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Chapter 47 – Pink Pig

Just like that, Wen Ruan walked into Fu Zhihuans room under Zhao Zichens respectful gaze and closed the door.

Fu Zhihuan was leaning against the headboard reading a book and when Wen Ruan entered, he put down the book in his hand.

“Is someone outside”

“Um, its the little sister who came to your house to pick up your clothes last night.”

Wen Ruan placed the document folder on the cabinet top and sat down in front of him.

“She prepared chicken soup for you and I heard she started to cook it early in the morning at around six to seven oclock.”

He frowned slightly.  “And then”

Wen Ruan:  “And then she was chased away by me.”

Fu Zhihuan laughed.  “Why”

“I dont feel good when I look at her.”

The way she spoke was light and breezy and the expression on her face was calm.

After opening the food box, she laid out the food, tray by tray, and at the same time, she spoke righteously to Fu Zhihuan.

“It was mainly because I brought food as well.  However, it took me two full hours to prepare it, so naturally, I had to chase her away, otherwise wouldnt I have wasted my time”

She sounded full of righteousness.

Fu Zhihuan lowered his eyes helplessly with a smile and when his eyes landed on the food box in Wen Ruans hands……..

Silence descended…….

It was a three-tier food box that had a lovely pink heart pattern printed on it and it also showed a pink pig that looked like a hairdryer with its hands outstretched.  The design looked very girlish.

He was struck by the delicate color and felt the onset of a headache.


When Wen Ruan saw the weird expression on his face, she knew he did not like the color of the food box.

But it was the most ordinary-looking food box she could find in the small convenience store nearby.

So Wen Ruan was forced to explain.

“Dont you think that using this food box will make you feel young at heart  When I was buying this food box, there was a little brother in kindergarten who persisted in fighting over it with me.  Look, I dont even feel dislike for it.”

Fu Zhihuan gave her a cool look.


Thats because youre not the person who is going to use this box to eat!

Seeing that he did not respond, Wen Ruan took back the food box in a fit of anger and showed a hurtful grievous expression.

“As expected, you want to drink the chicken soup stewed by that little sister.”


Fu Zhihuan laughed and reached out his hand to take the box back from her.  Then he lowered his head, picked up some vegetables with the chopsticks, and took a bite.


He was silent for a while then raised his head to look at Wen Ruan in front of him.

“Two hours”

She suddenly felt a little guilty.  “Thats right………”

“Fish-flavored shredded pork and mushroom stewed in chicken soup from Xiaoshan Kitchen……braised fish slices and steamed chicken with chestnuts from Yingchun Restaurant……and desserts from Sihe Square…….”

Fu Zhihuan paused.  “It took you two hours”

“I bought the food box!”  Wen Ruan puffed up her chest and insisted.  “I plated the food!  And I personally……..personally watched them bring out the food!”


“Are you dissatisfied  You were lecturing me just now, right  Are you starting to feel disappointed with me”

Once again, she showed a grief-stricken and hurt expression.

“Sure enough, you still want to drink the chicken soup prepared by others!”

“No.”  He did not know how to deal with her and could only laugh helplessly.  “Im not familiar with Peng Mengyin.”

“I know.”

She simply did not take this matter to heart and continued to talk casually.  As she took out the yogurt she brought for Fu Zhihuan and tore off the plastic packaging of the straw, she asked.

“Do you want to drink yogurt”

Fu Zhihuan casually replied.  “Mm…….”

She continued to explain.  “Im not an idiot, so I could see through her since it was so obvious.  Moreover, with Zhao Zichens expression just now, its obvious that hes not very familiar with her.”

“If both of you are familiar with her, I wouldnt have dared to cause trouble as what I did just now.”

She did feel angry last night because she did not understand what was going on, but when she came to the hospital and saw Fu Zhihuans miserable appearance, she calmed down.

The only thing she was angry about was that she as a powerful modern woman, who feeds on romance novels and is a strong melon-seed eater on the internet, was actually tricked by that little white lotuss words last night.

Such a great embarrassment!

Thinking about this, Wen Ruan squeezed the straw with a burst of strength.

The tinfoil cover was punctured and a few drops of yogurt splattered on the back of her hand.

She did not care and with smooth fluid movements, she bit on the straw and sucked hard……

The yogurt in the small box had instantly shrunk by more than half.

Fu Zhihuan:  “…….Isnt that supposed to be for me”

Wen Ruan was silent for a moment.  “Yes, but I was helping you to check whether it had expired.”

Fu Zhihuan:  “Then”

Her voice became lower and lower.  “It was a very small portion and was gone after just a taste.  Those profiteer manufacturers are to be blamed.  Sooner or later, their business will collapse.”

