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Chapter 31 – Xie Yanchi

Wen Ruan looked at Xie Yanchis face that had the wordruffian written all over it and gritted her teeth in anger.

She folded her arms, inhaled deeply to suppress her anger, and smiled.

“Just a glass of water  We have orange juice here as well, would you like a glass”

While yawning, he raised his little pinky finger to dig his ear and his tone sounded lazy.

“No, I dont like to drink orange juice, the astringent taste is too strong.  Why not give me a cup of coffee”

“A cup of coffee”

Xie Yanchi:  “Mm, no sugar and no milk.  Itll be better if theres ice.  Hurry up.”

Wen Ruan took a deep breath, the smile on her face gradually faded and her expression turned cold.  She strode forward and reached out to grab his collar.

“Coffee  No sugar or milk  Xie Yanchi, youre indeed so daring to order me!  You even used my name as a shield to play around with your young mode!.  Do you feel your life is too long or too good”

Xie Yanchi smiled and allowed Wen Ruan to lecture him.  He waited for her to finish talking then only did he narrow his eyes and say lightly.

“Its heard that a little prosecutor had caught your eye and you even pretended to be poor so you could stay in his house and refused to leave.  Miss Wen is indeed promising.”

It felt like a bucket of cold water was dumped over her head.  Her action paused and she immediately froze on the spot.  At the same time, her hand that was grabbing Xie Yanchis collar subconsciously loosened.

Xie Yanchi took advantage of this lapse to slip out of Wen Ruans grasp.  He coughed, adjusted his collar, and said with slightly raised eyebrows.

“Then may I ask if your law firm has coffee”


By this time, the anger in Wen Ruans heart had subsided by half.

Now looking at Xie Yanchis pair of flirtatious peach blossom eyes, her only desire is to stretch out her hands and strangle him to death in the law firm.

She sucked in a deep breath and then squeezed out a smile again.

“Yes, just wait for a while.”

When she brought the coffee back, Xie Yanchi had already started to pace around the office with his hands behind his back like a leader conducting an inspection tour of the entire law firm.

“This place is not bad and the decor is very unique.  In this photo hanging on the wall, the little elder sister who is standing in front, is she still working here  She looks quite pretty.”

Wen Ruans temples started to throb.

“Wheres your young model girlfriend”

“We just broke up.  Otherwise, why would I be so idle to come and look for you”

He did not even turn his head around and was still rubbing his chin as he scrutinized the faces in the photo.

“Wow, this elder sister is also very good-looking, a mature sisters group  I like it.”

As expected of a scumbag!

This morning he was still posting sweetly on Moments but as soon as they landed they broke up.

Wen Ruan put down the cup of coffee.

“Since the two of you have broken up, why didnt you return to Tong City  Maternal uncle will be very angry.”

Xie Yanchi laughed.  Finally, he turned around, shuffled back to the sofa, and nestled down.

“Thats not kind, Wen Ruan.  Are you forbidding me to look for love again after youve found your destined one  Its only a few hours since I landed and youre already driving me away.  Why  Are you afraid that Ill expose you”

She looked at Xie Yanchi from head to toe and then rested her gaze on his eyes which seemed to show a ruffian-like smile.  She had a vague feeling that he was harboring bad intentions.

Wen Ruan:  “Speak, what do you want from me”

“Thats what you said.”

Xie Yanchi laughed and then lifted his right hand to make a gesture of rubbing his thumb and index finger together.

“Financial assistance.  Its not like you dont know that my father doesnt spoil me much.  My card was frozen the moment I landed.”

She knew this prodigal young master must have ulterior motives.

If it was in the past, Wen Ruan would definitely help him to eliminate the disaster but at this moment, she hesitated and secretly glanced at her account balance……..

Wen Ruan:  “To be frank, Im embarrassed to say that my things were stolen on the first day when I arrived in Jiang City.  Youre already an adult and if you dont have a job, theres a milk tea shop below our apartment that is hiring temporary workers……”

“Ai  Whats the name of the little elder brother that you like  I remember seeing him on TV before.  It seems he is Fu something……..”

