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Chapter 38 – Pinky Promise

Fu Zhihuan still had a smile in his eyes when he spoke.  He leaned casually against the car door and extinguished the still-smoking cigarette butt that was tucked between his fingertips.

He called out.  “Kid!”


“Dont force yourself.”

She was stunned for a moment and then quickly lowered her eyes.  With tears swimming in her eyes, she took a deep breath, and after a long time later, she said in a sobbing tone.

“Why are you like this”

Fu Zhihuan let out a laugh helplessly.  “How am I”

She raised her eyes which were still tearful and bit her lower lip.

“I cried three times today and youre still teasing me.  Tomorrow my eyes will be swollen and if the reporters secretly take pictures of me then Ill look very ugly in the photos!”

“And if my photos are posted on the internet and they gather ridicule, then it will be all your fault!”

“And youre always calling me akid but Im already twenty-four!  In the future, youre not allowed to call me this!”

“…….”  Fu Zhihuan responded with a slight smile.  “Okay, its my fault.”

Wen Ruan stretched out her hand and rubbed the corners of her red eyes.  Her voice still carried a sobbing tone.

“Admitting your mistake doesnt mean that this matter had ended.  You made me cry, so how can it be settled so easily  You have to compensate me for mental loss!”


Fu Zhihuan had no way to deal with the girl in front of him, so he smiled and bent down to look into her eyes.  His voice was low and it seemed like he was coaxing her.

“What do you want”

Wen Ruans throat tightened.

Although it sounded like he was comforting her, there was an inexplicable feeling that she was being seduced by him again.

It felt like a series of firecrackers was let off inside her heart with the accompaniment of two little people beating gongs and drums.

Wen Ruan lowered her head and felt a little flustered.  She avoided Fu Zhihuans eyes and said in a soft voice.

“Can this debt be collected later”

He laughed and then straightened up.  “Sure.”

“Then when the time comes, you cant deny this debt.”  Wen Ruan lifted her pinky finger.  “Therefore, we have to make a pinky promise.”

He looked down at the little finger that was stretched out and could not help but laugh in his heart.

“I wont renege on the debt.”


After returning home and washing up, only then did Wen Ruan have the energy to read the messages on the phone.

Countless dialog boxes popped up and swiping down, she found that all of them were filled with concern and greetings from her friends.

Professor Su also gave Wen Ruan two days leave so that she could stay at home to adjust her mood and repeatedly reminded her not to blame herself too much over this incident.

She opened her Weibo.

Sure enough, the incident had almost taken over all the hot searches, and the news aboutthe person who was stabbed is out of danger was also pushed up to the top with high momentum.

The comments of the netizens seemed to be leaning to one side……

~Maybe Im not a kind person.  This is the first time I feel so angry upon knowing that a person has been saved.

~Its really sad.  I was also subjected to school violence when I was in junior high school, so I understand the desperate feeling.

In fact, it was not surprising that Xu Binrui could be saved.

Because for people who do not understand the human body, most of the time they would not know which spot would be fatal when stabbed.  In addition, when Xu Binrui was taken away, Wen Ruah had already guessed that he would live due to the timely rescue.

This is actually not something bad.

Because once Xu Binrui dies, Father Lu may have to face extremely serious lawsuits and compensation.  Setting up private courts was never the right recourse.

So maybe from the very beginning, Lu Kechens intention was really not to kill Xu Binrui but just wanted this matter to fester into a major issue to attract the publics attention.

Qin Sushan sent a text message……

[Qin Sushan]:  I give up!  Im so pissed by this bitch!  Why did she join in when this matter has nothing to do with her  Are bloody human buns so delicious  After she represented Qin Wans family in the court case three years ago, it was with this kind of virtue that she stepped on you and spread countless pieces of news to elevate her image!

A picture was also attached.

Wen Ruan clicked on the picture…….

He Ziqin V:-

As a person who knows the inside story about this matter, I chose to provide free legal aid to Qin Wans family back then because I felt sad to see such a tragedy.  I feel that as a lawyer, I should be full of justice and should use the law to help ordinary people.

