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Chapter 49 – Encounter

“Are you suspecting that Peng Mengyin is targeting Wen Ruan”

Zhao Zichen frowned as he drove and comforted Fu Zhihuan.

“Dont be anxious.  I heard from my father that Wen Ruan is good at self-defense.  Based on Peng Mengyins abilities even if Wen Ruan is targeted she should be able to handle it.  Therefore, nothing major will happen.”

Fu Zhihuan did not answer.  A long time later, he said in a deep voice.

“Peng Mengyin came from a poor family, so how could she afford to pay that driver such a huge sum of money”

Zhao Zichen fell silent.

Based on the investigation, that transaction was worth nearly a million dollars.

And based on Peng Mengyins financial status, it was a sum that she indeed could not afford.

Fu Zhihuan pressed on his knuckles and his eyes darkened.

“If Peng Mengyin could avoid being found by the police until now, then its evident someone is hiding her.”

Zhao Zichen responded.  “Do you mean she has accomplices”


Anchu Road.

The sounds of the wind quieten down.

“I have a document that I want to give to Mr.


Peng Mengyin smiled, turned sideways to take out a folder from her bag, and showed it to Wen Ruan.

“At the same time, I want to have a chat with him about work.  Is Miss Wen going home  We can go together.”

Wen Ruan glanced at the folder and nodded.


The night was silent.

The two people walked side by side on Anchu Road but remained silent all along the way.

Under the dim street lights, only the incomparably clear sounds of shoes stepping on the gravel road could be heard.

A long time later, Peng Mengyin suddenly exhaled and said in a relaxed tone.


Fu must like Miss Wen very much.”

Wen Ruan raised her eyelashes.  “He never mentioned that.”

“Bystanders always see clearer.  Im a girl and girls intuition is always accurate.  Of course, these things can be seen.”

Speaking of this, Peng Mengyin narrowed her eyes and smiled gently.  Suddenly she asked a question out of the blue.

“By the way, does Miss Wen have any siblings”

Wen Ruan paused for a while then tilted her head slightly and after glancing at Peng Mengyin, she said lightly.

“I have many cousins…….but theres only one that I have a particularly good relationship with.”

Peng Mengyin lifted her hand to pull her hair and sounded as if she was reminiscing something.

“In my family, I dont have any relatives except for an elder brother.”

“My family is very poor.  When I was in junior high school, my parents nearly made me drop out of school due to a lack of money but my elder brother didnt allow it.  He said that girls must have a good education.”

She paused for a while when she spoke up to this point.  The corners of her lips raised faintly and her voice quivered slightly.

“Then my elder brother stopped schooling and started to work to support me in my studies.  He was very good to the family and when our parents fell seriously ill, the burden of supporting the whole family rested on my elder brother.  However, he never complained.  Whenever I return home, he would specially prepare beautiful clothes for me.”

“Miss Wen, can you imagine how important he was to me”

Peng Mengyins tone was very gentle and when she was narrating the past, she could make one feel the sweetness in her memories.

An elder brother who loved her dearly……..it sounded truly warm.

Wen Ruan nodded calmly and said softly.  “Mm, I can imagine it.”

At this point, Wen Ruan paused for a while then lifted her eyes and looked ahead.

“However, would Miss Peng be willing to listen to a piece of advice”

Peng Mengyin stopped walking.  “Advice”

Wen Ruan lowered her eyes slightly with a calm expression and kept on walking forward.

“Miss Peng, sharp objects can hurt oneself easily…….so, its best not to touch them.”

Although it was said in a plain tone, it made ones back tense up all of a sudden.

Peng Mengyins heart constricted and her right hand that had all this while been inserted quietly in her bag suddenly moved.

Wen Ruans gaze shifted slightly and her eyebrows knotted up.

The next second, she simply grabbed hold of Peng Mengyins wrist and then flipped over her hand.  Immediately, the sound of aclick was heard and Peng Mengyins arm became dislocated.


Wen Ruan grabbed the back of Peng Mengyins neck then raised her knee to hit Peng Mengyins pelvis with great accuracy and pressed her to the ground.

Before the sharp knife in the bag could be pulled out, it was already thrown a few meters away.

Peng Mengyin screamed in pain and her face paled.

Wen Ruan turned Peng Mengyin to face her and they looked at each other calmly.

