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Chapter 32 – Inconsiderate

When Wen Ruan rushed out, she could only see Fu Zhihuans straight back.

Although he could hear running footsteps behind him, he continued to walk steadily forward without even pausing for a moment.

“Ai, Ai, wait a minute!  Arent we going back together  Dont walk so fast!”

While running, Wen Ruan was giving Xie Yanchi a hundred slashes in her heart and did not notice there was still a step in front of her.

She missed her footing, staggered forward, and landed on her knees.  The thin layer of skin on her palms was scrapped off.

Although it was only the height of one step, she could still feel a pain in her ankle that was starting to grow more and more intense.

She hissed and stood up with a frown.  After checking on her sprained ankle, she turned to look at Fu Zhihuan who was not far away.

She puffed up her cheeks, squeezed out a few drops of tears, and deliberately said in a loud and aggrieved tone.

“I twisted my ankle!  It hurts!”

When he heard her cry, Fu Zhihuan stopped and turned his head slightly to the side.

Wen Ruans eyes lit up.

His heart had turned soft!

But in the end, Fu Zhihuan did not turn around and after a short hesitation, he looked ahead and continued to walk forward.

Wen Ruans mood suddenly fell to the bottom of the abyss.  She lowered her eyes and her normally bright pupils turned dull and lost their sparkle.

She held up her hands dejectedly then looked at the scraped skin on her palms and blew a few times to get rid of the dust and stones.

The pain in her ankle, the sadness of being deceived out of 200,000 yuan by Xie Yanchi, and the disappointment of being left behind by Fu Zhihuan……..all of them bundled up together made her mood drop to freezing point.

Wen Ruan lowered her head and looked aggrievedly at her ankle that had swelled up and then sniffled.

Fu Zhihuan, that petty devil!

He had unexpectedly turned away and left!

Not considerate at all!

And she even lost 200,000 yuan because of him!

She wont like him anymore!  Shell move out tomorrow!

Just when Wen Ruan was muttering in her heart and silently venting her temper, she suddenly heard footsteps approaching from afar.  Then a black shadow hovered above her head.

Startled, Wen Ruan lifted her head.

Her eyes clashed with Fu Zhihuans eyes.  The sounds of insects and the breeze seemed to have stopped at this moment…….and every second seemed to drag for an extremely long time.

He was frowning slightly and his thin lips were tightly pursed while his dark eyes were full of displeasure.

Neither of them spoke.  It was only later that Wen Ruan took a deep breath and placed her hands on her hips angrily.

When she was about to question him…….

”Just now you…….”

The next second, all the questions that she was about to ask were cut off by the actions of the person in front of her.

Fu Zhihuan took off his coat, placed it over his arm, and then scooped Wen Ruan up in his arms.  His eyebrows were slightly knotted up but his movements were smooth and neat.

She was startled and only felt a buzz in her head.  After that, she completely forgot about what she wanted to say just now.

It had rained tonight and although it had stopped, the air was still damp and cold.

Wen Ruan was only thinly dressed and initially when she came out, she felt the chilly wind all over her body.

But at this moment, she seemed to be surrounded by heat, and even her cheeks were heated up.

She noticed that when Fu Zhihuan picked her up, he had draped the coat over his arm to avoid direct contact with the ambiguous bare parts of her limbs.

…….why is this man always making foul moves!

She bit her lower lip, turned her head away to avoid looking at him and did not utter a word.

Shell just give him a chance……

Shell retract the sentencewont like him anymore just now……

And love him a little more…….

After placing her gently on the back seat of the car, he closed the door then got into the drivers seat, and started the car.

All along the way, it was silent.

With her heart in a complete mess, Wen Ruan lowered her eyes and repeatedly pressed on the pattern of the car seat cushion.  Although she wanted to break this stalemate, she could not find the breakthrough point.

It was until she looked at the scenery outside the window to distract herself and change her mood, that she realized Fu Zhihuan was not driving in the direction of the apartment.


She subconsciously straightened up and asked softly.

“Arent we going back to the apartment”

Fu Zhihuan:  “Going to the clinic.”


She thought for a while, leaned back on the seat again, and only then did she slowly show some reaction…….

Fu Zhihuan seems to be showing concern for her, right

This discovery seemed to have suddenly strummed a string in her mind.

To sum this up, does it mean Fu Zhihuan does at least care a little about her

In addition, there was such a huge conflict between him and Xie Yanchi just now, can it be…….

Hes jealous

He must be jealous!

Upon making this small discovery, Wen Ruan who was feeling depressed suddenly cheered up.

Finally, she could not help but ask.  “Why were you suddenly angry just now”

Just at this moment, they came to a red light.

Fu Zhihuan rested his hands on the steering wheel casually.  When he heard her question, he was silent for a long time and did not answer.

Wen Ruan lifted her eyes and tried to read something from his face as she looked at him in the rearview mirror.

And the result was obvious……..nothing could be detected.

A long time later, she heard the emotionless male voice…….

“I dont like to meddle in the relationship of other people, thats all.”

Perhaps Fu Zhihuans tone was too indifferent.  His tone sounded as though all his emotions and dissatisfaction truly meant the same as his words……‘thats all.

