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Chapter 52 – Return of Second Young Master

Jingan Mansion is surrounded by trees, shrouded in tranquillity, and extraordinarily quiet and serene.

“Second Young Master is back!  Are you sure”

“He came back early this morning and is now in Masters study.”

“Half an hour had passed, why is he still not out yet  I heard that Master is so angry that he is punishing Second Young Master.  Second Young Master is still injured, how can he stand it”


Inside the study.


The walking stick landed on Fu Zhihuans shoulder with crisp sounds.

However, Fu Zhihuan did not dodge nor frown and just lowered his eyes quietly in silence.

Fu Changmings voice was filled with fury.

“You just casually changed the name that your grandfather gave you!  You ignored your family and didnt even come home for so many years!  Do you still remember your parents!”

With red eyes, Mother Fu intervened and persuaded.

“Enough…….the child just returned home!  Whatever problems can be resolved later.  Look at the injuries on his body, how can he endure your punishment”

Fu Zhihuan who had not moved the whole time lifted his eyes and upon hearing his mothers words, he said calmly.

“Mom, its alright……..I should bear the responsibility.”

Fu Changming pursed his lips and looking at his sons body that was full of injuries, his anger dissipated instantly.

But as the head of the family, he still had to show his displeasure.  Thus he could only sigh and throwing aside the walking stick, he said coldly.

“Forget it, lets go down to eat first.”

Mother Fu sighed in relief and then hurriedly came up to Fu Zhihuan to lead him downstairs.  At the same time, her heart ached as she spoke.

“Look at how thin youve become, you must have suffered a lot all these years.  Later Ill get Aunt Chen to stew chicken soup for you.  Dont be in a rush to leave yet, stay home for a few more days.

Fu Zhihuan patted his mothers shoulder to comfort her and said with a smile.

“Im fine.”

His old injuries relapsed last night and since he had to fly to Tong City overnight, his condition could be considered bad right now.

His low fever kept returning, the feeling of suffocation in his chest came in waves and the pain from his injuries was getting more and more intense.

However, Fu Zhihuan endured several hits from the walking stick without making a sound.

After going downstairs, when Fu Zhihuan picked up the chopsticks to start eating his breakfast, he heard Fu Mingheng yawning and walking down the stairs.

“Whats the matter  Did someone come to pay a visit”

He was wearing pajamas and rubbing his eyes.  The moment he lowered his head, he met the unwavering eyes of Fu Zhihuan.

Fu Mingheng was stunned for a moment then came back to his senses and smiled.

“Yo, what wind brought you home”

Mother Fu glared at Fu Mingheng.

“Speak properly, Ah Lu just arrived home.”

Fu Mingheng shrugged then helplessly pulled out the chair opposite Fu Zhihuan and sat down.  Then he took over the bowl of porridge that Aunt Chen handed to him.

He swept a glance over the table and then reached out to pick up the only remaining piece of rose puff pastry placed far away from him.  At the same time, he started to tease Fu Zhihuan.

“Oh right, how are you and that little girl from the Wen Family doing recently  Youre back so suddenly, can it be that your pursuit failed and you came back to pester her”

Fu Zhihuan narrowed his eyes and his aura instantly turned frosty.


Just at this moment, a pair of chopsticks knocked on the back of Fu Minghengs hand.

Before he could even touch the rose puff pastry, his hand subconsciously shrank.

Mother Fu swept a glare at him then withdrew her chopsticks and picked up the last piece of rose puff pastry.  As she placed it into Fu Zhihuans bowl, she said softly.

“Ah Lu, eat a bit more……..you like this when you were young.”


Fu Mingheng glanced at Fu Zhihuans bowl and choked with anger.

“Arent there still three pieces in his bowl”

Mother Fu raised her voice.

“Ah Lu just came back!  Why cant you yield to him as an Elder Brother”

Fu Mingheng:  “But there are already three pieces in his bowl……”

But before he could finish speaking, he watched as Fu Zhihuan slowly picked up the three pieces of rose puff pastry, took half a bite from each piece and then slowly said.

