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Chapter 36 – Final Curtain

Xu Binrui seldom attended school.

Most of the teachers would turn a blind eye to this kind of student who enrolled in the school using money.

Perhaps it was because of what happened to Gu Chencheng and the overwhelming public opinion that Xu Binrui became a little cowed, so he came to school obediently today.

Unexpectedly, as soon as he sat down, he found a letter in his empty drawer.

With a frown, he took out the letter and opened it.

But when his gaze rested on the line of words on the paper, his pupils shrank instantly and his fingers trembled.  The envelope fell to the ground.

Red words were printed on the letter.

~Youll become the next Gu Chencheng.

Recalling the report of Gu Chenchengs body being retrieved from the lake, Xu Binrui suddenly felt fear building up in his chest and felt the urge to puke.

Under the overlapping of fear and anxiety, the feeling of anger also continued to rise.

This must be written by Lu Kechen!

Gu Chencheng must have been killed by Lu Kechen!

He pursed his lips tightly and slapped on the table.  Then he stood up, picked up a chair, and walked toward Lu Kechens classroom.

Gossip always spreads very fast in school.

A little while later, almost everyone knew that Xu Binrui took a chair and went to Lu Kechens classroom to cause trouble and even threatened harshly.

“Mind your behavior or Ill kill you sooner or later!”

The desks were kicked and overturned.  Books were scattered all over the floor and the whole place was thrown into a mess.

The students involuntarily backed away to form a circle and gave both of them space.

Xu Binrui grabbed Lu Kechens collar and the blue veins on the back of his hands were bulging due to the extreme force.

Instantly, the surroundings became surprisingly quiet.

Lu Kechen lifted his eyes.  It was like a dark fog had enveloped his eyes, empty and bleak……..but it made one feel an inexplicable chill at the back of ones spine.

Lu Kechen did not speak and just looked at Xu Binrui quietly.

A long time later, he opened his mouth to speak at a volume only the two people could hear.

“Did you receive my letter”

It was like a spark had ignited a bomb.

Xu Binrui could only feel a buzz in his head and a fear mixed with other complicated emotions swept through his whole body.  By the time he came to a realization, he had clenched his fist and smashed it on Lu Kechens face.

It was until the teacher arrived and pulled them apart that the farce came to an abrupt end.

Under the watchful eyes of everyone around, Lu Kechen wiped off the blood on his face with his thumb and then quietly bent down to pick up his books.

The bell rang.

After the teacher scolded Xu Binrui calmly with a few words, he ordered Xu Binrui to return to his class and then brought Lu Kechen to the infirmary.

“Take a rest and then return to class.”

After receiving a simple treatment for his wounds, Lu Kechen did not leave in a hurry.

He looked down at the bloodstain on his thumb then suddenly the corners of his lips curled and laughed mockingly.

The killer who killed the robin will finally be tried.


When Wen Ruan arrived at the school, it was the lunch break at noon.

Wen Ruan came to Lu Kechens class with the security guard leading the way.  At this time, the bell was about to ring and almost all the students were already in the classroom.

……..Except for Lu Kechen.

Wen Ruan frowned and after asking around, she came to Xu Binruis classroom.

………Xu Binrui was not there either.

The uneasiness in her heart became even stronger.  At this moment, a teacher who came to check on the class asked.

“Hello, may I ask which students parent are you”

Wen Ruan responded by taking out her document.

“Im a lawyer, I want to ask Xu Binrui and Lu Kechen some questions.  Can you tell me where they are”

“Those two…….”

Perhaps it was because of the recent sensitive incident, the teachers expression looked a little unpleasant and after a while, she shook her head and said.

“Im not clear about this but the two of them fought this morning and the school takes this matter very seriously.  Would you like to wait in the office for a while”


“Uh, I dont know what they argued about.”

And at this moment, a talkative student interrupted.

“Someone heard Xu Binrui say that he wanted to kill Lu Kechen……”

“Dont talk nonsense!”

The teacher seemed to be concerned about the schools image and quickly interrupted the student and said apologetically.

“We dont know where is Xu Binrui but he always likes to be late.  Why dont you wait for him  His place is over there.”

Wen Ruan turned in the direction the teacher pointed and looked at the empty seat.

She walked towards it with a frown.

With a glance, it could be seen that Xu Binrui is someone who seldom comes to class.

The desk was clean and there was nothing there except for an opened envelope lying in the drawer.

