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Chapter 51 – Returning Home

Xie Yanchi rested one hand on the door frame and with his other hand, he skilfully twirled the car key ring that was hooked to his index finger.

“For you to toss me around all day long and in the middle of the night, I must have owed you, this ancestor, in my last life.”

When she heard this, Wen Ruan pursed her lips and just lifted her eyes slightly with a sneer in her eyes.

It was the first time she had shown such a chilly stare in her eyes.

“Disregarding this, first of all, tell me…….”  Wen Ruan suddenly let out a laugh and there was a questioning look in her eyes.

“Xie Yanchi, when did you know that Fu Zhihuan is Fu Lu”


He hissed and rubbed his hair casually.

“Actually, I met Fu Lu when I was in junior high school.  When I first got off the plane and went to the law firm that day, I felt he looked a little familiar when I saw him, so I got someone to check.”

Wen Ruan lifted her eyebrows.  “And then the both of you joined up and lied to me”

“How can it be considered as lying”

Xie Yanchi leaned against the door frame as if he had no bones.

“It was because you like him so much therefore, I didnt expose him.”

“Fart!”  She beamed a perfect smile.  “You just wanted to make use of this matter and seize the opportunity to get money from him!”

Xie Yanchi:  “……”

An angry womans IQ is amazingly high!

Wen Ruan lowered her head to pack up her things then dragged the suitcase out without saying a word and simply brought it to the door.

Her actions were much more decisive than the last time.

Xie Yanchi pressed on his temples helplessly, straightened up his body that was exuding a sense of laziness, and followed behind her.

“Are you not going to wait for him to come back and talk to him”

“Whats there to talk about”

Wen Ruan pressed the elevator button and said in an emotionless tone.

“Are the both of us in a relationship”

Xie Yanchi glanced at Wen Ruan who was standing next to him and silently drew a cross in his heart for Fu Zhihuan.

This little cousin sister of his possesses a variety of angry feelings but most of the time, she is direct and would quarrel arrogantly with others.

And very often, this kind of anger would disappear the fastest and after venting her anger, she would immediately turn around and forget it.

But if she is like now…….stays calm and collected while showing a cold and indifferent expression……..that indeed is a huge problem!

Xie Yanchi raised his eyes and suddenly without any reason, he said in a low voice.

“I really dont want to help that guy from the Fu Family…….but when you moved out of the apartment that day, he called me……….and I can tell that Fu Lu likes you.”


The elevator door opened.

Wen Ruan entered the elevator and pressed the button for the ground floor without saying a word.

Then she said coldly.  “Xie Yanchi, I was indeed angry with Fu Lu for not attending the engagement banquet and made me lose face……..  But I didnt take it as a big deal since both parties are victims in this kind of marriage arrangement.”

Xie Yanchi lowered his eyes to look sideways at Wen Ruan.

She took a deep breath and the hand holding the suitcase trembled slightly.

“There is no girl who doesnt want face, so although I may speak ill of Fu Lu, I also know that the responsibility doesnt rest on him.”

The red numbers at the top of the elevator kept changing and in the heavy silence of the confined space, even Wen Ruans gentle breathing could be heard.

“So Im not angry because Fu Zhihuan is Fu Lu.”

Wen Ruan raised her eyes and clenched her fists.

“What Im angry about is that until now Fu Zhihuan is not willing to tell me his identity although he knows that I like him.”

Xie Yanchi frowned, his throat moved slightly and it felt a little itchy.

He was not good at persuading others.  After thinking for a while, just as he was about to speak, he happened to see two pieces of plasters stuck on Wen Ruans arm.

He frowned.  “Are you injured”

She glanced at her forearm and said lightly.  “Its fine, I just took a hit but its not very serious.”

His voice deepened slightly.  “Because of Fu Zhihuan”

She tightened her lips and remained silent.

Right at this time, the elevator door in front of her opened.  She straightened her back and walked out dragging her suitcase along.

