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Chapter 45 – Ancestor

“……They are not red, Ive put on eyeshadow.”

Wen Ruan denied it stubbornly.

Fu Zhihuan pushed himself up to lean against the beds headboard then he started to laugh softly.  His chest trembled slightly and he covered his mouth with his hand while he coughed several times.

Wen Ruan hurriedly reached out to support him and then poured him a glass of water and reprimanded him.

“Why did you get up  What time is it now and youre still not sleeping  Which patient involved in a car accident would toss around like you”

He laughed then leaned down and held on to the cup Wen Ruan handed over.

“How can I rest peacefully without worries when a little girl ran away from home”

Wen Ruan choked.  But when she saw Fu Zhihuan leaning against the headboard with a sickly appearance and his head wrapped in white gauze, she suddenly could not utter a word.

“…….Who ran away from home  I was having a good sleep at home.”

“There are surveillance cameras in the living room.”

“……”  Wen Ruan was silent.  “I went out to repair my suitcase.”

“Together with your ex-boyfriend”

When Wen Ruan heard his half-jesting remarks, for some reason, her emotions suddenly surged.

“Thats right, together with my ex-boyfriend!”

“Are you the only one allowed to have a beautiful sister come and pack your clothes in the middle of the night but Im not allowed to have my ex-boyfriend accompany me to repair my suitcase   Youre not even my boyfriend, so what right do you have to control me  Im only renting a room in your house, do you have the right to control and prevent your tenant from going out in the middle of the night”

Fu Zhihuan looked at her quietly and then said softly.  “Wen Ruan…….”

She was stunned for a moment then came back to her senses.

She lowered her eyes and her eyelashes fluttered slightly.  After a long time, she took a deep breath, then stretched out her hand to cover her eyes and her shoulders shook.

“Sorry, I didnt mean to be fierce with you.”  Her voice sounded like she was sobbing and she seemed to feel an inexplicable fear.

“Why are you still jesting with me when youre already injured like this……..

Can you take your body seriously”

Actually, Wen Ruans burst of fury was not because of her anger.

Instead, she felt guilty because while Fu Zhihuan was injured in a car accident, she ran away from home due to unreasonable jealousy and it made him worried.

Fu Zhihuan felt his heart ache.

It was obvious that the little girl had also suffered a grievance but she restrained her temper and emotions and comforted him.

She is so good.

He reached out his hand to hold the back of her head then pressed her lightly on his shoulder and said softly.

“Still a tenant  Who treats their tenants like their ancestors”

Wen Ruan:  “When did you me treat me……….”

“A few days ago you put a box of durian fruit into the refrigerator and the smell spread.  You were afraid of being discovered and threw away the box but in the end, the pork belly turned bad.  Last week you rubbed oil on the sofa after eating barbeque skewers but the stains couldnt be removed, so you secretly hid the oil stains under the pillow.”

Fu Zhihuan said all these with a smile.

“If a tenant did all these things, he would have been kicked out of the house long ago.”

Wen Ruan:  “……”

With lips curled slightly, he looked at her and changed the subject.

“Earl misses you a lot, when will you go home”

Wen Ruan turned her head aside and said softly.

“I havent spent a night outside yet, how do you know that Earl misses me”

“I guessed.”

Fu Zhihuan said softly.  “Its a cat I raised so it should have the same thoughts as me.”


Wen Ruan stood up abruptly and her cheeks had turned hot.

What is the matter with this nasty man

Why does he talk in such a crafty manner after the car accident

After a long silence, she stretched out her hand to test Fu Zhihuans forehead……

Not hot……..no fever…….

Fu Zhihuan:  “Whats the matter”

“No……”  She hesitated.  “Fu Zhihuan, why did you suddenly become such a scumbag”



A dark night.

Fu Zhihuan had already taken the medicine and was trying to stay awake to talk to Wen Ruan but he could no longer endure and fell asleep while leaning against the beds headboard.

Wen Ruan sighed then helped Fu Zhihuan to lie down and covered him with the quilt.