Through the paper, Wen Ruan could vaguely make out the red printed words and with a frown, she pulled out the letter.

~Youll become the next Gu Chencheng.

“It was after Xu Binrui read this letter that he fought with Lu Kechen.”

A student at the side whispered.

“Lawyer Sister, please dont tell the others that I told you this.  I dont want any trouble from him.”

Wen Ruan thanked him and the uneasiness in her heart deepened.  After a long while, she asked.  “Does Xu Binrui often say things like he is going to kill someone”

“Yes, and his temper has always been like this.  Before this, he even bought a dagger with a sharpened blade and used it to intimidate his classmates everywhere.”

A dagger with a sharpened blade.

This sentence seemed to tug on a certain chord in Wen Ruans head.  Her pupils shrank and it seemed she suddenly thought of something and an icy air shot through her body.

It was very likely that Lu Kechen deliberately wanted to make Xu Binrui panic.

Under extreme fear and tension, Xu Binrui would come to look for him to give him trouble, and saying aloud those words in public would give others an illusion thatXu Binrui is most likely to do something impulsive.

But the person who really wanted to kill would most likely be Lu Kechen himself!

Perhaps Lu Kechens purpose was to forge a legitimate defense of the crime of wrongful death.

Three years ago, Lu Kechen was tried for the crime of negligently causing death but because he was under the age of sixteen and not liable to bear the burden of the crime, so he was not sentenced.

Wen Ruan clenched the paper in her hand and turned around.  She found the teacher she saw just now and her voice sounded a little sharp.

“Im very sorry but now its necessary to look at your monitoring system to locate Lu Kechen and Xu Binrui immediately.  Is it convenient for you to cooperate”

“But youre not the police……..”

Just at this moment, a familiar voice sounded behind Wen Ruan and when she turned her head around, she saw Fu Zhihuans slightly stern face at a glance.

“Sorry, can you follow this ladys instruction and look at your monitoring system”

The police officer beside Fu Zhihuan showed his ID and then explained.

“We are looking for Xu Binrui and need him to cooperate with our investigation.”

Wen Ruans eyelashes trembled slightly.  She took a deep breath then walked to Fu Zhihuans side and handed him the note.

“Lu Kechens father called me today and told me that Qin Wan very likely had committed suicide back then and her relationship with Lu Kechen should be quite deep.”

“After Xu Binruis group of friends took photos of Qin Wan, they had been threatening her to humiliate her but Lu Kechen never mentioned anything about it.”

Fu Zhihuan nodded and reached out to take the note from Wen Ruan.  After reading it, he frowned.

According to the investigation, Xu Binruis parents business was getting worse and worse during this period.  However, Xu Binrui extravagantly bought an extremely expensive motorcycle not long ago.

Judging from the timing, the money was most likely obtained from extortions.

The police estimated that a month ago Xu Binrui had used the photos of Qin Wan to extort money from Qin Biyang.

But Qin Biyang stated that he had never seen the two of them for many years.

Fu Zhihuan had a lot of secret information that could not be revealed to Wen Ruan but when he saw the piece of paper, he could vaguely guess Lu Kechens intentions.

She wanted to explain further.  “This matter…….”

“I know.”

He suddenly interrupted her.  “Wen Ruan, we will handle everything from here on.  You can go to the café outside and wait for me.”

Wen Ruan was slightly startled.

She could see that Fu Zhihuan did not want her to be involved in this matter.

Although she did not know the reason, she still nodded with her eyes lowered.

Since the matter had developed to this stage, there was no way to undo it.  If the matter was handed over to the police, perhaps it could be solved even more quickly.

A police officer who had once interacted with Wen Ruan came over and said politely.

“Miss Wen, let my colleagues handle this matter.  Lets go outside and talk about what you understand about this case so that it will be easier for us to conduct the investigation, is that alright”

Wen Ruan nodded then turned around and both of them walked out side by side.

At this moment, the bell had rung and the corridor was empty.  Only the footsteps of the two people could be heard.

Many students were curiously leaning on the windows or standing at the door as they watched the people approaching.

Lu Kechen seems to have the intention to make this matter a major issue.

Initially, Wen Ruan did not know why he did this but now, she could vaguely guess something.

Back then Qin Wan wanted to use her death to exchange for the schools attention to be focused on school violence.

Lu Kechen is the same.

He wanted to put on a dynamic performance to push public opinion to the peak.

