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Chapter 50 – Falling In Love

The follow-up process in handling Peng Mengyins case was very complicated.

After Wen Ruans injuries were treated and she had completed her police report, Fu Zhihuan asked someone to send her home first so that she could rest since it was already very late.

Peng Mengyins accomplice was just a minor underworld boss with some money that was earned from some shady sources.  The man had previously been involved in a case in which he stabbed someone and was prone to impulsiveness and hated the police.

Peng Mengyin was his girlfriend and although this matter was not publicized, he was still coaxed into obedience by her.  From time to time, she would cry and complain about her tragic experience to him.

The man was originally someone with a straight mind and had an anti-social character.  Upon seeing that the woman he loves was wronged and after being incited with a few words, he willingly supported her with assistance and money and was even willing to get entangled in this matter for her.

However, everyone could see that it was nothing more than falling into the hands of the woman and being used by her.

After everything was settled, it was already past midnight.

Fu Zhihuan had stayed up the whole night together with the police officer.  Although his injuries were easy to treat, the old injuries caused by the car accident not too long ago were torn apart by the fierce fight just now.

In order not to make Wen Ruan worry, he did not mention it earlier on.

But after a night, the injuries had become infected and he had a slight fever.

“Dont blame me for ruining the atmosphere just now.”

Zhao Zichen bought a bottle of water and handed it to Fu Zhihuan who was presently on drips.  He laughed and sat down beside Fu Zhihuan.

“You should be mindful of your actions.  I was afraid youd lose your sense of propriety and make the injuries worse.”

Fu Zhihuan twisted the cap of the bottle with one hand and was too lazy to bother about him.

However, Zhao Zichen continued to talk and there was a hint of interest in his tone.

“Have you and Wen Ruan confirmed your relationship”

Fu Zhihuan:  “Not yet.”

Zhao Zichen was disappointed.  “Why”

Fu Zhihuan gave him a cold look.  “You interrupted us.”


Zhao Zichen rubbed the back of his head and decided not to talk about it.

He stretched his body while sitting on the chair and suddenly had a thought.

“Since youre at this stage, why havent you told your family”


Upon hearing this word, Fu Zhihuan lowered his eyes.

This afternoon, he had originally planned to come clean with Wen Ruan and tell her his identity but was interrupted by Peng Mengyins case.

Fortunately, things have now been resolved.

Fu Zhihuan glanced at his watch.

This matter cannot be delayed any longer.  When he goes home tonight, he will make it clear to Wen Ruan.

Zhao Zichen did not notice Fu Zhihuans actions and continued to talk.

“Ive never heard you mention anything about your family since college.  You should be frank with me since we have been friends for so many years and youve kept everything hidden all this time.  Is it because of your familys special status”

“For example those secret agent organizations that cant be told to outsiders or those families under the protection of the FBI who changed their identities to start new lives or…….”

Fu Zhihuan had a headache.

So before Zhao Zichen could come up with more exaggerated ideas, he interrupted.

“Have you heard of the Fu Family in Tong City

Zhao Zichen slapped his thigh and said casually.  “Yes, Ive heard of them.  A stinky and filthy rich family that was built up based on technology.”

Fu Zhihuan:  “Well, Im a son of that stinky and filthy rich family.”

Zhao Zichen was silent for a while.  Then he burst into laughter, rocking back and forth and reached out to pat Fu Zhihuans back.

“Brother, its alright if you dont want to tell me about your family, you dont have to pull my leg.”

The two pats that landed on Fu Zhihuans back were so heavy that his chest shook slightly.

However, only the loud laughter of Zhao Zichen echoed in the empty hall.

When he noticed that Fu Zhihuan did not respond for a long time, he was stunned.  Then he turned his head stiffly and met those unwavering eyes of Fu Zhihuan.

Fu Zhihuan looked at him quietly without any emotions in his eyes and Zhao Zichens heart skipped.

He gulped.  “Brother, you are joking with me, right”

Fu Zhihuan spat out a word.  “No.”


