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Chapter 41 – Dinner Date

Wen Ruan lifted her wrist to take a glance at her watch and then said slowly.

“Sorry, I really want to catch up with Miss He but its getting late and I dont want to keep Mr.

Qin waiting for too long.”

Speaking up to this point, she did not forget to beam a smile at He Ziqin.

“So, see you next time.”

He Ziqin clenched her teeth tightly and became more and more annoyed as she looked at the face in front of her that showed curved eyebrows and a smile in her eyes.  However, He Ziqin still put on a stiff smile and reached out to return the handshake.

“Uh, see you next time.”

Perhaps she was feeling angry, so the strength of her handshake increased slightly as though she was taking the opportunity to vent her anger.


With a slight frown, Wen Ruan hissed in pain and withdrew her hand.

He Ziqin knew the reason but still put on a polite smile and pretended to be concerned.

“Whats the matter  I wasnt paying attention just now and the strength of my hand was a bit strong.  Did I hurt you, Miss Wen”

“Uh, its alright.”

Wen Ruan laughed lightly and held up her hand that was plastered with a band-aid to show He Ziqin and her tone sounded a bit carefree.

“Miss Hes strength is not very strong but I accidentally smashed the vase in Brother Fu Zhihuans house last night and received a small cut.  It just happened that Miss He had coincidentally touched the wound.”

Last night…….

In Brother Fu Zhihuans house……

Wen Ruan emphasized the key points and spoke in an innocent and casual tone as well.

A tenth-level lotus!

He Ziqins expression changed and she could keenly catch those key points.

“The blame is on me for being too rash but it cant be helped……”  Speaking of this, Wen Ruan half-squinted her eyes, showed an innocent smile and her tone sounded very light-hearted.

“What can be expected from a delicate young miss like me”

Although the words seemed like an ordinary self-deprecating joke, He Ziqin could clearly understand the irony in the words.

Wen Ruan must have been aware of the earlier evaluation made behind her back therefore, she is using those words now to poke at her, He Ziqins, sore spot.

He Ziqin was not even in the mood to bid a perfunctory goodbye.  Pursing her lips, she clenched her fists and her nails jabbed deeply into her palms.

The next moment, she suddenly turned around, stretched out her hand to open the car door, and got in.  Then she slammed the door shut and as if she was venting her anger, she ordered.


With her head turned to the side, Wen Ruan watched as the black BMW left the alley, and then walked forward in her high heels with a slight smile on her face.

An extremely boring little monster with such low-level difficulty!

The psychological quality of this young sister is still not very good!


After analyzing the details of the lawsuit with Qin Biyang, it was already twelve-thirty in the afternoon.

In short, if everything goes as planned, this case would be handled by Wen Ruan.

She reported all that had transpired to the office and then made an official report according to the regulations.  However, she was not prepared to release the news on the public platform.

The reason was that this case would touch the inverse scale of many families.  In addition, Qin Wan had already passed away and if this kind of matter that implicates reputation spreads on the internet, it would surely arouse the publics curiosity.

According to her understanding, Xu Binrui and the others had once circulated those photos within their small group.  In case someone intends to cause trouble and digs up those photos, of course, it is not something that Qin Wans family wishes to happen.

Therefore, Wen Ruan did not want to publicize this matter.

After bidding goodbye to Mr.

Qin Biyang, she went to a nearby shopping mall for some food and at the same time, she also bought some new cosmetics.

Qin Sushan called her on the phone.

“Would you like to go out for dinner with me tonight  At the same time, we can celebrate that youve taken on a new case.”

“Not going.”

Wen Ruan was chewing the pearls in the milk tea.  “Im having dinner with Fu Zhihuan tonight.”

Qin Sushan sneered.  “How long have we not eaten together  Are men more important than best friends”

Wen Ruan:  “……No……what kind of illusion did you have to make you think you are comparable to handsome guys”

Qin Sushan was silent for a while and decided to change this humiliating topic.

“So, are you going out on a date with our Prosecutor Fu tonight  How long more will you need to take him down”

“No, Im going to cook.”  In the end, Wen Ruan added solemnly.  “To be able to grab hold of a mans heart, one must first grab hold of his stomach, so Im going to cook and seize this opportunity to take him down straight away.”

Qin Sushan was silent for a while.

“To be frank, you are someone who doesnt know to cook anything except for instant noodles and tomato egg noodles…….so you dont intend to let Fu Zhihuan survive tonight”

“……What nonsense, Im hanging up!…..”

Although Wen Ruan had hung up the phone, she was seriously considering what Qin Sushan said.

Indeed, it seems that she doesnt know to cook any other dishes except for instant noodles.

So she bought two big bags of cooked food and before Fu Zhihuan returns, she planned to order some takeaway and place them on plates.

WhateverI bought can be rounded up to equalI made.

Wen Ruan decided to do as she planned and then when she was passing by a shop retailing decoration items, she suddenly had an inspiration.

She had long felt that Fu Zhihuans home was very monotonous.  So while he is away, she might as well buy some ornaments to decorate the place when she goes back.  Maybe in the future, when he feels bored in the house and looks at those wind chimes and dolls, they might even help her to gain some degree of favoritism.

After being busy for nearly an hour, she stood in the living room and looked at the fruits of her labor.

Originally, Fu Zhihuans home was decorated in a black and white theme which gave out a cold and indifferent feeling.  Now, after putting up some vibrant decorations, the colors instantly brought liveliness to the place.

It was like a ray of sunlight had shone into the icy space and the warmth spread out to dispel the coldness of the past.


