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Chapter 3 –  A Good Act

Although Fu Zhihuan had withdrawn his hand, the back of Wen Ruans shoulder was still leaning against his chest due to the inertia when she staggered a few steps back just now.

The heat from the spot where the two peoples bodies were touching began to spread and Wen Ruans cheeks became slightly red.


Deadly hormones!

“Can you stand firm on your feet now”

Wen Ruan:  “……”

Of course, not!

Wen Ruan lifted her head to look at Fu Zhihuan with watery eyes and showed an expression as if she was enduring pain.  At the same time, she pretended to limp and stumbled.

“…….It looks like Ive sprained my foot.  I cant stand up.”

Fu Zhihuan imperceptibly frowned slightly.  “Sure”

Wen Ruan nodded her head like a rattle.  “Yes, it hurts badly.”

At the side, the human trafficker noticed that the situation did not seem good.  After exchanging a glance with his accomplices, he patted his bottom then stood up and prepared to sneak away.

However, Wen Ruan caught sight of their movements from the corner of her eyes.

Running away

How is it possible for you to run

She instantly withdrew the gentle and aggrieved expression on her face and straightened her back.  With quick reflexes, she took two steps forward and grabbed hold of the clothes of the man closest to her.

Then she landed a kick on his tailbone mercilessly.


The sound of sprained joints was extremely crisp.

The crowd of onlookershissed simultaneously.

It felt painful just looking at it.

Wen Ruan used her knee to pin down the man and her whole body seemed to be sitting on him with her knee pressed to his back.  With one of her hands pinching the back of his neck, she arrogantly spat out a string of sentences.

“Why are you running away!”

“Who did you call a high school student!”

“Who stole the tuition fees and went out to play!”

“Who came by train to meet an online boyfriend!”

“Are you trying to ruin my reputation”

“Today, if I dont escort you to the police station and make you kowtow, cry and wipe your snort in front of the police, Ill write my name in the reverse order!  Youre a bully who bullies little girls and cultivates social immorality!”


After scolding halfway, Wen Ruan suddenly felt a chilly glare behind her and it was like having a knife being pasted to her back.

She turned her head back stiffly.

Fu Zhihuan was standing there lazily with his hands in his pockets and his face seemed to be pasted with the few words –I want to see how you act.  Then his eyes swept over Wen Ruans ankle with some playfulness.

Sprained ankle

“……”  Wen Ruan was completely disheartened.

The onlookers had already called the police earlier on and the enthusiastic crowd of people helped to stop the remaining two accomplices from fleeing.

After the police arrived, they handcuffed the three human traffickers and put them into the police car.

Following normal procedures, Wen Ruan and Fu Zhihuan were required to go to the police station to make their reports.

When one of the policemen had finished the on-site investigation, he lifted his head and noticed Fu Zhihuan at the side.  He immediately felt very happy.

“What a coincidence, Mr.

Fu!  Why are you here  Did you go on a business trip to Tong City”

Fu Zhihuan was tightening the cuffs that he had loosened just now and nodded lightly.


Someone wanted to gossip and asked.  “Ai, Xiao Li, do you know him”

The policeman nodded then let out a laugh and his tone rose slightly.

“Havent you heard of him  He is the youngest prosecutor in our Jiang City Procuratorate.”


Wen Ruan turned her head and glanced at Fu Zhihuan.

And his surname is also Fu…….can it be…….

After Fu Zhihuan got into the car, Wen Ruan pulled the sleeve of the policeman just now and asked in a soft voice.

“That Mr.

Fu you mentioned…….is his name Fu Lu”

She recalled the name of that cheapskate fiancé of hers.

The policeman was confused.  “Who is Fu Lu  The name of that Mr.

Fu just now is Fu Zhihuan.”

Wen Ruan breathed a sigh of relief.

Fortunately, its not him!

How can Second Young Master Fu even have half of this handsome mans explosive aura!


In the police car.

After the car was driven for about five minutes.

The atmosphere became surprisingly quiet.

Wen Ruan sat in the back passenger seat of the car and was well-behaved.  Both her hands were placed on her knees and she would peek at the great Buddha next to her from time to time.

