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Chapter 4 – Take responsibility

Love is indeed something that makes people intoxicated.

After Wen Ruan had completed the police report and while waiting for the results in the lobby, she was repeatedly thinking over the matter.  She was wondering what kind of power motivated her, a person who can only cook instant noodles, to unexpectedly make such arrogant remarks like doing housework for others.

…….The key point is that she had been rejected mercilessly.

Propping up her chin, she repeatedly kicked the wheels of her suitcase with her toes.

…….The Gaoling Flower* is too difficult to defeat.

(Gaoling Flower is a Japanese movie about a young woman who became cold and arrogant after having experienced a failed marriage.

 WR is referring to FZ as the Gaoling Flower.)

Originally, as soon as she got off the train, she should have messaged and let Qin Sushan know her whereabouts.  But because of the unexpected incident, she only remembered now and should give Qin Sushan an explanation.

As soon as she turned on the phone, Qin Sushans message popped up first……..

[Qin Sushan] – Oh Baby, Im very sorry!   Theres a problem with my fathers health and he will be coming to the hospital here for a checkup.  He will be staying at my house for a while, so during this time, you will have to suffer a little and stay in a hotel for a few days!

Wen Ruan lowered her eyes and quickly sent her anOK in reply.

After thinking about it for a while, she decided not to inform Qin Sushan about her being in the police station presently.

Based on Qin Sushans character, she would immediately come over and show concern upon finding out that she is in the police station.

Qin Sushan had just started to work as a trainee lawyer in a firm and besides that, she had to take care of her parents health, therefore during this period, she should be extremely busy.

At this juncture, Wen Ruan did not want to bother her.

But since Wen Ruan wanted to settle down in Jiang City, it would not a good idea to stay in a hotel permanently.

It looks like she still has to find a permanent place to stay as soon as possible.


Fu, thank you for your cooperation today.”

While she was pondering over this, the police had finished taking Fu Zhihuans report and the two people walked out of the office one after the other.

“Miss Wen, everything is settled, you may leave first.”

She nodded and thanked the policeman politely.

Fu Zhihuan looked down at his watch and said.  “If you have any questions in the future, you can contact me again.”

“Okay, and thanks.”  The policeman replied.

Wen Ruan lifted her head and glanced at Fu Zhihuan.  At the same time, their eyes met.

With knotted eyebrows, he lightly swept an indifferent glance over her.  Although his face was devoid of emotions, the meaning ofyou dont need to act anymore could faintly be discerned.

Wen Ruan rubbed her chin.

……Can it be that her acting skills were not good enough

……That cant be……even those policemen believed her just now.

But the person in front of her did not say anything.  He only pressed his lips together then turned around and walked out of the police station.


He did not even ask for her contact information!

Wen Ruan felt a little frustrated.

In fact, since elementary school, she has been very popular with boys because of her sweet and beautiful looks.

When she was young, her deskmates would always share half of their snacks with her and catered to her needs.

 In junior high school, the gifts of chocolates and love letters she received never stopped.  Even when she walked on the streets, she would often be asked for her contact information.

However, when she chased after someone for the first time, she directly encountered a Waterloo in her life.

Love is unpredictable.

Although she feels sad, she still has to find a place to stay.

Wen Ruan sighed and turned on her phone to search for the nearest hotel.  After plugging in the Bluetooth earphone, she listened to the systems voice navigation to lead the way.

Who knew that as soon as she stepped out of the police station, she saw Fu Zhihuan again.

It seemed like they were walking in the same direction.

In the end, both of them walked one after the other.

Fu Zhihuan turned to the left.

System voice: – One hundred meters forward then turn left.

Fu Zhihuan turned to the right.

System voice: – Go straight fifty meters then turn right.

Fu Zhihuan crossed the road.

System voice: – At the intersection traffic lights ahead walk straight along the zebra crossing.

As Wen Ruan dragged her suitcase along on the bumpy gravel road, the rolling wheels produced a series of noises *gulu, gulu, gulu……*.

With a frown, Fu Zhihuan stopped and turned around.

She did not expect Fu Zhihuan to stop suddenly.  As a result, she crashed into him and the tip of her nose slammed into his chest.


She backed away a few steps and covered her nose with her hand.  Then as she rubbed her nose gently, tears leaked out of her eyes involuntarily.

Fu Zhihuan rubbed his throbbing temples and hissed.  Then lifting his squinted eyes that showed a hint of warning, he said.  “Dont follow me.”


Although she was confused, she still nodded.  “……Um, I know.”

He frowned but did not say anything and just turned around to continue walking forward.

Then when he arrived at a crossroad, Fu Zhihuan continued to walk straight ahead.

System voice: – Continue forward two hundred meters.

*Gulu, gulu, gulu…….*

The sounds from the suitcases wheels continued to drum into Fu Zhihuans ears.

…….It seems she totally doesnt understand!

Fu Zhihuan stopped then shut his eyes for two seconds before he turned around again

“What do you want”

Wen Ruan also noticed that herhotel-searching tour route was the same as Fu Zhihuans route.

She pulled off one of the earpieces then glanced at the phones screen and then looked at Fu Zhihuan.  Then she said very sincerely.  “Coincidentally, were going the same way…….”

Coincidentally……..same way

He did not reply immediately and only stood there with his hands in his pockets as his lowered gaze fell on Wen Ruans face.