With a frown, Xie Yanchi hooked up his legs grandly and exaggeratedly scratched his head.  His tone was full of threats.

“200,000……not more than that.”

“Okay, deal!……Ill make do with it.”

Wen Ruan heard an extremely loud sound from Xie Yanchis mobile phone.  It was a notification from Alipay on funds received and for a moment, it felt like a knife was piercing into her heart.

As expected, all men are nothing good!

Upon seeing Wen Ruans aggrieved look, a rare kindness burst forth from Xie Yanchi.

“Okay, Ill pay you back a little.”

Immediately a happy expression showed on her face.

Then she heard…….

‘Alipay funds received notification – 13.14 yuan.

(In China the number 1314 is a romantic code meaningthroughout ones life and if it is combined with the number 520 which meansI love you, the number 5201314 meansI love you forever.)

Xie Yanchi was still complacent.  “Look, arent I romantic”

Wen Ruan:  “……”

How did her maternal uncle who is so rich raise such a stingy son

Both of them grew up together and even their villas back home were next to each other.  Although they have different personalities, their relationship is like they are siblings.

When Xie Yanchi saw the disappointed expression on her face, he smiled and reached out to pinch her face.

“Its alright.  When your elder cousin brother has gained a firm foothold in Jiang City in the future, I promise that you will get to eat and drink the best.”

Wen Ruan turned her head away and was still immersed in the pain of losing the 200,000 yuan.

“Dont touch me.”

He was so happy that he did not stop what he was doing and even raised his other hand to rub her face.

“Are you not my little cousin sister  Isnt it only 200,000 yuan  We have had feelings for each other for so many years……..”

Wen Ruan choked.  “I dont have feelings for you anymore!”


Late at night.

When Fu Zhihuan was driving away from the procuratorate, he noticed from afar that the lights in the law firm were still switched on.

When he dialed the phone in the apartment, no one answered, so thinking that Wen Ruan might still be in the office, he turned back to pick her up.

Unexpectedly, when he went up, he came upon this scene.

The scene could be seen very clearly through the glass door of the law firm.  A tall and well-dressed young man with a wealthy appearance was holding Wen Ruans wrist with one hand while rubbing her face with the other.  The two people seemed to be arguing endlessly.

Wen Ruan seemed to be furious and turned around to walk away but was pulled back by the man who was smiling…….

“I dont have feelings for you anymore!”

“No more feelings for me  You like me the most when you were young.”

“That was in the past, we cant go back to the past!  Can you please get out of my office now!”

“I can leave but give me your address.  In the future, in case……”

“Theres noin case!  Dont bother me again!”

With a helpless smile, Xie Yanchi reached out to grab her shoulder……

At this moment, his forearm was suddenly grabbed.

The strength was very powerful.  Xie Yanchi suddenly felt a sharp pain sweep through him and following that he felt a lingering chill.

He raised his eyes and met Fu Zhihuans icy stare.

Xie Yanchi frowned and the ruffian-like smile on his face disappeared.  Shaking off Fu Zhihuans hand, he subconsciously asked.

“Whats the matter with you”

Fu Zhihuans expression may look indifferent but there was a fierceness that could not be ignored.  He stepped forward and pulled Wen Ruan behind him.

Xie Yanchi narrowed his eyes and only then did he recognize the man in front of him who was about the same height as him.

He withdrew the cold expression that was on his face and gave Wen Ruan a deep and meaningful look.

After recognizing Fu Zhihuan, Xie Yanchis tone sounded a little playful.

“Im talking to this young lady here, why are you interrupting  Do you know what kind of relationship we have”

“Whatever relationship that is between the both of you is non of my concern.  However, if I am not mistaken, she should have rejected you.”

“Its okay to reject me.”  Xie Yanchi seemed bent on making Fu Zhihuan unhappy.  Stuffing his hands into his pockets, he lifted his head and smiled.  “I am someone that loves to force others.”

Fu Zhihuan narrowed his eyes and the aura all over his body suddenly dipped a few degrees.