A while later, Zhao Zichen finally reacted and gritted his teeth.

“Then youre f**king stingy!  You let me treat you whenever we go out for meals!

Fu Zhihuan:  “Im more frugal.”


Absolutely terrific!

But why is there a need to keep this kind of family status hidden

Zhao Zichen hugged his head for a long time but still could not figure out the reason.  A long time later, he asked cautiously.

“Why did you hide this from everyone  Can it be……..someone wants to fight over the family inheritance with you, so you were kicked out……..”


Fu Zhihuan interrupted Zhao Zichens thoughts.

“Its harmonious in my family.”

Zhao Zichen could not understand even more.

“Then why”


Fu Zhihuan was silent and lowered his eyes.

Should he tell Zhao Zichen that all this while he has been unable to let go of a mistake he made 20 years ago and repeatedly relied on exercising rational justice to maintain the law and meted out punishment for crimes to fill the emptiness and guilt inside his heart

He never harbored hopes for his future and even began to look forward to the day when he could use extreme ways to degenerate himself into a primitive beast to put an end to his depression.

Therefore, he keeps far away from his family……..so that if he chooses to end everything one day………he can keep his family from being affected as much as possible.

It is to reduce their pain.

Fu Zhihuan would never say these words to anyone in his life.

But now, he doesnt think like this anymore.

Because he has something to look forward to in the future.

No one should live in the past forever.

So Fu Zhihuan laughed and said casually as if the matter was insignificant.

“They wanted me to inherit the family business and become a businessman.”

Zhao Zichen nodded repeatedly.  “Then……”

“I was unwilling, so I ran away from home.”


What utter nonsense!

Zhao Zichen gritted his teeth.

These are exactly the thoughts of the rich that are beyond his understanding in his life!

Zhao Zichen was choked with anger for a long time.  He turned his head and leaned down with his ten fingers twisted together.

After thinking for a long time, he asked tentatively.

“Then for rich people like you…….is it true that you dont have the freedom to love”

Fu Zhihuan:  “…….”

“I read on Weibo that a right match would be found for marriage or something like that or else, those beautiful and famous female stars in the entertainment circle are still options.  I heard that rich families nowadays like to make marriage arrangements for their children.”

When Zhao Zichen spoke up to this point, he started to become worried.

“But Wen Ruan seems to be from an ordinary family, will your family……..”

Fu Zhihuan:  “That wont happen.”


“She is the fiancée that my parents arranged for me.”

……..This amount of information is way too much!

Zhao Zichen his brain starting to hurt.


[Wen Ruan]:  After tonight, I think I may have a boyfriend.

[Qin Sushan]:  Did you use a condom

[Wen Ruan]:    What kind of obscene thoughts are there in your brain

[Qin Sushan]:   Isnt it because your words are too ambiguous

[Qin Sushan]:   Tell me, how did you take down our Prosecutor Fu

[Wen Ruan]:   I dont think youd believe it.

[Wen Ruan]:   When I went home today, I met a woman who wanted to stab me with a knife but was knocked down by me.  Then a man rushed out and struck me with a steel pipe and I was injured.  At that moment, Fu Zhihuan rushed out like a hero to save the beauty and kissed me.  Although he is making a police report right now, I have a feeling he will confess to me when he returns.”

After Wen Ruan had sent out such a large paragraph, there was no response from the other party for a long time.

It was only after three minutes had passed that Qin Sushan made a direct call through WeChat.

“I truly surrender to you!  What kind of damn magnificent life do you have”

Wen Ruan laid down on the sofa and casually hugged a pillow.

“But you have to help me think about it.  If he confesses to me after he comes back, should I leave him hanging for a while or immediately agree”

She became a little worried when she spoke about this and added.  “If I agree immediately, will it seem very unreserved”

Qin Sushan was silent for a while.

