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Chapter 25 – Moon Picking Tower

The voice sounded very close to Wen Ruans ear.

The deep voice seemed to contain a faint smile with an added reverberation and every word was hitting her eardrum.

Wen Ruans heart was pounding very hard as if she was riding on a roller coaster.

F**k!  How can this be teaching her to shoot balloons!

This is blatant seduction!

“Im not nervous.”

Wen Ruan pretended to be calm.  She raised her head and said eloquently.  “Im just thinking carefully about how to shoot.”


Fu Zhihuan responded and there was a slight smile in his tone.  He did not expose Wen Ruans panic and just bent over to hold her hand.

“Relax, trust me.”

His breath brushed over Wen Ruans earlobe and she felt numb.

Its very difficult to relax…….

Fu Zhihuans eyes darkened and he pulled the trigger.


A balloon exploded.

Her heart tremble slightly together with that sound as if it was not the balloon that exploded but someone had placed a barrel of fireworks in her heart.

Fu Zhihuans movements did not seem to stop and narrowing his eyes, he turned the gun to the side quickly and decisively.

Aim……shoot……switch positions.

In less than a minute, after a series of explosions, a whole row of balloons that had originally filled the wall was empty now.

The remaining seven shots were all finished……no more, no less, and together with the balloon that Wen Ruan shot by herself, the total was exactly eight.

Jiang Zishen who was watching the battle held up his fingers to count.  Suddenly he started to jump around happily.

“Yeah!  My Iron Man model!”

Fu Zhihuan looked at the cheerful little boy beside him and chuckled lightly.  The frown on his face that formed due to the serious concentration just now had loosened up.  He placed his hand on the table beside Wen Ruan for support and straightened up.

Wen Ruan could distinctly feel the black figure that was embracing her move away and the light that was blocked just now was once again shining on her face.

The surrounding air seemed to have returned to normal.

She stood on the spot for about ten seconds without moving and seemed to be a little dazed.

It felt like fireworks were not lit in her heart just now…….but firecrackers……..

It was a series of explosive sounds and until now, it still makes ones heart feel as if it was beating because of the aftershock.

…….That was an overly foul move!

The boss took down the Iron Man model with a bitter expression and handed it to Jiang Zishen.  Then he asked sullenly.

“Mister, have you taken lessons in shooting before”

Fu Zhihuan:  “No.”

The boss rubbed his head.  “That shouldnt be.  Youre the best among so many of the people that Ive seen ever since I manned this stall.  How can you aim so accurately without learning”

Fu Zhihuan thought for a while and then replied calmly.  “Natural talent.”

Boss:  “……”

This mans arrogance is shown with such an imposing aura!

Fu Zhihuans seven bursts of shots just now had attracted a lot of onlookers.

Perhaps, the men present also wanted to show off their abilities, and a long queue formed at the balloon stall which originally no one wanted to patronize.

The boss who had initially felt gloomy at the loss of the Iron Man model instantly cheered up and ran off happily to welcome the customers.

It is said that a handsome man can spur the industry chain……..it is actually the truth!

Jiang Zishen was hugging his Iron Man model and did not forget to thank Fu Zhihuan sweetly in his crisp voice.

“Thank you, Brother Fu!”

Fu Zhihuan laughed and then lifted his chin in Wen Ruans direction as a hint.

Jiang Zishen immediately understood and ran over to Wen Ruan with his short legs.  He held her hand and shouted sweetly.

“Thank you, Sister Wen Ruan!  Sister Wen Ruan is amazing!”

With this shout, Wen Ruan was finally pulled back from her thoughts…….

F**k, Fu Zhihuan touched my hands just now.  In ancient times, this would mean we are husband and wife!

This is abhorrent!  Do all stinky men use this method to coax girls now  Im still in a cold war with him, so I cant bow down first.

Immersed in this chain of turbulent thoughts, she was pulled back to the present.

On second thought, she could not lose her dignity because she is obsessed with beauty.

After all, she is still feeling angry, so how can she just change like this   

So Wen Ruan took Jiang Zishens hand, raised her chin, and was prepared to walk past Fu Zhihuan.

“Come, Sister will treat you to an ice cream.”

“Wen Ruan!”  Fu Zhihuan suddenly shouted.

“Huh”  Wen Ruan replied subconsciously and turned around to look at him.

It was quiet all around for a while and no one spoke for a long time.

It was only a while later that Fu Zhihuan lifted the corners of his lips and his normally cold sharp face became softer at this moment.

He said.  “Youre only willing to talk to me now”


Wen Ruan who was caught off-guard was stunned for a second.  Then she turned her head in a fit of anger with her cheeks puffed up like a hamster that had piled up food in its mouth.

However, she was not in a hurry to leave.

Wen Ruan held back for a while then turned her head back to look at Fu Zhihuan and said in a voice tinged with arrogance.

“Okay, seeing that you have performed well just now, Ill end the cold war with you in advance.”

For the sake of making Simon happy, she would just forgive him.

Fu Zhihuan smiled.  “Okay.”

Finally, this cold war which lasted less than an hour ended.

While Jiang Zishen was hugging the Iron Man model, his thoughts were surging…….

Adults are indeed complicated.

According to the plan, Wen Ruan was to take Jiang Zishen to the pirate ship along the parks route.

Although the pirate ship should not be considered a very high ride in the amusement park, it still made Wen Ruan a little fearful.

But before she had moved a few steps forward, Wen Ruan noticed two very young girls following her ever since they left the balloon shooting stall.

To be precise, they were following Fu Zhihuan.