Wen Ruan raised her chin proudly but as soon as she looked up, she caught sight of the time on the wall……..

It was about time Fu Zhihuan gets off work.

So Wen Ruan quickly ordered a few takeaways and then put the cooked food that she bought into the microwave oven.  Finally, she arranged the food on the plates, disposed of the packaging, and pretended that the food was prepared by her.

After completing everything, she breathed a sigh of relief and then nestled on the sofa to wait patiently for Fu Zhihuan to return home.

However, after more than half an hour had passed the expected time for his return, Fu Zhihuan was still not back yet.

Wen Ruan frowned slightly.

Can it be that something had happened at work

She clicked on Wechat and noticed that the conversation between them was still the same as this morning when they stopped.

He must be very busy, right

Wen Ruan tentatively sent him a message.

Ten minutes later, it was like a stone that dropped into the ocean.


An hour ago.

Before getting off work, the leader summoned all the relevant personnel in charge of Lu Kechens case and held a short meeting where he explained some follow-up procedures and details.

After the meeting, Zhao Zichen placed an arm on Fu Zhihuans shoulder.

“Leaving  Lets go out for a meal, it has been a long time since we had a meal together.”

“No.”  Fu Zhihuan glanced at his watch.  “I have an appointment tonight.”

Zhao Zichen blinked.  “With that little lady lawyer in your home”

Fu Zhihuan threw him a sideways glance but did not say a word.

Zhao Zichen laughed frivolously.  “Aiyo, didnt Prosecutor Fu say that he wouldlet her stay only for a week andI have nothing to do with her  At that time, the tone sounded cold and indifferent but whats the matter now  The mortal heart has been moved”

Fu Zhihuan paused, turned his head around, and narrowed his eyes.  He stared at Zhao Zichen calmly and did not utter a word.

As a result, Zhao Zichen became timid and shrank his neck.  “What”

“During the third year in university, after you broke up with your ex-girlfriend and came back to the dormitory drunk in the middle of the night, you hugged the bedpost and cried the whole night while you kept calling outdarling…….do you still remember that”

After saying that, Fu Zhihuan paused for a while and then added lightly.

“It doesnt matter if you cant remember, I recorded it.”

Zhao Zichen:  “……”

Fu Zhihuan:  “So, what did you say just now”

Zhao Zichen:  “Sorry.”

Thus a failed provocation ended.

It was until Zhao Zichen saw Fu Zhihuan press the car key remote that he suddenly thought of something.  He pulled the car door opened and plonked down in the passenger seat.

“Will you give me a lift  I didnt drive today and its difficult to get a taxi during this time when everyone is getting off work.”

Fu Zhihuan threw the key to him.  “Sure, you drive.”

Zhao Zichen caught it.  “Okay.”

But before Zhao Zichen could get into the drivers seat, he suddenly heard a gentle female voice behind him.

“Office Zhao, Prosecutor Fu, how are you”

The two men turned their heads around simultaneously.

The girl standing behind them was called Peng Mengyin who was attached to the Trace Evidence Department and was familiar with Zhao Zichen.  Although she had met Fu Zhihuan several times, they did not communicate much with each other.

In Lu Kechens case, she had followed her master to Dongyang Lake for investigation and this time, she was here purely because her master wanted her to gain more experience.

Zhao Zichen leaned against the car door and laughed.

“Little Junior Sister, why havent you left yet”

Peng Mengyin smiled.  “Im about to call for a taxi.”

Zhao Zichen blanked out for a moment then glanced at the car key in his hand and touched his head with a little embarrassment.

He remembered that Peng Mengyin did not live too far away.  Since they have met, it would be awkward if he did not send her back.

So Zhao Zichen gave Fu Zhihuan a tentative look.

“Old Fu, give me some face.”

Fu Zhihuan raised his hand to knock on the car window and casually lifted his eyes to say lightly.

“You decide but I have to be home before seven.  I dont want the little girl to wait too long.”

……It is indeed different with someone waiting at home.

Zhao Zichen glanced at the current time.  Anyway, since both he and Peng Mengyin are on the same route, it should not take too long.

So he said.  “Get in, little junior sister, well send you back.”


Peng Mengyin sat in the back of the car and listened to the two people in front as they bickered with each other.  She raised her eyes and looked into the rearview mirror and her gaze rested on the outline of Fu Zhihuans reflection.

The corners of her lips lifted subconsciously.


Zhao Zichen noticed her expression at a glance, so he coughed and said with a slight smile.

“Little junior sister, dont stare at our Prosecutor Fu.  Theres someone in his family waiting for him to go home.”

She withdrew her gaze, lowered her eyes, and laughed.  Then she touched the corner of her lips.  “Ai  Does Prosecutor Fu already have a girlfriend”

“You have to ask him.”  Zhao Zichen laughed and glanced sideways at Fu Zhihuan.  “Were talking about you.  Since its already like this, isnt she considered your girlfriend”

Fu Zhihuan turned his head without saying a word and looked at Zhao Zichen calmly.

Zhao Zichen was shocked and straightened up.

“Just take it as I didnt say anything.”

Fu Zhihuan let out a low laugh and looked away.

However, he immediately noticed a black car approaching in his direction at an abnormal speed with its lights flashing at the corner of the traffic lights junction.

He frowned and then shouted.  “Zhao Zichen, right side!”

As soon as Zhao Zichen looked up, he noticed that the black car was very near and immediately turned the steering wheel to change direction.


There was not enough time and the car crashed into them.

And it crashed directly onto the passenger side where Fu Zhihuan was sitting.


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