Wait a minute!…….

Wen Ruan paused in her footsteps.

If Lu Kechen wants this matter to become a major issue known to everyone, then he will definitely create a huge uproar over Xu Binruis death.


Suddenly Wen Ruan said.

“I want to go up to the rooftop to have a look.  Perhaps Lu Kechen is there.”


The sky had turned cloudy.

When Qin Wan fell into the water, did she feel fearful

Lu Kechen looked down from the rooftop and everything around seemed to have become a dot.

Xu Binrui did not have the dagger with him.

Because a long time ago, to ensure that his plan would be foolproof, Lu Kechen had stolen the dagger and kept it with him.

He used the sharp blade to slash Xu Binruis palms and shoulders and the blood seeped out to drip on the ground drop by drop.

Then he stretched out his hand and pressed down on Xu Binruis body.  Ignoring the painful cries begging for mercy from the person in front of him, Lu Kechen pressed the blades sharp point against his abdomen.

The heart-piercing cries penetrated Lu Kechens eardrums.

There was no trace of anger in his eyes and he only said in a very calm voice.

“Apologize to her.”


At this moment, the door of the rooftop was suddenly slammed open.

A group of people rushed in…….the uniformed police officers, an anxious teacher, and the lawyer sister who had never given up on him…….

Lu Kechens eyes shifted sideways slightly but there were no emotions in his eyes as though everything was within his expectation.

However, Xu Binrui seemed to have seen his savior and his face showed happiness.

“Help me!  This man has gone crazy!  Quickly arrest him!”

“Lu Kechen!”

Wen Ruan tried hard to suppress the trembling in her voice and said very seriously word by word.

“If you do it now, it cant be judged as self-defense or unintentional homicide.”

Lu Kechen laughed.  “Um, I know……”

The police officers exchanged winks and then walked behind secretively and approached slowly.  At the same time, they gestured to Wen Ruan to continue persuading Lu Kechen to distract his attention.

“School violence can be prosecuted.   Whether it is intentional harm, illegal filming of other people or blackmailing……..all these are crimes that can be tried…….”

“Its not necessary to do this.  I can defend you, can apply for a sentence reduction, and also can make those who hurt you get the punishment they deserve.”

Wen Ruan took a deep breath but for some unknown reason, her voice choked.

“So, will you trust me  The law can do more than you think.”

Lu Kechen looked up at Wen Ruan but did not speak.

He could keenly sense that the police officers were all around him, quietly approaching him and waiting for an opportunity to seize the dagger in his hand.

But at this moment, Lu Kechens mood was extremely calm.

If Qin Wan was here, she would definitely want to hear these words and then cheerfully say……

“See  It will be better tomorrow!”

No one doesnt want to enjoy the blue sky above them……..feel the breeze blowing over from the mountains…….and the arrival of Spring…….

“The person who died would hope that you live well.”

To Lu Kechen, this sentence is not a touching inspiration.

He was initially not a positive person.

He has been learning how to be kind to everyone but never learned how to forgive those who had hurt him.

“Sorry.”  He said.

He turned his head and thrust the dagger in with his wrist.

He pulled it out and stabbed it in again.

It was not known how many times it went in.  The blood splattered on his clean shirt and the shocking red color was piercing to the eyes.

Xu Binruis cries were heart-wrenching until gradually he became silent.

Wen Ruans eyes instantly turned red and the female teachers screams sounded in her ears.

The sky seemed to have changed instantly and was covered with dense dark clouds.

The police officers rushed up but Lu Kechen pushed Xu Binrui forward to lean against the roof railing.

“Gu Chencheng was pushed into the water by me.”

After he finished speaking, he lifted his eyes to look at Wen Ruan and then suddenly laughed.

“Lawyer Sister, this time Im not committing unintentional homicide.”

Then he closed his eyes and fell backward.

Wen Ruans pupils constricted and her body reacted first.  She rushed forward and reached out to grab Lu Kechens arm but it was only emptiness…….

Due to inertia, she staggered forward a few steps.

Fu Zhihuan quickly grabbed her wrist and pulled her back.

“Wen Ruan!”

Immediately after, a loud thud sounded.

Instantly, countless students stretched out their heads to look in the direction of the sound, then screams followed and an uproar erupted.

The lights and shadows interlaced in that instant.  The shocking red color spread and became the final curtain of the story.

In the end, Lu Kechen used his death to put the limelight on the prelude……..


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