I feel very sad that this had happened.  Although there may be invisible darkness in this world, I still hope that I can change this through my efforts.  Although theres no way to force everyone to carry justice in their hearts, at least, one has to make sure one doesnt forget ones original intentions.

As a lawyer for so many years, I had come in contact with and experienced all kinds of cases, so naturally, I could see the evil in human hearts.   Although my ability needs improvement, I will still try my best to change the world through my efforts, albeit even if its just a little.  Although there are some things that the law cant do, I still want to do my best to carry out justice for others.  @Heqing Office.

#LuKechen #LuKechenSuicide #JiangCityMiddleSchoolCampusViolence #StabbedVictimOutof Danger

[Qin Sushan]:  Dont you think this person is funny  Is she related to this case  Even though she was on the opposing side of Lu Kechen back then but now everything she said seemed to be praising herself.  Does she mean that all of us who are lawyers dont have this original intention

Wen Ruan frowned slightly and did not reply immediately.  Instead, she tapped on the topic and took a look.

Sure enough, this discussion had been pushed to the top with the relevant recommendations and at this moment, it was attracting a lot of comments.

[A Soft White Rabbit]:  Lawyer Sister is really beautiful and kind.  Im extremely moved after reading this.

[Heavelin]:  Wow, it turns out Lawyer Sister gives free legal aid to families.  Shes such a nice person.

With just a glance, it could be seen that it was premeditated marketing.  After He Ziqin sent it out, it was forwarded very quickly by several fan-based marketing sites with a message that says –Look at what the lawyer said……So moved that such a lawyer exists………and following that, the number of fans started to rise.

But some people crawled to Wen Ruans private Weibo to leave a message…….

“Sister, are you not going to comment on this case”

“Theres no malicious intent but I just want to ask who is right and who is wrong in this matter from a lawyers point of view.  Although Lu Kechen killed someone, is the law ignoring school violence”

Wen Ruans eyes turned slightly cold.

Wen Ruan could ignore the matter of He Ziqin making use of her as a stepping stone in the past but she would not show tolerance to He Ziqin who was promoting herself to increase her popularity in the legal field while stepping on the impartiality of law to elevate her image.

Qin Sushan was still angrily sending messages to Wen Ruan.

[Qin Sushan]:  I cant stand it anymore, I want to start a cyber-attack on her!

[Wen Ruan]:  Endure.

[Qin Sushan]:  Can this be endured

[Wen Ruan]:  I will deal with it.

She switched off the phone, threw it on the bed, and went back to the bathroom to blow-dry her damp hair with the hairdryer.

After drying her hair, the words she was planning to say were already formulated in her heart.

After pulling out her laptop, she sat on the bed and started to type.

An hour later, Wen Ruan successfully posted her first Weibo message in months.

Perhaps it was because many media and netizens were following this incident, so as soon as Wen Ruan posted on her Weibo, the number of people reading it kept on increasing.

She did not send out a long list of inspirational sentiments as He Ziqin did.  Instead, she very rationally stated and shared the way to seek help from the outside world upon encountering school violence.

She also listed out the laws and regulations related to school violence and the legal responsibilities that a minor had to shoulder according to his age.

Finally, a paragraph was added at the end…….

~ Theres no way we can prevent violence from happening again.  All we can do is to tell everyone how to help themselves when they encounter violence.

~ The law can do a lot more than what people think.

~ I will open a bot and if there are children in the same situation, you can send a private message for help.  Theres not only me but also many lawyers who are willing to help you.  The world is full of kindness……far more than you think.

Although to gain popularity, He Ziqin had talked to several marketing sites beforehand, those in the media industry still have a high degree of sensitivity as to the type of content that is more popular with the public.

Although Wen Ruans Weibo post came up late, it was easy to notice the difference between her and He Ziqin.  She did not promote herself and instead, seriously taught others the way to deal with this kind of behavior.

Although He Ziqins name was not mentioned, it could be seen that the contents of Weibo posts between the both of them were complete opposites.

