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Chapter 40 – Qin Biyangs Invitation

Perhaps it was due to anxiety that Wen Ruan slept very lightly these few days.

Although Professor Su gave her a few days of short leave, she still woke up very early.  After washing up, she left her bedroom while rubbing her eyes and was about to prepare breakfast for herself.

But before she turned the corner, Wen Ruan heard noises coming from the kitchen.

She leaned against the wall then looked in the direction of the kitchen and with a glance, she could see Fu Zhihuans back.  He was wearing a white shirt and the creases outlined his trim figure.

A quiet morning.

The incomparably peaceful scene gave Wen Ruan an illusion of an old couple living their life like a husband preparing breakfast for his wife who got up late.

So beautiful…….so touching!

With hot tears in her eyes, she asked.  “Are you making breakfast”

“Earls breakfast.”  He replied.



Suddenly, Wen Ruans urgeto become that vicious supporting actress to watch that white moonlight ascend soared up.

This time, it stirred up the pain of having tomake friends with the cat to lay claims on that dog of a man.  And with the vinegar* originating from two different sources and getting mixed together, her throat felt a stinging pain.

(Vinegar here means jealousy.)

She sniffled then deliberately dragged her feet heavily as she walked over and stood beside Fu Zhihuan.  Then she made a great fuss over preparing a cup of milk and her tone sounded like she was particularly seeking trouble.

“Make way!”

Fu Zhihuan glanced at the person beside him.

“In a bad mood”

Feeling annoyed, Wen Ruan made a random excuse.

“No, irritated upon waking up.”

After she finished speaking, she glanced at the things in his hands.

Cat food……..

Its cat food again!……..

Boiled chicken breast…… and its even better than the food she eats!

She was already suffocated by the vinegar in her heart early in the morning and while she was preparing the milk drink, she subconsciously exerted a little too much force.  As a result, the bag holding the milk powder burst, and the milk powder scattered all over the counter surface.

She lowered her head to look at the pile of mess in front of her and her mood plummeted to the bottom of the abyss.

Bad luck!

Absolutely bad luck!

Just when Wen Ruan was hurriedly looking for a rag to clean up the mess, a cup of milk suddenly appeared in front of her.

The cup was still steaming hot and the joints on the hand holding the cup were clear and distinct.  The shirts cuff was tightly buttoned up at the wrist revealing clear veins.

“Take this.”

After placing the cup of milk down, Fu Zhihuan turned around to pick up another plate from the side, and handed it to Wen Ruan……..

It was a plate of pasta topped with tomato paste, a poached egg, and broccoli.

Wen Ruan was stunned for a moment.  She stretched out her hand to take the plate then tilted her head slightly and said in a tone that sounded a little arrogant.

“Didnt you say you were preparing cat food”

Fu Zhihuan let out a low laugh and then bent down to place the boiled chicken breast in front of Earl.  In a half-smiling tone, he said.

“You still have the cheek to ask!  The cat even got up earlier than you!”


After Fu Zhihuan fed Earl its breakfast, he straightened up then picked up the tie lying at the side, and walked to the door.

“Im leaving.”

Wen Ruan was sipping the milk and when she saw he was about to leave, she suddenly raised her head and called out.


Fu Zhihuan turned his head around.

She lowered her eyes and the steam from the cup rose to the tip of her nose.  With the flow of rising hot steam from the milk, her face became red.

She asked in a soft voice.  “Are you coming back for dinner tonight”

Silence descended for a few seconds.

He did not answer immediately and just looked at her quietly as if there were some silent questions in his eyes.

She thought about it and felt she sounded very much like a passionate girl who was asking her boyfriend coquettishly.  So she immediately raised her head and explained emphatically.

“Dont misunderstand!  I just felt bad about eating your breakfast, so I wanted to repay you.  I dont like to owe anyone favors.”

The string of words was spoken rapidly as though she was afraid of being seen through by Fu Zhihuan and in the end, she turned her head away arrogantly.

After a long time, Wen Ruan heard him chuckle and he replied.  “Okay.”

The door closed.

Fu Zhihuan lifted his hand to press the elevator button and watched as the red number slowly rose.

Suddenly, he recalled the phone conversation with Fu Mingheng last night.

“Are you not afraid that Wen Ruan would find out about your identity”

“Thats why Im going to find an opportunity to tell her……..probably……this period of time.”

“This may sound unpleasant but I think Wen Ruan will be angry.”

“Mm, she should be angry.”  Fu Zhihuan laughed and said slowly.  “Ive done her wrong.”

“When the time comes, what will you do”

“Pursue her.”  Fu Zhihuan lifted his eyes and he slowed down his tone to say faintly.

“Im very patient, I can wait……..”


Fu Mingheng was silent on the other side of the line for a long time.  Then he took a deep breath and said.  “Just use buzzwords that are popular now and tell me the truth……..”

“Tell you what”

“Did you get your soul pierced*”

(Soul pierce is an internet buzzword meaning that the soul had pierced through the shell of others and as a result, the soul has changed although the physical appearance has not changed.)


Fu Zhihuan hung up the call abruptly.


Although Wen Ruan did not go to work today, she still worked hard to write and draft documents that were not completed yet.

Earl was very clingy.  It jumped up and down on Wen Ruan and finally used her hand as a pillow and pressed its whole body on her arm.

Raising a cat makes one degrade.

And what is most terrifying is this situation.

At first, Wen Ruan still put Earl on the ground righteously.

“No, were rivals in love.”