“Now there are none left.”

Fu Mingheng:  “……”

Youre like a primary student taking revenge for the slightest resentment!

Fu Minghengs words reminded Mother Fu.

“Ah Lu, I know that little girl from the Wen Family has been living with you for quite some time.  Tell Mom what are your thoughts about this marriage.  Wen Ruan is a good girl but if youre unhappy about this, you can say so.  Ill talk nicely to the Wen Family about the cancellation……”

Fu Zhihuan lifted his eyes and suddenly said.  “Im pursuing her.”

Mother Fu was bewildered.

Fu Zhihuan let out a laugh, lowered his eyes, and said softly.

“However, I am still not successful yet.”


“Let me make myself clear, I was not kicked out by Fu Zhihuan!  I dumped him openly and decisively!”

Before allowing her parents to speak, Wen Ruan added.  “I repeat…….I – Dumped -Him! !”

The air seemed to freeze at this moment.

Even Aunt Zhang, who was about to come over to pour tea, froze on the spot and then quietly retreated a few steps.


The husband and wife couple, Wen Fengchen and Xie Ai, who were having a lively conversation just now had now stopped talking at once.  The words that had yet to be spoken were all stuck in their throats and they looked at Wen Ruan who was standing at the door of the bathroom as if they were seeing a ghost.

A long time later, the husband and wife turned their heads around stiffly, looked at each other, and coughed.  Then very tacitly they changed the topic.

“The sandwiches that Aunt Zhang made today taste good…….Come, eat a bit more.”

“Do you want to add more milk to your coffee”

“Im bored with this show, lets change the channel.”

Wen Ruan gritted her teeth, narrowed her eyes into slits, and interrupted the performance put up by the two elders.

“Dad, Mom…….the both of you dont have to pretend as if time had rolled back and nothing had happened.  Why not tell me first…….why do I feel like everyone in the world knows that Fu Zhihuan is Fu Lu except for me”


Xie Ai got up quickly, took hold of Wen Ruans hand, and sat down again.  She rubbed the back of Wen Ruans hand and coaxed.

“Aunt Zhang still doesnt know.”

Aunt Zhang:  “……”

Wen Ruan nearly suffocated with anger.  She pulled out her hand and turned away from Xie Ai.

When she saw this situation, Xie Ai reached out her hand to push the cup of coffee in front of her to Wen Ruan.  She stroked Wen Ruans head and said softly.

“That show of yours became very popular and was spread throughout the company so how can we not know about it”

“Actually, we didnt recognize him.  The last time I saw that child, Fu Lu, was more than ten years ago, and coincidentally, on that day we were having dinner with your Uncle Fu……..”


Wen Ruan was able to capture the main point of the sentence keenly.

“So Fu Zhihuans family also saw my show”

“We watched it together.”


Wen Fengchen who was silent all this while took a sip of coffee and slowly added a few more words.

“…….And it was a live broadcast……”


There is nothing more embarrassing than having ones most shameful video in life being watched by the parents and the fiances parents.

Originally, Wen Ruan had adjusted her emotions on the train beforehand and thought she was fully prepared to negotiate with her parents rationally but was now completely defeated physically and mentally in just ten short minutes.

She picked up the glass of water, stood up hastily, and turned two circles in the living room in anger.  Then in an indignant voice, she asked.

“Since everyone knew about this, why wasnt I told”

Madam Xie Ai said earnestly and patiently.  “I felt that this matter should be settled by the both of you, therefore it was not good for us elders to intervene so that your fate would not be ruined…….”

Wen Ruan could see through the matter with a glance.

“Actually, you just wanted to watch the fun, right”

Madam Xie Ai put on a sad expression, sighed slowly, and then said with a hint of sorrow in her tone.

“How can you have such thoughts of your parents  Are your Dad and Mom that kind of people”

“When I was in elementary school, I accidentally shaved off my eyebrows but you didnt comfort me and instead had more than 20 portrait shots of my face taken.  In the end, when the pictures were ready, they were hung on the wall so that every guest who came to visit could see them.”

