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Chapter 44 – Her Rank

In the surveillance video…….

Wen Ruan came back at about two oclock in the afternoon.  Then she busily unpacked the decorations before she started to step on a chair and stood on tiptoes to decorate the room.

Sometimes when she felt tired, she would rest for a short time and eat some biscuits while nestled on the sofa.  Then she would immediately get up and carry on with the decorating.

Then when it was nearing dinner time, Wen Ruan ordered a lot of takeaways and heated the cooked food.  She proudly opened the packaging, plated the food, and brought them to the dining table.  She even bought some flowers and placed them into the vase as decoration.

And then she started the long wait.

From six oclock she waited until eleven oclock at night.

Sometimes she would stand on tiptoes beside the window and look down.  Sometimes, she would lie on the sofa and hug herself into a ball.  Sometimes she would feed Earl some cat food and stroke it.  Sometimes she would reheat the food and do it over and over again.

As Fu Zhihuan watched the surveillance video play on the laptop screen, his eyes darkened, his hands clenched into fists and the bulging veins were very distinct.

Ever since he raised Earl, he had set up surveillance cameras in all the public areas in the apartment and the files would be transferred to his laptop from time to time.

The little girl waited a long time for him and tried hard to stay awake even though she was sleepy.

It was eleven oclock when Wen Ruan suddenly jumped off the sofa and went to stand at the entrance.

Then Peng Mengyin walked in.

Fu Zhihuan could not listen to the conversation between the two people but could see that after Peng Mengyin left, Wen Ruan suddenly seemed drained of all her strength.  She squatted down and then rubbed the corners of her eyes.  She started to sob and her shoulders shook slightly.

He felt extreme heartache.

It felt like a hand was squeezing his internal organs tightly and there was a sense of tautness in his heart.  The discomfort and depression gripped his throat and it almost made him unable to breathe.

He did not want to see Wen Ruan crying like this.

Moreover, it was all because of him.

Then at about midnight, after Wen Ruan had packed the suitcase, she opened the door again.

Even though the image of the person standing at the door was a little blur, Fu Zhihuan recognized him at a glance…….

It was her ex-boyfriend whom he met not long ago.

Fu Zhihuan watched as the man reached out to take the suitcase from Wen Ruan.  Then he rubbed her head to comfort her and the two of them walked out of the apartment one after the other.

He watched as Wen Ruan suddenly stopped then put the house key on the shoe cabinet beside the door and turned around to leave.

The room suddenly became lifeless.

Only Earl was left in its original position and after it had walked twice around the main door area, it curled into a ball on the floor and swayed its tail pitifully.

The apartment was empty but the string of wind chimes that Wen Ruan hung at the door stood out.  It felt as if when the wind blows, the crisp sounds could be heard through the screen.

Fu Zhihuan closed his eyes then raised his hand to press on the cover of the laptop and snapped it down sharply.


The loud noise startled Zhao Zichen who was bent over and peeling oranges.  He looked up and glanced at the shattered screen and quickly took away the laptop.

“My ancestor, why are you venting your anger on the laptop  Isnt it just a little girl throwing a tantrum  Just coax her and it will be fine.”

Fu Zhihuan did not speak.  Suddenly he bent down weakly, pressed his forehead, and said in a deep hoarse voice.

“Old Zhao, go out first.  Let me be alone for a while.”

Zhao Zichen was stunned for a moment and standing there, he threw a glance at Fu Zhihuan.  Then he sighed, turned around, and walked out of the door feeling overwhelmed for a moment.

Fu Zhihuan had a cold personality ever since he was in college.  At that time, everyone in the dormitory made bets that the possibility of him falling in love with someone in the future was even lower than the possibility of him becoming a monk.

But in the end and unexpectedly, he ended up suffering for a little girl like this.

The room suddenly became quiet.

Fu Zhihuan was silent for a long time, then he straightened up and pressed the back of his head against the wall.

