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Chapter 26 – Haunted House

“Hold on.”

Although it was only just two words, Wen Ruan felt an inexplicable sense of security from the bottom of her heart.

It seems that as long as Fu Zhihuan is beside her, she is able to move forward with great peace of mind in whatever situation.

So Wen Ruan stretched out her hand to gently grab the corner of Fu Zhihuans clothes and said in a soft voice.  “Thank you.”

The three people remained in the Moon Picking Tower for about 15 minutes.

For Wen Ruan, those 15 minutes were no different from taking a tour at the Gates of Hell.

In fact from the start, Wen Ruan only grabbed on to Fu Zhihuans clothes, squinted her eyes into slits to see the way, and was prepared to follow closely behind him.

Even though afraid of heights, she still took care of her image and did not want to appear too cowardly.

Wen Ruan even fantasized about herself holding Fu Zhihuans clothes and following behind him.

If pink-loving hearts were added to this scene to make it full of girlish hearts, it will definitely be an extremely dreamy idol drama scene.

According to the suspension bridge effect*, when a couple is in an extremely dangerous situation, it is much quicker for them to develop good feelings for each other and at the same time, it can stimulate a males desire to protect.

(The Suspension Bridge Effect is a scientific and psychological term used to describe a biological reaction in our minds when we are under pressure like when a person crosses a suspension bridge with fear, and his heart thumps involuntarily.  He will mistakenly interpret this rapid heartbeat caused by the situation as a physiological reaction caused by the other persons heartbeat and develops a feeling of love for the other person.)

Thinking of this, perhaps she can be successful in conquering this big shot by taking a trip to the Moon Picking Tower!

However, when the elevator door opened and Wen Ruan walked out together with the other tourists, her mind was like a landslide and tsunami.  Her reasoning completely collapsed and her mind went completely blank.

The transparent floor seemed like it would cave in at any time.  A few floor slabs even had ingeniously designed crack-like patterns on them as if they would shatter the moment they are stepped on.

So terrifying!

This is truly terrifying!

So she changed fromgrabbing the corner of his clothes calmly totightly hugging someones arms and clinging to him.  In the end, she transformed into a large size koala that clung to Fu Zhihuans body.

Wen Ruans voice turned husky.  “Why are there such designs!  Isnt this too scary!”

Little classmate, Jiang Zishen was also extremely scared.

After all, he is still a child.

At first, he was only in the elevator so he could still look around happily.

But when he saw the completely transparent floor, he was instantly shocked.

The moment Jiang Zishen stepped onto the glass floor, he pounced on Fu Zhihuan whimpering and shouting.

“I dont want to make a wish anymore!  I want to go down, wu, wu, wu!”

The two people choked and wailed one after the other and they even seemed to be in rhythm.

Fu Zhihuan felt his head aching slightly.

In this way, he was forced to endure a slow, long 15 minutes on the Moon Picking Tower with a large and small pendant clinging to his waist and legs.

After coming down from the Moon Picking Tower, the two koalas slumped on the bench with pale faces as they numbly drank the mineral water that was just bought to calm themselves.

Before Fu Zhihuan could say anything, the two koalas that were carried by someone, started to complain.

“Its tiring after walking one round.”

“Yes, yes, its too strenuous.  My back feels sore.”

Standing a meter away, Fu Zhihuan stared coldly at the two people in front of him who were still terrified.

After a moment of silence, he said.  “One thing…….”

The two koalas looked up and blinked.

“From now on, the two of you are not allowed to get on any high-altitude rides.”

The two koalas had no objection to the proposal.

Perhaps after going through that trauma just now, the little brat, Jiang Zishen who was fearless finally develop a post-traumatic stress reaction to high altitude.

But in the amusement park, other than high-altitude rides, there were only a handful of interesting games available.

Therefore, when Jiang Zishen sat on the merry-go-rounds wooden horse for the third time, the expression on his face changed from initial joy to miserable indifference.

When Wen Ruan, who had an expectant look on her face, was about to push him forward for the fourth ride, Jiang Zishen suddenly said excitedly.

“Why dont we go to the haunted house”

“Haunted house”  Wen Ruan was stunned.

Jiang Zishen patted his chest proudly and said in his crisp voice.

“Sister Wen Ruan, dont be scared.  Ill protect you!”

In fact, Wen Ruan was not afraid to enter the haunted house.

Perhaps it is because she is an extreme materialistic loyalist, so since young, she never had any reaction to ghosts and demons.

During elementary school, whenever she entered the haunted house, she would be the one walking in front with vigor followed by a bunch of crying and whimpering little tails.

After all, it was very embarrassing for her on the Moon Picking Tower just now.  She could have used that opportunity to light up an ambiguous spark with Fu Zhihuan but in the end, everything was ruined due to her fear of heights.

However, going to the haunted house will be different!

Wen Ruan decided that she must put on a pitiful look and stick close to Fu Zhihuan.

She even thought about from which angle she should pounce into Fu Zhihuans arms when the ghosts come out to scare her.

So Wen Ruan who was harboring a strategy plan happily held Jiang Zishens hand and advanced towards the haunted house.

At the haunted house only 15 people would be allowed to enter every time.

After queueing up, the staff took everyone into a small dark room where a horror video was played on the projection screen.

The video was mixed with screams and special weird effects and the girls around started to scream while covering their ears.

Wen Ruan who was waiting a little impatiently involuntarily yawned but she reacted very quickly and quietly turned her head around to glance at Fu Zhihuan beside her.

In response, he turned sideways and looked down at her.

