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Chapter 43 – Leaving

On the way over, Xie Yanchi had a short conversation on the phone with her and roughly understood what happened.

When he rang the doorbell, Wen Ruan had already finished packing up.

Since she had not been staying in Fu Zhihuans house for long, she had nothing much to take with her and only had a suitcase.

Earl seemed to have noticed some abnormality and had been following behind her all this while.  When it saw her walking to the exit and opening the door, it bit the leg of her trousers and tugged her inward.

“It seems this cat doesnt want to part with you.”

Xie Yanchi held the door open with one hand and threw a sidelong glance at Earl.  Then he slowly started to laugh and squatted down to tease it.

“Come……come over to brother.”

Earl immediately released its mouth that was biting on Wen Ruans trousers and raised his tail high up.  With full of vigilance, it blew its breath at Xie Yanchi as if it wanted to drive away this uninvited guest.

Xie Yanchi touched his nose and smiled.

“Its quite fierce.”

Wen Ruan handed the suitcase to Xie Yanchi and squatted down.  She stretched out her hand to stroke the fur on Earl and said softly.

“Sorry, I have to leave.  I cant take care of you anymore.”

Earl seemed to understand the emotions of the person in front of it.  His tail drooped while it rubbed its head aggrievedly against Wen Ruans palm.

Wen Ruan sniffled then put away her soft heart and stood up to walk straight out of the door.

“Lets go.”

Xie Yanchi looked at her and then glanced into the apartment before he asked casually.

“Why is your familys Prosecutor Fu not back yet”

“Hes not my family.”  Wen Ruan reached out to press the elevator button.

When she was speaking, it sounded like she was trying hard to steady her tone but her voice was clearly shaking slightly.

“He can love whoever he wants.”

She turned her face to the side but could not control the teardrop that slipped down from the corner of her eye.

Damn it!

So shameful!

She wiped the corner of her eye with her thumb and stepped into the elevator.

Xie Yanchi frowned and withdrew the indifferent expression he showed just now.  His gaze rested deeply on her.

“Why are you looking at me”

Wen Ruan pressed the button for the first floor and then turned around to glare at Xie Yanchi.  The emotions that she had been suppressing all this while could no longer be held back.

As she pretended to speak fiercely, her tears fell uncontrollably.

“Havent you seen a lovelorn girl shed tears before  If this spreads outside, there will be a never-ending feud between you and me!”

He withdrew his gaze and was silent for a while.  Then he loosened the button on his collar and his Adams apple rolled.

After a long time, he chuckled softly.

“When have I ever exposed you outside”

She did not speak.

Wen Ruan realized that she should not have gotten angry with Xie Yanchi.  In addition, it was her first secret love and she had taken the initiative to pursue that person but it had ended so easily.  When the two emotions were mixed together, it gave her a feeling of suffocation and pain.

The elevator door opened.  Xie Yanchi straightened up, reached out his hand to rub her head, and said.

“Lets go.”


Actually, Xie Yanchi did not rent a house and instead booked a presidential suite at the Ruian Hotel situated in the city center.

This night he had invited some friends in the city to have a party and Wen Ruan had called him out when they were having a good time.

When he brought Wen Ruan back to the suite, the group of rich second-generation who were enjoying themselves in the living room suddenly became silent and stared in the direction of the two people.

Wen Ruan who was carrying the suitcase did not pay much attention to the people present and asked Xie Yanchi casually.

“Where shall I stay”

Xie Yanchi scratched his head and said.

“Ill take you there.”

Wen Ruan nodded then dragged her suitcase and followed Xie Yanchi into one of the rooms.

“Are you having a party”

“Just a few friends.”

“Oh……bring me a few packets of chips……I saw them just now and have the urge to eat.”

Wen Ruan threw off her shoes then climbed into bed and snuggled down.

“Try to keep the noise down, Im a very light sleeper.”

Xie Yanchi leaned against the door and laughed.

“I say, my ancestor…….I took you in and your requests are so demanding.”

Upon hearing this, Wen Ruan sniffled and her tears started to fall.

“Whats wrong  Im a lovelorn girl and Im feeling bad.”

…….Truly surrender to her!