With eyes closed, he raised his hand and rested his arm on his forehead while his temples throbbed faintly.

After a long time, Fu Zhihuan lifted his eyes, picked up the mobile phone beside him, and called Fu Mingheng.

Fu Mingheng quickly answered the phone.

“My ancestor, you are finally awake!  Dad and Mom knew about your car accident and nearly booked an overnight flight to fly over.  They wanted to tie you up and bring you back to Tong City immediately but fortunately, I was able to persuade them.  How are you  Is there any major problem  Are there any after-effects  Is there anything missing…….”

“Elder Brother……”  Fu Zhihuan said in an extremely hoarse voice.

Fu Mingheng was stunned.

“Whats the matter”

Fu Zhihuan:  “Who is Wen Ruans ex-boyfriend”


There was a long silence on the other end of the line.

Fu Mingheng took a deep breath.

“Fu Zhihuan!…….  Damn it, the first thing you ask me as soon as you wake up from the car accident is about women!”

“And when did the little girl from the Wen Family has an ex-boyfriend”

“If she truly has a boyfriend, Mr.

Wen wont have to come to our house every day to drink with our Dad to drown his sorrow.”

Fu Zhihuan:  “……”


Fu Mingheng watched the surveillance footage sent over by Fu Zhihuan and after confirmation, he said firmly.

“You were fooled by this man.  He is Xie Yanchi.

Wen Ruans elder cousin brother.  But take my advice, dont provoke him, and dont be misled by his playboy image.  In fact, that is deep water and even I dont dare to take him head-on.”


Fu Zhihuan:  “Do you have Xie Yanchis contact number”

Fu Mingheng:  “Why do you want his contact number”

Fu Zhihuan reached out his hand to pinch his brow bone and said helplessly in a hoarse voice.

“He kidnapped my familys little girl, of course, I have to get her back.”


In the end, the partys atmosphere changed due to Xie Yanchis sudden burst of anger.

But no one dared to offend the little ancestor and after staying around for a while longer, the group naturally disbanded.

And at this moment, Xie Yanchi received a call.

It was a string of unfamiliar numbers which was not in his list of contacts.

He narrowed his eyes and then seemed to have guessed something.  He tilted his head and laughed then pressed to connect the call.

“Is Wen Ruan with you”

The terrifying aura and coercion could be heard over the phone.

Xie Yanchi laughed and then bent down to pull out a cigarette from the cigarette case sitting on the coffee table.  After putting it between his lips, he lit it up.

“Your search has finally led you to me, Fu Lu.”


Fu Zhihuan did not seem to be surprised that Xie Yanchi had already guessed his identity.  He lowered his eyes and said.  “I want to pick up the little girl from your place to take her home.”

“I know you were involved in an accident but it has nothing to do with me.  Our family has never cared about the business of other people and is only interested in protecting our own people.”

Xie Yanchi straightened up then walked to the floor-to-ceiling window with one hand stuffed in his pocket and stood there.

“Fu Lu, I am clear about your background……..including the incident that happened twenty years ago.  Youre someone with a story and there are many important issues you need to deal with.  Since thats the case, let me ask you…….since youre burdened with so many things, what is Wen Ruans position in your heart”

Every word from Xie Yanchi was accentuated and although his tone sounded flippant, he was very serious.

“Why should I believe that you wont make Wen Ruan cry again like she did today”

There was a long silence over the other end of the line.

Just when Xie Yanchi let out a light laugh and was prepared to hang up the phone, he suddenly heard Fu Zhihuans calm and firm voice coming from the line as he enunciated each word in a low and powerful tone.

Fu Zhihuan:  “She will always be in front of me.”

No matter when…….

Xie Yanchi was silent for a while as he looked at the night scene and the tall buildings outside the window and then hung up the phone.

He turned his head, looked at the closed door behind him then lowered the cigarette he was holding and snuffed it out.

Xie Yanchi knocked on the door.