Later, she could not stand Earls coquettish actions, so she just let it be and played with it for a while.

Until Qin Sushan sent over a text message……..

[Qin Sushan]:  Mr.

Qin Biyang is going to sue Xu Binrui and the rest of the people.  Many lawyers now want to take on this case and I heard that He Ziqins office is starting to get restless.  The reason seems to be that you slapped her face yesterday, so she is looking for an opportunity to regain her reputation.

Wen Ruan frowned and was about to reply when a message suddenly popped up on the screen.

~Sorry for the bold disturbance, is Miss Wen Ruan free now

It was sent by Mr.

Qin Biyang.

Just now Wen Ruan was nestled in the chair as though she was boneless but when she saw the message, she sat upright quickly.

[Wen Ruan]:  Yes, Im free.  Whats the matter, Mr.


[Qin Biyang]:  Ive been thinking about this matter for a few days and decided to sue Xu Binrui and the rest of the children for extortion and illegally taking pictures of Wan Wan.  My family is fully supporting me.

  Actually, I understand this matter very clearly and know that many lawyers want to make use of me to gain a good public image.  So after thinking it over, I feel that I will only be at ease if this case is handled by you.

[Qin Biyang]:  If its convenient, I can come to your office to talk to you in detail.

No matter whichever aspect, Wen Ruan was very willing to take over this case but she did not want Qin Biyang to make blind decisions based on personal feelings.

So she quickly replied to the message.

[Wen Ruan]:  Im not in the office now.  If youre at home, I can go over to talk with you now.  You need to be careful when choosing a lawyer.  You can make your choice later after you have listened to my opinion and analysis.


When Wen Ruan arrived at Qin Biyangs apartment building, she noticed a black BMW parked downstairs.

People who live in this area generally are not high-income earners, so the car parked on this messy and crowded street seemed quite out of place.

It looked like someone had come to visit Mr.

Qin Biyang.

And at this moment, the sound of high heels coming down the stairs rang out from the corridor and a familiar female voice gradually became clear as it moved nearer from afar.  From the tone of her voice, she sounded a little displeased.

“Qin Biyang is truly someone that fails to appreciate kindness.   Three years ago, I helped him for free and now he doesnt show any gratitude at all.”

Someone quickly flattered her.

“Thats right, Miss He, you shouldnt lower yourself to his level.  I think he is only showing this attitude because he is receiving a lot of attention from the public.  Just wait until this blows over then not many people would be as willing to help him as you.”

“Its alright.  Just now you took some photos while I was talking with Qin Biyang, right”

By this time, He Ziqin had already walked out of the corridor.  She pulled out the sunglasses from her bag and put them on lazily.

“Find some media to edit a copy and send it out.  Oh right, who wrote the copy for my Weibo yesterday  Give her the salary and tell her to leave today.  Our office doesnt raise useless people.”

He Ziqins expression did not look very good and there were still some traces of dark circles under her eyes.  Even after using the concealer, it was still faintly visible.

Last night, she was being adored by the public like stars surrounding the moon then suddenly it took a major turn and changed into ridicule.  Originally, she had successfully negotiated and obtained several cases but they were withdrawn and even her office was affected.

It was only after several consecutive attempts made by public relations that the matter was finally suppressed a little.

Today, after hearing that Qin Biyang was going to sue Xu Binrui and the others, He Ziqin wanted to seize this opportunity to stage a beautiful fight to regain her reputation.

Unexpectedly, Qin Biyang poured two glasses of water for her and her assistant then throughout the whole process, he only showed estrangement and politeness without saying a word.

Although He Ziqin was angry, fortunately, she had already arranged for someone to take a few pictures of herself visiting Qin Biyang before she came.  Even though she did not take up the case, she had shown her attitude and that could also help to redeem a little of her reputation.

With this thought, He Ziqins mood improved slightly.

She lifted her chin and walked towards the door of her car with her head held high.  However, when her gaze swept sideways, she happened to see Wen Ruan leaning against the car door smiling lazily at herself.

Wen Ruan lifted her right hand to greet her and called out.  “Hi!”

……Hi……your fart!

He Ziqin froze and her mood fell to freezing point.

This person is someone that she never wants to see in such a short time!

Not to mention if Wen Ruan had not suddenly posted that long Weibo article yesterday, she would not have gotten into this situation.

What angered He Ziqin was that when she woke up this morning, she saw several media sites had posted videos of them interviewing Wen Ruan.

In the videos, Fu Zhihuan had sternly and coldly reached out his hand to shield Wen Ruan from the crowd and protected her all the way forward.

That made He Ziqins mood even more complex.

For so many years, Fu Zhihuan was someone she did not dare to touch but for this simple reason, he had so easily and willingly remained beside and protected Wen Ruan, this delicate young miss.  It made her so unhappy.

Therefore, He Ziqins tone did not sound good.

“I was wondering who it is and it turns out to be our Lawyer Wen.  Werent you very fair and dignified yesterday on Weibo  Why are you here to get involved today”

Wen Ruan let out aYi in surprise and with a frown, she pretended to be puzzled and asked.

“Ai  Isnt Miss He here at Mr.

Qins invitation  I thought you were invited over for an appointment as well.  After all, its impolite to come unannounced.”

As she spoke, Wen Ruan smiled with her brows and eyes curved into crescents.  The smile in her eyes looked clean and clear but it still made people notice the sly light that flickered in her eyes.

He Ziqins face stiffened.  “What did you say”


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