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Chapter 5 – Domestic Violence

Upon seeing that the disturbance created by the quarreling couple was getting louder and louder, the number of onlookers increased.

“Why do you need to buy clothes  Who do you want to show off to wearing such flashy clothes”

“……Today is my birthday……I just wanted to buy some clothes as a gift for myself.”

“Your birthday  You didnt stay home to cook but instead, wandered around outside.  If you have the money to buy clothes then you might as well give me the money for entertainment.”

The reprimand was accompanied by whimpers from the female which caused the onlookers to frown and whisper.

“How can the man behave in such a way  His wife only wants to celebrate her birthday and he loses his temper.”

“Do you see the wounds on the womans face and all over her arms  This is probably domestic violence, right”

“She is so pitiful, I really cant bear to watch anymore.”

But when the husband forcefully dragged the wife away, the onlookers made way for them.  Although some people did speak a few words of persuasion, they became silent upon noticing that their words had no effect.

After all, it was a matter between the husband and wife and even if they find it inappropriate, they could not intervene.

Not to mention it would be a waste of effort and deemed inappropriate, it would also easily draw snubs.

When the couple was about to leave, Wen Ruan stretched out her hand to grab hold of the womans wrist.

Wen Ruan lifted her head and swept a glance over the couple.  Then she fixed her gaze on the wifes face.  She was silent for a while and then suddenly smiled.

“I just saw a store ahead that is giving discounts.  Their clothes are very beautiful, would you like to take a look”

The wife was startled but before she could speak, her husband who was beside her said impatiently.

“Why do you want to look at clothes  Why waste so much money  Ai, dont obstruct me, little lady, Im taking my wife home.”

“Since its her birthday, why are you so anxious to go home  It so happens that I feel an affinity for her, so why not let her choose the clothes and Ill gift them to her.  It can also be considered as a birthday present.”

Wen Ruan let out a laugh.  Her voice sounded gentle and warm but she did not release her hold on the wifes hand.

“However, if mister is in a hurry, you can go home first.”

The husband frowned and his face instantly turned pale.  Without saying a word, he just pulled the woman and was prepared to walk forward.

The woman did not move, instead, she struggled and resisted.

Then the man seemed to notice his wifes resistance and his expression became colder.  He turned his head around sharply and wanted to scold her.

Wen Ruan turned abruptly and placed herself between the husband and wife.

She looked into the mans eyes and her gaze did not show the slightest intention of giving in.  After a long time, she turned her head around and softly asked the woman who was sobbing behind her.

“Do you want to leave with me”

The wife sobbed and nodded slightly.

In fact, Wen Ruan did not put on a tough stance at the beginning because she had considered the special nature of this matter.

After getting a clear request for help at this particular time, her tone carried a trace of fierceness.

“This mister, please go back first.”

The husbands anger was visibly rising.  His tone sounded strong and rough and it was deafening to the ear.

“This is my familys business, so can you refrain from being nosy!  Hurry up, come home with me!  Come!”

After speaking, he reached out his hand and clasped his wifes shoulder.

Wen Ruan frowned but before she could speak, a hand suddenly appeared and grabbed hold of the husbands arm.

Black cuffs, the bony wrist…….and with the exertion of a little force, the veins and knuckles could clearly be seen.

Although it was not an excessive movement, it still broke the husbands forceful grip in an instant.

Fu Zhihuans thin lips were pressed tightly together and his pitch-black eyes were staring at the man in front of him.  Although he had not spoken a word yet, he exuded an intimidating aura.

“No matter what is the relationship between this lady and you, she has the right to decide whether she leaves or stays.”

His tone was steady and his expression was cold.

Fu Zhihuan was half a head taller than the man and had a fierce look on his face.  It made the man who behaved viciously just now suddenly fall silent as he withdrew his hand with an unnatural expression.

He gulped then glared fiercely at the woman behind Wen Ruan.  Following that, he turned around and left.

After the man left, Fu Zhihuan turned his head around and looked at Wen Ruan.  Without saying a word, he lifted his chin at her.

Although not a word was said, Wen Ruan could still understand the meaning of the look in his eyes…… with just a blink of an eye, youre quite capable of bluffing, arent you

Wen Ruan shrank her neck.  Just now her expression was quite imposing when she was facing the man but at this moment, she seemed to have been splashed with a bucket of water.

“……Actually, I did call out to you but you walked too fast and I couldnt keep up.”

“In all honesty, youre almost 1.9 meters tall and Im only 1.6 meters!  Even if I run, I still cant keep up with your normal pace and anyway, youre to be blamed for being too tall!”

Fu Zhihuan could not help but smile.

She is indeed capable of finding an excuse for herself to step down!

But at this moment, it is obviously not the right time to fight over who had lost or won on this matter.

He shifted his gaze slightly and rested on the woman who was sobbing behind Wen Ruan.  Then he signaled with his gaze.

Wen Ruan came back to her senses then turned around to bend down and reached out her hand to pat the wifes shoulder lightly.  Then she said to the woman in a low soft tone.

“Sister, for matters regarding domestic violence, help from others can never compare to your own decisiveness.  First of all, you have to tell me whether you want to end this relationship with your husband”

The wife nodded while she rubbed her eyes which had turned red.

Wen Ruan straightened up then took out a calling card from her pocket and placed it into the womans hand.

“Then you should go to the hospital for a check-up on your injuries and get a report.  Domestic violence is classified under the crime of intentional harm.  You can file a divorce lawsuit in the court and contact this address if you need a lawyer.”

The wife lowered her eyes.  “But the officials will find it difficult to deal with domestic affairs……”

Wen Ruan replied calmly.  “Thats the reason why laws exist.”

When Fu Zhihuan heard the words, his eyes flickered slightly and he lowered his eyes to look at Wen Ruan.