Moreover, the article that He Ziqin wrote made fellow lawyers feel repulsive because to promote her image, she had belittled other lawyers who were in the same profession.  As most of the netizens were youngsters, their posts lacked judgment on the law.

One said that he is the only person clear-headed in the whole turbid world while another said he believes that there are many more good people around.  After the netizens had come to an understanding, naturally they would appreciate Wen Ruans article.

Therefore, many marketing sites also gave their views and reposted Wen Ruans article.

Some fellow lawyers also quickly agreed and supported Wen Ruan.

“Very correct legal view and Im also very willing to help students who are facing school violence and are powerless.”

“Everyone should be aware of his rights and when his interests are affected, he can use the law to defend his rights, isnt that so  After being a lawyer for so many years, I dont know why some lawyers feel that the law wont ensure justice.  Did your teachers teach you that in university”

In a digital society, the reversal of public opinion is extremely fast.

Just now, He Ziqin was still revered by everyone but at this moment she had fallen to the bottom.  Even a few hot commenters deleted their comments.

[Qin Sushan]:  I worship you!  As expected of Professor Sus favorite student!

Wen Ruan shut down the computer and then sent a text message to apologize to Lu Kechens father.

If it was not for He Ziqin going overboard with her actions which most likely would have made those children with weak psychological endurance even more desperate, she would not have taken this opportunity to comment.

After all, it would be very distressing for the family members to see such a topic.


Perhaps it was due to using the computer for a long time, Wen Ruan felt her face had become a little hot, so she walked out of her bedroom to pour herself a glass of cold water.

There was no one in the living room and the lights in Fu Zhihuans bedroom were switched off.

She glanced up at the second floor.

Can it be he is upstairs

However, on the first day, Fu Zhihuan had already warned Wen Ruan that she was not allowed to go to the second floor, therefore, she naturally did not go up.


Earl jumped onto the table and flipped over the glass of water in front of Wen Ruan.

While pretending to be angry, Wen Ruan rubbed Earls head helplessly.

It scratched its nose with its paw and then sneezed several times continuously.

Although Wen Ruan had never raised a cat, she heard that when a cat sneezes it is usually due to allergies or a minor cold, so she shouted in the direction of the second floor.

“Fu Zhihuan, Earl seems to have a cold!”

No one answered.

She frowned doubtfully then bent down to pick up Earl and walked to the stairs.

“Fu Zhihuan”

There was still no reply from the room.

Perhaps he did not hear

She hesitated and then climbed up a few steps.

Just going upstairs and not entering the room shouldnt be a problem, right

The door of the study was not tightly closed.  Standing at the door, she swept a casual glance around the room and noticed a small object that was kept in a glass case on top of the desk.  It looked like a black egg and had fine drawings engraved on it.

Earl let out a soft cry and jumped down from her arms.  The next moment, it had jumped on a decorative green plant and the pot tottered.


Wen Ruan wanted to go forward in a hurry to steady the pot but before she could even move, it had fallen to the ground and shattered.

“Who allowed you to come up”

At this moment, Fu Zhihuans voice suddenly sounded and it was freezing cold.

Wen Ruan was startled and turned her head around to see that Fu Zhihuan had come out of one of the rooms at an unknown time.  He stood leaning against the door with dark deep eyes.

“Go down.”

So fierce!

It was just like the male protagonist in the novel whose inverse scales had been touched.  Just now he was still very warm but now he had suddenly changed.

Whenever this part of the plot is reached, basically it would incur a verbal abuse of 200,000 words.

Startled, she lowered her eyes and her eyelashes trembling slightly.

She knew she should not have come up to the second floor but still, he need not be so fierce.

Therefore, she did not say a word, and feeling a bit angry, she turned around and made a move to leave.

He suddenly called.  “Wen Ruan”

“Whats the matter  Didnt you tell me to go down”  Wen Ruan said angrily.

Fu Zhihuan was stunned for a moment.  Then he smiled helplessly and said.  “I wasnt talking to you……I was talking to Earl.”

“When have I ever reprimanded you”


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