But Fu Zhihuan did not seem to pay attention to Wen Ruan at all.

At this moment, he was frowning slightly.  His left hand was raised and he was gently pinching the spot between his eyebrows repeatedly.

  He was concentrating on the contents displayed on the iPad he was holding and it seemed like a document that should be related to his work.

The phone vibrated…….

[Fu Mingheng]:  Zhihuan, I heard someone say that your fiancée, the Young Miss of the Wen Family packed her things and ran away from home last night.  Most probably it was because of the engagement with you.

[Fu Mingheng]:  It looks like youve made her very angry.

Fu Zhihuan glanced at the text message and his eyes twitched.  Then he shifted his gaze slightly and glanced over at Wen Ruan.

And it happened that their eyes met…….

Wen Ruan was like a little rabbit being caught red-handed.  In a panic, she sat upright then turned her head away, and at the same time, she pretended to be calm and let out a cough.


Fu Zhihuan had business matters to handle the next day so he bought a train ticket to rush back to Jiang City.  But he did not expect that as soon as he got off the train, he would run into his so-called fiancée.

So it turned out that she had run away from home.

And based on her reaction, it seems she does not know who he is.

[Fu Zhihuan]:  I know.

[Fu Mingheng]:  But its well-known that Wen Fengchen loves this daughter very much.  Perhaps after Wen Ruan had kicked up such a fuss, he might really call off the marriage over the next few days.

[Fu Mingheng]:  But I guess she might not be able to endure the hardships outside and will run home again later.

Fu Zhihuan glanced at Fu Minghengs message.

He was not too concerned about this matter because regardless of the attitude of the two families, the dissolution of the marriage contract was beyond a doubt to him.

In Fu Zhihuans plan, there was never the task of accompanying a squeamish finicky troublesome young lady.

Later, after they had completed making the police report, there would not be much involvement between the both of them.

At this time, Wen Ruan who was beside him was in a panic.

This may be one of the few bottlenecks she will encounter in her life.

Her love is sitting next to her and his whole body is exuding deadly hormones.  Although the vibes he exudes keep people away, his charm index is constantly rising.

And Wen Ruan, as a woman of the era that reads romance novels, actually has no way to start her strategy plan.

Especially when she pretended to be weak and was exposed.

Just when Wenruan was at a loss, she suddenly heard Fu Zhihuan answer the phone.

Although she could not hear what the other party was saying on the other end of the phone, she was still able to catch the contents clearly from his answer.

“Mm……Im back……”

“Ill go over tomorrow.  Ive to make a trip to the police station.  Are you on duty today”

“Its okay.  Its not a big problem.”

……It should be about him going to the police station.

“Im still in the process of choosing……the details of my request are a bit high.  The main thing is to take care of Simon…….board and lodging can be included.  However, the only exception is that the second floor is off-limits.”

“Okay, Ive to trouble you to keep an eye on this matter and help me look for a domestic worker.”

……It seems like he is looking for a nanny.

……Wait a minute!  Nanny!

……It also includes board and lodging!

She pricked up her ears to listen more intently and at the same time, moved a little bit closer to Fu Zhihuan.  Leaning her head nearer she tried to listen in without being too obvious.

Fu Zhihuan lowered his eyes and caught her very obvious movements.  He raised his eyebrows lightly but did not expose her.

At this moment, the driver suddenly braked.

Originally Wen Ruan had her head tilted in Fu Zhihuans direction.  At this moment due to inertia, her whole body was swung sideways and her forehead dived forward to hit the glass window.


Fu Zhihuan raised his hand to block Wen Ruans forehead so she could find her balance.

He narrowed his eyes and hung up the call.  Then he raised his chin at Wen Ruan and his voice seemed to contain a hint of a smile.


He pushed up Wen Ruans forehead gently with his cold hand but it could not help to lower the temperature of her cheeks.

Their posture seemed a bit ambiguous at this moment.  Especially when Wen Ruan fell forward, she had involuntarily placed her hands on the side of Fu Zhihuans leg and her fingertips were still pressing on his pants.