Xie Yanchi rubbed his hair irritably and went out to get a few packets of chips.  When he entered the living room, he did not forget to remind in a cold voice.

“Guys, keep your voices down!”

The group of rich second-generation was still in a daze and even forgot to nod in acknowledgment.

When Xie Yanchi came back to Wen Ruans room, he threw the chips over to her.

She reached out, picked up a packet then tore it open to take two bites, and then lifted her head.

“I still want Coke.  Eating the chips is a bit dry.”

He frowned but before he could say the wordNo to refuse, he saw her tears falling again.

Absolutely amazing!

He went out impatiently again and came back with a few bottles of Coke.

This time, Wen Ruan stopped clamoring.  After munching through half a packet of chips.

she rubbed her stomach and felt the chips were a bit tasteless and then she raised her head again.


“No more snacks.”


Wen Ruan responded and lowered her head obediently to continue munching on the chips.  However, the more she ate, the drier they tasted and her mouth felt numb after the hard edges scratched the insides of her mouth.

Initially, she thought she would be able to calm down by suppressing her emotions but when she sniffled, the tears dripped uncontrollably drop by drop and some even rolled into the packet of chips.

“Wen Ruan, just dont think about it.”

Frowning, he put down his arms that were crossed over his chest and stepped forward to take away the packet of chips in her hands and said sternly.



She nodded and her reply sounded gloomy with a faint choking sob.

“Thank you…….”


Xie Yanchi closed the door with a frown and there was a hint of impatience in his dark eyes.

He grew up with this younger cousin-sister ever since they were young.

Since she was a child, Wen Ruan has never been someone easy to bully and when she was still in kindergarten, she would take revenge even for the most minor resentment.  Looking at the cute little girl with a sweet mouth, no one would expect that the mouth would be full of small fangs.

It was the first time he had ever seen her showing such a lost and dejected expression.

Just at this moment, a few playboys in the rich second-generation group came up to him with bizarre expressions.

“Young Master Xie, who was the young lady that came in just now  New interest  She looks very much better than those little newcomers in the entertainment industry.”

“Weve never seen this type before.  Why dont you call her out to join us  Later, if you dont like her anymore, you can give her to us so all of us can have a look over.”

Xie Yanchi lifted his eyes and laughed lightly.  Then he walked over to the sofa and sat down.

After taking a cigarette from his pocket, he pinched it between his index and middle fingers then looked sideways and said to the man who spoke just now.

“Can I borrow a lighter”

The man immediately took out a lighter and with a smile on his face, he leaned forward to help him light the cigarette.

The cigarette became a dot of fire and burned quietly.

Xie Yanchi straightened up, took a drag, and then blew out a wisp of smoke.

The next second, he lifted his hand and clasped the back of the mans head, then pressed his head down forcefully on the coffee table in front of him.


The people around roared.

“Quiet down.”  There was a slight smile in Xie Yanchis voice and raising his index finger, he made a silent gesture.

“Dont disturb that persons sleep.”

After he finished speaking, he extinguished the cigarette in the ashtray that was only positioned half a centimeter away from the man.

Then he lowered his voice.  “Keep your mouth clean, thats my younger cousin-sister.”

Everyone in their family has always been protective of their family members.

The elders in the family have always pampered Wen Ruan and even Xie Yanchi, a cousin who grew up fighting with her was reluctant to let her shed tears or let others make fun of her.

……..That includes the Second Young Master of the Fu Family.

Therefore, it would be best if Fu Zhihuan could give him a reasonable explanation! 

Unless Fu Zhihuan is lying in the hospital unconscious due to an accident, otherwise, theres no way this matter can be settled!

And at this moment, Xie Yanchis phone vibrated……..

“I asked around and found out that Fu Zhihuan was in a car accident after getting off work tonight.  It seemed the car was aimed directly at him.  Now he is lying in hospital and is still not awake yet.”

Xie Yanchi:  “……”

My rotten mouth!


Four oclock in the morning.

Fu Zhihuan woke up.

Zhao Zichen was watching over him for most of the night and the moment he heard sounds coming from Fu Zhihuan, he immediately got up and called for the doctor.

After the doctor and nurse came to check on him and confirmed that there would not be any more problems, Zhao Zichen breathed a sigh of relief.  With hands in his pockets, Zhao Zichen sat down in front of Fu Zhihuan and was in a playful mood.

