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Chapter 28 – Bad Mood

Wen Ruans gloomy mood that had stayed stagnant for a long while finally eased after the battle of words.

Once her mood became better, she bought a sugar painting* for Jiang Zishen who was beside her.

(Sugar painting is a traditional handicraft that uses molten sugar to draw pictures of animals, dragons, butterflies, etc.  After the molten sugar had hardened, the painting would be lifted off with the embedded bamboo skewer and can be eaten.)

While the two of them were waiting for the sugar painting to set, Jiang Zishen looked around the place.  After confirming that Fu Zhihuan was not nearby, he lowered his voice and whispered.

“Sister Wen, that auntie just now seems to like Brother Fu.”

When she heard those words, an alarm bell suddenly rang loudly.

No wonder she felt that He Ziqin was inexplicably hostile towards her. 

So this is the case.

She thought back to what happened just now and recalled that He Ziqin was looking at Fu Zhihuan with a sweet smile.  For some unknown reason, her heart suddenly felt a little sour.

Wen Ruan raised her head and glanced behind her.

Fu Zhihuan was not following behind them.

She lowered her eyes and they were filled with disappointment.  She felt like she was riding on a roller coaster and her mood fell to the bottom of the abyss in an instant.

If she knew, she would have endured it for a while.

Wen Ruan recalled her appearance when she spoke sharply and viciously to He Ziqin just now.  She felt that from the perspective of a bystander, she looked like those fierce and vicious female supporting actresses who satirize others in those TV dramas.

Now He Ziqin must be pretending to be a little white flower and quietly talking ill of her to Fu Zhihuan.

Thinking of this, she became even more depressed.

As soon as her mood became low, she turned back to her initial appearance with the huge charactermourning written all over her body.

Originally, Jiang Zishen wanted to inform Wen Ruan so that she would be more vigilant.  However, he did not expect the person beside him whose mood was bright and sunny just a moment ago would instantly turn into a thunderstorm of lightning and lashing rain once more.

He swallowed then took a few steps to the side and did not dare to make a sound.

“Whats the matter”

At this moment, Fu Zhihuans voice suddenly sounded behind Wen Ruan.

He slowed down his speech and it made every word sound deeper.

“In a bad mood”

Upon hearing Fu Zhihuans voice, Wen Ruan was slightly startled and her back stiffened.  But the next moment, as if she thought of something, she turned her head away angrily and let out a light humph.

However, Fu Zhihuan laughed and turned his gaze on Jiang Zishen.

“Did you make her angry”

The child shook his head like a rattle.

“How can a child make me angry”

Wen Ruan replied unhappily.  She reached out her hand to take the sugar painting that was ready and gave it to Jiang Zishen.  Then she straightened up and lifted her chin a little arrogantly.

“Thirteen minutes had passed and finally, you have finished chatting with that Miss He and remembered us”

He looked at the little girl in front of him who had an angry expression and helplessly pinched his brow bone.  Then he chuckled softly and said.  “So thats why youre sulking now”

Wen Ruan twisted her head away and pretended to be calm.

“Im not sulking.”

“Wen Ruan……..”

Suddenly, Fu Zhihuan called out in a steady tone and she turned her head around on reflex.

The next second, a small gift bag appeared in front of her eyes.  It was tied with a unique ribbon and the boutiques nameLoge was printed on it.

Fu Zhihuan:  “Here…….this is that thirteen minutes.”

She was stunned for a moment and was caught off guard by the sudden appearance of the gift.  She only felt that her initial anger instantly vanished like it was being put out by a drizzle.

Her girly heart also seemed to sense it and started to pound.

She reached out her hand to take the gift bag but did not open it immediately and instead, she asked as if they were still at odds.

“Why give me a gift”

He did not answer her directly but chuckled lightly and asked.  “Is your mood better now”

“Slightly better.”  Wen Ruans heart had obviously softened into a puddle of water but she persisted in putting on a stubborn front.

The crowds of people were coming and going in the amusement park and there were also peddlers moving around while holding colorful balloons.  The scene was jubilant and lively.

The two people were standing in the middle of the street and they appeared very matching together.  The scene looked harmonious and beautiful.

When Jiang Zishen saw this beautiful scene, he yawned and turned to look at the sugar painting in his hand.

That Fu Zhihuan actually used the method I mentioned to hit on girls and I, Jiang Zishen, did not even get the slightest benefit!

This is too much!


After the meal, it was already the afternoon.

The weather was really as what Fu Zhihuan had mentioned in the morning.  After the scorching sun at noon had passed, the sky turned cloudy and a little while later, it even started to drizzle.

The weather in Jiang City has always been very fickle.

Wen Ruan finally realized that Fu Zhihuans advice in the morning was not nitpicking on her.

Although her off-shoulder chiffon dress is indeed beautiful, she feels really cold.

When the wind blew, she felt the cold air seeping into her body from all directions and it caused an icy tingling sensation.   Wen Ruan instantly became doubtful about life*. 

(When one is doubtful about life, it means ones wish did not materialize or one has the feeling that he is not good enough and a feeling of inferiority starts to rise in his heart.)

In the park, there were also a lot of girls who were not wearing much either.

It was only that at this moment, most of them were snuggled in the arms of their boyfriends or were wearing their boyfriends coats.  Not only do they look warm, but also seem to be very sweet.

In this world, what is the most moving that can touch peoples hearts

Of course, it would be when the girl is shivering in the cold and the boyfriend that she likes takes off his coat, drapes it on her and says……..Put this on.