The two girls had all the while been holding their phones with the cameras pointed at Fu Zhihuan……..

“I only took a small part of the balloon shooting just now.”

“Its okay.  Just post it a few more times, it will surely become popular.”

From the looks of it, they should be thinking of posting up some short videos to gain attention.

Wen Ruan felt a little irritated.

So she stopped abruptly and turned around without a word to walk to a stall selling accessories not far away.  After picking up a black baseball cap, she scanned the code and made the payment all in one go.

Fu Zhihuan noticed Wen Ruans movements and turned back to stand beside her.

“What are you doing”  He asked.

Wen Ruan did not reply and turned around.  She stood on tiptoe and raised her hand to place the black baseball cap on his head.

“Here, its for you!”

Fu Zhihuan was stunned for a moment.  Then he calmly lifted his eyes and reached out to adjust the brim of his cap but did not take it off.


“Birth……..birthday present.”

She looked away guiltily and casually tossed out a reason.

“My birthday is in October.”  He said lightly.

Wen Ruan nodded vigorously and pretended to be calm.

“So Im giving it to you in advance!  Happy!”

He did not answer immediately and just lowered his eyes.  Wen Ruans figure was reflected very clearly in his dark eyes.

The black baseball cap on his head did not look awkward instead, it gave off an inexplicable ruffian air.

It was just like in the novels, a noble gentleman who suddenly transformed into a master of the underworld on one fine day.

Wen Ruan felt guilty when he stared at her.

But it was half a minute later that she heard Fu Zhihuans imperceptible low laugh that came from his chest.

He raised his hand to pull the cap down and said in a low voice.  “Uh, thank you.”

Jiang Zishen was standing a meter away holding the Iron Man model in his hand and watching the man and woman not too far away.  His eyelids drooped and the wordmourning was written all over his body.

Arent these two people here to play with me

At this moment, a sudden announcement came from the amusement park radio station……

“Good morning to all tourists, the Moon Picking Tower in the park is now open.  Interested tourists can come forward to queue up.  Wishing you an enjoyable visit!”

The Moon Picking Tower is a special feature of the amusement park.

The tower is very beautiful and exquisite in appearance.  It is about 20 floors high but only the topmost floor is open to tourists.

A special point that should be mentioned is that the floor tiles and walls of the top floor are completely transparent.   It is to let every tourist experience the feeling of walking in the clouds and it is also the reason why the tower is named Moon Picking Tower.

Jiang Zishens eyes suddenly lit up.  He pulled Wen Ruans sleeve and pointed in the direction of the tower.

“Sister Wen Ruan!  I want to see that!”


She fell silent.

Indeed the Moon Picking Tower looks very beautiful from where she is standing and is cleverly designed.

But for people who are afraid of heights, it is like a death sentence.

So Wen Ruan thought for a while then bent down and was about to find a reason to take Jiang Zishen to play elsewhere.

But before she could speak, she saw the sparkling light in the eyes of the child in front of her………

“I heard my classmates say that if one climbs to the highest point of the Moon Picking Tower to make a wish, the wish will come true!  In the past, I had originally planned to come with my father and……..”

When he said up to here, the light in Jiang Zishens eyes dimmed but very quickly, he lifted his face and said.

“In the past, I originally wanted to come with my father but he is always busy and couldnt come.  So, today I want to go with my brother and sister!”

Wen Ruan looked at Jiang Zishens excited expression.  Her eyelashes trembled slightly and she swallowed everything that she was about to say.

She laughed then stretched out her hand to rub Jiang Zishens head and straightening up, she held out her hand to him.

“Lets go…….lets go together.”


Wen Ruan stood in the elevator and watched as the lighted red numbers of the floors kept rising.  Suddenly, her heart seemed to be suspended in the air.

She is now panic-stricken.

They have not even reached the top floor yet and her legs were starting to feel soft and devoid of strength while her whole body from head to toe felt very unbearable.

She took a deep breath and seemed to be trying hard to adjust.

The people all around were talking enthusiastically while Jiang Zishen was looking around curiously with his round eyes and he looked very excited and happy.

Are children not afraid of heights

Wen Ruan was so scared that she even wanted to simply close her eyes and squat down, never to get up again.

After the elevator rose past the 15th floor, everything around became transparent.

To give the tourists a better experience, the Moon Picking Tower had been remodeled and the elevator walls were changed to transparent walls.

In the transparent section after the 15th floor, one could just stand in the elevator to experience and enjoy the slow ascent while looking at the sky.

Bursts of exclamations could be heard and everyone seemed to be very excited.

Wen Ruan felt her heart jump to her throat in an instant.  She clenched her fists, lowered her head, and only stared at the small area under her feet.  Her mind was a complete blank.

At this moment, a heavyweight rested on her head and a shadow suddenly appeared in front of her.

“Put this on.”

Fu Zhihuan had taken off his cap.  With a flip of his hand, he put it on Wen Ruans head and helped her to pull down the brim of the cap.

He frowned and his tone sounded a little displeased.

“If youre afraid of heights, you should have rejected Simon.”

She was stunned.

She did not know why but the moment she heard Fu Zhihuans voice, her body that had turned cold just now started to feel warm again.

She pursed her lips then reached out her hand to press down the cap and said in a soft voice.

“But Simon looks very happy, doesnt he”

Fu Zhihuan turned his head and his eyes fell deeply on Wen Ruan.

His eyes darkened then he turned his head back again without saying a word.  He looked ahead and after a long time, he said.  “Close your eyes.”


“Hold tight.”


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