Although the expression on his face did not seem to have changed, it was clear from his eyes that the cold he was suppressing was slowly spreading.

As the two men faced each other, it was as if a storm was about to erupt.

Wen Ruan anxiously stepped between the two men and interrupted.

“Xie Yanchi, why are you speaking in such a weird way”

Speaking up to here, she turned her head to look at Fu Zhihuan and tried to explain.

“He and I are……”

Speaking halfway, she stopped abruptly.

With Xie Yanchis arrogant way of dressing, no matter how one looks at him, he still looks like a rich playboy.

If she is to admit that they are cousins then wouldnt her carefully set up pretense become useless and all her efforts would be wasted for nothing

Her hesitation made the surrounding air seem to freeze.

She turned her head around stiffly and gave Xie Yanchi a look that was begging for help.

Xie Yanchi understood and placed his thumb and index finger together in a rubbing motion while his eyes were flowing with hints…….


Wen Ruans heart turned to ashes but she still nodded.

Xie Yanchi nodded in satisfaction.  Then he coughed, adjusted his clothes, and said.  “To be honest, my relationship with this young lady is very complicated.”

She also nodded.  “Yes, its very complicated.”

“Im her ex-boyfriend.”

She continued to nod.  “Yes, ex-boyfriend.”

Wait!  Wait!

Thats not right!

Wen Ruan turned her head sharply.


Xie Yanchi raised his chin proudly and his whole body was showing off the proud words of –Im smart, arent I.

He laughed and continued.  “I and my ex-girlfriend are reminiscing about old times, so it shouldnt be any concern of yours, right  Speaking of this, I also want to ask you……..what is your relationship with my ex-girlfriend”

The surrounding suddenly became quiet and at this moment, the air seemed about to freeze.

About half a minute later, the silence was suddenly broken by Fu Zhihuans low laugh.

Fu Zhihuan lowered his eyelids and there seemed to be a slight smile on his face.  His whole body was not as cold as before but the intimidating aura did not lessen.

“Thats correct…….”

Fu Zhihuan raised his head to look at Xie Yanchi from head to toe and said lightly.

“I indeed meddled in matters that shouldnt concern me…….”

After speaking, he turned around and left the law firm.

Although Wen Ruan could not figure out the meaning of Fu Zhihuans words, her heart was inexplicably chaotic and restless like it was burning.

She glared at Xie Yanchi and said.  “Go out, Im going to lock the door.”

Xie Yanchi walked lazily to the door and glanced down.

“Ai, your prosecutor is leaving.”

Her mood became worse and after locking the door, she glared at Xie Yanchi.

“I will deal with you later!”

After speaking, she quickly chased after Fu Zhihuan.

Then she heard a series of……..

“Wait for me!  Wait for me!  Aiya!  I twisted my feet, its painful!  Why are you leaving so fast!”

Xie Yanchi smiled as he watched his little cousin sister rush down the stairs.  Then he stood at the door for a while without moving and when there was complete silence downstairs, he finally withdrew the smile on his face.

He calmly took out his mobile phone from his pocket, tilted his head, and casually typed out a message…….

~ Old Li, I remember you and Fu Lu are from the same university.  Send me a photo of Fu Lu to let me have a look.

Although Xie Yanchi had seen the TV program about Wen Ruan before, he had only glanced at it casually, and even though he found the man in the program a little familiar he did not pay much attention.

But when they were standing face to face, Xie Yanchi felt he looked even more familiar.

And although Fu Zhihuan did not say much to him, Xie Yanchi was still able to tell that the man is not someone he should provoke.

For someone like this, how can he not see through Wen Ruans lies

A while later, the person on the other side replied.

“Fu Lus photo is difficult to find but fortunately, I have a friend who was in the same club as him during that time, so I saved a photo of the freshmans gathering.”

A photo was attached at the end of the message.

After tapping on the picture to open it, he studied the persons face in the photo for a while and suddenly smiled.

Sure enough!

Xie Yanchi lifted his hand to touch his chin and the smile in his eyes deepened.

These two people are indeed interesting!


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