Just when she was about to turn around and go out to talk to Zhao Zichen to get an understanding of Fu Zhihuans situation and his injuries, she discovered that he had grabbed hold of her right arm at some unknown time.

She was momentarily stunned and after looking at the hand holding her arm for a while, she smiled helplessly and sat down again.

She propped up her chin and carefully studied the sleeping side profile of the person in front of her.

Even in this awkward situation, his face still looked extraordinary.

Wen Ruan sighed.

Sure enough, it is difficult to see through the red dust……

As if possessed by spirits, she involuntarily reached out her index finger and gently touched the center spot between Fu Zhihuans eyebrows.  Her finger traced a line from the high bridge to the tip of his nose.  It was only when she almost touched his thin lips that she withdrew her hand as if she had suddenly woken up.

Lust causes one to lose intellect!

Wen Ruan puffed out her cheeks angrily.

When will she be able to pick thisFlower of the High Mountains

After the hands of the clock had made several circles, Fu Zhihuan woke up.

Burning pain seemed to be coming in waves from the wounds.  In addition, his body was experiencing a temperature rise during the recovery process so he found it difficult to open his eyes.

When he turned his head, he found Wen Ruan lying beside the bed asleep.

Fu Zhihuan endured the discomfort in his body and sat up straight.  Then he took out a coat from the bag holding his clothes and drape it lightly on Wen Ruan.

The little girl rubbed her nose, pursed her lips, and then turned her head.

Fu Zhihuan did not lie down immediately but quietly looked at Wen Ruan who was sleeping soundly.

Originally, he had planned to confess to her last night and then formally pursue her.

But unexpectedly, the accident happened.

Especially now that he realized someone around might be monitoring him, Fu Zhihuan decided to put his confession aside.

He did not want to get the little girl involved.

He leaned down with one hand placed beside her as support and with eyes that were full of tenderness, he studied Wen Ruans side face.

“Sorry, give me another week.  After Ive resolved this matter, Ill return to Tong City to formally apologize to Uncle and Aunt and then propose marriage.”


Just as Xie Yanchi woke up early the next morning, he was pulled up by Wen Ruan and was ordered to take her and her suitcase back to Mingchen Garden.

This time, Wen Ruan was very careful and did not allow him to go upstairs.

“In case the surveillance cameras capture you, it will surely make my pretty boy misunderstand.”

Xie Yanchi laughed angrily.

“Last night he was still a passerby but today he has become your pretty boy  Little Wen Ruan, you must have a little conscience!   It was I, your elder cousin brother who coaxed you the whole of last night!”

Wen Ruan:  “But I think the passerby is more handsome than you……..”

Xie Yanchi felt he had been used like atool.  “Get lost!”

Upon hearing this, Wen Ruan nodded vigorously as if she was granted an amnesty.  She happily dragged her suitcase and made a move to go upstairs.

But after taking a few steps forward, she suddenly turned back.

Wen Ruan:  “I heard that Uncle permitted you to break off your engagement with your fiancée.”

Xie Yanchi casually replied with anUm and added.

“Ive already embarrassed them so openly, how can they still desire to keep this engagement”

After thinking about it, Wen Ruan touched her chin.

“Then why is there no news from my parents and the Fu Family about the cancellation of my marriage  Can it be because Im not firm enough”

Xie Yanchi wanted to speak up but hesitated.

Wen Ruan thought about it and suddenly recalled that Xie Yanchi took a photo at the airport with a young model before running away from home.

Most probably it was the photo that played a vital role in getting a result!

Wen Ruan clenched a hand into a fist and slammed it into the palm of her other hand.

“Do you have any handsome brothers with delicate features  Can you lend me a picture so I can send it to my circle of friends  Perhaps my parents and the Fu Family will immediately cancel the marriage after seeing it.”

Xie Yanchi was silent for a while.  “Why dont you consider Fu Zhihuan directly”

Wen Ruan:  “That wont do.  What if my parents seek him out and cause trouble  He is just an ordinary prosecutor and I dont want him to be affected in the future.”

So considerate of others……

He touched his nose and asked with mixed feelings.

“I want to ask you a question…….why do you like Fu Zhihuan”

“He is handsome.”