The little anticipation that Wen Ruan felt just a moment ago vanished completely.  She just replied with a softOh and then lowered her head to study her toes.

She could not tell whether Fu Zhihuan was telling the truth or whether he was pretending to be calm and lying.

Mutual ambiguous emotions are the most annoying.

Every day one had to wonder in fear if the person one likes is equally fond of oneself…….and then because of a slight response, one would either feel lost or in high spirits.

They were about to reach the nearest clinic.

Although the place was not big, it looked very clean and bright.

The only thing was that there was only an old doctor in a white coat on duty.  After Wen Ruan came in, he asked briefly about the situation and then went to the pharmacy to get the medicine.

He casually instructed.  “Take off your shoes and show me the injury.”

She obediently did as told and leaned down to take off her shoes.  She placed her leg on the bench in front of her then bent over and stretched out her hand to gently lift her skirt inch by inch.

The outline of her calf was well defined, slender and curvy, and looked whiter under the incandescent light.

Fu Zhihuan frowned and then silently turned his head aside.  He turned around then lifted the door curtain to leave the consultation room and walked until he was outside the clinic before he stopped.

The slightly cool breeze blew on his hair and that inexplicable fire in his heart started to abate.

He felt his throat start to itch for some unknown reason and coughed.  Then with his heart in chaos, he took out a cigarette case from his pocket, pulled out a cigarette, and lit it up.

The initial restlessness he felt in his heart finally calmed down.

He began to think of Wen Ruans question.

In fact, the answer he gave her was not entirely a lie.  He is indeed a person who does not like to interfere in the relationships of other people.

However, it was not just that.

Fu Zhihuans feeling was indeed fired up by the wordsex-boyfriend.

It was only until that particular moment that he realized the way he was treating Wen Ruan was not as simple as onlypaying more attention.

It was a very unusual and paranoid feeling…….


But what is his status


Feeling bored in the consultation room and as Fu Zhihuan was not back yet, Wen Ruan lowered her head and started to play with her phone.

The Dongyang Lake drowning case that erupted this afternoon still had not lost its popularity until now.  On the contrary, it was spreading wider and wider and many bloggers were even analyzing the case in detail.

The photos and Weibo of the deceased were also posted up.

Some netizens even took up different stands after understanding the incident in detail.

Some people felt that sins committed should be punished according to the law while some people were satisfied that the sinner received punishment for his bad deed.

Up until now, although Wen Ruan understood what had happened, she had never seen the deceased.

So she randomly tapped on a photo and took a look…….

Wait!  Wait!

Her pupils shrank suddenly.

She has seen this person before!

Not too long ago, on the night when Fu Zhihuan was drunk, she had personally taught a lesson to both that Yellow Hair and Tin Foil, the boy beside him…….

The deceased is Tin Foil!

She frowned and searched through the remarks that the bloggers compiled through the opinions posted asInsider information.

Sure enough, some of Lu Kechens former classmates also joined in and posted……

“At that time, there was actually a small team consisting of Gu Chencheng and another person by the name of Xu Binrui who specially brought a group of gangsters to bully other students.  Both Lu Kechen and Qin Wan were bullied badly.  In the case that happened back then I really felt that Lu Kechen was a scapegoat and was truly pitiful.”

Wen Ruan clenched her fists and subconsciously wanted to stand up to look for Fu Zhihuan.

But before she could stand up, the old doctor walked in with a tray of medicine.

“Sit down, why are you still moving around when youre injured”

Wen Ruan:  “But……”

“But what”

The old doctor frowned then sat down in front of Wen Ruan and started to remove the cotton swab.

“I know that young people dont like to consult doctors but your body belongs to you.  Although it is only a sprain, treatment cant be delayed.  If you have matters to settle, wait until Ive bandaged your injury!”

At this moment, Fu Zhihuan lifted the curtain and walked in.

“Whats the matter”

“Fu Zhihuan, I found new clues about Lu Kechens case.”  Wen Ruans voice sounded a little anxious.

Intuition told her that if Lu Kechen is the murderer then his target would not be only one person.

She felt that Lu Kechen would definitely make another move but the time was not certain.  It might happen a long time later or it might even be today.

Fu Zhihuan squatted and said lightly.

“I know he will make another move but without solid evidence, the police wont arrest anyone.”

“Therefore, you have to deal with your injury first.”

Wen Ruan was stunned when she heard him and suppressed her emotions.  Then she humphed a reply and turned her head aside.

“Bear with the pain.”  The old doctor applied iodine to her wound.

She did not frown and a long time later, she suddenly asked.

”Do you think that after getting lost will Lu Kechen get back on the right path”



“Because to him, he is not lost.”  Fu Zhihuan said calmly.  “He knows exactly what he is doing.”

Wen Ruan lowered her eyes.

She noticed Fu Zhihuans attitude.

Very calm attitude.

That kind of calmness was not because Lu Kechens plan was within his expectation.

When he was analyzing Lu Kechens behavior, he did not show any other emotions.

Sympathy from the perspective of the people…….reprimand from the perspective of a prosecutor……..he showed none of these.

He was too calm.

So calm that it seems even if Lu Kechen kills the second person, it would be completely unimportant to him.


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