“Girls intuition is very accurate.”

Tears welled up in Peng Mengyins eyes and gritting her teeth, she dragged on the words.

“Wen Ruan, if one day youre to lose a loved one……”

“When your elder brother killed those two people at that time, the victims relatives also suffered a loss.”

Wen Ruan stared into Peng Mengyins eyes without any sympathy or fluctuations in her tone.

“I will never be able to resonate with you.  You have to understand where you had gone wrong.”

It was very quiet all around.

At this moment, Wen Ruan could hear the sounds of abrupt footsteps approaching behind her.

She frowned and tilted her head slightly.  But before she could turn her head around completely, out of the corner of her eye she caught a glimpse of a cylindrical steel pipe moving towards her and aiming directly at her temple.

With quick reflex action, she raised her arm to block off the strike.  Although she blocked off most of the force, she was still hit on her forearm and fell to the ground.

She struggled to sit up and all her joints seemed to be aching.

Wen Ruan raised her eyes to look in the direction of the attacker.

A man…….

The attacker wore a black tee-shirt and had a body that was bulging with muscles.

Wen Ruan did not know this person but understood very clearly that this person should be Peng Mengyins accomplice.

The man came towards Wen Ruan while twirling the steel pipe skilfully in his hand and then held up both his arms as if he was going to strike again.

Wen Ruan gritted her teeth and her ten fingers that were resting on the ground clasped into fists.

There was a probability she could dodge.

But judging from the mans body shape, she could not go head-on with him.

Just at this moment, a cars dazzling headlights shone in the distance.

Then the sounds of harsh screeching brakes followed.

“Miss Wen Ruan!”

Zhao Zichens anxious voice rang out.

The next second, the passengers door was flung open.

A shadow leaped over accompanied by a swift and fierce gust of wind and then a loud violent crash sounded.

Fu Zhihuan grabbed the mans neck and threw him against the nearest wall with such great force that even the veins on his neck were clearly defined.

With a lift of his hands, Fu Zhihuan grabbed the mans neck and his hands slowly tightened inch by inch.

The mans face was turning red and he was like a fish dying from suffocation while kicking the ground with his feet.

Zhao Zichen hurriedly got out of the car and as he helped Wen Ruan to her feet, he shouted a warning.

“Old Fu!”

Peng Mengyin who had been lying on the ground lifted her head.  Suddenly, she made a move.

She stretched out her hand and grabbed the knife that was lying a few meters away from her.  Before Fu Zhihuan could turn around, she thrust the knife directly forward.

Wen Ruans pupils shrank and she screamed.  “Fu Zhihuan!”

Fu Zhihuan frowned and turned his head around.

A brief silence ensued.

From Wen Ruans angle, she could not see whether the knife was plunged into Fu Zhihuans body.

But she could vaguely see a few drops of blood dripping to the ground.

A sense of unease flooded her brain and the feeling of pain arose without reason.

Wen Ruans nose felt a little sour.  She gritted her teeth, straightened up, and rushed towards Fu Zhihuan.

The closer she got to him, the bloodstains that ran down his hand became even clearer.

Wen Ruan opened her mouth but before she could speak, tears had started to slip down her face.

Zhao Zichen had also rushed forward and with a series of smooth movements, he had Peng Mengyin under control and handcuffed her.

“Why are you crying”

Fu Zhihuan suddenly let out a soft laugh.  When Zhao Zichen came over, Fu Zhihuan released his hand and showed it to Wen Ruan.

“Look here.”

She was slightly startled and then heaved a sigh of relief.

The sharp knife did not stab into Fu Zhihuans body.

When Peng Mengyin rushed over, he quickly grabbed hold of the knifes handle and easily blocked her off.

However, the palm of his hand inevitably brushed over the blade of the knife leaving a bloody mark.

The police cars arrived.

Uniformed police officers came down from the cars and took away Peng Mengyin and the man.

Some medical staff rushed over to help Fu Zhihuan into the police car so he could receive emergency treatment for the injuries.

Although Wen Ruan did not see any blood on his body, the two bruises on his arm due to the heavy blows had started to swell.

She stood at the side without saying a word and let the medical staff treat his injuries while she gritted her teeth and turned her head aside.  The corners of her eyes were still a little red but she did not say speak a word to Fu Zhihuan.