“Have you ever thought that perhaps your fiancé is handsome as well”

“Thats different.  There wont be anyone better looking than him.”

“What if they are both handsome and look alike”

Wen Ruan finally felt that Xie Yanchis question was a little weird.  She lifted her eyes and stared at the person in front of her for a long time and then said.

“Are you trying to say…….Fu Zhihuan and Fu Lu are the same person”


“Let me tell you……thats impossible.  What you dont know is that once when he helped me to pay for a meal, he reminded me to remember to pay him back.  How can there be such a stingy young master”

Wen Ruan was very confident.   “If he is Fu Lu, I will eat the keyboard while standing upside down.”

After speaking, she left with the suitcase in her hand.


Xie Yanchi fell into deep thought while he watched Wen Ruans back view as she left.

If one day, this little cousin sister finds out Fu Lus identity, there will surely be a great deal of trouble.

Xie Yanchi let out a light hiss, raised his thumb to press the corner of his lips, and smiled.  Then he sent a message to Fu Zhihuan.


Fu, I stayed up the whole of last night to help you, so what do you think of this Jianghu morality  My mobile phone number is the number for my Alipay account.  Thank you, Second Young Master Fu.”

A reply came back very quickly.

“I heard that Young Master Xie colluded with his fiancée to take advantage of Wen Ruan running away from home to break off their engagement.”

“My mobile phone number is the number for my Alipay account.  Thank you very much, Young Master Xie.”


He had indeed met an opponent!


Fu Zhihuan is a well-respected and outstanding prosecutor in the Prosecutors Office, so today he received a lot of well-wishes and visits from many people.

Flowers and fruit baskets filled the whole room and even a wealthy madam sent an expensive flower basket and directly put it in front of the hospital bed.  Although a nurse immediately removed it saying thatit violated regulations, Zhao Zichen was still able to capture this scene…….

Fu Zhihuan was in the middle surrounded by flowers and there were even two flower baskets right in front of the hospital bed which made him look like ahundred-flower fairy.

After Zhao Zichen could not help but burst into laughter for the 43rd time, Fu Zhihuan calmly expressed his opinion.

“Get out!”

Zhao Zichen rubbed his belly which had become sore from laughing.

“Dont be like this, Old Fu.  Did you forget who accompanied you the whole of last night”

“Wen Ruan.”


Zhao Zichen gritted his teeth.

Such a good brother!

But this time, the two people were not merely chatting.

“Yesterday when you asked me to investigate Peng Mengyin, I didnt expect to find anything.”

Zhao Zichen pulled out a chair and sat down in front of Fu Zhihuan.

“She is an apprentice under the Professor of the Trace Evidence Department.  Because she is diligent and hardworking, the old professor valued her and would occasionally take her along to the crime scenes to hone her ability.”

That being said, she is not considered a public official.

“It was only recently that Peng Mengyin was transferred here.  Theres nothing much in her resume.  The only thing is…….Peng Mengyins elder brother was sentenced to death when she was in college.”

When Zhao Zichen said this, he frowned deeply.

“You should know this case very well.  Peng Mengyins elder brother was accidentally discovered while stealing in a small convenience store and then during the argument, he brutally killed the shop owner and his wife.”

Fu Zhihuan could still remember the case.

At that time, he was studying under his master, and occasionally he would be brought along to see how the police investigations were carried out and how the procuratorate functioned.

At that time, there were no surveillance cameras installed in the convenience store and the incident happened very late, so initially, the police could not directly lockdown on the suspect.

However, Fu Zhihuan was able to draw up the character and habits of the suspect based on the situation at the scene.  The profile of the suspect was deduced by reasoning and from there, the police were able to successfully classify Peng Mengyins elder brother as a suspect and brought him in for interrogation.

In the end, they found the key evidence.

The case caused a public sensation and in the court session conducted by the public prosecution, Peng Mengyins elder brother was sentenced to death.

“Even if you didnt help with sorting out the criminals profile at that time, the police would still be able to identify the suspect after a search.  But that still wont prevent Peng Mengyin from hating you because of this.”


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