When she was speaking those words, she was very serious as she looked steadily into the eyes of the woman.  Shadows of her long eyelashes fell on her clean and beautiful face that was devoid of makeup.

At this moment, a group of people suddenly alighted grandly from a car.

Wen Ruan was stunned.  When she turned her head around, she found that it was a group of people dressed in the uniform of the TV station and they were holding microphones and carrying cameras as they hurried over.

Whats happening

Before Wen Ruan could react, the microphone was held directly in front of her.

“Hello to this young lady!  Im sorry, were actually from Jiang City TV and were running a program calledHuman Observation.   Actually, this couple is from our TV station and the purpose is to observe the publics reaction when they witness incidents of domestic violence.”

The tone of the smiling TV hostess sounded a little apologetic.

“Thank you very much for your help just now.  Do you have anything to say to the audience”




Wen Ruan became silent.

She touched her cheek.

…….No makeup!

Damn it!

She just got off the train……without makeup!

She thought for a long time and then slowly squeezed out the words.

“…..Your TV station……”

The hostess and the other staff members pricked up their ears anxiously.

“Is it possible to use the beauty filter”


Fu Zhihuan rubbed his temples.

……..He already knew Wen Ruan would make some earth-shattering remarks.

In fact, he was not surprised it would be a show because when he was helping her just now, Fu Zhihuan already noticed something amiss.

Although the husbands tone and expression appeared fierce, the words he spoke did not contain any dirty words and the tone used did not sound like it was a quarrel.

Now he knows the reason.

The reason was any programs that contain dirty words would not get approval from the TV station.

When the TV hostess heard Wen Ruans words, she paused for two seconds and then laughed.

“Ha, ha, ha…….Young lady, youre very photogenic and you still look very good without using the beauty filter.”

After she finished speaking, she changed position and immediately turned to Fu Zhihuan who was at the side.

“This gentleman……is he your boyfriend  He is very handsome!  Both of you are really a good match!”

Fu Zhihuan:  “No.”

Wen Ruan:  “No……not right now.”



There was silence all around.

Fu Zhihuan:  “No need to add the last four words.”

Wen Ruan:  “Why not  My words and my actions are all serious, okay!”

The TV crew beside them was silent but the director who was far away inside the control cubicle wearing earphones raised his voice and ordered.

“Capture the faces of these two people!  Close-up! Close-up!  These two are so good-looking and so eloquent that its impossible to find this kind of people at random on the streets.  Later on, edit this and put it on Weibo!  It will definitely explode!”

“What is the hostess doing!  Hurry up and ask a few more questions and interview them lest they run off!”

The hostess trembled and immediately held up the microphone.

“Can this gentleman tell us your profession”

With a slight frown, Fu Zhihuan threw a glance at the camera.  It seemed he was not used to speaking in front of the camera.

When Wen Ruan saw that the man still did not speak after a long time, she simply spoke on his behalf.

“He is a prosecutor.”

Fu Zhihuan glanced at her.

At the same time, the hostess was stunned.

It looks like the programHuman Observation is truly in luck.

These two passersby seem to be of the highest caliber ever since the program was aired.

Even if they were placed in the entertainment circle, they would not lose to the movie stars in terms of appearance.  Once the camera was focused on the two people, it was as if the beauty filter was turned on and every frame was a perfect screenshot.

Not to mention, they did not expect the mans profession to be so special.  If this is directly used as the title of this show segment, the hit rate should skyrocket.

So the hostess seized the opportunity to ask.  “Then is this young ladys work related to the legal field as well”

When Wen Ruan was about to reply, she heard a clear cold male voice coming from the side.

“No, she is a domestic worker.”


This hateful man is indeed too vicious!


After the TV crew was sent away, it was about twenty minutes later.

Before leaving, the TV hostess warmly reminded them to watch this episode tomorrow evening as the program would broadcast at 7 pm.

……Wen Ruan did not feel like watching it.

The two wordsdomestic worker that Fu Zhihuan used just now made her so angry that her brain hurts.

Indulging in beauty is indeed wrong!

Wen Ruan decided to take back her feelings for this man.

While thinking about this, she looked up sharply and tried to make him feel guilty.


An electric bike dashed through the crowded shopping street and almost knocked against the passersby.  As a result, it gave rise to a wave of complaints and scoldings.

Wen Ruan was concentrating on lifting her head and did not notice the approaching bike at all.

Out of the corner of his eyes, Fu Zhihuan spotted the electric bike dashing toward them.  He frowned slightly then raised his hand to clasp Wen Ruans shoulder and pulled her towards him.

She was startled when her bodys center of gravity suddenly tilted and only felt her shoulder ram into Fu Zhihuans chest.

As the electric bike swept past Wen Ruan, the rearview mirror hit the knuckle of Fu Zhihuans middle finger and scratched off a small piece of skin.

He did not even wrinkle his eyebrows and without a word, he only withdrew his hand that was gripping Wen Ruans shoulder.  He glanced at his wound calmly and then very naturally put down his arm.

“Be more attentive on the road.”


Her girly heart is indeed spineless and once again it has been resurrected!

It is said that  ~ a moment of infatuation is a lifetime of infatuation!

This is it!

Wen Ruan clasped her hands together into a fist then placed them against her chest and tried to suppress her pounding heart.  After a long time, she took a deep breath and said.  “Ill help you to buy a band-aid……”

She felt so excited but then she suddenly thought of something.  She immediately stopped and stood in place.

Fu Zhihuan:  “Whats the matter now”

Wen Ruan:  “Do you have a feeling that Ive forgotten something”

Fu Zhihuan:  “……”

……My Hermes red limited edition suitcase!

……My LVDauphine handbag!


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