“When I was a child, you took me to experience life on a farm and I was chased three rounds by a pig while you very happily recorded it on video.  Then every New Year, when the relatives came to the house for a visit, it would be played for them to watch.”

Saying up to this point, Wen Ruan sneered and pinched her fingers as she pointed out their hateful behavior that was still fresh in her memory.  She nodded and said decisively.

“Therefore, it is entirely possible that you are such people!”

The surroundings became silent again.

Xie Ai looked up at Wen Fengchen and they exchanged glances.  Then she picked up the cup of coffee and stood up to walk toward the kitchen.  As she walked, she pretended to call out casually.

“Aunt Zhang, add a bit more sugar for me!”

And she quickly fled the scene.

At this time, only Wen Ruan and Mr.

Wen Fengchen remained in the entire living room, and they were left speechless.

Wen Ruan felt a little aggrieved.

In the end, everyone knew that Fu Lu was Fu Zhihuan but only she was like an idiot who was worried every day looking for ways to break off the marriage to give herself a chance to pursue someone she likes.

Wen Fengchen sighed, put down the newspaper, and said.

“Wen Ruan, I know you feel unhappy about the conversation I had with your Mom but when the family chats, the words dont come from the heart and were just said at random.”

“You are the child that we love since young, so how is it possible for us to make fun of you”

Xie Ai went one round in the kitchen, brought out a small portion of fruits, and put it down.  Then with a hand on Wen Ruans back, she guided Wen Ruan to sit on the sofa.

She shook her head helplessly and persuaded.

“Ruan Ruan, your Dad didnt sleep all night on the day you left for Jiang City, fearing that something would happen to you on the train in the middle of the night.  So he got someone to follow and monitor you until you reached Jiang City.”

Upon hearing this, Wen Ruan lifted her eyes but did not say a word.

Xie Ai reached out her hand to pat the back of Wen Ruans head and slowly said.

“Indeed we were a little selfish for not telling you.  You have been straightforward since you were a child, and if we were to tell you Fu Zhihuans identity, it would be a blessing if he wasnt beaten up.”

“That child, Fu Lu, is mature and stable so we felt at ease to leave you to him.  We wanted the both of you to get to know each other slowly and give each other a chance.”

Father Wen and Mother Wen had also thought about telling Wen Ruan about this.

But in the end, as a third party, they felt that telling her about this sensitive issue was too abrupt.

So they wanted to wait for the young couple to get along for a while and eventually be able to talk to each other about their feelings on their own.

Wen Ruan did not say a word and a long time later, she suddenly reached out to hug Xie Ai and leaned her head against Xie Ais shoulder.

“But Fu Zhihuan still hasnt told me anything until now.  If I didnt find out, I dont know how long he is going to keep it from me.”

Xie Ai sighed.

“Did you quarrel with him”

Wen Ruan nodded.

But after thinking for a while, she realized that they did not quarrel, so she shook her head again.

Wen Fengchen noticed his daughters emotional state, so he straightened up, sat down next to her, and said solemnly.

“Its not right for me to interfere with the feelings of young people but if you feel wronged, you can tell your father.”

“Our Wen Family doesnt rely on the Fu Family for anything.  Its just a marriage arrangement.  If you want it canceled, so be it.”

Wen Ruan lowered her eyes.

She really wanted to slap on the table and valiantly cancel the marriage arrangement so that Fu Zhihuan would deeply realize his mistake and weep bitterly in regret.

But Wen Ruan discovered that she did not seem to be able to do it so magnanimously.

Because she likes Fu Zhihuan more than she thought.

Looking at Mr.

Wen Fengchen who had a serious expression and seemed to be giving her support, Wen Ruan pursed her lips.

A long time later, she asked in a soft voice.

“…….Can you just pretend to cancel it”

Wen Fengchen:  “…….”

Xie Ai:  “……”

These young people are indeed difficult to understand!


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