Wen Ruans young girly heart was suddenly pounding wildly.

This brother is truly awesome!

So she straightened up quickly then looked into Fu Zhihuans eyes and asked sincerely.

“Are  you looking for a nanny”

He looked at her quietly and seemed to be scrutinizing her.  In the end, he did not deny it and nodded.

Fu Zhihuan was indeed looking for a domestic worker.

Recently, one of his friends met with an accident during work and was still lying in the hospitals intensive care unit.

The friend is a single father and has a son who is just five years old.

All the relatives of his friend did not want to take care of the child as they were worried if his friend could not wake up, the child would have to remain in their homes.

Therefore, Fu Zhihuan was making preparations to place the child in his home and look after him during this period.

Since he works as a prosecutor, he is busy with work and when he returns home it is usually late at night.  He was worried that the child would be neglected so he thought of getting a nanny to help.


What tricks does this Missy intend to play

“What a coincidence!”

Her tone was sincere and the lies started to flow as soon as she opened her mouth.

“The truth is Ive been working as a domestic worker for three years and I have a great resume.  Im upright, conscientious, meticulous, and dont cling to others.  I can definitely meet all your requirements.  Im willing to work and wont complain.  All I need is board and lodging!  Boss, why not consider me”


Her words flowed so smoothly that they did not even get tangled up.

Great resume


Worked as a domestic worker for three years

He looked at the young lady who had grown up with a golden spoon in her mouth.  She is the precious daughter of a wealthy family and if all the servants in her family were to sit side by side in rows, they could even cover the whole floor of a building.


Good at fabricating!

However, why did this Missy suddenly wants to be a nanny

He did not expose her clumsy acting skills and was rather interested to watch her play to the end.

“Why should I choose you”

This sentence made Wen Ruan choke and she thought about it.

Its true.  After all, any normal person would recruit a domestic helper from a regulated recruitment agency, so how would one casually pick up an employee on the street and take that person home

After racking her brains, Wen Ruan decided to fabricate a sob story about her miserable life.

“Sob, sob, sob*……..it cant be helped.  My family is very, very poor and we live in a house that is about 20 square meters.  I have two younger siblings, a brother and a sister who have just started elementary school and I have to support them.  My parents limbs are not in good condition and the whole family depends on me to work and support them.”

“I came to Jiang City alone to make a living without money or anyone to depend on.  If you have not helped me, I would even have been abducted by human traffickers!  Moreover, Im naive and simple-minded, and not to mention, I have always been weak and sickly since I was a child.  If I am to meet a bad person, I will be completely helpless! ! !”

Such a remarkable speech!

In addition, Wen Ruan spoke as if she was choking with tears and sounded a little aggrieved.  She would cough from time to time to confirm the fact that she was sick and weak.


A performance with great attention to detail.

Fu Zhihuan slowly put away the iPad in his hand and then raised his eyes to stare at Wen Ruan.

Then his gaze swept lightly around her.

“Hermes limited edition red suitcase.”

“Gucci special spring edition silk shirt.”

“LVDauphine handbag.”

After Fu Zhihuan listed out the brand names, he looked into Wen Ruans eyes and said calmly.

“If it werent for these, it should be quite convincing.”


Very astute.

But Wen Ruan had already thought of a countermeasure.

“This suitcase is a cheap imitation that I bought from the wholesale market near my house!  This shirt is made from smuggled fabric that I bought from the mall next door after bargaining with the boss.  This is also a fake!  And this bag……”

She looked at her handbag and was silent for a moment.  Then she lifted her head to look into Fu Zhihuans eyes and said fearlessly.

“I bought this bag for a dollar fifty after looking for someone to bargain on the Pin Xixi platform.”

“Of course, girls are vain at heart!  But this doesnt prevent me from thinking that I should resist counterfeit products.  I really hate myself for buying counterfeits!  So I will work hard to change my future!  I hope Boss will give me a chance!”

Very impeccable words.

Upon hearing her words, even the two policemen who were sitting in the front seats were moved by this girl who was full of enthusiasm for work.

However, Fu Zhihuan was not moved.


Should she carry on with the act


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