So Wen Ruan turned her head tentatively and her gaze fell on Fu Zhihuan who was beside her.

Very good, he is wearing a coat.

The timing is just right and he had also given her a small gift just now…….

The matter of borrowing a coat will surely become a major sublimation point of their feelings.

Thinking about this, Wen Ruan rubbed her arms and then pretended to say.  “Its so cold.”

“Fortunately, Im not feeling very cold.”  Mr.

Fu Zhihuan replied.

Wen Ruan fell into silence.

Can it be that her hint is not obvious enough

So she rubbed her nose, took a deep breath, and deliberately sneezed loudly.


When Fu Zhihuan heard, he turned his head slightly and looked at her without wavering.

Wen Ruan also looked at Fu Zhihuan.  Then she lowered her gaze and rest her eyes on his coat and pretended to say casually.


Fu is wearing a coat today…….you truly have the foresight.”

This time it is obvious enough, right

However, Fu Zhihuan was silent for a long time.

…….And the atmosphere seemed a little awkward.

A long time later, Wen Ruan heard a soft low laugh coming from the person in front of her.  The sound seemed to be coming from his chest and had a tinge of magnetism and huskiness.

“Why are you laughing”

“Want to borrow my coat”  He lifted his eyes and the smile in his eyes had yet to disappear.   “You can tell me directly.”

“Who…….who wants your coat!”

When exposed, she instantly blushed and turned her head away awkwardly.  Then she moved a few steps to the side to show her innocence.

“Im not cold at all!”

As soon as she spoke, Wen Ruan felt a weight pressing down on her.

Following that, a warmth embraced her whole body, and an inexplicable sense of security flooded into her heart.

Fu Zhihuan draped his coat over Wen Ruan then straightened up and said in a light tone.

“Lets go…….its time to go back.”

Wen Ruan was stunned and only reacted a long time later.  She lowered her head in silence and stretched out her hand to gently tugged on Fu Zhihuans clothes.

The warm feeling slowly spread and heated her heart again and again.

The surrounding wind instantly turned gentle at this moment.

Like it was accompanied by spring as it blew………and every inch of land that it blew over, thousands and thousands of flowers started to bloom…….

Sure enough…….although at times, this man makes others angry with his words………but she still likes him.

And at this moment, little Jiang Zishen let out a series of loud sneezes…….

“A-choo!  A-choo!  A-choo! ! !”

Three sneezes all at once and they even echoed.

Wen Ruan turned her head around to find that Jiang Zishen was wearing short pants today.  His whole face was knotted up and he was shivering in the cold wind.

She sighed then took off Fu Zhihuans coat with a smile and squatted down to drape it over Jiang Zishen.

At the same time, she reached out her hand and helped him to wrap the coat around him tightly.

“Uh…….Sister Wen Ruan, youre not wearing very much either.”

After putting on the coat, Jiang Zishen looked somewhat like a cute little radish.

Laughing, she rubbed his head then nodded and said warmly.

“Adults are not afraid of the cold.”

Fu Zhihuan turned his head and Wen Ruans figure was reflected in his dark eyes.

She is indeed different from him…….two completely different kinds of people.

Its like a silent pool in a deep forest and one day a lively and enthusiastic fish suddenly made an appearance.

And after absorbing that little bit of vitality…….he could not bear to let go.


After Jiang Zishen was sent home, the sky gradually darkened.

Perhaps it was because of the cold wind that blew all afternoon, Wen Ruans nose felt numb and itchy and she sneezed several times in a row before she felt a little more comfortable.

It seemed like she had caught a minor cold.

Just as they were about to reach home, Fu Zhihuan suddenly received a call.

Although Wen Ruan did not know what was said on the other end of the phone, she could clearly see his eyebrows wrinkled up little by little and his hands on the steering wheel gradually tightening.

The matter seemed to be about work.

“Okay, Ill come now.”

After hanging up the call, Fu Zhihuan turned his head around to apologize to Wen Ruan.

“There are some problems at work.  Ill call a taxi for you.”

She smiled and waved her hand.

“Its okay.  Ill just go back by myself.”

Then as soon as she finished speaking, her phone started to ring.

Wen Ruan frowned and glanced at the caller ID doubtfully……..

It was Professor Su from the law firm.

“Wen Ruan, come to the office now.  Several police officers suddenly came to look for you and said that they wanted to understand more about the situation.”

“Police officers”

“Mm…….right.  They didnt tell me in detail but it seems to be about Lu Kechen.”

Professor Su lowered his voice and added.

“Something happened and they suspect Lu Kechen is involved.”



The rain dribbled down, washing away the muddy soil and the muddy water slipped down the slope to merge with the swift-flowing river.

The scene was cordoned off and the bystanders crowded around with their necks craned to watch the lively scene.

“Old Fu, youre here!”

Holding an umbrella, Zhao Zichen walked to Fu Zhihuans side with a frown.

“The deceased is an 18-year-old boy named Gu Chencheng.  It seemed like he lost his footing and fell into the water.”

Fu Zhihuan responded with a humph and bent down to enter the sealed-off area.  After taking the gloves offered by a police officer at the side, he put them on and then took over the relevant information about the case.

The body had been recovered and sent to the forensic department for an autopsy.

Fu Zhihuan flipped to the first page and then frowned.

The victim looked very young and sported a tin-foil perm hairstyle.  He had the look of a hooligan and seemed to be the kind of youngster who was obviously in high school but did not study hard and usually messed around.


Fu Zhihuan frowned.

Why is there a sense of familiarity


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