No!  How can she yawn now

She must put up a pretense!

Thinking about this, Wen Ruan immediately stifled her yawn mid-way then sniffled and said softly.

“Its scary.  Im afraid of ghosts the most……..”

Fu Zhihuan narrowed his eyes and did not say a word but just lifted his eyebrows a little as if he was asking a silent question.

Wen Ruan:  “”

Why is his face full of doubts  Is it because my acting skills are not superb enough

At this time, the video just ended and the uniformed staff lifted the curtain to reveal the entrance of the haunted house.  He bowed and made awelcome gesture to signal for everyone to enter.

Fu Zhihuan stood up, glanced at Wen Ruan, and said in a meaningful tone.

“Are you afraid”

Wen Ruan nodded repeatedly.  “Yes.”

Fu Zhihuan:  “Then bear with it.”

Wen Ruan:  “”

Why does it seem different from her expectation

After entering the haunted house, one could feel the temperature drop significantly and strange sound effects could be heard from time to time, echoing around in the empty room.

Jiang Zishen was trembling in fear but he still insisted on standing in front of her.

“Sister Wen Ruan!  Dont be afraid, Ill protect you!”

Most of the people who came to the haunted house were couples.  At this moment, they were leaning on each other and their actions were very intimate.

Wen Ruan lifted her eyes then reached out to tentatively pull on Fu Zhihuans sleeve and said in a pitiful tone that carried some pleading.

“Im really scared, can I hold on to you”

He paused for a moment then turned to look at her without any emotion in his frosty eyes.

A while later, he turned his head back again and said faintly.  “As you wish.”

The plan worked!

Wen Ruan happily held on to his arm and took the chance to step nearer to him, quietly narrowing the distance between them.

Fu Zhihuans eyebrows moved slightly but he did not speak.

A fiery air emitted from Fu Zhihuans body which was in stark contrast to the surrounding dark icy atmosphere.

The surrounding was pitch-black but in Wen Ruans eyes, it was like a sweet-dating sanctuary with a pink filter.

From time to time, an NPC would pop out or a small mechanism would pop up from the wall.

Although Wen Ruan was not very frightened, she would still scream along with the others around her, and following that she would hug Fu Zhihuan even tighter.

The haunted house is indeed so much fun!

However, this happiness did not last for long…….

Because when everyone came to a suspension bridge, a headless ghost blocked the way and separated the hugging couples in front of them.  The headless ghost then indicated that everyone had to cross the suspension bridge alone, one by one.

After watching Fu Zhihuan and Jiang Zishen had walked across the suspension bridge, Wen Ruan prepared to follow suit.

However, at this moment, the headless ghost suddenly stretched out his hand to block her and said in a very gloomy voice.

“The Naihe Bridge* has reached its full capacity today.  The rest of you have to take a different path with me.”

(In Chinese mythology, Naihe Bridge is the bridge that the dead must cross to reincarnate.) 


Such a f**king coincidence!

Wen Ruan lifted her head and looked ahead.

Fu Zhihuan stood on the other end of the suspension bridge with his hands casually stuffed in his pockets while he leaned against the wall with a slightly lazy posture.  When he saw her looking over, he raised one hand and slowly waved at her.

The distance seemed like the furthest in the world.

Wen Ruan lowered her eyes and resignedly followed the headless ghost to another path.

The light on this path was even darker than the one just now and it was called by the glorified name of Path of Three Lives.  As one walks along this path, there would be countless ghosts jumping out from the dark corners to scare you.

The people behind her were already hugging each other while screaming and wailing and Wen Ruan was the only person who strode forward as fast as possible and blocked all the creatures.

She has to run to her male god quickly!

However, there was a ghost that seemed like its sole purpose was to scare her.  All along the way, he clung gloomily behind Wen Ruan and from time to time, it would rush up to breathe in her face or block her way.

Wen Ruan felt tired.

Finally, when she entangled with the ghost for the fifth time, she stopped then rubbed her brow bone, and took a deep breath……

“Actually, if you want me to put on a scared look that Ive been frightened by you, you can just tell me.  And if you want to play a ghost that breathes directly into peoples faces, then its best not to eat garlic during mealtimes!  By the way, your wig is not worn properly and I can see your yellow hair underneath it!  Moreover, why did you frighten me five times but only frighten those people only twice  As a ghost, you must also be fair and not biased!”

The surroundings were quiet for two seconds and even the group of people behind who had been screaming all this while had fallen silent.

The garlic-breathing ghost was quiet for a long time before he backed away a few steps to make way for Wen Ruan.

Wen Ruan nodded with satisfaction and continued to move forward with her head held high.

As soon as she exited the passage, she saw Fu Zhihuan and Jiang Zishen waiting for her not far away.

Wen Ruan adjusted her mood, immediately sniffled, and walked forward aggrievedly.  Her tone seemed to be a bit coquettish and she was prepared to gain Fu Zhihuans sympathy.

“It was so scary just now.  There were so many ghosts rushing out to frighten me, Im so scared!”

However, the atmosphere suddenly turned silent.

Whats the matter

Wen Ruan panicked.

Why do they have an expression that seems to say –keep on acting, and I want to see how you fabricate

Finally, after a while, Jiang Zishen pulled the corner of Wen Ruans clothes in embarrassment and whispered.

“Sister Wen Ruan, the sound insulation here is quite poor.”


“I heard you met a ghost that ate garlic…….”

Fu Zhihuan laughed and raised his chin towards Wen Ruan.

“And it scared you five times”

They heard everything ! !…….


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