Seeing that she was safe, Fu Zhihuan finally relaxed and reached out his thumb to wipe off the sparkling droplets from the corner of her eye.

“Were you scared”


Wen Ruan glanced at Fu Zhihuans old wound that had torn apart because of his actions just now and an inexplicable fear surged up.

“Why were you so impulsive  I could have dodged that blow just now and even if I couldnt, I wont be seriously injured.  No matter what, its better than getting yourself into this situation.  That sharp knife nearly……”

“Im fine now, arent I”

Fu Zhihuan laughed softly and there seemed to be a hint of playfulness in his tone.

“Dont worry, a woman wont be able to stab me.”

“You were just discharged from hospital!”

For some unknown reason, Wen Ruan felt the tip of her nose become slightly sour as she spoke and the tears that she had just held back started to fall again.

“Can you cherish yourself a little more  Dont be so reckless.”

Although she knew Fu Zhihuan should not be blamed, she did not know why she had no control over her emotions.

It seemed like the instant she thought about Fu Zhihuan being taken to the hospital to receive emergency treatment because he was nearly stabbed due to her, she was overwhelmed with the feeling of panic and fear.

At the time when she was facing Peng Mengyin alone, she never felt this kind of fear.

After the medical staff had treated the injuries, they glanced at the two people quietly then slipped out of the car with understanding and even closed the door for them.

Fu Zhihuan was silent for a while and looked deeply at Wen Ruan in front of him.

Wen Ruan also returned his gaze without the slightest intention to dodge.

After a long time, Fu Zhihuan sighed then raised his hand to clasp the back of her head and said softly.

“I know.”

“Since you know, you still…….”

“But if something happens to you, Ill feel its my responsibility.”

Fu Zhihuan made Wen Ruan look at him and lowered his head to press against her forehead.  In a solemn voice, he said.

“I know you can protect yourself but I dont want you to be hurt once more.”

To Fu Zhihuan, it was never a matter of a minor or serious injury.

In an instant, the atmosphere became quiet.

The air-conditioning in the car was perfect but Wen Ruan seemed to feel as if a stream of heat was flowing around her enveloping every inch of her body.

She and Fu Zhihuan had never been so close.

With their foreheads pressed against each other, they could feel each others breath.

…….This guy always makes such foul moves!

Every time she talks to him seriously, he would use this trick to interfere.

This is too much!

Thinking of this, Wen Ruan felt even more aggrieved.

She sniffled and stretched out her hand to press on his shoulder.  Her voice sounded a little choked up.

“Youre always like this.”

Fu Zhihuan felt helpless with her.  “Like what”

Wen Ruan was too lazy to put on an act anymore, so she decided to be frank.

“You can see that I like you, so you seduce me with sweet talk every day!  Scumbag!”


Fu Zhihuan fell into silence and lowered his eyes.

When Wen Ruan saw him looking like this, she knew that he would probably change the topic to avoid the problem.

So she turned her head away angrily and refused to meet his eyes.

However, Wen Ruan suddenly heard a soft laugh from the man in front of her.

He is still laughing

Wen Ruan asked angrily.  “What are you laughing at”

Fu Zhihuan raised his eyelashes to show a pair of smiling peach blossom eyes and repeated the word in a soft voice.


She replied confidently.  “Thats right!”

He pursed his lower lip then raised his hand to hold the back of her head again and pulled her closer.

Then he kissed her on the lips.

His scorching breath seemed to be encroaching and pulling them closer together.

Wen Ruans pupils dilated instantly.

The warm air spread and the surroundings were strangely quiet for a moment.

It seems that everything is swallowed into the white light at this moment and only they, the two people, are alive.

Hearts pounded.

The temperature kept rising.

A long time later, Fu Zhihuan released his hold on Wen Ruans head and straightening up, he smiled and said in a husky voice.

“Kid, this is called seduction.”


She was like mute gunfire and hung her head.  Just now she was still arrogant but now she could not even make a sound.

This man is too much!

He completely messed up her thoughts!

Just when she finally mustered up the courage and wanted to ask him directly, a light cough suddenly sounded outside the window.

She turned her head around and saw Zhao Zichen standing outside with a blank expression.

“You may not believe this but I think when this matter develops into a romance drama, then I will have to interrupt the both of you.”

“Old Fu, the process on our side still needs to be completed.”


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