“Come in.”

When he pushed the door open, Wen Ruan was sitting on the bed and yawning with eyes that were slightly red and swollen.

“I heard you speaking on the phone just now.  What did you talk about  You were so loud.”

He leaned against the door.

“About Fu Zhihuan.”

Wen Ruan was stunned for a moment and then bending down, she laid down on the bed again.

“Dont tell me, I dont want to listen.  Ive cut off the threads of love and had seen through the red dust*.  Love will only obstruct me and make me depressed and grief-stricken.  Whoever falls in love is a pig.  I dont care who Fu Zhihuan is and he is just a passerby in my boundless life.”

(Cut off the threads of love means to end all emotions and will no longer feel love.   Seen through the red dust means having a passive feeling for life after a setback and no longer cares about life and death.)

Xie Yanchi:  “Fine……that passerby of yours was involved in a car accident and is now lying in the hospital.  I heard the situation is serious and the scene was extremely tragic.”

Wen Ruan did not speak.

But Xie Yanchi could see the top of the quilt suddenly tightened, creating lines of creases.

Then the slightly trembling female voice was heard.

“What has it to do with me  Who…….who cares about him”


He nodded calmly and stretched out his hand to close the door.

“You can continue with your sleep and call me if you need anything.”

Just as he turned around and before he could walk forward, he heard a loud noise of boxes being overturned and cabinets being opened in the bedroom.

Xie Yanchi laughed lazily as he sat down on the sofa in the living room and used his pinky finger to dig his ear.  Then while he hummed a song, he picked up the remote control to turn on the TV.

The next second, the tightly closed bedroom door suddenly opened.

Wen Ruan had already changed into clothes for going out and her hand was holding a coat.  She strode over to Xie Yanchi, reached out her hand, and snatched away the remote control from him.

“Take me to the hospital, I think I have appendicitis and need to see a doctor.”

Xie Yanchi threw her a side glance.

“You think you have appendicitis  Do you want me to send you to the hospital where Fu Zhihuan is warded now…….to see the doctor”

Wen Ruan:  “……”

Although he put it that way, it did not mean he did not care for Wen Ruan.  He picked up the car key beside him then stood up and said.

“Okay, lets go.”


Zhao Zichen who was sitting in the corridor heard the sounds of high heels and as soon as he looked up, he saw Wen Ruan walking toward him.

His eyes lit up with joy and he quickly stood up and said.

“Oh my ancestor, where have you been”

“How is Fu Zhihuan”  Wen Ruan had not even caught her breath yet and her chest was still heaving slightly.

Xie Yanchi had hung up the phone coldly just now and Fu Zhihuan probably also did not guess he would tell Wen Ruan about it immediately.

In addition, Fu Zhihuan had just woken up from the operation and due to exhaustion, his mental and emotional fluctuations were a bit large.  Under repeated instructions from the doctor, he was forced to rest after taking the medicine.

Zhao Zichen sighed and then pointed to the laptop with the shattered screen on the chair.

“Youd better go in and have a look.  Although Old Fu may sound harsh, he is more worried about you than anyone else.”

Wen Ruan froze for a moment then turned her head away and felt a sour feeling in her nose.

The worry and fear after hearing about Fu Zhihuans car accident suddenly rose and blocked her throat giving her an uncomfortable feeling.

She turned around, reached out her hand, and pushed open the door of the ward.  As soon as she entered, she saw Fu Zhihuan lying in the hospital bed with a pale and sickly complexion.

Seen through the red dust…….  Fart!

She is obviously under this mans thumb!

Wen Ruan sniffled as she sat down very quietly beside Fu Zhihuan as if she was afraid of waking him.

But unexpectedly, as soon as she was seated, Fu Zhihuan opened his eyes as though he could sense her.

His eyes were full of tiredness but the moment he saw Wen Ruan, his lips curled slightly and a low laugh escaped his throat.

“Kid, why are your eyes red”


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