The words were said condescendingly.

Fu Zhihuan laughed softly and even his chest seemed to be shaking.

After a long time had passed, he rubbed his temples helplessly and his tone was very light.

“When I was in college, I was lucky to have a chance to get involved with a case while following my teacher.”

“The crime scene was in a small town with a relatively low level of economic development.  The owner of the convenience store and his wife were killed and at that time, there were no surveillance cameras or witnesses.”

Wen Ruan was slightly startled.  Although she did not understand why Fu Zhihuan suddenly mentioned this to her, she still listened patiently.

“And then”

“Based on the suspects profile that I analyzed, the suspect was locked down.  Finally, after conducting an investigation using the analysis, it was confirmed that the murderer was Peng Mengyins elder brother.”

Fu Zhihuan turned his head to look at Wen Ruan and continued calmly.

“Therefore, Peng Mengyin must hate me very much.”

“……Um, this is most likely the case.”

Wen Ruan lowered her eyes and thought for a while.  Suddenly, she smiled and said softly.

“However, if this is the case, then the victims family must be very grateful to you.”

Raising his long eyelashes, he met Wen Ruans twinkling eyes and burst into laughter.


In the afternoon, Wen Ruan had to go return to the office so she did not stay long in the hospital.

When Zhao Zichen saw Wen Ruan had left, he pushed the door open and entered the room.

“You have to give me a red envelope.  I was afraid of being a light bulb*, so I had to bear with the hot air blowing outside and didnt come in.”

(Light bulb is a person who is a third party present when a couple is enjoying each others company and is regarded as a hindrance to the couples intimate moments.  This third party is harmless to the couples relationship and can be anyone from a child to an adult.)

When Zhao Zichen was speaking halfway through, he noticed Fu Zhihuan who had always worn the filter of theFlower of the High Mountains, sitting upright on the hospital bed holding a food box with the design of a pink pig that looked like a hairdryer.

Zhao Zichen immediately took out his phone to record the beautiful moment.

“Amazing, today you are the white flower fairy with a childs heart!”


Seeing Fu Zhihuans depressed expression, Zhao Zichen became very happy and pulled out a chair to sit down.  Then he asked with a smile.

“Although little sister Wen Ruan is quite adorable, I couldnt guess that you would actually like this type.”

Fu Zhihuan lowered his eyes slowly.  “What type”

“Soft girl.”

Zhao Zichen constantly surf the internet so the words that slipped from him were logical and full of knowledge.

“When I was in college, I thought that only those hot and fiery sisters would be able to hold you down.  Although soft girls are cute, they tend to be squeamish and wont be able to tolerate your bad temper.”

Although Fu Zhihuan seldom comes into contact with such descriptive words, he could still guess the meaning.

He pushed the food box aside and glanced at the rather comical pink pig hairdryer before he burst into laughter.

“No, she is way tougher than what everyone can imagine.”


“Miss Wen…….”

Just as Wen Ruan walked out of the hospital, she suddenly heard someone call her name.

As soon as she turned her head, she discovered that Peng Mengyin had not left yet.  Peng Mengyin was still holding the thermal food container with one hand while her other hand was loosely holding a handbag and had a gentle smile on her face.

Wen Ruan recalled the case that Fu Zhihuan mentioned to her just now and when she looked at Peng Mengyin now, her mood was a little complicated.

For some reason, she felt unhappy.

In the end, she suppressed her emotions and inhaled deeply before she asked with a carefree smile.

“Miss Peng is still here”

“Um, its hard to get a taxi.”  Peng Mengyin glanced at her watch.  “I gave up several chances of getting a taxi to others, so Ive been standing here until now.”

“If thats so, its really hard for you to get a taxi.”  Wen Ruan finished off politely to end the conversation.

A moment later, the conversation that had already ended was once again started by Peng Mengyin.

“Speaking of this, Prosecutor Fu and I studied in the same college, so I know a lot about him.”

Wen Ruan nodded.  “Um…….”

Following that was a long silence between the two people.

Peng Mengyin did not expect Wen Ruan was not interested in questioning her.  She took a deep breath and turned her head around with an amiable smile.

“I thought Miss Wen would be very interested in Mr.

Fus past.”

“I am very interested.”

Wen Ruan laughed softly then turned her head to the side to open the bag and pulled out her earphone cable.

Peng Mengyin:  “Since thats the case, if Miss Wen wants to know, I can tell you.”

Wen Ruan turned her head to look at Peng Mengyin then narrowed her eyes and said with a slight smile.

