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Chapter 23 – Judo Class (3)

When Fu Zhihuan was speaking, he lowered his brows slightly.

Although his tone sounded light and calm, the sense of oppression made ones body tense up.

Everyone in the hall stopped whatever they were doing and looked toward them.

Instantly, the huge judo hall became surprisingly quiet.

But Wen Ruan was sharp and noticed that when Chen Jiao asked that question……

Fu Zhihuan did not deny it.

Wen Ruan quickly opened her WeChat and sent a message to Qin Sushan whom she had coaxed back after a long struggle.

[Wen Ruan]:  Just now Fu Zhihuan said that I was the one he brought!  What should I do  Urgent!  Reply quickly, Im waiting!

[Qin Sushan]:  ……  And then what happened

[Wen Ruan]:  Your comprehension is so poor!  To round it up, he had confessed to me!

[Qin Sushan]:  *A farting emoji* You rounded it up from 6 to 100, right

To have a wet blanket as your best friend is indeed very painful.

So Wen Ruan calmly blocked her.

But jokes aside, when she looked at the tense situation between the two people in front of her, Wen Ruan was prepared to mediate.

After all, this happened because of her, and not to mention she had to take care of Father Zhaos face, so this matter must not turn too ugly.

However, before she could stand up, she was pressed down by Father Zhao who had returned after walking one round in the hall.


Zhao, the two of them……”

“Let them fight.”

Father Zhao smiled then handed a towel to Wen Ruan and gestured that she should wipe off her sweat.

Wen Ruan took the towel from him but did not use it and just placed it on her lap.  Then she said with some hesitation.   “But……”

“Its okay.  Dont worry, Xiao Fu wont lose.”

As Father Zhao spoke, he sat down leisurely and kept on pounding his thighs with his hands as if he was preparing to watch a show.

“Anyway, Xiao Chen is still young and vigorous.  After winning a few awards, he turned arrogant and forgot himself.  The reason I called Fu Zhihuan over this time is to put him in his place and give him a beating.”

Wen Ruan finally understood.

It turned out that it was not for her that Fu Zhihuan was teaching others a lesson.

It was just that Fu Zhihuan had initially agreed to Father Zhaos request and made use of that earlier incident to execute his promise.

She lowered her eyes and did not know why she suddenly felt a little disappointed.

Not only did Father Zhao not stop them but also stood up happily to be the referee.

Chen Jiao was having a hard time and could not refuse, so he had to bite the bullet and agree.  He tightened his nerves, loosened his muscles, and thought to himself…….


Zhao often talks about his favorite student Fu Zhihuan, however, judo is not his profession.  Since so many years had passed, this Fu Zhihuan may not be able to compete with him.

Perhaps Mr.

Zhao is only bragging about it.  Besides, his physical condition looks stronger than Fu Zhihuan who is now standing in front of him, and most probably, it is only a bluff.

With these thoughts, his heart that was in suspension finally eased.

When he raised his eyes to look at Fu Zhihuan, the confidence in his eyes deepened.

Fu Zhihuan could straightaway see through Chen Jiao.  He casually adjusted his uniform and then said courteously.

“Please enlighten me.”

Wen Ruan was a little worried.

Although she has confidence in Fu Zhihuans ability, she also knows that weight plays an important part in a judo competition.

At a glance, Chen Jiao seems to be about 100kg while Fu Zhihuan should be around 70kg.

With this comparison, Fu Zhihuan is considered to be the one at a loss.

But very quickly, Wen Ruan realized that she had been overthinking.

In the beginning, the battle situation was unclear as the two people were still sparing back and forth.  However, very soon, Chen Jiaos physical strength and mental state were unable to keep up, and even made many obvious mistakes.

On the other hand, Fu Zhihuan seemed to be relaxed and composed.

No matter what kind of movement was executed, it was not done sloppily and even his breathing was steady and suppressed.

Part of his hair that was damp with sweat slipped down and at the same time, a drop of sweat ran down his angular jaw before falling to the ground.

Wen Ruans heart quivered.

Is this the power of hormones

And at this time, Qin Sushan was sending a series of dazzling text messages, forcing Wen Ruan to reply to her WeChat.