“If it is someone else, perhaps I might advise you to keep him hanging for a little while but you…….

no, Miss Wen, do you think the things youve done during this time can be associated with the wordreserved”

“If you had been a little more reserved, you wouldnt have stayed in someone elses house as soon as you got off the train station.”


Wen Ruan who had been exposed hung up the phone expressionlessly.

She did not move for a while and only sat there quietly for a few seconds while holding her phone.

In these short few hours, Wen Ruans emotions had initially jumped crazily like a deer then progressed to sitting restlessly with the desire to talk to someone, and finally, she could not keep calm any longer and exploded into fireworks.

And then she came back to the present as if she had just woken up from a dream.

She threw the phone aside, buried her head in the pillow, and curled herself into a ball.  She took a deep breath and then…….

“Ahhhhhhhhh ! ! !”

Hugging the pillow, she rolled around on the sofa and then raised her head to reveal her red cheeks.

Finally, the mood that she had been suppressing all night burst into colors at this moment and even felt that the whole place was filled with pink love bubbles.

She can finally be together with the person she loves!

With this thought, she rolled around excitedly once again.

Then she accidentally pressed on something hard and felt a pain in her back.

She hissed softly then sat up to lean on her back and looked down.

It was Fu Zhihuans coat that he had casually left on the sofa.

Why is his coat so hard

She frowned then picked it up and put it aside.

At this moment, a small box rolled from the pocket of the coat and fell to the floor with a crisp sound.

What is that

She bent down, stretched out her hand to pick up the small box, and took a closer look……

Isnt this a ring box

Wait a moment…….

She frowned and realized something was amiss.

Why does this ring box look so familiar

A strong premonition arose.  Following that, a conjecture became clearer and clearer in her mind and it made her heart, which was very excited about the love that would soon become a reality, instantly quiet down.

She opened the ring box.

A ring was lying quietly inside the box.

The style, size, and color gave Wen Ruan an extremely familiar feeling.

She took a deep breath then reached out her hand to pick up the ring and under the light, she studied the words engraved on the inside of the ring…….

‘F & W

The same.

This f**king ring is a pair with the engagement ring she threw away!

With this ring, everything seems to have dissipated like a mist and gradually became clear.

Prosecutor Fu……

Stays in Jiang City……

Owns such a valuable residence……

And drives a Porsche 918 Spyder……

Besides that Second Young Master of the Fu Family, which other ordinary families can afford to support such an ancestor

Wen Ruan clenched the ring tightly in her palm and stood up with a sneer.

Good…….very good……..

The new and old scores should be settled together.  Not only did he stand her up at their engagement banquet but he also stood by and watched while she pretended to be poor for the last few months.

This is no longer a simple grudge!

Wen Ruan took a deep breath and picked up the phone beside her.

Qin Sushans message immediately jumped out.

[Qin Sushan]:  Although you hung up on me, I still wish you the best for leaving singledom!

Leaving singledom

Wen Ruan sneered.

Let Fu Zhihuan live with his cat!

[Wen Ruan]:  No.

[Wen Ruan]:  Sorry, Ive changed my mind.

[Wen Ruan]:  If I am to f**king go steady with Fu Zhihuan, Ill bark like a dog.

[Qin Sushan]: 

After sending the message, Wen Ruan ignored the question marks sent by Qin Sushan and called Xie Yanchi immediately.

After a few rings, a lazy male voice came through the receiver.

“Ancestor……you and Fu Zhihuan again……..”

“You should already know that he is Fu Lu.”  Wen Ruans voice sounded calm.  “I suddenly remembered the question you asked me some time back.  At that time I found the question very odd and it turned out you were deceiving me.”

Xie Yanchi listened to the emotionless tone and did not say a word.

When Wen Ruan was really angry, her entire aura would increase tremendously and become cold and terrifying similar to that of a ruthless female killer.

Wen Ruan sneered.

“Come and pick me up now.”

Xie Yanchi:  “Where are you going”

Wen Ruan:  “Home…….to cancel the marriage arrangement.”


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