“Sorry, but I dont want to know.”

Peng Mengyin was a little surprised by the unexpected answer.

Wen Ruan turned her head, put on the earphones, and said calmly.

“Im indeed curious about Fu Zhihuans past but I want him to tell me about it himself because I dont want to understand him through the words of others.”

Peng Mengyin gritted her teeth.  “But Fu Zhihuan is……..”

“Miss Peng…….”  Wen Ruan lifted her phone with a smile.  “Sorry, I have to leave first as the taxi I booked had arrived.  If you find it difficult to get a taxi, you can use the taxi app.”

After speaking, she lifted her hand to put on the other earphone and crossed the road.

Peng Mengyin looked at the back of Wen Ruan as she left.  Subconsciously, she clenched her fists and her nails pierced deeply into her palms leaving marks.

A long time later, she loosened her hands, took a deep breath, and left in another direction.


As a lawyer, Wen Ruan currently has a lot of contacts and case sources in hand, so she need not go to the office every day.  During this time, she had been running around for Qin Biyangs case and making preparations for the trial that is going to start in one and a half months.

Moreover, taking advantage that Fu Zhihuan was still hospitalized, Wen Ruan finally had the opportunity to meet up with Qin Sushan to patronize the various specialty stores and indulge in some intense spending.

Although Xie Yanchi had extorted a large amount of money from her, the wages due from the non-litigation cases that she handled earlier had cleared and in addition, she still has some private funds, so……..

When Wen Ruan thought of this, she suddenly trembled and immediately erased those sinful thoughts.

……No!  Have to save money!


“Didnt you say that you wanted to save money when you were leaving the house today”

Qin Sushan looked at the bags of various sizes in Wen Ruans hands and had doubts about life.

Wen Ruan said matter-of-factly.  “I did save money.  Didnt you notice when I went to the supermarket I rejected the plastic bag that costs 50 cents that the cashier wanted to give me”


The reasons that women use to comfort themselves to save money have always been unreliable!

As usual, after Wen Ruan had unpacked all the bags, she would stuff the packaging and used bags into the small cabinet under the desk and would throw them away later.

However, whenever she goes out, she would forget and after repeatedly storing the packaging, the cabinet had become so full that she could not even close the cabinet door.

However, Wen Ruan felt it was not a big problem.  Anyway, Fu Zhihuan still had to stay in the hospital for a while longer, so she would just throw them away before he is discharged.

Even if he is discharged from the hospital, he may not discover them.

………And then, Fu Zhihuan was discharged early……..

When Zhao Zichen sent Fu Zhihuan home, Wen Ruan still had not returned.

Since Earl had not seen its master for a long time, it kept circling him and acting like a spoiled child.

Fu Zhihuan could not help but squat down to rub Earls head.

At this moment, Earl suddenly bit his trouser leg and dragged him to Wen Ruans room.  Then it jumped and clawed on the door handle to open the door.

“Earl, this is Wen Ruans room.”  Fu Zhihuan said solemnly.

Earl turned a deaf ear and went straight to the cabinet under the desk.  It used its claws to open the cabinet door and then drilled itself inside and rolled around.


Fu Zhihuan went into the room and just as he was about to reprimand the cat, he heard a clattering sound.

Then the packaging and used bags with brand names that were stuffed to the brim in the cabinet poured out like a surge of floodwaters and scattered all over the floor.


Fu Zhihuan was silent for a while.

It must be that the young miss could not help herself and secretly bought luxury goods.

However, it was beyond his expectation she would buy until the whole cabinet was stuffed to the brim with the packaging and bags.

Just at this moment, there was the sound of the main door opening, and following that Wen Ruans voice rang out.

“Zhao Zichen said you were discharged from the hospital and I came back immediately to celebrate with you.  Are you happy……..   Wait, what are you doing in my room!”

Fu Zhihuan turned his head around and gave her a deep look.

Suddenly, she had an ominous premonition.  She did not even have time to change into slippers and hurriedly rushed to the crime scene.

When she saw the packaging and bags all over the floor, she took a deep breath and almost suffocated.

“You!  Youve violated my f**king rights!”  Wen Ruan said in fury.

Fu Zhihuan pressed on his throbbing brow bones.


“Earl, Earl, Earl, everything is done by Earl!  Do you think its a demon cat!”

At this moment, Earl found a small box of cat snacks among the packaging and bags that had piled up like a mountain.  It proudly dangled the box in its mouth as it walked to Fu Zhihuan and indicated for it to be opened.

Wen Ruan:  “……”

In the first place, she shouldnt have fed this cat!


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