[Qin Sushan]:  Have you forgotten the agreement between us sisters!  A block cant exceed more than one and a half minutes or else that person has to treat the other to a meal!

[Wen Ruan]:  Dont be noisy!  Im admiring pretty boys!

Qin Sushan was furious.

[Qin Sushan]:  Quick, send photos!  Or our friendship will end!

Wen Ruan took into account her best friends feelings, so she sent two photos and then put away her phone to continue to watch the competition.


Fu Zhihuans movements were sharp, swift, and fierce.  The corners of his clothes flew up causing air friction and producing the sound of the wind.

With a loud crash, Chen Jiao landed on his shoulders and a large part of his back touched the ground.

“The counting starts!”

However, before the referee could finish shouting out the 25 seconds, Chen Jiao knew it was impossible to make a comeback.  After struggling unsuccessfully, he could only bite the bullet and admit defeat.

“I lost.”

Upon hearing the words, Fu Zhihuan withdrew his hands and bent over to perform the standard bow.

After a few seconds of silence, a sudden burst of applause exploded.

Some people had long been unhappy with Chen Jiaos display of arrogance as he was the only person who had won an award and at this time, they seemed to be using the present situation to vent their dissatisfaction.

“Xiao Chen, its okay to lose.”

It was only now that Mr.

Zhao slowly came forward to stretch out his hand to help Chen Jiao up and preach slyly.

“Your talent is not bad.  In the future, you should be more humble.  Only then will you be able to achieve greater progress.”

Although Chen Jiao felt extreme suffocation in his heart, he could help but accept defeat.  He nodded then stepped forward and stretched out his hand to Fu Zhihuan.


Fu, thanks for your guidance.”

Fu Zhihuan looked down at Chen Jiaos outstretched hand and let out a light chuckle.  Then he reached out to hold his hand.

“Its not necessary.”

After having said that, he leaned forward slightly near to Chen Jiaos ear and said in a low voice.

“But I still have to make this clear……..this was not done to guide you.”

Chen Jiao was stunned.

Straightening up, Fu Zhihuan pursed his lips and the corners of his lips curled up.

His judo uniform was soaked with a thin layer of sweat and at this moment, the beautiful contours of his back were outlined.

In the rest area, some girls were waiting and some female employees were also present.

Ever since Fu Zhihuan went onto the training floor, female voices were constantly heard screaming in low tones.

Wen Ruan was sitting in the rest area, so she could hear the people talking very clearly…….

“To be honest, I have been to this judo hall many times to wait for my younger brother but this is the first time I see such a tall handsome guy.”

“Hes so handsome.  Anyway, this kind of encounter can only be incidental and never be sought.  Do you want to give it a try”

“No.  Isnt that little sister over there his girlfriend”

“No, she isnt.  Just now I overheard her chatting with Mr.

Zhao.  The two of them seemed to be ordinary friends, so you still have a chance!  Why not go over and pass him a towel”

Wen Ruan did not know the reason why she suddenly felt sour upon hearing the words even though she was in a happy mood earlier on.

It was the same sadness she felt when the vegetables she planted in her farm plot in elementary school were plucked and stolen.

But when she thought deeper…….during that time in elementary school, at least she had the right to feel sad because the stolen vegetables belonged to her.

However, at present, this Fu Zhihuan has nothing to do with her, therefore, she does not even have the right to feel jealous.

With this thought, Wen Ruan felt even sadder.

Especially when the group of girls were true to their words and immediately asked someone for a towel.

Fu Zhihuan glanced over in Wen Ruans direction and noticed she had a downcast expression with her head lowered.  He frowned slightly and after apologizing to Chen Jiao, he walked toward her.

When Wen Ruan heard footsteps coming close to her, she raised her head.

At this time, the little sister who decided to approach him just now had already stood up.  As soon as Fu Zhihuan walked within her reach, she lifted her hand and was ready to hand the towel to him……

However, Fu Zhihuan did not look to the side at all, and instead, he bent down very naturally to pick up the towel that was resting on Wen Ruans lap.  Then he placed it around his neck and wiped off the droplets of sweat on his forehead.

He asked softly.  “Whats the matter”

When the little sister who was holding the towel saw the situation, she stopped and then returned to her seat in disappointment and embarrassment.