Xie Yanchis car was very easy to spot.  Wen Ruan stopped at the boot of the car and mustered her strength to lift the suitcase.

“Allow me.”

With a frown, Xie Yanchi came to her side and took the suitcase from her.

“Get into the car, why are you messing with it”

Wen Ruan had already booked a train ticket home.

She sat in the rear passenger seat and glanced down at her injured arm.

She did not know why every time she looked at it, she would always recall the scene from a few hours ago and the words Fu Zhihuan said to her.

Then her heart would soften a little…….

But right after the moment that her heart softened, she would suddenly remember that before today, she practically knew nothing about him.

She knows nothing of his background or his relatives and is not familiar with his circle of friends.

After discovering that Fu Zhihuan is her fiancé, Fu Lu……Wen Ruan still did not know anything about him.

It seems Fu Zhihuan never had the intention to tell her about himself.

Why did he move to Jiang City

Why didnt he keep in touch with his family

What is the story behind the Tao Xun sitting on the desk in the study which always makes Fu Zhihuan feel so painful

He always keeps everything hidden away.

Wen Ruan felt as if she is the only one who is eager to share all of herself with the person she likes.

All along the way, she remained silent.

Xie Yanchi did not ask any more questions but when they arrived at the train station, he stopped the car and said.

“We have arrived.”

However, he did not hear any response behind him.

He frowned and turned his head around.

With a glance, he noticed that Wen Ruan had lowered her head looking a little dull as if she was in a trance.

“Wen Ruan!”  He called out.

She sniffled.  “Im fine.”

Xie Yanchi turned his head and tapped on the steering wheel.

“Uncle loves you very much…….if you want to cancel the marriage, hell agree.”

She remained silent.

He glanced at her out of the corner of his eye.

“You dont want to”

She still kept quiet.

After a long silence between the two people, Wen Ruan suddenly shrank herself into a ball with her chin resting on her knees, and her eyes were filled with disappointment.

“Im so spineless.”

“What do you mean”

“Even though Im so angry, I still cant hate him.”


After the drip was finished, Fu Zhihuan bought supper for Wen Ruan and went home.

It was her favorite.  The wontons with double portions of the vinegar and chilies were bought from the night market not far from the community where they lived.

However after he pushed the door open, he found the apartment in complete darkness.

And Earl was resting on its climbing frame to take a breather at this moment.

Fu Zhihuan smiled helplessly, put the wontons on the coffee table, and turned on the living room lights.

Thats right…….its already so late, the little girl should be asleep by now.

He took off his coat, put it on the sofa, and poured himself a glass of water before walking back to the bedroom lightly.

But he was startled when he looked at Wen Ruans bedroom door while walking past the room.

Wen Ruans bedroom door was wide open.

And there was no one inside……..

Fu Zhihuan turned his head and with a glance, he noticed the engagement ring box sitting in the center of the coffee table…….

She knows…….

A strong sense of unease spread.

Like a spark that ignited a pile of dry straw, the thick smoke caused Fu Zhihuans chest to tighten and a tearing pain surged from the bottom of his heart.

Fu Zhihuan clenched his fists, pressed the tip of his tongue against his teeth, and swept up the coat that he had just put down.

He slammed the door shut, went downstairs, and started the car.

He gritted his teeth and even his temples started to throb.

He took out his phone and every time he pressed his thumb on the screen he seemed to be using strength and even the phone shook slightly.

Finally, the call was connected.

Xie Yanchi whistled and his tone sounded a little condescending.

“Please spare me…….

everyone queued up to look for me one after another tonight.”

Fu Zhihuan asked in a deep voice.  “Where is Wen Ruan”

Xie Yanchi laughed.  “Youre a step too late, the train had left.”

A string seemed to pull taut in that instant.

Fu Zhihuan leaned his head on the back of the seat, closed his eyes, and took a deep breath.  A long time later, he slowly opened his eyes again.

His voice had a hint of hoarseness.  “Where did she go”

However, Xie Yanchi did not tell Fu Zhihuan immediately.

