre like a dogs mouth that cant spit out ivory*.”

(A dogs mouth that cant spit out ivory is an idiom meaning bad people cant speak of good things.)

Qin Sushan laughed and then suddenly asked a question.

“Ai, let me ask you……are you sure youre willing to call off the marriage just like this”

Wen Ruan was silent for a while and then raised her voice bravely.

“Why shouldnt I be willing  After lying to me for so long, its only right that he suffers.”

Qin Sushan sighed.

“Im only afraid youll be the first to soften your heart.”

Wen Ruan said righteously.

“Impossible!  I have a very strong backbone, okay  I wont give him another look even if Fu Zhihuan comes right up to my door and cries bitterly.  Ive even thought about it.  When he comes to pester me and confesses his love, Ill frown and reply calmly to him with anOh.  How is that  Isnt that awesome”

Qin Sushan was silent for a while.

“To be honest, what you told me just now was like hoisting up a flag at the scene to me.”

It was like a tragic prophecy.

In the past few days, Wen Ruan had already prepared herself for Fu Zhihuans text message harassment and also prepared a long list of ruthless replies.  She even thought about what kind of expression she should use to face Fu Zhihuan when he comes to entangle with her and what kind of tone to use to make him feel sad.

However, Wen Ruan did not receive any news from Fu Zhihuan even after two successive days.

But a rumor had already started to spread in Tong City…….

“That Second Young Master of the Fu Family who never made an appearance has returned to Tong City.”

“It seems that the marriage arrangement between the Wen Family and Fu Family had been canceled and I heard from others that both families agreed.”

“Do you think that this Second Young Master Fu came back with the sole purpose of canceling the marriage”

Disappointment accumulated little by little.

There was no news for two successive days and the news continued to spread.

And there was no news from the person who should have made a statement.

Wen Ruan felt that she had overestimated her position in Fu Zhihuans heart.

Qin Sushan made a phone call to her.

“Think on the bright side.  What if Fu Zhihuan is in a coma in the hospital or is kidnapped and had lost contact…….”

“Thank you but you dont have to console me.”

Wen Ruan lowered her eyes and was silent for a moment.  Then she said.  “Im prepared to give up.”

Qin Sushan was stunned momentarily and then shouted.  “Ruan Ruan!”

“If loving someone makes me so sad,……..”  Wen Ruan smiled, took a deep breath, and then said with some generosity.  “Then Id rather not do it.”

So the next night, Wen Ruan did not stay at home to wait.

She would not go as far as to loiter at home like this for a month just for a man who did not seem to care about her at all.

But Wen Ruan knew very well that even though she pretended to be magnanimous in front of Qin Sushan, the scar in her heart would still be bloody even when her heart is torn open.

She could not prevent herself from feeling sad.

But she had to make herself not look sad.

So she could not let herself remain bored at home and the more she was quiet and idle, the sadder she would feel about these things.

She had to find a way to distract herself from thinking about the name Fu Zhihuan.

The nightlife was very exuberant.

After losing a handsome guy, there will be thousands of more handsome boys waiting for her.

Ever since Wen Ruan returned to Tong City, her old friends kept asking her out.

She knew the reason this group of half-baked people was showing such enthusiasm.

 It was mainly because most of them wanted to fish for gossip from her.

But during this time, she had remained at home for too long and was no longer bothered if the group was there mainly to watch the fun, so she casually agreed to their invitation…….


Seven oclock in the evening, in Hailun Bar.

“Say, that Wen Ruan is really capable.  After running away from home for only a short time, she really brought back Second Young Master Fu.  However, its a pity that after he came back, she canceled the marriage.”

“Dont talk about it, I feel ashamed on her behalf.  If the result was known earlier, why kick up so much fuss  With subtle actions, others wouldnt have paid so much attention.”

Familiar place…….familiar time……

Even on the same couch……

And the same two people as well…….

Wen Ruan leaned against the bar counter with slightly lowered eyes and looked at the two people not far from her.

Although she could not recall the names of the two people, she could still remember their nicknames very clearly.

White Baby Cabbage and Matchstick.

And in the next second, one of the two people caught sight of her standing at the side and immediately showed a horrified expression.  Instantly, a few coughs sounded and a choked-up voice said.

“Ruan Ruan, why didnt you say a word since youve arrived.”

Wen Ruan:  “……”

Even the words said when caught red-handed were exactly the same as before.

This time Wen Ruan did not even want to lecture the two of them in a roundabout way.

Because it was more like overcoming repetitive simple level mobs in a game.  Not only it did not pose any difficulty, but it also did not give oneself any experience points.

So she simply sat down with her bag then leaned against the sofa and casually ordered a bottle of wine.

“Well, Im not someone who is bothered about these things and gossiping is normal.  Its not a big deal, right”

The heads of White Baby Cabbage and Matchstick shook like rattles.

Wen Ruan raised her index finger and added lightly.

“So, both of you can stand up one by one and shout out the wordsFu Lu is a cub breed” towards the bar, and this matter will be considered over.”

(The wordscub breed are used as swear words by certain dialect groups to scold someone as an insignificant offspring.)


The two people looked at each other with awkward expressions.

This is extremely difficult!

That is the Fu Family…….and if this matter spreads, they will surely be severely dealt with by their parents.

Wen Ruan lifted her eyes and noticed the hesitation displayed by the two people.  She pursed her lips then smiled, propped up her chin, and said in a low voice.

“You dare to speak ill of me in my face but dare not scold Fu Lu, so you must think that Im easier to provoke.”

No, not easy to provoke…….

Speaking of both families, the Fu and the Wen…….they could make ones heart tremble with just a flick of their fingers.

After weighing the pros and cons, White Baby Cabbage and Matchstick made a universal decision after exchanging glances.

Anyway, the voices of the people in the bar are noisy at this moment and Second Young Master Fu is not around, so even if a few words were shouted aloud, there is a high probability that they would not be heard.

So the two people smiled and apologized.

“How is that possible, Ruan Ruan  Since you dont like Fu Lu, we will definitely side with you.”

Wen Ruan did not buy that.

“Shout loudly…….I want to hear the kind of shout that will echo.”


White Baby Cabbage and Matchstick were dejected and in the end, they took a deep breath…….

Then the two shouts rang throughout the bar lounge and even echoes could be heard.

Wen Ruan felt very happy.

However, at this moment, the surroundings suddenly became quiet.

The originally noisy bar seemed to have fallen into silence immediately after the two shouts rang out and only the occasional rustling sounds were heard.


Thats strange…….

Why is it so quiet all of a sudden

Wen Ruan frowned.  She was about to turn her head around when she suddenly heard a cold male voice behind her.

Magnetic and husky with a hint of a smile in the tone.

“Shouting for me”


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