Wen Ruan was also taken aback by Fu Zhihuans coherent actions.

However, she quickly realized that Fu Zhihuan had unintentionally blocked his peach blossoms.

After analyzing the matter, she became spirited instantly.

Suddenly, the sad expression on her face underwent a change and the corners of her lips curled up.  She put in all her effort and started to flatter him.

“Im alright!  Thanks for supporting and standing up for me!  You were really handsome just now!  Every move seemed to be extraordinarily outstanding and your dashing aura was like the Nine Heavens, light winds, and clear skies!  The explosive kind!”

Fu Zhihuan:  “……”

When he heard Wen Ruans deluge of excessive flattery and praise, Fu Zhihuan could not help but smile.  He lifted his head to press his temple helplessly and then looked into the eyes of the person in front of him.  Then the corners of his lips curved and suddenly, he burst into laughter.

Fu Zhihuan bent down and looked into her eyes as he said each word faintly.

“How are you going to thank me”

His hot breath brushed over her ear gently causing a tingling sensation.

Instantly, Wen Ruan was lost for words.

She just wanted to express her appreciation, so why does he want something in return

After thinking of a reasonable solution for a long time, she finally said.

“Lets do it this way…….Ill send you a six-yuan red packet.”

While she was speaking, she took out her mobile phone, opened her WeChat, and decisively sent him a small red envelope.

Fu Zhihuan:  “……”

6.66 Yuan…….

Wen Ruan explained.

“You know that Im relatively poor, so it can only be 6 yuan.”

At the same time, it was to affirm and correlate her situation.

Fu Zhihuan:  Brilliant!


“After youve gone upstairs, you should rest early.  Ill come and pick you up tomorrow morning at 9.00.”

Jiang Zishen waved goodbye to the two of them, then turned around and went upstairs with the schoolbag on his back.

Whenever Jiang Zishens father was not at home he would be placed under his aunts care and lived with her.

Every week, Jiang Zishens father would transfer over a big sum of money as his living expenses, so his aunt and uncle were very willing to help feed and raise him in their house.

It was until Jiang Zishens father was hospitalized that they felt it was no longer beneficial for them, so they made a fuss and wanted to send Jiang Zishen away.

Fortunately, they still had some conscience and did not voice it out in front of the child.

Fu Zhihuan leaned against the car door and waited for a while until he saw the lights on the third floor were turned on.  Then feeling rest assured, he turned around and got back into the car

Wen Ruan turned her head around and asked.  “Didnt you say Simon is coming to stay at your place”

“Jiang Zishens father is out of danger.  His uncles attitude changed when he found out about it and didnt agree to let me take him away.”  Then he added.  “But were still going to keep this from the child until Old Jiang is discharged from the hospital.  Anyway, his condition is still not very good and the child will feel sad if he sees him.”

Fu Zhihuan started the car and his tone was very soft.

“Jiang Zishens relatives changed their minds…….perhaps, they still want to continue receiving that sum of living expenses.”

Humanity…….is actually not so simple.

Even though it is said that they are relatives but once the door is shut, they are actually two different families.

Who is willing to be a good person if theres no benefit

Wen Ruan suddenly felt a little fortunate.

Luckily, Jiang Zishen still doesnt know about this.

Otherwise, he will be so sad…….


Jiang Zishen stuck his head out of the window to watch the car downstairs drive away before he closed the window.

He opened the diary then turned to one of the pages and bit on the cap of the pen.  After thinking for a long time, he picked up the pen and wrote……


Today is a sunny day.  A lot of things happened.

I met an Elder Sister.  She is very gentle.

If my mother is still around, she will be like her too.  She will also be as gentle and patient with children because Father said that my mother is a very gentle person.

Elder Sister seems to like Uncle Fu very much.

Although Uncle Fu didnt admit it, I feel he likes this sister a little.

In fact, I already know about the matter of my father being in hospital.  I didnt tell them because everyone seems to be making great efforts so that I wont feel sad and I dont want them to be sad.

Today my uncle and aunt treated me very well and it seems they no longer want to drive me away.

Whenever Im alone in my room, I feel very sad but tomorrow, I can finally go to the amusement park and I wont be going alone. 

Just like other children, the three of us are going together.


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