After a long silence on the other end of the line, a faint imperceptible low laugh floated over.

Xie Yanchi, who was leaning against the car door with a cigarette pinched between his fingers, threw a glance at the train station behind him.

When he saw the injuries on Wen Ruan, Xie Yanchi had already decided not to tell Fu Zhihuan anything about her.

………Until he heard Wen Ruans words…….

‘Even though Im so angry, I still cant hate him.

Xie Yanchi laughed softly and tapped on the cigarette to get rid of the ash.

“Tong City…….she went home.”

Forget it…….The beauty of assistance.

(The beauty of assistance means the sense of bliss in doing good deeds to help others realize their wishes.)


Wen Ruan arrived home at eight oclock the next morning.

As it was a rest day, both Father Wen and Mother Wen have not woken up yet.

Only the servants at home are busy preparing breakfast.

Upon seeing Wen Ruan, Aunt Zhang immediately showed a happy face and wanted to wake up Wen Ruans parents but Wen Ruan made a silent gesture.

“Dont let my parents know that Im back.  I want them to have a great surprise.”

Actually, she was afraid that Mr.

Wen Fengchenswake-up bad mood would explode andboom himself out of the house.

Aunt Zhang nodded with understanding and hurriedly served the breakfast she had prepared.  After taking the suitcase from Wen Ruan, Aunt Zhang said with distress.

“Just look at our Young Miss!  Look how thin youve become during the time you were outside.  You must have suffered a lot.”


Wen Ruan recalled her life while staying with Fu Zhihuan.

Although she had initially promised to do the housework, most of the time she could not get out of bed.  Every time she would act coquettishly and ask to share half of Fu Zhihuans breakfast.

Wait, wait!……..


She gritted her teeth and hated herself for not living up to expectations.

Why did she think of that nasty man again!

With this thought, she angrily picked up the sandwich that Aunt Zhang made and took a fierce bite.

Extreme satisfaction!

The familiar taste attacked Wen Ruans taste buds and she was instantly moved to tears.

As expected, the food that Aunt Zhang prepares is simply the most delicious in this world!

When she thought of not being able to taste such delicious food during the few months she was Fu Zhihuan…….

He must not be forgiven so easily!

After breakfast, the independent spirit that was trained for the last few months almost got beaten back to her original form.

Sure enough, comfort makes one degenerate.

While stretching her body, Wen Ruan went into the bathroom.

At this moment, there was a sudden clatter of footsteps from upstairs.

“Aunt Zhang, is breakfast ready”  Mother Wen rubbed her eyes as she walked down the stairs and added.  “Oh right, are the ingredients for lunch ready  Dont forget that guests are coming for lunch today.”

Father Wen followed behind Mother Wen as they walked down the stairs.

They did not like to have their breakfast in the dining room, so they asked for their coffee to be served in the living room.

At the same time, the TV was turned on.

Together with the noisy sounds from the TV, Wen Ruan heard her parents chatting to each other…….

“I heard that child, Fu Lu, was involved in a car accident.”

“Its fine, Ive inquired and found out it was not a major problem.”

“Say, that Ruan Ruan is staying in his house, do you think her delicate character will make Fu Lu chase her out”

“Since a few months had already passed, if he wanted to chase her out it should have happened a long time ago.  Its okay, let the children slowly get along with each other.”


Wen Fengchen patted his thigh and said in a leisurely tone.

“A few days ago, I heard from my little assistant that Ruan Ruan called to say she wants to break off the marriage and also mentioned that she has someone she likes.”

Mother Wen laughed.  “Say, if she finds out Fu Zhihuans identity do you think Ruan Ruan will come running home in a huff and kick up a fuss”

Wen Fengchen:  “I think……”

“Right guess!”

With a dark expression, Wen Ruan pushed open the door of the bathroom and leaned against the door frame.  She looked hatefully at the couple and gritted her teeth.

“Im now furious and is home to kick up a fuss!”


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