“Luckily theres no major problem and there wont be any after-effects.”

Fu Zhihuan let out a low laugh.  His lips were pale and some strands of black hair were scattered on his forehead giving him a sickly and cold appearance.

He could feel the hoarseness and dryness in his throat very clearly.

“Old Zhao, give me my phone.”

It is already five oclock in the morning.

The little girl waited at home the whole night but did not see him return home.  She must be feeling very sad.

“Forget it.  Ill pour you a glass of water first.”

Zhao Zichen could hear the hoarseness in Fu Zhihuans voice and sigh.  He turned around and pulled out a disposable cup from the side.

“As soon as you wake up, you asked for the phone.  How can there be such a reckless patient like you”

Although Zhao Zichen spoke those words, he still gave the phone to Fu Zhihuan when he handed over the water.

“Here, dont take too long.”

The screen on the phone was full of cracks and probably it was due to the car accident but it was still usable.

Fu Zhihuan thanked him and then lifted his hand to press the power button.

Zhao Zichen who was sitting next to him suddenly thought of something.

“Oh right, just now I suddenly thought of some problems.  Do you think the car accident…….”

“It has nothing to do with the previous case of trying to bribe me.”  Fu Zhihuan said.

Zhao Zichen was stunned.

“But you told me this before you fell unconscious.  At that time, didnt you remind me to pay special attention”

“Thats for the ears of others.”  Fu Zhihuan lifted his eyes and said lightly.  “Didnt you realize it  At that time, except for you, the only person who knew that I was in the passenger seat was Peng Mengyin who was sitting in the back seat.”

Zhao Zichen was stunned.

Although he found the matter odd, he did not immediately suspect Peng Mengyin.

“When I spoke to you that way, it was only because I didnt want to alert others.”

Fu Zhihuan lowered his eyes.  Perhaps it was because he had spoken a lot just now, his throat started to feel itchy and he could not help but cough a few times.

“Focus on investigating her.  I remember Peng Mengyin should be a student who recently worked as an assistant under a Trace Evidence Specialist and was only recently transferred to our city.  Run a check on her background.”

The phone finally lit up with much difficulty.

As soon as it was turned on, numerous messages flooded in.

Fu Zhihuan did not care about those messages and just opened the dialog box with Wen Ruan and replied…….

“Sorry, something happened.”

As soon as the message was sent, only a red exclamation mark could be seen.

Fu Zhihuans pupils shrank slightly and suddenly, he felt an emptiness in his heart.

As a person who could remain calm when facing a life and death situation in a car accident but at this moment, he felt an inexplicable feeling of panic surge in his heart.

It was within his expectation that Wen Ruan would be angry but based on her little girl character, it should not come to the stage where she would delete his contact directly.

He turned his head around then glanced at the plastic bag that contained his clothes and asked abruptly.

“Old Zhao, have you been to my house”

“Ah, thats right.  But your security guard stopped me from entering, so I asked Peng Mengyin to go up and get your things.”

Zhao Zichen was surprised and then quickly asked.  “Whats wrong”

Fu Zhihuan pursed his lips tightly, did not answer Zhao Zichens question, and directly called Wen Ruan.

It was not a surprise that no one answered.

Then he made another call to the landline at home.

After several rings, there was still no answer.

The long busy tone brought on a great sense of unease.

The suppressed feeling climbed into his heart and pressed heavily on his chest.  It gave rise to a tingling pain in his throat and then he started to cough violently.

Zhao Zichen immediately stood up to support him.

“What happened”

Fu Zhihuan did not speak.  He just lifted the quilt and turned sideways to get out of the bed.  Then he said in a voice that sounded slightly cold.

“I have to go home.”

“Did the accident damage your brain  How can you go home in this state”

Zhao Zichen hurriedly pressed Fu Zhihuan back onto the bed.

Fu Zhihuan lifted his eyes.

Originally one could only see the indifference and coldness in his eyes but now they were filled with red blood veins.

It was also the first time Zhao Zichen saw this man that others callFlower of the High Mountains show such a worried expression.

Fu Zhihuans voice was hoarse.

“I cant contact her anymore……..”


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