After a long time, the corners of his lips slightly curled and his eyes seemed to contain a little smile.  “Same way”

His words were full of skepticism.

Wen Ruan:  “……”

She came to a realization.

Whatever she says this Brother doesnt seem to believe her.

But that aside, regarding this kind of matter, she must not be misunderstood.

She felt that she must prove herself, so releasing the suitcase in her hand, she adjusted the brightness of the screen and showed her phone to him.

“Here, Im looking for this place and its the same way youre going……”

Before she could finish speaking, a gust of wind suddenly lifted the beret that Wen Ruan was wearing on her head.

She immediately stretched out her hand to hold it down.  In a moment of chaos, her phone fell to the ground with the screen facing down.

Wen Ruan:  “……”

Fu Zhihuan:  “……”

A misery……..

In silence, Wen Ruan knelt and looked at the shattered phone screen in front of her.

She pressed the unlock key…….no response.

A long press on the power button…….

The screen lit up with a faint light to reveal the Apple logo.

Wen Ruan:  ……..Theres hope!

The Apple logo abruptly vanished.

Wen Ruan:  ……Lost case…….

After a long silence, Wen Ruan slowly raised her head and her pair of shiny eyes stared at Fu Zhihuan without blinking.

“Perhaps these words may sound like a scam, but I still feel that although this matter has little to do with you, as a kind and caring man, you will surely take responsibility.”

Fu Zhihuan:  “I am more on the shady side……”

Wen Ruan:  ……Ruthless!

This is the first time in her life that Wen Ruan, who is sharp-tongued with cannon skills and who has always been like a small cannonball, is choked by those seven simple words.

Good……very good.

Indeed worthy of a man who can stir her heart!

However, Wen Ruan cant cling to Fu Zhihuan and refuse to let go just because of this and treat this matter as if it is truly a scam.

After all, regardless of who should take the responsibility, it really shouldnt be dumped on others.

She sighed and was prepared to admit that she was truly unlucky.  She had already decided to buy a new mobile phone in the business district in front of her and then find a place to stay.

So Wen Ruan once again pulled her suitcase along……

“Where are you going”  Fu Zhihuan asked.

Wen Ruan replied unhappily.  “Find a place to repair my phone.”

He glanced at her and said faintly.  “Alright, Ill take you there.”

The sentence seemed to inject Wen Ruan with energy instantly and her eyes shone.  She put away her unhappy and frustrated expression due to the damaged mobile phone and even her eyes were now flickering with lights.

“Thank you and Im sorry to trouble you……”

“You can still refuse.”

“Lets make a move now.”

As a result, the sounds of *gulu, gulu, gulu* from the suitcase wheels that rolled on the ground started to drum into Fu Zhihuans ears once again.

From time to time, the sounds would turn into *gulu, gulu, clug…….* as the suitcase rode over pieces of pebbles.

Fu Zhihuan had a slight headache.

After entering the city, the sounds from the suitcase wheels were still very clear as they rang out behind him.  However, after walking for another five to six minutes, the sounds suddenly stopped.

He frowned and turned his head around.

Not far away, Wen Ruans red suitcase was standing glaringly in its place.

The only thing was that the person had disappeared.

According to that little noisy girls character, she would not have left without saying a word.

And she had also left her suitcase standing there.

What happened

After waiting for a while, Fu Zhihuan still did not see her.

It was until the people in the surrounding area were suddenly rushing towards a specific direction and based on the lively discussions of the passersby……..

“A fight is starting”

“Whats the matter”

“I dont know.  It seems that a couple was arguing just now and a little lady went over to persuade them and then……”

Little lady


A fight is about to start

Fu Zhihuan squeezed his brow bone and felt his temples starting to throb with pain again.

The daughter raised by the Wens………

Is indeed troublesome!


Five minutes ago.

Perhaps women are very sensitive to the changes in their surroundings.  From the moment Wen Ruan entered this commercial street, she noticed something odd.

A couple was quarreling.

In fact, the termquarrel was not very appropriate because it looked more like the husband was scolding his wife.

It sounded like his voice was being torn out of his throat.

It gave people an uneasy feeling.

However, it is usually difficult to interfere in matters between a husband and wife.

Although people were moving back and forth with the mentality of only watching a show and paying attention to them, most of the people were watching from afar.

Wen Ruan was also not interested to interfere but when she looked in front, she realized that Fu Zhihuan had walked far away during the short time she was distracted and was observing the couple.

This man…….is truly not considerate!

Wen Ruan complained in her heart and then quickened her footsteps to catch up.

But just at this moment, there was a sudden burst of anger from the place where the couple was quarreling that caused the people around to shrink their necks in fright.

She paused then turned her head and subconsciously swept her eyes over.

Then she noticed the wifes extremely pale complexion and the bruises concealed under her cuffs.

She frowned slightly.

When she first started as a trainee lawyer, the majority of the cases she handled were related to family disputes.

Therefore, she is much more sensitive toward this kind of matter compared to normal people.

“Ai, I think……”

Wen Ruan subconsciously wanted to call out to Fu Zhihuan but when she turned her head around, she found that he had already walked far away.

However, when she saw the wife was about to be dragged away……

Wen Ruans expression changed slightly and she did not hesitate anymore.  She released the suitcase in her hand then took off her shoulder bag and walked toward the couple with a serious expression.


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